Thursday 30 December 2021

Modern Technology Equals Materialism

I don't comment in many places online but I recently did so on a good article on William Briggs's site as it addressed one of my concerns, that being the nefarious influence of modern technology on the soul or, better put, on awareness of the soul. The article was basically saying that none of events of the last two years could have taken the form they did without technology which has aided, abetted and made possible the agenda from lockdowns to pecks to incessant testing to the possibility of home-working etc. This could not have happened until the last few years which makes one wonder if the reason the thing broke out when it did was precisely that it could now happen. Be that as it may, the fact is that even ten years ago we would just have had to tough it out and get on with life as we have had to do on previous occasions. And it is quite possible that it would all be over by now instead of being dragged out seemingly endlessly.

My comment was not to with the way modern technology facilitated what Mr Briggs correctly calls "the madness of rulers, Experts and ourselves" but the whole notion of technology itself. I said as follows. "Technology equals materialism, it’s as simple as that. Yes, I know stone age man had tools but that’s not what I mean. A line is crossed when the technology we use is no longer made by hand and the average person cannot understand how it is made. Then we find we have separated ourselves from the world of spirit and embedded ourselves in matter. That is why it is a mistake to say that technology is neutral, it’s how we use it that matters. The sort of technology we have and use inevitably bends our minds into its shape. The more sophisticated the technology, the more it separates us from God. The only way to protect against this is to be very aware of it."

My point was that technology as we practice it now is not a neutral tool that can be used for good or ill. That theory is often put forward but I regard it as a grave error. The sort of technology we use determines the sort of people we are or the sort we become. A materialistic technology, one based on machines, makes a materialistic people. It cannot fail to do this because it makes assumptions about life that we tacitly absorb when we use it. It even moulds our minds into the form it takes so to say that it is neutral is absurd. 

Another commenter disagreed with me maintaining that it is not technology but what we do with it that matters. In other words, the technologies are neutral argument I have mentioned. He said we are made in God's image and our technologies reflect God's creativity. This may seem superficially plausible but ignores the effect that using a materialistic technology has on the soul however you use it, as well as the mindset that creates and sustains such a technology. What is that mindset? Human beings probably could have done this kind of thing long ago but did not think it worthwhile because we were more spiritual focussed. Only when we lost that focus did we pursue the path of dominating matter by artificial means.

 In order to clarify my original post I replied that I was talking about modern technology which I regard as an aberration which is not to say that it shouldn't have happened at all but it may have been a phase to go through and grow out of relatively quickly rather than get stuck in as has happened. Was it just a coincidence that modern technology arose at the same time as atheism, materialism and the decline of Christian understanding and it directly supported these things? The technology we develop and use does affect our relationship with the world and our approach to God so it really isn’t what we do with it that matters. It does things with us, with us and to us, and a materialistic technology will materialise our minds. It dehumanises us and desanctifies the world. It separates us from both God and Nature. That is what it has clearly done and is doing more than ever now. 

God certainly did make us in his image but we constantly distort that image. I do believe that a spiritual technology can be developed (it may even have existed in previous civilisations), but it will not be mechanistic as our current technology is. A materialistic technology produces materialistic people.

My commenting correspondent said that "Materialism implies that living in matter or desiring things made of matter is bad. But if the Creation is good, then how can that possibly be? It can’t." To which I replied that the Creation is certainly good but we live in a fallen world. Matter is good but only when seen as the expression of spirit not when seen as its own reality.

I know that an argument of this sort can go on forever. I can be accused of hypocrisy because I use technology when I criticise the basis of it, but I live in the modern world and have to adjust to it up to a point. That doesn't mean that I can't envisage a situation better than the one we have. Do you not know that if our consciousness changed the world would also change? A spiritualised consciousness would produce a more spiritualised world. The physical environment would actually adapt to our minds. We cannot use the tools of materialism without the strong likelihood of becoming materialised ourselves.

Wednesday 29 December 2021

One More Interview

 Here's another interview about Earth is a School. I had a cold during this one but the show must go on!

Interview with Christi of Radiate Wellness.


Sunday 26 December 2021

Virtue Used Against Itself

 The last 60 years in general and the last two years in particular have proved beyond doubt that it is easy to manipulate people for whom feelings have become more important than truth. People want to be thought good so if they are told something is the nice thing to do or the kind thing to do or it will benefit the community they will jump on board often without actually asking themselves if it is the right thing to do. Sometimes they might even ask this but still conclude the nice thing trumps the right thing, and this is the result of a relentless indoctrination on the one hand and a lack of spiritual substance on the other.

I would suggest that two modern mantras "All you need is love" and "Be kind" were actually inspired by the dark forces. Typically, these forces don't lie outright but take a truth and bend it into deformity, and that is what has happened with these two, on the face of it, appealing messages. Take them to their extreme. All you need is love when faced with someone about to murder your child? Be kind in the same situation? Obviously, anyone can see (I would hope, you never know) that is nonsense. But if it is obviously wrong in these scenarios it might be wrong in others, just not so obviously. In fact, it usually is obvious when one understands any situation in its entirety, specifically that every situation has a spiritual context as well as a material one. 

We are told today that we should do certain things in order to protect others. Wear a mask, get pecked etc. Who wants to be thought an egotistical, selfish, pig-headed fool? Well, it depends who is thinking that. Personally speaking, I want to be right with God and don't care what people who deny God think of me. I would prefer them to think well of me but if it comes down to what I believe God thinks of me, in terms of faithfulness, obedience to truth and a genuinely loving heart, and what someone might judge me on based on ignorance of the true facts, there is no contest. If I am thought egotistical and selfish because I don't do something the world wants me to do if I see it as the wrong thing to do, and even a denial of the reality of God if one does do it, then so be it. I certainly would not want to do something that would put other people at risk and if the thing itself was the right thing to do and had no downside to it then I would naturally do it. But if the thing we are told to do does have other aspects to it such as, with the masks, encouraging a dehumanising subservience and conformity to a lie, or, with the pecks, facilitating a trend towards accepting the mark of the beast by which I mean it is one important step on a very slippery slope, and that is not even going into the question of its medical efficacy or increasingly obvious adverse side effects, then simply doing something for others is short-sighted and stupid.

Be loving and kind. Of course. Think of others. Obviously. But balance this with an awareness of truth. Any one virtue taken to excess or without regard for the other virtues becomes a vice. And what is thinking of others anyway? Are you thinking of what is good for their bodies or their souls? The one need not preclude the other but there should be no doubt which comes first. Perhaps the best way to think of others at this time, the best service you can render, is by demonstrating the possibility of someone not being in thrall to the prevailing narrative. There are higher priorities. Show them that they don't have to fall into line. Their soul is their own and its primary allegiance is to its Maker.

Wednesday 22 December 2021

The Message of Christmas

 On the assumption that there are readers of this blog who weren't reading it 6 years ago I am going to re-post a slightly edited piece I wrote for Christmas in 2015. The world seemed dark enough then but who knew what lay in store? And yet that points to the essential meaning of Christmas and is why, I suspect, it is timed around the winter solstice when the days in the Northern hemisphere start to get longer. It is the birth of light in darkness. This is something to think about today as the darkness spreads. What we should always remember, though, is that one little spark of light renders the darkness null and void, revealing its emptiness. Christ was the Light of the World and Christmas reminds us of that. However, each one of us in our own little but important way can also be a light shining in the darkness, especially in this day and age.

                               -           -          -           -         -         -         -        -        -        -

It has become almost a tradition to complain of the commercialisation of Christmas, and I am not going to do that here. After all, what’s the point? We have gone so far down that particular road there can be no turning back. But Christmas has not only been commercialised. It has been thoroughly trivialised too with every year bringing a further reduction of the sense of what its meaning really is, to the extent that the Christian aspect is now almost an embarrassment. We are happy to talk about a generalised peace and goodwill to all men but only in a rather bland, humanist context. Reindeer and elves? Fine. The birth of Jesus? Not so good. It might be divisive. Even many religious leaders appear to have succumbed to this watering down of the Christmas message, so much are they a product of their times, seemingly unable to stand back from the relentless flow of materialistic assumptions which increasingly frame all our discourse, our language and what passes for our philosophy.

