Sunday, 25 July 2021

Are We in Hell Now?

 In my last post I considered who might go to hell and concluded it could be anyone who didn't want to go to Heaven. Here I want to look at a more radical possibility. Are we actually living in hell now?

As the 19th and 20th centuries progressed human beings became increasingly separated from God. This applied even to religious people because religion became more materialistic, less centred on the sacred mysteries of God and more humanistic in focus. It was demythologised which means stripped of inner meaning and brought into line with scientific materialism. The psychic atmosphere in which everyone lived was secular and the next world was further removed from this one. Reactions sprang up with souls thirsty for the sacred looking to the East or to New Age type beliefs but these were also heavily contaminated by the materialistic ethos and there was a clear lack of genuine spiritual direction. Spirituality meant what you could get out of it more than making yourself right with God. The idea arose that all forms of spirituality were saying essentially the same thing and answering the same call, but a deeper analysis shows this was not the case and for many of them God was peripheral instead of being absolutely central as should be the case. And even if God is central the question remains what sort of God? For there are many false gods born of human imagining and projection not to mention demonic inspiration. The true God is known through revelation, through his creation and in the human heart but the heart has to be tuned to the right note, away from the key of self, to perceive him clearly.

It would be my contention that just as there is a divine plan for mankind so there is also a demonic plan. I won't waste time trying to convince people that supernatural powers of evil exist. If you are a Christian this should be a fundamental part of your belief. Indeed, most religions would acknowledge this. Their aim is to absorb the energy from human souls for their own benefit and use. They have cut themselves off from the source of life and need life energy to maintain their existence. So they seek to corrupt souls. They have been active for millennia, of course, but recently, possibly in line with cycles of existence and stages of evolutionary development, possibly as a lesson and a test, they appear to have been allowed greater influence over mankind. 

What is their aim? It is still the corruption of souls as it always has been but now there is something else. I believe, and I believe this because of what I can observe around me, because of the pattern of recent history and because of intuition, that they are seeking to make hell on Earth. That is to say, they are seeking to externalise hell onto the physical plane, to extend their domain, as it were.This project, ongoing since at least the 1st World War though groundwork was laid much earlier, has clearly moved into a new phase over the last 18 months with the global health scare, a scare that is not rooted in nothing because everybody would see through that quickly, but is rooted in something that has been grossly over-exaggerated and used as an excuse to exercise a radical new level of control over the populace who accept this because of fear forced on them by politicians, the media and, perhaps worst of all, scientists who have sold their souls to the devil and exercise the intellectual authority of their position in a totally corrupt way. There are still many who don't and all praise to them but they are not given anywhere near the same level of publicity that their fallen colleagues who serve the unholy ends of the demonic agenda are allowed. I am not saying these people are aware of who or what they serve but if their hearts are not fully open to truth, beauty and goodness they can easily be co-opted, and they have been. 

Modern culture is largely the creation of hell and it is creating hell on Earth. From music which has descended from concern with the beauty of melody and harmony down to the savagery of contemporary rap in which incessant beat predominates musically and violence and anger lyrically, to the well-known distortions of 20th century art, to film from which simple goodness has long since been banished and we are left with ever more sordid attempts to break taboos. The list is endless and the degeneration affects every branch of the arts. I won't labour the point other than to add that it's important to realise this is not the grumbling of an old man who complains that "Things were better in my day." They weren't as bad but the process was already in full swing when I was growing up in the '60s and '70s. That process has continued on its downward path but it did not originate then. It stems from the severing of culture from the spiritual and its contamination by materialism.

If hell can be defined as separation from God then it should be obvious that we are in hell now. God is meaningless in our contemporary world even in the churches where his spiritual reality is increasingly being lost and his relevance is only acknowledged as support for the secular humanistic project so completely failing to remember the words of Christ that "My Kingdom is not of this world." For many of the modern churches, as they proved when they shut their doors last year, Christ's kingdom is of this world but it's not even a kingdom because it is subordinate to the worldly powers.