So here I would like to consider what the true meaning of Christmas is, and I will start off by saying that it has nothing to do with peace and goodwill. This may be a part of it but it is by no means central. Nor, for that matter, is love, another word that has been hijacked by people whose understanding of it seems to be limited to a general sense of benevolent tolerance. But love is not merely well-meaning egalitarianism. It is a spiritual quality that can only be correctly understood in a spiritual context. To be sure, the materialist can come up with an imitation of love but an imitation is what it will be since real love derives from the soul. If the soul is denied then so is love, and all you are left with is a copy or reflection on a lower level, void of any real substance.

What then is Christmas about if not peace and goodwill? The answer to that is to be found in the image of the star shining in the winter night over Bethlehem, an image that is plainly symbolic (though not only symbolic), and speaks of something that combines a wonderful simplicity with great profundity. And what it tells us is that the message of Christmas is redemption from darkness. For Christmas is about the entry of supernatural light into the spiritual darkness of this world, and its core message is that those who recognise and follow this light can be saved from the darkness that constantly threatens to engulf us, a darkness so pervasive that it is not even recognised as such by many of us. Indeed, so much have true values been inverted, that sometimes it is even mistaken for light.

So, the true message of Christmas has to do with the salvation of the soul. The rest, peace, goodwill and so on, is peripheral to that central point. Now this means three things. First of all, it means we have a soul. An immortal part of us that is not derived from or determined by the body, or even the mind as normally considered, and which will survive death. Secondly, that soul requires salvation. It is not in a good state at the moment. It certainly needs to get somewhere other than where it currently is. And thirdly, salvation is possible. The light exists but we must acknowledge and accept this light. We must recognise it and allow it to illumine us for, though it may be supremely powerful, it is not coercive and will only come when invited. The most powerful thing in the universe enters this world as a weak, defenceless baby. What a teaching there is in that.

There are those who would like to rebrand Christmas as a pagan winter festival, a sort of eat, drink and be merry Saturnalia. And there is nothing wrong with that unless you think this is all there is to it. Being merry is an excellent thing, and eating and drinking are rather good too. But tomorrow we die. What happens then? The entry of the light of Christ into this world tells us what may happen if we accept that light into our heart. This does not simply mean acknowledging with our mind that Christ is the Lord or something of that nature. That is a purely external thing. There is a big difference between Christ as a person out there, and the light that he embodied. I am not saying the two are separate but the one informs the other not vice versa. It is this light that you must accept and strive to be illumined by if you would embrace the true spirit of Christmas. For Christ does not want your mind, he wants your heart. It is his dearest wish that we break out of our self-inflicted prisons (our egos, if you like) and join him in his heavenly kingdom. This will eventually require death and resurrection but to begin with the entrance to Christ's kingdom is through the heart, and Christmas is the key that will unlock the door.

It is often said that all religions are one on the level of mystical experience and only separated by their dogmas and doctrines which are ultimately outer things. That may be so but it does not mean that all religions are equally true. There is a fundamental impasse, for example, between Buddhism and Christianity in terms of how they view the Creator God, never mind the centrality of Christ in the scheme of things. There can be no doubt that the Christian view is the more correct one and comes from a higher revelation. Besides which, mystical experience is all very well but it really only points to the unity of consciousness on a supra-formal level, and entry into this state is not the primary goal of the spiritual life or we would never have needed to be born in a material world with a body. 

What then is the goal of the spiritual life? It is to learn to love God as he loves us. How do you do that? By opening up your heart. And what's the best way to open up your heart? It is by allowing Christ to be born there, first as a baby but that baby will grow and eventually become a man but a man who is also a Son of God. That's the message of Christmas.

Sunday 19 December 2021

Another Year, Another Turn of the Screw

 Here we are at the end of another year in which everything the conspiracy theorists said has turned out to be true though the great majority still won't see it. That's won't not don't. People do not want to wake up. They prefer the illusion of thinking that the world is ok really and everything will get back to what they think of as normal. It will not. We have entered a downward spiral in which such things as disease, climate change and the woke agenda (feminism, anti-racism, homophilia etc, the whole levelling off and making everything equally good and true if you want it to be) are used as instruments of social control and destruction of the traditional, the natural and the common-sensical, and as preparation for a future in which the supposedly friendly ideas of equality, sustainability and security are pressed into service to crush freedom of thought, diversity of opinion or any kind of dissent. The rulers behind the rulers, whoever/whatever they are, are seeking to erase all spiritual, indeed all real human, sensibility from the mind of man. Their aim is that we will be stripped of individuality and forced to lead a herd-like existence in which we will essentially be owned. Whatever else they may be, the pecks are clearly part of that agenda. They are a forerunner for a future process in which everything about everyone is known and counted. If you don't see this, you are living in a dream world. 

So, the future is grim? Not necessarily. This world was never meant to be a perfect place of joy and happiness. It is a training ground for the soul. Joy and happiness are there sometimes but they are not the natural state of the earthly plane. They are interruptions from above, incursions of divine light into the material world. For those who perceive this and choose to align their being with the source of divine light which is God then whatever happens in this world can be seen in a different perspective. That does not mean we should just accept evil. We should always fight against it and strive to defeat it when it seeks to seize the initiative as now. A successful outcome for the globalist totalitarians is not assured. But we should also know that the increase of materialism and everything associated with it, such as the quantitative approach to life that is now paramount, an approach summed up by the computer which typically reduces quality to quantity robbing it of real life in the process, is inevitable. See here for more on that. The end of an age is a time when spirit has ebbed away and matter becomes ever more present. And yet even that can be a good thing for it forces us to look for spirit within ourselves and makes it all the more pressing to begin the search for God. It is said in the Indian tradition that all the sincere seeker has to do to be saved in the Kali Yuga is call on God, even just repeat his name. This may be understating the case a little but the idea is that we do not, as in earlier times, have to perform heroic acts of spiritual athleticism. In times of real darkness the greatest spiritual act is simply to believe and live as though your belief was real. Because it is.

Friday 17 December 2021

Two More Interviews

Here are links to a couple more interviews. It's actually one interview with Ana Isabel of the In the light - Growing your Soul podcast but in two parts with the first about about Earth is a School and the second a look at my astrological chart which makes it different from the other talks. And on an astrological note, looking at the interviews I've have done recently has given me an interesting insight into the meaning of the rising sign or ascendant. This is supposed to signify how you present yourself to the world, your social personality. It represents how others see you and the general impression you give to the world. Mine is in Cancer and this has always puzzled me as I don't feel anything particularly Cancerian about myself. My Virgo sun, Scorpio moon and Libran Mercury and Venus all make sense but not so much the Cancer ascendant. However, the me in these interviews does indeed seem quite Cancerian. A salutary lesson that our image of ourself is not how we appear to others.

Earth is a School interview with Ana Isabel

Astrology analysis with Ana Isabel

My thanks to Ana for two very enjoyable talks.

Tuesday 14 December 2021

I am a Christian

 In some of the interviews I have done recently to talk about Earth is a School I said that I was a Christian but not an orthodox one. This could seem as though I am trying to hedge my bets so I would like to be clearer on that score. Here's what I believe.

I believe in God the Father, Maker of Heaven and Earth. I believe that there was something approximating to the Fall when early humanity went against divine decree and that sin and death entered the world in the form we now know them. Clearly, sin must have potentially existed before as part of free will because what Adam and Eve did was sin but presumably this was the first actual sin. Similarly, death would have existed because I can't see Adam and Eve as existing in the Garden of Eden unchangingly forever but it would have been painless change without the suffering it acquired after the Fall.