We are living in a form of hell now and it's going to get worse. The separation from God will continue. The vice will be tightened and the spiritual corruption spread. But do not despair. Never despair. It is a great privilege to be living at this time. If you are in any way aware of the reality of God and the degradation of the contemporary world this means you have been sent to play a part in a holy war. You are a soldier for Christ. Your fight is on the mental plane and therefore you should know that even your thoughts can be used by God to increase the power of the light in this world. You don't have to go out and do anything publicly but through your thoughts and prayers you can serve God and help souls struggling for truth in the spiritual quagmire of the contemporary world. This world may be turning into hell but heaven awaits those who simply wake up to that fact.

Note: To say this world is turning into hell does not mean it is fully so. Goodness, truth and beauty still remain and always will. Their power and impact is severely damaged but God will never leave us without some kind of access to them. To take just one example, we have access to much of the beauty and wisdom of the past in a way that could not be dreamed of by our ancestors who did not live in such spiritually degenerate times.

Thursday, 22 July 2021

Who Goes to Hell?

Anyone who wants to which means anyone who doesn't want to go to Heaven. But understand that wanting to go to Heaven means loving God because God is Heaven. It's not just the desire to be saved or to have a beautiful afterlife surrounded by your loved ones or whatever it might be. It is loving God, your Creator. So, who goes to hell is anyone who doesn't love God. 

Let me explain what I mean by this. I don't see hell as just a place of darkness or fire or cold or whatever it might be, somewhere you are constantly tortured by demons with pitchforks. That may be an extreme version but hell could also be a place of utter banality. There are probably different hells of different degrees of separation from God that are created by the mindsets of those who go there and so reflect different mentalities. There may be hells corresponding to the various vices as in Dante or there may be intellectual hells where clever materialistic atheists go. They won't exactly suffer but they won't know the joys of Heaven and, unless they repent and turn to their Maker, they will start to shrivel up spiritually which means their consciousness and sensitivity to life will gradually attenuate, becoming less and less responsive. They will fade not blossom.

Those who go to hell are not necessarily bad people as the world sees bad. They are spiritually unresponsive in one way or another but they are not necessarily wicked or evil. They have just failed the greatest lesson of life which is to love God. Clearly, none of us loves God as we should but even wanting to love God is enough for him to work with.

Monday, 19 July 2021

Non Volo Peccare

An Imaginary Conversation.

Official: Have you had the medical intervention yet?

Normal Person: No. I've done some unwise things in my time but I still have some sense.

O: What do you mean?

NP: To do something unnecessary and potentially risky out of fear or because you've succumbed to state propaganda or media pressure is surely foolish?

O: It's not unnecessary and if you don't do it for yourself, you should certainly do it to protect others.

NP: Most people's immune system is more than capable of dealing with the illness so it is unnecessary for most people. However, I agree with the last part of what you say but would put it in a different context. Spiritual contagion is worse than physical contagion and to provide an example of someone relatively immune from that is surely the best service you can render your fellow man at the present time.

O: But what if you get ill and infect someone who then dies because of your negligence?

NP: Negligence is a loaded term. When did it become an acceptable word to describe someone's right to determine what goes into their own body? Besides, if the peck works who will die and if it doesn't why are we even having this conversation?

Etc, etc. 

This debate could go on indefinitely and still get nowhere as both participants are starting from totally different premises. For O the body is central. For NP it's the soul.

Note: I translate the title I Do Not Want to be Pecked but it's been a long time since I studied Latin so that may not be entirely accurate.

Thursday, 15 July 2021

All Men are Created Equal

 Stanford historian Jack Rakove makes the following interesting point.

"When Jefferson wrote “all men are created equal” in the preamble to the Declaration, he was not talking about individual equality. What he really meant was that the American colonists, as a people, had the same rights of self-government as other peoples, and hence could declare independence, create new governments and assume their “separate and equal station” among other nations. But after the Revolution succeeded, Americans began reading that famous phrase another way. It now became a statement of individual equality that everyone and every member of a deprived group could claim for himself or herself. With each passing generation, our notion of who that statement covers has expanded. It is that promise of equality that has always defined our constitutional creed."