I believe that God sent Jesus to the world to redeem it from sin. This means that previously souls may have died and been reborn endlessly as many pagan religions believed with the only escape that discovered by the Buddha. There would have been time spent on the inner planes of being but there was no Heaven in the sense of union with God that is known in the beatific vision. Jesus, through his birth, death and resurrection, sanctified matter, removing the corruption of the Fall. He took on a material body and being free from any possibility of sin actually changed the structure of matter, literally so for him, potentially so for anyone who followed him and allowed his life into theirs. This also meant that the individual soul, which is the point at which spirit and matter meet, could be sanctified and made whole, cured rather than killed.

I believe that Christ was the Son of God by which I mean he was not just an advanced spirit or higher being who had preceded us on the path. The attempt to cast him in this light may even be part of the ongoing demonic attempt to belittle Christianity. I don't know exactly what Son of God means but I accept it on faith because it has the quality of the profoundest of truths. Attempts to reduce Christ to a special kind of prophet or enlightened soul are just wrong. He was and is something much more. I believe in all his miracles exactly as recounted in the Gospels and I absolutely believe in the Resurrection. With the Resurrection everything makes sense. It is the ground from which truth, goodness and beauty spring in the world. Without it there is only darkness and death.

I believe that Jesus was born through the Virgin Mary who was chosen for this mission because of her innate purity and goodness. I think that attempts to create a feminine spirituality in Gaia worship or something like that are atavistic and wrong. No one will get past the psychic and material worlds by following that path. The embodiment and pattern of feminine spirituality is the Virgin Mary, the Mother of God. A proper feminism, a truly spiritual feminism, would recognise that.

I believe in the saints and the Company of Heaven. I don't think that when such souls were in this world they were all Christian because I am sure that Christ works through other religions and "the wind bloweth where it listeth." But they now all serve under Christ. These saints seek to bring us up to their level but that requires us to open our hearts to truth, and truth exists on its own terms. We can never bend it to suit us.

I believe that Christ taught us that the major lesson on this Earth is self-sacrifice through love. All the attempts to attain higher consciousness that do not have this at their heart are doomed to failure because it is the key to Heaven. Christ taught this and demonstrated it in his life. He laid down the path and all we have to do is follow him.

There are many other things I believe about the spiritual world but these are the foundation stones of my approach to it.

Friday 10 December 2021

Oneness Spirituality

 It is a common error of the mystically inclined, especially, the more introverted types who find the spiritual path an excuse to retreat from the complications and demands of the world, to dismiss matter, regarding it as illusion or unimportant, and focus their entire attention on absorption into spirit. But they need to ask themselves this simple question, why they are actually in this world in the first place? Why are they not just remaining in spirit and avoiding the difficulties and challenges of this world of duality? Wouldn't a loving God have let them stay in spiritual peace and bliss instead of, as it were, turfing them out of bed? Time to get up! Time to be born!

God loves us and because he loves us he wants us to grow. That's what this world is for. A training ground for the spirit in which innate potentials can be brought out and developed through the challenges we face here and questions that are asked of us. The main question, the one on which depends our eventual destination after material life, is what relation do we want with God and creation? Do we wish to conform our being to them or do we instead choose to go our own way? We can reject both as most of the world appears to be doing now or we can reject the living, loving creative God and retreat to God in his mode of pure being, a non-creative aspect of the divine. But that is a limited God and it is not what he wants for us because he wants us to be like him in his fullness, in being and in creativity, in his nighttime and daytime modes.

Many mystics misconceive the spiritual path. The purpose of this path is not to become less and less and eventually disappear but to embrace more and more of God. Only thus can you actually serve him and justify your creation. If you want to disappear into God, what use are you to him? What are you adding to creation? Why were you born and why do you live? Many mystics just want to retreat to the safety of the Mother but we are enjoined to progress to the Father which means become spiritually active and responsible, workers in creation not just chewers of the spiritual cud. For the spiritual goal is not to regress to the womb of the Great Mother but to be born anew and walk in the bright light of the Heavenly Father.

Tuesday 7 December 2021

Another Interview

 Here's a link to another interview I recently did to talk about Earth is a School. This one was with Del Lessy of the UPRN radio show ‘The Delicious Recipe’. Del was a very engaging host and we had a good chat though it was after midnight for me, past my bedtime, which is why I am a bit bleary-eyed!


Monday 6 December 2021

Be Free

 It's time to subject the old liberal belief that there can be good people on both sides of an argument to a serious reassessment. Perhaps it was true at one time when truth and lies were not as widely separated as they have become. It's not true now. Increasingly there is truth and there are lies and if you follow the latter it is because something has gone wrong within you. Your roots have become twisted. You don't follow lies if you are a righteous person. I don't say a good person because "there is none good but one, that is, God" (Mark 10:18), but a righteous person leans towards truth and goodness and wishes to accommodate his soul to those things. A righteous person chooses righteously.

Reasonable people want to argue and discuss reasonably, respecting the position of their opponent. I don't respect the opinion of anyone who denies the truth of God. I don't respect anyone who is on board with the corruption of morals as in the sexual revolution and elsewhere. I don't respect anyone who is happy with the degradation of art since the First World War (before then art, generally speaking, elevated, after then, generally speaking, it debased). I don't respect anyone who idolises materialistic science and seeks to deform the human being through technology. I don't respect religious people who compartmentalise their religion and don't let it rule every aspect of their lives. I could go on but the point is made. I don't respect those who, willingly or through intellectual laziness or spiritual shallowness, allow evil to manifest in the world. Yes, evil is subtle and deceptive but it's not that clever. It can only deceive those who allow themselves to be deceived because they have fallen away from goodness and truth.

This is a time of separation of good and evil. Either you are happy with a world in which a small elite controls everything and everyone or else you fight back against the fear and refuse to follow the diktats that would control you. Make the effort to see that the pecks don't really work and that they are here to stay if we let that happen. In themselves they are likely to be but a precursor to something much more serious, perhaps implants of some sort so that you can be numbered and counted and everything about you known and controlled at all times. Understand that covering your face with a cloth is of no earthly use against something as small as that which it is supposed to exclude. The practise is intended to dehumanise and control. You are not being an egotistical fanatic to recognise this. You are standing up for the truth of your being as a free son or daughter of God. It is not just your right. It is your duty.

We are being herded into pens and once there we will find it hard to get out. Much better not to get in in the first place. Are you going to meekly obey either because of fear or because you have allowed yourself to be tricked into thinking that it is the socially acceptable thing to do? It may be socially acceptable in a world of lies but it is spiritually irresponsible. Or are you going to do your duty to God and your fellow man and stand up for freedom?

Sunday 5 December 2021

How Do We Know These Are The End Times?

 In Christian tradition the End Times is that period when humanity is judged. Other traditions, most notably the Indian, also speak of a period when true spiritual understanding is lost and mankind has descended into materialism and ignorance. It is that time when we have gone so far away from the source that we have not only lost contact with it but even deny that it exists. We redefine  good and evil to mean what brings happiness or removes suffering in the physical world with no thought of the spiritual. There is no longer an absolute reality that can serve as the bedrock of moral being. As a result, the centre constantly shifts until there is no real centre at all and we behave with increasing egotism. 

There are several indicators that we are in the End Times now. The first and most obvious is that we live in a world in which materialism and atheism are the default assumptions. More and more, as has been proved over the last year or so, even religion submits itself to the materialistic diktats. Religious belief is allowed only when it doesn't interfere with what is actually supposed to matter. Most children grow up today with no awareness of any spiritual tradition. If they do know of anything like that it's often just quaint and irrelevant to so-called real life. Christianity, as was predicted, has been chased to the periphery, a hangover from the past which may be admired for its humanistic qualities but has no spiritual significance.

That would actually suffice by itself to prove that we are indeed in the End Times but there are many other clear signs this is so. One not mentioned in prophecy, as far as I know, but highly significant is that the population of the world has expanded to unprecedented levels. It makes perfect sense that at a time of mass testing and gathering in, a separation of sheep and goats, very many souls would be present. This is a point of culmination and many souls would either wish to be present or are required as an examination of their spiritual polarity to be present. Souls of all degrees are being asked fundamental questions and their response will have a bearing on their future existence. It is as though we have taken the course and are now being tested on what we have learnt. Most people don't know they are being tested but that is part of the test.

As the End Times is a summing up of an entire cycle we find that all the past has now become present in a certain form. We have access to the previous ages in a way that has never before existed. Anyone in any part of the world can acquaint himself with the knowledge and culture of all historic civilisations. Everything is being swept up and brought into this grand culminating moment. It may even be that the enormous population increase of the last few decades is because all souls who incarnated during the age that is coming to a close have been summoned to appear before the court. It's a time of reckoning and everything that existed in whatever form has been swept up and brought into the here and now.

The End Times were predicted and they were predictable because they are an inevitable result of entropy. At the beginning of a cycle a great infusion of spiritual energy is injected into the world. It is this infusion that makes the Golden Age that all traditions speak of as having existed at the beginning of time. After that there is a continual dropping off of truth and righteousness until these things have almost entirely disappeared. That time is now. Of course, as the spiritual energy dissipates there is a compensatory response on the material level and that is why we have have reached such heights of technology and material well-being, factors which enable the great increase in population. But this material progress masks and also contributes to the spiritual decline and this latter has now reached such proportions as to lead one to the conclusion that a significant point is at hand.

The dominance of technology in today's world is another factor that points to the End Times. We are dependent on it in every aspect of our lives, but here's the truth. Technology separates us both from the spiritual and from the natural. We are so foolish as to celebrate that and even to seriously consider augmenting our being with technology, in effect turning ourselves into machines. For advocates of this diabolical practice it is just a development from a person wearing a pair of glasses but there is a line which we appear shortly about to cross, one in which the technological/mechanical will dominate, and if we do cross that we will actually lose our humanity. I suspect that for many this may already have started to happen and when it happens on a large scale the world will be completely cut off from the spiritual at which point it will collapse. It is the spiritual that gives life. When that has gone existence can only be maintained by stealing life from elsewhere. In a world that has given itself over to technology in the extreme sense I am talking about the stronger will maintain themselves by feeding off the weaker. That is the world of hell. In the Golden Age there was no technology because there was no need for it. I am not saying that all technology is evil but it always has a tendency to become so and it has certainly become so now.

The End Times have arrived. What a privilege to be alive now! By resisting the downward pull we can make a great leap forward in our spiritual evolution. Now, to be spiritually focussed you must make an active effort to be so. Society will not make you go in that direction. You must swim against the tide and the current is strong. But this will develop your spiritual muscles. You have the opportunity of a lifetime.

Friday 3 December 2021

An Interview with Theresa Cheung

 Here's a link to an interview I recently did with Theresa Cheung on her White Shores podcast. We were talking about my new book Earth is a School. Theresa was a very sympathetic host and I would like to thank her for having me on her show.

Interview with Theresa Cheung

Listening back, I notice that I didn't properly answer her question about why bad things happen to good people, especially children. That's the hardest question for we all know that they do. To talk about karma from previous lives might be true but can also seem somewhat dismissive, almost as though these bad things don't really matter or were somehow deserved. I believe many bad experiences are the result of karma and do contain lessons but I don't see how one can honestly apply this rule to all of them and in particular to those of children. The only answer I can give is that in a fallen world, which this is, there is evil and the only way for God to remove that would be to override free will which, once given, he cannot do or it would be conditional which it cannot be if it is truly to be free. However, I also believe that all tears, especially those that arise from the activity of evil, will be wiped away and we will be compensated for all suffering. Perhaps also those that suffer unjustly carry and transmute some of the pain of the world just as Jesus did and that sacrifice is their heroic gift to life. 

Tuesday 30 November 2021


Here we go with the inevitable restrictions in the lead up to Christmas, all for a variant which, as the South African doctor who identified it says, appears to have symptoms little worse than a cold. Starting from today everyone in England is instructed to wear a mask in shops or on public transport despite the fact that there is zero evidence this does any good. See here and here for a couple of articles which I've plucked from the internet almost at random. A suspicious mind might think this has all come about to encourage more pecking since the take-up for a third one seems to be less enthusiastic than for the first batch.

A few months ago I wrote a post about the bad idea of getting pecked. I allowed myself a little pun along the lines of the one above. For those who don't know Latin, peccavi means 'I have sinned' and was traditionally the lament of the penitent sinner. It even has a 'v' in it. How much more proof do you need?

I have rarely had a stronger gut feeling about something than I have had about this peck. Even if the deception of the whole charade had not been apparent from practically the beginning I would still have avoided the peck based purely on this intuitive certainty that something was wrong. This proves nothing, of course, but when a voice inside you says "Don't do it", you should listen. Subsequent evidence of problems associated with the peck, ranging from the fact that it doesn't actually work very well to its efficacy doesn't last long to the unprecedented amount of deaths and adverse side effects to the unknown though strongly suspected long-term problems, has borne that initial instinct of revulsion out even if this evidence is suppressed and has not yet penetrated through the thick carapace of government, scientific and media propaganda. I know people who have had 3 pecks since January and, when I ask them if they think that's an end of it, neither know nor even seem to care about what they've allowed themselves to get into. But I'm not chiefly talking about the health aspect of the thing. For me, and I'm sure for others, there is a spiritual aspect that is more important. By submitting to this we are allowing something to have authority over our body and also, to a degree, over our soul. That is a right that belongs to God and him alone. Materialists won't understand this and will refer back to previous pecks which we have all had but there is something very different this time which we surely know even if we cannot fully define what it is.

 Anyone who thinks themselves a spiritual person who has not seen that the events of the last 21 months have been part of an ongoing operation to enslave humanity has failed a critical test. Those are extreme words but this is an extreme situation. You are not going to see the truth unless there is truth in you, and if you have failed this test it does mean that the truth either is not in you or has yet to awaken properly. Admittedly, unless you have an awareness of God and the fact that this world is a spiritual battleground it is hard to come to terms with what is going on. From a normal point of view it just doesn't seem possible, either that the whole world could go collectively mad or that anyone would want to bring the whole world into a state of controlled servitude. But if you see events from above rather than from ground level you can clearly perceive the lies and machinations and know there is a spiritual endgame involved. This is all about the soul. Understand that there is a soul and that there is a fight for that soul, your soul, then the matter should become easier to grasp.

Those religious or spiritual people who have gone along with the mainstream view of recent events have shown their religion or spirituality to be skin deep. Ask it a real question and it reverts to standard issue worldliness. You are being challenged. How do you respond? Do you fall back into fear and the safe and secure arms of social approval or do you look beneath the surface and examine the situation from the point of spiritual purpose?  When religious leaders dutifully echo the world as most of them, with certain honourable exceptions, do that means you need to look elsewhere for spiritual guidance and authority. Chiefly, you need to look to God himself who will support you if you turn to him for succour.

If you have been pecked but now regret it, don't worry. There may be consequences down the line but it's not the physical aspect of this that is important. It's the spiritual. Anyone can turn to God at any time. All that is required is a penitent heart. And, pecked or not, we all need to say. "Peccavi. Forgive me Father for I have sinned." 

Saturday 27 November 2021

Good and Evil

 Very few people believe they are bad people. In fact, it is probably only the saints who think of themselves like that. This is because the saints have the greatest idea of spiritual good and so see how far they fall short. But most people don't think of good and evil in spiritual terms. They think in  terms of what may increase happiness or suffering for themselves and others in this world with no understanding of the relevance that might have to the next. We are probably more deeply into that misunderstanding now than at any time in history. You would have to go a long way back to reach  a moment when people were more spiritually ignorant than today which is why it is fair to say we are the most evil generation in in a long while. Not evil in terms of violence - harm avoidance is one of our greatest concerns, see the last 21 months - but evil in terms of our rejection of spiritual reality. Spiritual reality is truth. To reject truth is to reject the good and is therefore evil. Looking at the matter in terms of harm, one could say we are causing great harm to the soul. That is evil.

Imagine a cross with the vertical arm signifying spirit and the horizontal one matter.