This statement in its distorted form has become the basic dogma of the modern world and I would submit that it lies at the root of our rejection of reality. That is to say, it is used as a justification for it, a kind of religious principle that is taken as obvious and good and right, and to deviate from which is the mark of a wicked person. The fact that it is clearly false doesn't stop us from believing or pretending to believe it. For the masses it is a way to get back at those that have been over them or have more than them. For the weak it is a way to cut the strong down to size. For the sentimental it is a way to make them feel they are decent  and kind people. For the demons and their disciples in the world it is a way to bring down real truth and goodness which are necessarily hierarchical. I would suggest a far more accurate statement is one that the Masters made to me which was this. "Men are by no means equal on the earth plane but that is no reason to dismiss anybody." This statement takes care of both aspects of truth. The fact that we are all the children of God, in potential at least,  but there are older and younger children amongst us. If all men are created equal there is then no higher or lower. There is nowhere to go.

Tuesday, 13 July 2021

Leftism is Materialism

 I often see articles or comments debating which elements of what they call 'wokeism' but is really just a more developed form of leftism have gone too far and how we should pull back from the situation we now find ourselves in. You have writers like Jordan Peterson and Douglas Murray as good examples of this sort of thing. Unfortunately, all these articles and comments still accept or assume that some aspects of leftism, whether it be anti-racism or feminism or egalitarianism or whatever, should be retained. It can be hard for a person raised in the modern world to see that all aspects of leftism should be totally rejected but that is the case because if you don't cut it all out, it will just return in some form or other. It is like a poison that will spread throughout the body unless you are cleansed of it entirely. This is because the thing itself is an anti-God, anti-creation ideology. It puts the human being first. That is the, at first sight inoffensive even seemingly benign, seed from which all the other corrupting elements grow.

It's no good bemoaning the dire cultural/spiritual state of affairs if you support any aspect of what's led up to it. You have to go to the source and the source is the rejection of God and transcendent reality, including the laws of creation and the way reality is structured. This doesn't mean we should return to the past. We reached a fork in a road we were meant to be travelling down but we took the wrong turning, the one that downgraded God to first of all something of diminished importance and then to nothing at all. We forgot the reason for being in this world, taking it as something existing in and for itself. Unless we go right to the roots of our problem then whatever we do will be of no significance. The old word for repentance was metanoia which implies something much more deep-seated and visceral than simply regretting or being sorry or changing a few things but leaving the core untouched. It means a complete change of heart, a wiping of the slate and total reorientation of being. Anything less just won't do.

We must understand that we cannot graft some form of spirituality on top of our materialistic assumptions and our human-centred ideologies. We will be no better off. We have to throw out the baby with the bathwater, the baby in this case being materialism in any form. This baby has grown up to be a monster and you can't incorporate it into anything wholesome. It must be destroyed utterly.

This might seem a shocking thing to say because it goes against everything we have been taught over the last few decades but the reason should be clear. For years we have pretended that a humanistic ideology rooted in materialism was basically good, being centred around fairness, equality, compassion etc, but it just got out of hand occasionally as now with the so-called woke agenda. But this is the inevitable outcome of leftism. It's what happens when God is not at the centre of human life, and the true God not some manufactured version that actually just conforms to leftist this worldly priorities and has no proper spiritual purpose. I repeat, this doesn't mean we should return to the past. We couldn't even if we would. But we have to return to God and Christ and live in the full awareness of God's plan for humanity which is the growth of the soul. That can only happen when the soul turns away from the world. Leftism is completely of this world which should be obvious once you realise that it is rooted in the very human characteristics of envy, resentment, fear and self-hatred, albeit disguised in pretty clothes. If you don't see that you have chosen to live in a lie. Why is that?

Saturday, 10 July 2021

Things Coming to a Point

Have you ever noticed,” said Dimble, “that the universe, and every bit of the universe is always hardening and narrowing and coming to a point?”