Then imagine that everything above the horizontal line is spiritual good with everything below spiritual evil. In the same way, everything to the right of the vertical line is material good with everything to the left material evil. You might think that today we are firmly established in the lower right section but I would say that is only where we hope to be. In reality because the material is part of the spiritual we are actually moving into the lower left section if we are not already there. For the truth is that if we seek material good without encompassing the spiritual in that we will not even have material good after a certain while.

Good and evil have their counterparts on the material level but they are actually spiritual concepts and if we fail to see that we will inevitably lapse into evil which is what has happened to us. To deny spiritual reality is to be evil. This may seem a hard saying to those who wish to lead a good life in this world and even help others in their society to do the same but we are spiritual beings who happen to be in material bodies for a spiritual purpose. To ignore or reject that truth is to put yourself firmly in the camp of evil however good you may appear in worldly terms.

What is good on the material plane can coincide with spiritual good but it does not by any means inevitably do so. Equally, material evil can lead to spiritual evil though it does not necessarily do so. Suffering is a part of spiritual life as the ego must be stripped of its egotism. When Jesus said it was harder for a rich man to get to heaven than for a camel to go through the eye of a needle he was drawing attention to this difference between good conceived spiritually and materially. The only true good is what leads to the elevation of the soul.

Tuesday 23 November 2021

It's Time to Wake Up

 Anyone who hasn't seen through the evils of the current time as summed up by the litmus tests is in danger of being complicit in them. You may think this is unfair and that people cannot be blamed for succumbing to relentless one-sided propaganda but we are supposed to be intelligent, conscious adults. We are called to look beyond appearance and to develop aspects of our mind that see reality beneath the surface. These aspects, which can be brought together under the category of spiritual discernment, exist but we will not develop them if we limit our conception of the human being to a materialistic level. To do that in this day and age I will go so far as to call a sin because it is a failure of spiritual responsibility and shows disrespect towards the Creator. We are not innocent. We are not victims. We have a duty to God and part of that duty is to recognise him and to understand his purpose for us. Both of these are important. It's no good acknowledging God but behaving according to the understanding of this world. There are people who think they recognise God and believe in the spiritual but if these people fail to apply that recognition to what goes on at the material level then they lack insight and their spirituality is sterile. They might believe in the spiritual but they don't understand it.

Equally, it's no good acknowledging God but thinking all you have to do is focus on the spiritual and what happens in the material is of no concern to you. The material is the spiritual. It is part of it and must be seen in the light of the spiritual. God favours marriage not divorce and we are meant to bring the material into line with the spiritual not separate the two. It's always from above downwards but God saw his creation and said it was good. He instructed man to work in it and take care of it. Taking care of the material means bringing it closer into line with the spiritual so that it may serve as a vessel for the spiritual in which to manifest. It is through the material that the good, the beautiful and the true can be known and expressed.

God allows evil so that good may come of it. The good may be the awakening to truth in the human heart as it recognises and rejects evil. The evil is not good in itself but it can help to bring out latent good. We should not make the mistake of thinking that evil is part of God's plan but, given the possibility of it arising in a world of freedom, it can be used by God. Nevertheless, to slightly paraphrase Luke 17:1, even though there must be evil in the world, woe to him through whom it comes. There is never any justification for evil.

Most people are lost because they recognise no reality beyond this world and even many who do believe in the spiritual subordinate that belief to worldly considerations when these assert themselves. Which means they don't really believe. If you really believe in the spiritual you must see everything in that light. There is no situation in which the spiritual is not primary. The body must be fed and life must be lived in the world while you are here but even these things are secondary. The spiritual must always be the root reality of your existence, and if you make it so you will be supported. That doesn't mean life will easy but you will be supported. When times like the current times arise and the worldly powers seek to force you in a certain direction all you have to do is the right thing by God. You need not worry about consequences which is not to say that there won't be consequences. There may well be but these are external to your true self. I don't say this lightly but the most important thing is always to remain faithful to God.

The present time can be understood as one in which the attempt is being made to undo creation and return it to chaos. This is why the spiritual and the natural are both under attack. The aim is to unravel reality and reduce it back down to raw matter untouched by the creative breath of spirit. The relentless focus on equality is one aspect of this. True equality can only exist in the uncreated state of complete equilibrium. The greater the activity of spirit, the greater the inequality precisely because spirit is creative and creation differentiates. It disturbs basic oneness which is the state of unexpressed potential in chaos before creation. Oneness in this respect is the same as nothingness. Equality is death. Why? Because the only way it can be reached is by reduction to nothing. We have fallen for the ideology of equality because we think it means fairness. Everyone is the same. No one is better than anyone else. But that is not the spiritual way which always tends towards greater freedom, more individuality. This is certainly within the context of God and the overall oneness behind creation but to use oneness to crush difference is a diabolical ploy aimed at destroying the hierarchy of being and bringing the higher down to the level of the lower. It is intended to desacralise. We lost spirit and we are currently losing the natural as well. Computer technology is one arm of that and the rejection of the fundamental reality of male and female is another.

The bulk of humanity is asleep. Seduced by comfort and entertainment, we allow ourselves to be manipulated by powers that seek complete separation from God. We are losing our freedom because of fear and many seem willing to accept anything merely for a quantitive extension of life. But life is eternal anyway! To paraphrase again, this time Matthew 10:28, we should not fear what can kill the body but what can kill the soul. It is our spiritual immune system that needs boosting now.

Friday 19 November 2021

Unaffiliated Christianity

I am an unaffiliated Christian belonging to no church though raised in the Church of England and familiar with Catholicism as I had a friend who had been a Benedictine monk whom I often accompanied to Mass. The fact of my not belonging to a particular church might be regarded as a lack of religious commitment or being a spiritual dilettante but I see it as something positive, and I will tell you why.

Official Christianity arose during a time of humanity's spiritual childhood. We needed authority and guidance from without. Some people still do and that is fine but others, while not dismissing the external church, have reached the point at which they must begin to know God for themselves and that means they must turn to inner guidance. They must start to rely on their own spiritual intuition, albeit helped and supported by tradition, scripture and revelation. I certainly do not dismiss any of that. On the contrary, it is absolutely essential but there comes a point at which it is no longer enough.

There is an important difference between salvation where you see through the allurements of the world, the flesh and the devil and accept the reality of God, and theosis in which you actually start to become a son of God meaning of like nature with the Father. In the former, you are still centred in your earthly personality but have turned to the truth of spirit but in the latter you begin to know yourself as an authentic spiritual being, here in this world. It's a question of perspective. The former is outside, the latter has begun to step inside the spiritual world, to become a member of the heavenly host. This has to do with the sanctification of the soul which is what Christianity is all about.

If I am not a member of a church from where do I get my Christian beliefs and practises? Like everyone else I get them from the universal teachings of Christianity, from the New Testament and from the light shed by the saints and mystics, but these are supplemented by an inner awareness of Christ who dwells within all men as "the light that lighteth every man that cometh into the world", as the King James translation eloquently has it. For Jesus does not just exist in the Bible and history. He can be a living presence in our own hearts and minds if we will but respond to him as he is, and as we do respond to him in that way we start on a journey to become like him.

Outer Christianity and inner Christianity are not rivals. They are two sides of one whole just like the soul and the body. But it is the soul that takes precedence over the body. If the two are in harmony then all is well but when, as now, outer Christianity has largely lost touch with its inner self then it becomes necessary for those who are serious about the spiritual path to withdraw from what is becoming a pile of ashes from which the fire has practically departed, and turn their attention inwards. I know many will disagree and quote scripture to prove I am wrong but the current uninspiring state of outer religion indicates that it is time to move into a new and higher understanding of life in which we no longer act just passively with regard to our religious engagement but seek to know God directly, without intermediary. This is not just possible but what God wants. Indeed, I would suggest we can tell it's what God wants by the fact that all the mainstream churches have fallen in line with the globalist agenda. They have left God and if we want to know God we must leave them or, if leave is too strong a word, then we must go beyond them as they are in their earthly forms. God himself is pushing us in that direction. Will we respond or not?

Monday 15 November 2021

Be Like a Tree

This was something the Masters told me during the first year they spoke to me. It sounds profound yet simple but, to be honest, I wasn't entirely sure what they meant at the time. In the context of my life then I understood them to be telling me that I should learn to be unmoved by the vicissitudes of emotion and stay grounded but I suspected there might be more because the Masters' words were often capable of interpretation on several levels. For example, a tree has a strong trunk with green leaves at the tips so it is both solid and delicate, firm and still at the centre but responsive and moving at its edges, a good example for the spiritual aspirant who must be centred in the unmoved Mover but able to respond to those around him. A tree gives (fruit, flowers, wood, oxygen) while seeming to ask little for itself. It stands tall but does not bend. It remains unbowed in the most difficult of circumstances. Its roots go deep down into the soil, the underground even, while its branches extend to the heavens. In fact, it could be said to unite heaven and earth which is just what many mythologies have said it does do as the axis mundi. Then we have the Tree of Life, the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, the Tree under which the Buddha gained enlightenment, even the Tree on which Christ was crucified. The whole of manifestation is sometimes seen as a tree. It is the most profound of symbols.

But setting aside all that, I would like to consider the tree in a different aspect here, as a pattern for spiritual development. It is this aspect that I believe the Masters were referring to. One can certainly take the injunction in that respect.

So, how does the tree work in this way? To begin with, it is not the Tower of Babel. There are many schools of esoteric and mystical practice, in East and West, that try to reach God by building a tower to heaven. These have evolved a whole host of methods and techniques in the attempt to do this. It could be a form of yoga or mantras or particular meditations or work on the body or an elaborate metaphysical system or even, and most crudely, drugs and sex. These all have their effects on consciousness but they do not bring true spiritual awareness and they do not do so because they are attempts to take heaven by force. In effect, to steal from God. They are man trying to gain the fruits of the spiritual on his own terms rather than God's, and they will all eventually suffer the fate of the Tower of Babel, if not in this life then later.

The path to true spiritual understanding and being is through growing not building. It should be a natural process that comes from within rather than being imposed from without and, in this context, all that comes from the mind is deemed the without because the thinking mind is external to spirit. That does not mean that growth cannot be encouraged. It should be, but it should not be forced for then it will be artificial and therefore false.

Be like a tree means approach the spiritual path in an entirely natural way, always aspiring upwards but letting growth come from within and not trying to induce it by mechanical means. For one thing, this ensures that the motive is right, that it comes from love of God and not egotistic desire that seeks to gain the rewards of spirituality, power, consciousness, whatever, without being worthy of them. There are certain techniques that have been developed that may well bring results of a sort but, as Valentin Tomberg points out in his letter on the Tarot card the Tower of Destruction, those who build a tower in the attempt to gain heaven will eventually find it struck by a thunderbolt. This means that they will sooner or later be brought back down to earth. The results of their seeking the spirit by building rather than growing will not last. The path to God cannot be built by man and, when all is said and done, true spirituality only comes through grace. 

Grace is a concept that is much lacking in a lot of contemporary spirituality because a lot of contemporary spirituality dispenses with God who is the source of grace. But the entrance to Heaven is only gained by means of grace, and grace is only given to those who grow like trees not to those who build towers.

Thursday 11 November 2021

Heat and Light

I don't know the truth behind the current anthropogenic global warming scare. Maybe it's based on some kind of reality, maybe it's partly true but not in the way presented or maybe it's just completely hyped up and 'the science', as it often does now, has followed the funding. What I do know, though, is that it is a spiritual distraction.

Let's be clear about one thing first of all. We should obviously respect the environment or, as it should properly be called, the Creation. We should respect our natural environment, we should respect our intellectual environment and, most of all, we should respect our spiritual environment. But the relentless focus on the physical only points to how little we respect the other environments in which we live and move and have our being, and how much we damage them. Chiefly, we damage the spiritual which we either don't acknowledge at all or else see largely in the light of the priorities of this world. 

I am sure the climate is changing somewhat but isn't that always the case? It's reasonable to think that human activity since the Industrial Revolution might have contributed in some way to this, and I would be the first to decry the pollution industrialisation has caused. We do need to change. That is a basic and obvious fact. But what do we need to change? Our cars and boilers and and diet and habits of over-consumption or something more fundamental? Here I should say that I don't have a car, don't bother with heating until the temperature is truly low and am not much of a consumer of stuff. Also, I haven't eaten meat for years but, quite frankly, none of these things mean much. It is obvious that the idea of climate change is being used to advance another purpose. Amongst other things, it is being used as a secular religion to keep people away from developing a proper relationship with God and attending to their salvation. Concern with it eats up energies that should be turned inwards towards God and causes these energies to dissipate into agitation and self-righteousness to no real effect. Great heat but very little light as you might say, given the subject.

Then it is being used to attack basic freedoms, impose control and eventually reduce human beings to lines of data.  This is what it is really about. Control. Once you realise that you can free yourself of any worries you might have about climate change. Do you think most people really care? Those at the top are using those at the bottom to advance their own ends. Those activists at the bottom are the ones Yeats described as "the worst - full of passionate intensity", convinced of their righteousness but animated by anger and resentment. Many, no doubt, mean well but they are being manipulated.

This does not mean we should treat our world as a resource to be plundered until there is nothing left of it, but the concern with climate change is tinkering with effects. We need to look at causes and the cause of our disconnect with nature is our disconnect with God. Even if, by some miracle, we got the climate to behave just as we would like it to behave (and what exactly is the ideal temperature?) we would be no better off in terms of our interaction with the world. We live in a state of complete alienation and that will not change until we turn back to God and see ourselves as spiritual beings whose fulfilment and duty lies in loving and serving the Creator.

Climate change, real or exaggerated, is a complete red herring. What we should be aware of is the agenda of control it is being used to advance. We should also know that this is a materialistic preoccupation. That is not to say we can use the world greedily or selfishly for that is even more materialistic. The world is the creation of God, that which he looked upon and saw was good. But don't separate it from its Maker. Use it, we were meant to cultivate the wilderness, but use it with love and respect as a good steward. Then things like climate change fade into insignificance. Get your relationship right with God and your relationship with the world will automatically follow on from that.

Anyone who takes this position must be prepared to be assailed by a barrage of statistics proving he is wrong. I would never say one should ignore reliable data but data is open to interpretation and figures can be selected to serve an agenda. But, there is something more. Those on the spiritual path must be guided by intuition. Now, intuition is very good at the big picture but it sometimes falls short on the details.  We don't have to know how and why the climate change agenda is a stalking horse to bring about some other desired end but we can see that is precisely what it is and one of the reasons for that is this. Climate concern is relentlessly pushed as the correct thing to believe for all right-thinking, well-motivated people who have the good of humanity at heart but I have to tell you that nothing that is truly good is promoted by the mainstream nowadays. We are in a spiritual war in which the spiritually harmful is constantly promoted at the expense of the spiritual healthy. It isn't right to defile or exploit our planet. We should reduce our consumption merely as a matter of putting spiritual things first. Our materialism and over-consumption are sins, no doubt about it. But the climate change agenda is just the latest example of deceiving people by leading them into a false good. The precise details behind this operation may be elusive but an obvious effect is the tightening of control and reduction of freedom. We are being coerced into giving up our freedoms on many fronts now.  Just as we have recently accepted restrictions in the name of saving our health so we will shortly be required to accept more restrictions in the name of saving the planet. But what is really behind that?

It's not increasing heat we should be worried about but fading light.

Monday 8 November 2021

Neutrality Will Soon No Longer be an Option

 The world is dividing up into two camps. Those who are for God and a rightly ordered creation and those who will not accept the reality of these things, who are, in effect, against them because if you are not for them then you are against them. It is a question of two goods or actually a real good and a supposed one, and it is a test of your inner orientation. The supposed good will be pushed hard as the real good and the real good will be depicted as the home of the mad and bad. The process is already well underway, obviously so since 2020 or the turn of the millennium or the 1960s, depending on how alert you are to the changes which are always ratcheted up just one more notch, but actually stretching back many decades, even centuries for those with the longer view.