His wife waited as those wait who know by long experience the mental processes of the person who is talking to them.
“I mean this,” said Dimble in answer to the question she had not asked. “If you dip into any college, or school, or parish, or family – anything you like – at a given point in its history, you always find that there was a time before that point when there was more elbow room and contrasts weren’t quite so sharp; and that there’s going to be a time after that point when there is even less room for indecision and choices are even more momentous. Good is always getting better and bad is always getting worse: the possibilities of even apparent neutrality are always diminishing. The whole thing is sorting itself out all the time, coming to a point, getting sharper and harder.”

I am sure most readers of this blog will be familiar with these words from C.S. Lewis, one of the wisest men of the last century and a prophet for these times. They are in his novel That Hideous Strength which is a better book than either Brave New World or 1984 though not nearly as celebrated, very probably because it is a Christian book. I compare it with those two as it covers similar terrain. If you haven't read it you need to do so as soon as possible. It will help you make sense of the present time.

Bruce Charlton often mentions the idea of things coming to point. What this means is that good and bad, moral white and black, become more separated and there is no neutral ground between them, no grey areas which one might suppose that at one time there were. There never were really but the splitting apart becomes more obvious as the End Times gathers pace. The good and the bad become more clearly delineated and you have to make an active choice. Sitting on the fence is no longer possible. The last 18 months have seen a dramatic intensification of that process. Things that you might have thought were on one side are now revealed as being on the other side. These things include all ideologies associated with what we call leftism which might at one time have seemed 'progressive' meaning tending towards the evolution of the human being but are now more easily seen as destructive of a true spiritual consciousness. Those who are more attached to the destructive aspects of leftism (even if they call these humanistic) will stay with it and put themselves in the camp of the demons. Those who really are interested in a spiritual consciousness will now have to reject all aspects of leftism and that will be hard for many people because these have seemed to be on the side of the good for a long while to those who lack proper spiritual discernment. You are going to have to admit you have been duped. This will require a large dose of humility because you will have to confront the fact that what attracted you to the leftist position was actually part of the old unregenerate fallen man. It was your egotism. If you are a man you are going to have to bow your head to God and accept you are a sinner. If you are a woman you are going to have to reject feminism, Satan's most recent temptation to the female sex,  and that is going to be tough. Your apparent ticket to freedom and fulfilment is actually a deep and dark curse. You ate the apple because it was sweet but it is really poisonous.

Now is the time that good and bad are drawing apart but this will only be apparent to those who have good within them. If you don't have that you are going to be in trouble because that is what this is all about. It's to draw out the good in those in whom it is present and reveal the evil in those who gravitate more naturally to that. The position to take won't be obvious to the earthly mind, the mind corrupted by 3 centuries of atheism and materialism and the teaching of dark prophets from Marx to Freud and including many of the famous names in all fields of human endeavour over the last couple of centuries. In a way the odds are stacked against you because most of your modern education and cultural influences have been on the wrong side. But you have the light of God within you and if you are faithful to the truth that light will illumine your mind and release you from the evil influences that are so prevalent. Besides, there are good influences too and C.S Lewis was a major one. Above all stands the figure of Christ.

Unfortunately, however, in the world today the evil influences are rampant. One might even say they are triumphant and all the more so since totally unrecognised by the majority. I say they are unrecognised because most people don't know what evil actually is. In fact, it's very simple. Evil is that which separates from God. It does this either by denying him outright or by deforming him as in religion which submits to the world or by encouraging the breaking or transgressing of the laws of creation. Now can you see how we live in a world of evil?

To speak of things coming to a point and of the gap between good and evil widening to such a degree  that there are sheep and there are goats depending on which side you fall might lead to an accusation that I am demonising those who don't agree with me, and look where that has got us in the past. But I am not demonising anybody. The truth is those who fail to reject evil and embrace spiritual good are demonising themselves. Possibly quite literally in some cases. Anyway, the point is there is good and there is evil and they have to do with an acknowledgement in the heart or lack of it of God, your Creator. The bad news is you can make the wrong choice because there is nothing that is going to force your hand. It's a test of your inner integrity, your spiritual authenticity. The good news is that your choice, if it's the worldly one, is not set in stone as it now stands. You can turn to God at any time as long as you do so sincerely. Of course, in terms of behaviour, you will still stumble and even fall many times but what matters above all now is the direction of your heart. The needle must point due north to God.