The great majority of human beings today have no spiritual roots and no spiritual education. This is a condition that has been long prepared for. Most people have now grown up in a secular, materialistic, atheistic world and are consequently ripe for the picking. They have no higher reference points when confronted with the evils of the present day. The saying that we should always put things down to stupidity rather than malice, though it may well be true on many occasions, actually obscures the fact that behind the scenes there really is malice. We don't see it because we don't look properly and that's because we no longer know how to look or even where to look.

Think of the present times as a great test. You have been sent to Earth or asked to come here now because there is a great opportunity. The grain is being sifted with the wheat, having proved itself to be of the right quality, going on to higher worlds. The chaff, according to the Bible, will be burnt in unquenchable fire. I am slightly more optimistic. I think that those who don't make the grade will find themselves in outer circumstances that reflect their inner spiritual state in the post-mortem world but in all God's prisons there is a door to which the prisoner holds the key. This is because the prisons are not actually God's but created by the prisoner himself as an outgrowth of his own consciousness. There is a way out but it will require repentance and change on the part of the prisoner, and, while always possible, this may not be so easy in the next world so it makes sense to get it right in this one.

For a long while because society and the culture has not been actively anti-spiritual it was possible to avoid making a decision about whether to side with truth or let yourself be drawn into darkness and lies. And don't forget that spiritual darkness does not appear dark to the spiritually blind, only to those with sight. But this is no longer possible. Now the culture all over the world is anti-spiritual. Even where there is still some sort of religion it bows down to the worldly powers and conforms to the worldly agenda. You cannot compartmentalise this world and the next and say that this world has its own rights which you must respect. You only respect this world when it recognises and puts itself to the service of the next. Certainly, this world does have its rights but they are always subordinate to the rights and the truth of the next world and must be seen in that light. Ignore that and you have lost the thread and imprisoned yourself on the horizontal by which I mean you have become a citizen of this world rather than the world of God. This world is part of the world of God but only when it acknowledges the hierarchical lineage and sees the vertical connection as primary.

As the demands to bow down to the idols of the modern world continue you will have to make a choice. But first of all you are going to have to wake up and see that these are idols and that they require worship. Nothing really changes in the field of spiritual battle. The form changes but the basic elements remain, and a fundamental element of the spiritual life is that "You shall have no other gods before me." Why? Not because God is jealous but because he is truth. To put worldly idols before him is to have deserted truth. Those idols are not just the false gods of the past, many of which were demons and fallen angels though some were probably what are known as egregores, thought forms given substance by human attention and energy, and others even angelic beings serving God but even these are not due worship in their own right. 

There are modern idols too and one of the most powerful today is science. Especially when it becomes 'the science' but even before that it was still an idol when it was practised for its own sake and seen as a final arbiter of truth. Science as an investigation into the creation pursued almost as a form of worship is a high calling but when it has become severed from that vital connection it risks descending to the satanic. I am not just talking about bombs and instruments of destruction. There is physical destruction but there is spiritual destruction too and modern science stands charged of that crime.

Another powerful modern idol is politics. I will venture to say that all party politics is of the devil and that is certainly so in the modern world. We need governing you will say, and some systems are certainly better than others. True, but all of them replace God with something of this world and in the end that is what matters. If you leave spiritual truth out of the equation then your sums will never add up. Politics is corruption and active involvement in it corrupts the soul. This is more true than ever now when lying has become an essential tool in the politician's kitbag. If you expand the definition of politics to mean those who stand for God and rightly ordered creation versus all the rest then I would moderate my earlier statement but how easy it is to be dragged down to the worldly level and lose your grounding in God if you do actually involve yourself in the political field. Fair better to focus yourself fully on the spiritual. God is calling all who will listen to come to him now, ignoring all other voices which will only lead astray. Hear his voice and follow that to the exclusion of all else. And remember that those who follow God should not expect reward in this world for they are working towards the next and that is where their endeavours will bear fruit. 

Thursday 4 November 2021

Sickness and Health

We should understand life, not just physical but spiritual too, in terms of health and sickness and the latter should be recognised as such and not redefined as just a different, equally valid sort of health. If we do not have that attitude then society will become sick and out of touch with reality. As now.

Rational distaste for something is not irrational fear of it. The feeling of disgust for the unnatural all human beings experience when in a spiritually healthy state should not be stigmatised as prejudice or intolerance but seen as part of a properly operating spiritual immune system. Of course, the old adage of hate the sin, love the sinner means we should always distinguish between the sickness and the person who is sick but loving the sinner does not mean accepting or, worse, celebrating the sin.

We live in an age of spiritual sickness but don't recognise it because we don't know, or won't accept, that there is such thing as spiritual health. If we were true to the inner compass we all have when not turned aside from it by selfish desires, ego, ideology (any ideology), prejudice, wishful thinking and so on we would know it and be spiritually healthy. With plenty still to learn but in a good spiritual state, aligned with both God and nature. Now, however, we are very sick and getting more so by the day. The good news is that the cure is always at hand and only requires that we cease to resist reality. The bad news is that most of us do resist reality.

Monday 1 November 2021

Ideological Tools of Corruption

 A previous post pointed out the fallacy of the all men are created equal dogma which lies behind much contemporary materialistic ideology. It would be my contention that this has been deliberately used as a means of destroying the traditional values of Western civilisation centred in the reality of God and the truth of creation. I say Western because that is where the attack has been centred but it is a global project that will encompass all traditional forms of belief which will either be assimilated (Westernised Buddhism appears to be particularly easy in this regard and Islam particularly difficult) or destroyed. The fact that they haven't gone for Islam yet shows they don't regard it as a real threat - for now.

Anti-racism, feminism, the same sex agenda all derive from the materialistic attitude to life and are used to bring down real spiritual values which are based on a vertical (qualitative and hierarchical) approach to reality rather than a horizontal (quantitive and egalitarian)*. That's why they are pushed so ferociously. Add to them measures taken to contain climate change and coronavirus and you have the framework of a universal system based on atheistic materialism which is being used to control mankind and to separate human beings from their spiritual source, locking them firmly in this world with no avenue of escape. In this system no true freedom of thought is allowed. Everything and everyone must be brought into the fold, submit to the ideology and conform to the agenda. The only religions tolerated will be those that allow themselves to be spiritually castrated as so much contemporary Christianity does. The System will be universal, global, unquestionable and without exit or escape. It will be the iron prison of group think in which the good is redefined to mean worldly good, the soul rigorously denied and the Creator chased from creation.

Something like anti-racism might seem fair and reasonable to the superficial glance but what is the purpose behind it? Is it just to treat human beings with justice or is it a Trojan horse used to dismantle hierarchical concepts of reality and traditional ideas of the ladder of being that stretches up from earth to heaven, with higher states to which we should aspire and conform our being. Might its real, unstated intention, and certainly its effect, be to unmake reality so it can be remade according to a new agenda that has no room for divine truth? Similarly, why is feminism pushed so hard? Is it to separate human beings from their true spiritual state and remake them according to a materialistic agenda? Once again, that is its effect despite what many of those promoting it might believe. The devil always lures people into his schemes with a false good so that the true good is first overlooked and then destroyed. This he is successfully doing with all the favourite movements of modernity, most of which superficially appear as the righting of past wrongs, and may indeed right some past wrongs,  but have the overall effect of destroying genuine spiritual awareness, an awareness centred in the reality of God and the truths of creation.