Thursday, 8 July 2021

We're All Communists Now

Most of the world now appears to have become communist in all but name.  This allegation will be dismissed by those who only see society in economic terms but if you look at things from a social or cultural perspective, the conclusion is hard to avoid. For a start, everything, even much religion once you scratch the surface, is now atheistic and materialistic. These are the bedrock assumptions of communist dogma and, even if there was nothing else, show its essentially evil quality. Then there is our current obsession with equality and worship of 'the science' - as long as that science supports official ideology. We are today living in a world that more and more resembles a prison camp and only those with a true focus on religion will see that clearly and be able to resist assimilation. I know of no one, other than people I have met online, who has not been absorbed to one degree or another and this is because they have no roots in anything substantial. Consequently, they will bend in the direction the wind blows.

In practise there are always two classes in a communist society. There is the elite and then the rest. The elite have the power and most of the wealth. They pull all the strings even if this is in the name of the populace. That populace will be given enough to keep them quiet or subdued. It depends. They can be terrorised into acquiescence or kept dumb by indulging them with bread and circuses. But whichever method is adopted communism always becomes a totalitarian tyranny in which control is everywhere.

The only escape from this is through a genuine spiritual sensibility. Not religion because religion can be co-opted as System Christianity has been but a proper focus on the reality of God and a realisation that this world is not meant to be perfect for and in itself but exists to perfect us or, at least, to prepare us for perfection on a higher plane.

Communism is a great evil and all sane people used to know that. They knew it because they knew it destroyed freedom and reduced humanity to the level of an insect colony in which the collective is all and the individual nothing. But it is even worse than this because the real goal of communism is  a spiritual one. It came about to break the connection between man and God and isolate man in the material world, separated from his Maker. Its theft and perversion of some of the social aspects of Christianity is directed to that end.

When God has been chased from the world as now you know that the end cannot be far off. 

Monday, 5 July 2021

Colin Wilson and Consciousness

 I am currently reading Gary Lachman's biography of Colin Wilson and although I'm only about two thirds of the way through I'm impressed by the combination of meticulous research and keen insight that Mr Lachman displays. As indeed he does in all the books of his that I've read which are his biographies of Rudolf Steiner and Madame Blavatsky and one called The Secret Teachers of the Western World about Western esotericism which I did a post on for Albion Awakening a few years ago. I would say his books are always worth reading.

But for me there's a problem and that's Colin Wilson himself. Like us all he was a product of his time and his was a time of deep materialism so to achieve anything of a spiritual nature outside of orthodox religion would always be a challenge. We are somewhat better off in that respect now because, although this is still a time of deep materialism, there has been so much published, unearthed and discussed on the metaphysical, supernatural and spiritual over the last 50 plus years that we have an abundance of riches to draw upon. Some of it is by Colin Wilson himself. That having been said, and a debt to him acknowledged, I would have to add that I still find something of the outsider (pun intended) looking in about Colin Wilson's approach to the spiritual.

I first came across him in the early 1980s when I read The Occult and Mysteries which are really two compendiums of occult and mystical history. They show Wilson's prodigious reading and also his ability to synthesise his research and incorporate it into his own ideas about life and the mind. There is a wealth of fascinating facts and characters in these two books and they are written in Wilson's typical highly readable style which nonetheless shows no concessions to populism. I enjoyed them very much at the time but for me they also read like the work of someone who was in many ways a materialist but who sought to acquire the benefits of the spiritual without actually going all the way to embracing a full spirituality.

The focus on consciousness and how it might evolve is key to what I mean here. I don't know if Colin Wilson believed in God but if he did God did not appear to play a very big part in his thought, certainly not the central part as should be the case. This has long been a problem amongst many of those interested in the esoteric, the occult and the mystical. They want the fruits of the spiritual and the supernatural but they want them on their own terms. They are quite prepared to work, even work hard, to get these fruits but they are less prepared to open their hearts up fully to the reality of God. They are very interested in the expansion of consciousness and higher states of being but they see these in the context of the human (even if that is superhuman) rather than the context of God.

John Fitzgerald wrote a piece about Colin Wilson for Albion Awakening which he also included in the book he and I put together from that blog. I have just reread it and it comes to more or less the same conclusion that I have though John is more charitable than me in that he thinks Wilson might have been deflected from a more spiritual path because of the poor reception given to his book Religion and the Rebel which John thinks, and I agree, is one of his best. But, while appreciating that, I have to say that if you really believe something it shouldn't matter what the critics say. He was still young at the time and should have found his way back to a more genuinely spiritual path though I am not that widely read in Wilson's oeuvre so I don't know whether he did or not. But that is not the impression I get.

Wilson's great value is that he opened up the possibility of evolution in a psychological/spiritual sense in a serious way and on a popular level. Yes, he was a populariser but he was much more than just that and I certainly do not wish to limit him by that description.However, I do get the impression that he was more of a writer and a talker than someone willing to really engage with the reality of religion at a deep level. As far as I can see, he never took that extra step from spiritual outsider to proper believer who accepts the truth of God and who sees himself in the light of God rather than God in the light of himself.

This was a problem with many people at that time who rejected materialism and is a problem now too. Such people saw the work to be done to escape the drab robot self of everyday existence as involving the evolution of consciousness meaning by that a deepening and intensifying awareness of the self. That is true enough but they tended to stop there with the result that none of them really made the jump to a true spirituality. I include people like Jung and Gurdjieff in this category. The human being undoubtedly has higher aspects to his being into which we should be evolving. We have moved from instinctual consciousness to a more self-centred and rational (up to a point) consciousness. Higher states of consciousness are there to be discovered. But the fact remains that these can only be truly and fully known when we give ourselves over to God. A human-centred spirituality which seems to be the path Colin Wilson followed will get us so far but no further.

Thursday, 1 July 2021

The Left Hand Path

 In occultism the left hand path is the path that seeks to acquire spiritual power by illicit means. Often justified by its acolytes as the direct path or the heroic path, it is really just the path of the unrepentant self who wishes to steal from God what he has not earned and is not prepared to earn. It is the path of the ego, pursued by those who do not accept that the spiritual can only be known by those prepared to sacrifice their own little egos. It can never bring one to true spiritual illumination but it can take its practitioners to a dark imitation of illumination which they confuse for the real thing.

To me it is no coincidence that the modern way which has rejected God is that of the left. All thought that falls under that general heading shares the belief that man is pre-eminent and that humanity does not need, in fact, is much better off without, God. The left is the way that denies transcendence and the fact of the divine and which seeks to remake the world according to man. To begin with, this may have been innocent enough and an attempt to see that God is within as well as out there, but the small seed has grown into something monstrous that not only rejects God but is also rejecting nature and soon enough will reject humanity. You may scoff at this idea since the left considers itself the defender of humanity but its progression of destruction and deconstruction, all based on the original diminishment of God, leads inevitably to the destruction of everything. It is a maw that must continually be fed. 

The ideology of the left will lead (I am tempted to say has led) to the destruction of Western civilisation. One of its principle expressions is feminism. Feminism arises in a culture when male creative energy has built up a structure it can latch onto and feed off. With its push towards equality in which nothing and no one is better than anything or anyone else, perhaps driven by feminine empathy which is a wonderful thing but only in its proper place, it results in a world in which the safe and the mediocre are the ideals to aim for and celebrate. This inevitably leads to intellectual and spiritual decline, the decline of freedom too because my freedom gets in the way of your safety. Is it a coincidence that the female powers are brought into prominence and propitiated on the left hand path of occultism? And that these powers are independent of masculine spiritual direction and do not manifest the true spiritual qualities of the feminine as reflected in the figure of the Blessed Virgin Mary which is the feminine that has given herself over to God? The left side is the female as the right side is the male and it is no coincidence that the normal human condition is to be right handed. This seemingly unimportant fact does point to a greater spiritual truth for those alive to the realities of symbolism.