This approach to the issues of today should not be reduced to a left/right culture war. That idea is a distraction and a diversion. This is nothing less than a spiritual battle for the soul of humanity. So make sure you pick the right side. Trust your intuition and don't be misled by power and authority in any form. There will be many false goods dangled before your eyes. To go along with these will be presented as the mark of a good person. To reject them, a sinner according to contemporary ideology. But that ideology is based on an erroneous idea of what man is and if you are true to your divine source you should know this. How do you attune yourself to this divine source? God presents himself to us in Nature (the Creation which is not perfect in this world but has enough perfection in it to show its source), in Scripture (which should call forth an intuitive response in the rightly oriented) and in your own heart. None of these are completely perfect but that is as it should be because personal discernment is always required for a self-conscious being that is supposed to grow into a god. But they all contain more than enough to guide us to reality if we will allow it. Learn from this threefold approach to see the truth and free yourself from the lies of the modern world. 

*The horizontal is not denied but subordinated to the vertical which is primary.

Sunday 31 October 2021

New World Island Video

 David Earle has done a narration of my post What's the School For on his New World Island Youtube channel.  He has illustrated it beautifully and very appropriately so my thanks to him. 

Here it is.

Saturday 30 October 2021

Earth is a School is now published

 It is available in paperback and on Kindle through Amazon UK here.

In the US here

and from the publisher's website here

I expect it can even be ordered through bookshops.

If you read it and like it a review would be very much appreciated.

This is a good time for me to thank all readers of this blog. Earth is a school but it's currently also a battleground and we, believers in God and Christ and Creation, all need to work together to proclaim and support the truth. That is actually not so hard once you decide to ignore the lies with which you are surrounded and trust your inner voice. Know that you are a soul, a divine son or daughter of God, sent here to learn and to grow but also to fight against sin and evil both in your own heart and out there in the world so as to be a living example and guide to others still ensnared by the darkness. The fact that spiritual truth has almost completely been chased from the world today gives us a great opportunity for it means that we must look for God within and therefore, if we will, become much more attuned to him as the living, breathing (God does breathe) core of our own being. Then we start to become more like him which is his dearest wish.

Thursday 28 October 2021

An Interview

 John Hunt Publishing has arranged a few interviews for me with various spiritual channels to promote my new book Earth is a School. The most recent one was with Derek Grosskurth of TruthSeekah and he has just put it up on YouTube. My thanks to him for the opportunity to talk about the book and quite a bit more besides.

Monday 25 October 2021

The Reality of God Means the Unreality of Everything which Denies God

 There are in the world today many ideologies and philosophies which seem plausible enough to the modern mind, uninstructed as it is in any serious religious knowledge, but which really just come from the spiritually undisciplined speculations of the human brain. There are elaborate scenarios constructed by earnest academics to justify these intellectual imaginings but they all face the same problem. Every one of them is built on a false foundation which is the denial of God and the fact that this world is a creation not an arbitrary concoction built up by the interaction of impersonal forces. If you don't get first principles right then everything that follows will be wrong, and the reality of God and creation is the bedrock on which depends everything else. Anything that does not have this root fact as the fundamental position on which it stands is going to be wrong and most probably destructively so.

What is destroyed is our actual humanity because if we deny God we are denying the reality of ourselves. Imagine a philosophy which rejected the reality of emotion and did its best to enforce a human environment, educational, political, artistic, social, in which feelings were non-existent and if they arose then were stamped down on. Then imagine another situation in which freedom of thought was banned and you were only allowed to think in the centrally agreed upon way. Actually, you may not have to imagine that one for much longer. The point is it is easy to see how barbaric and inhuman those societies would be so why can we not see the inhumanity of our current denial of spirit?

The fact that God exists, and is existence itself, means that anything that denies God denies the meaning of existence. The fact that God is life means that anything that denies God upholds death and will eventually die. And then there is the fact that God's name is I AM. This means that the root of life is personal. The I even comes before the AM which tells us that in a certain sense person precedes being. For there to be being there must be a being who is. 

Our world lives in a state of complete delusion. Ever since we severed our connection to the spiritual world simply because we could not prove it by material means, an obvious absurdity when you think about it, we have dug ourselves deeper and deeper into a hole of black ignorance, only able to stave off existential despair by the ever-increasing stimulation, both mental and sensory, offered by modern technology. But this is like a drug addict constantly needing a bigger fix to get his high or even to feel in any way normal. The day is coming when the shallow emptiness of a life without God must be faced because God is real and anything that does not accept reality is condemning itself to death.

Friday 22 October 2021

Honour Thy Father and Thy Mother

Here is the remedy to all our contemporary ills. This simple instruction, if observed, would change the world and reorient it to its true purpose, a purpose that has now been tragically lost.

I mean it spiritually, of course, but first of all let us consider it in the original sense. The family is the basis of civilisation. It is the creative hub of life, where love and goodness can flourish and human beings grow to maturity, cared for and protected in a way that is not possible in any other environment. But the family has been systematically dismantled over the last 50 years with the result that many of us have become broken and rootless. If they are to be honoured father and mother must be together, a unit with each half fulfilling its natural, ordained and complementary role, but how often does that happen now? Modern ideologies have torn the family apart and because many fathers and mothers have listened to the siren voices of these ideologies they are no longer worthy to be honoured. Yes, you should certainly honour your father and your mother but the other side of that is that your father and your mother should be worthy of honour. If they put themselves before their children they are not worthy.

But, as I say, I am really talking about this commandment on the spiritual plane. Who are your father and your mother? Clearly, they are your divine parents, namely God, the transcendent Creator, "Our Father who art in Heaven", Universal Spirit, the root Person, and the Virgin Mother who is identified in Christianity as Mary, mother of the incarnate God, and by extension, the soul of Nature, she who gave us and who nurtures both body and soul. Today we not only do not honour our divine parents, we have forgotten them and replaced them with idols, whether that be science or reason or any number of the false gods of contemporary materialism.

So, remember your divine father and mother and honour them. You honour them best by seeing them as both who and what they are and then trying to conform your soul to their pattern. They are your parents and the idea is that you should grow to become like them.

This post may well be one of the simplest I have written but it is one that contains the most basic truth, a truth our world has forgotten and which is the case of its confusion and disarray. 

Tuesday 19 October 2021

The Serpent and the Dove

 When Jesus sent his disciples out into the world to preach the good news he said they would be like sheep amongst wolves, and told them therefore to be as wise as serpents and as innocent as doves. In ancient mystery religions the serpent was often regarded as the personification of wisdom, especially occult wisdom, wisdom to do with secrets and hidden things, and, of course, it was the serpent, the most cunning of the beasts of the field, that tempted Eve to disobey God in the Garden of Eden, specifically tempting her to eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. So it might seem strange that Jesus advised his disciples to be like the serpent. Perhaps then we should ask ourselves what is this wisdom of which the serpent is the chief exemplar?

It is not true spiritual wisdom for that arises in the heart and comes from God. Rather, it is the wisdom acquired through evolution. It is intelligence, discrimination, reason, even foresight and, yes, cunning. Now, this is good when brought under the overlordship of spiritual wisdom but potentially evil if not. That is why we also need the innocence of the dove. And what is the dove? For information on that we can go to John the Baptist who was the first to recognise the adult Jesus as the Messiah and who proclaimed when he baptised him that he saw the Holy Spirit descend on him in the form of a dove. The dove is the Holy Spirit, and the innocence of the dove is true spiritual wisdom compared to the earthly, even if it is occult or esoteric, wisdom of the serpent. The serpent represents the wisdom of experience or evolution. In a way, it is the wisdom of matter. But the dove symbolises the wisdom of purity and innocence and truth that comes from God.

This holds good even when we consider the raised serpent which is regarded as the opening up of spiritual consciousness in many systems of esotericism. And it is true that this process of raising the serpent does open up consciousness to the inner planes of being. But unless the dove also descends there is no proper spiritual awakening. The raised serpent is re-orientating the energies of matter to spirit. Instead of these symbolically being on their belly they are lifted up and re-purposed. Hence the raising of the serpent is restoring cosmic order in the soul. But on its own it is not enough. It can even make a black magician. The serpent, after all, was the first to eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. There must also be the descent of the dove, the Holy Spirit. That which comes from above must meet that which comes from below to bring true spiritual enlightenment. This is the union of spirit and matter that is the real birth of a soul into the Kingdom of Heaven.