Feminism is a new twist on the old story of "ye shall be as gods" and like that story it involves a disruption in the natural order of being. The left in general is a rebellion against divine order and seeks to install man on the throne of God. It can never succeed but it can cause a lot of damage before it eventually destroys itself which it inevitably does when it has nothing else left to destroy.

Monday, 28 June 2021

Be Cheerful

Notwithstanding all the doom and gloom relating to the unprecedented times we are living through we have a lot to be cheerful about. For a start, God exists. That rather puts everything else in perspective. God exists and he has prepared wonders and glories for us beyond imagination if we are prepared to receive them. That does require a few concessions from us but these concessions really only amount to admitting we are sick and taking the cure.

If you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the world and personal suffering please remember this. Everything that goes wrong, or appears to go wrong, in your life is a spiritual opportunity. Whether it is a matter of ill health or monetary troubles or personal problems of whatever sort, there is a lesson to be learned. Sometimes it is a hard lesson but the wise man sees that whatever life throws at him there is something he can take from it to advance a little closer to God. It is a cliché that behind the clouds there is always a brightly shining sun but it's true. And what do clouds do? They bring rain which promotes growth. This is what suffering also can do in our world if we react rightly to it.

Now, I know that many people will dispute this and say that suffering seems purposeless but I do not claim that God sends this suffering. I am merely saying that we can use suffering to deepen our awareness of God. I am not making the glib assertion that suffering doesn't matter but I do assert that it can be, if we allow it, a means of stripping away the resistance that we are always putting up against God. Jesus told us that if we wished to follow him we would have to take up the cross. The current era is a wonderful opportunity to do just that. If you lived an ideal life in an ideal society you might not have the impetus to develop spiritually in the way you do now at a time of massive spiritual loss.

Cheerfulness is really a form of hope which is one of the three theological virtues, theological meaning in this sense that they are given by grace more than personal attainment or moral rectitude- even though grace only comes to those who allow themselves to be open to it. Hope can be defined as complete confidence in God which is something that comes through complete faith in God. This faith is not just intellectual but the result of a will that has given itself over to the transcendental reality of the divine and this should eventually result in the third theological virtue which is charity. Again, this is misunderstood because charity in a spiritual sense is very different from the more conventional secular meaning which is a mixture of good will and empathy. Spiritual charity is rooted above all in the love of God and the resultant love of man coming from that love of God. Man is not loved for his own sake but for his spiritual reality. This is very important because it means that charity, properly understood, works for the spiritual development of man not his earthly benefit. Jesus said, "If you love me, keep my commandments." That is charity.

Hope is very necessary at the moment. It will enable us to both see the darkness and go beyond it. You need to see the darkness but you also need to see there is light behind it. This is not a false optimism because it does not look for salvation in this world. But it knows that there is salvation in the world  beyond from all the vicissitudes of this world and it looks forward with confidence to that bright new day.

Thursday, 24 June 2021

Good and Evil in Today's World

These may not be what you think. If the good is what accords with truth and evil is what deviates from that then they are certainly not what most people think. For most people entirely disregard the spiritual and even those who think they believe in the spiritual usually put it behind the material/worldly/human in practical terms. They define good by worldly good but if worldly good puts itself above spiritual good or even ignores the prior claim of spiritual good then it is evil. Jesus came to save souls not to set up the perfect human society. In fact, he seemed to have had no interest in that at all which may have been why Judas turned against him, Judas being a typical modern person more interested in political change than spiritual awakening.

But let's go back to basics. If there is no spiritual is there even any such thing as evil? There is bad, certainly, but evil implies something more than bad. It is not just destruction of material things, the body, physical life, for personal advantage but destruction of essence, and essence is spiritual. Bad is the opposite of good but evil actively works against good, seeking to undermine it, pervert it, corrupt it, destroy it because of hatred. Perhaps just as good is love so evil is hatred and if hatred is love deformed and turned against itself so evil bears the same relationship to good which is to say that good is the reality and evil is that reality gone wrong.

What I am saying is that good and evil are spiritual concepts, concepts rooted in a far deeper reality than just the material world. So, if you deny the spiritual you really have no business talking about evil. Conversely, if you accept evil you must acknowledge the spiritual, and if you acknowledge the spiritual you must see it as primary and the material as its support. We have reversed this relationship and reduced the spiritual to either nothing, an expression of the material or, as with most followers of religion, something to be defined in terms of the material.

For practically everybody today good is material good, what increases material comfort and reduces material suffering. Evil is what does the opposite regardless of other considerations. This partly explains the extraordinary behaviour over the last year. But this was not how Jesus saw it. Good was what did the will of his Father which was bringing souls back to him. Jesus healed the sick and fed the hungry but not very often and probably only to demonstrate the reality of divine power. What he did continuously was preach the kingdom of God and tell us how to get there. He was concerned with spiritual good more or less to the exclusion of anything else.

At the moment there is an all-out assault on spiritual good not by attacking it directly but by replacing it with a lower good or, better put, a false good, a good that relates to human beings as they are in this world and, by virtue of that, seeks to keep them and their attention in this world. This false good denies the soul, the spiritual component of man, and that makes it evil in the true spiritual sense. So, this is not evil as obvious wickedness but evil masquerading as good in order to destroy the true good. It is Satan appearing as an angel of light.

Any morality not centred in God or, at the very least, a higher reality is actually immoral. This is because it creates and reinforces a false good so blocking out the true good and preventing growth in that good. Paradoxically, the strictest adherents of such a morality are the most spiritually immoral.

What people need to understand now is that the nature of evil has changed. Now, it has moved from being principally a material thing (murder, violence, lying, cheating etc) to being a spiritual thing - denial of God. Or reality since God is reality. And this denial can only come from a misaligned spiritual will so it is never innocent. The old evils still remain, of course, but a deeper sin has been added to them, all the worse for not being regarded as such. 

The difficulty for so many people is that good and evil are not clear so millions of ordinary, decent people (decent by conventional standards) are actually on the side of evil. But that is because we look at good and evil in materialistic terms rather than, as we should, spiritual terms. Once you start thinking of the material world as a place designed to bring out spiritual choice then everything becomes a lot more obvious.

Most people want to be good but for that to be possible you have to know what good is and for that to be the case the heart must be rightly oriented. Our hearts are not rightly oriented and that is our own fault.

To sum up, let me say that whether you are for good or evil now depends on whose side you are on. God and creation or the world as it is presented in current belief systems, some of which are actually religious. It is not so much whether you are a conventionally good or bad person, though clearly you should always seek to be good and sincerely repent your failures. It is determined by whether your heart inclines towards God or the teachings of this world which deny God. And if you are not for God then, as the scripture says, you are against him. There is no neutral ground, certainly not any longer. This should be a wake up call to the millions of people who just go along with things as they are. You cannot now say "It's not my fault. It's how things are. I can't be held responsible if I just do as others do." The truth is always within you. You are responsible.

This post echoes recent ones by Bruce Charlton and Francis Berger though most of it was written before I read those. I believe this indicates there is something in the air now saying that a serious choice is being demanded of us and we need to make that choice soon.

Monday, 21 June 2021

Pestilence, Propaganda, Panic and Pecks

Francis Berger has written many excellent posts about the spiritual collapse of the last 15 months. (A collapse, it must be said, from an already very low level.) In his latest he makes the point that "serious Christians should have been able to or should be able to discern the evil intuitively - from the heart - without the need for copious hard facts and research." This is exactly my feeling too. From the beginning, I smelt a rat and, though I wasn't equipped to confirm this immediately, a few hard facts and a little research have supported that initial feeling. If it smells bad, it usually is bad. 

Of course, we should not jump to conclusions based merely on a feeling but, at the same time, we should take our intuitions seriously. The more we do, the stronger they will become. This is not an excuse for indulging in wild fantasising or succumbing to wishful thinking. We should stand our intuitions up against reality. But still they are sent to us to guide us. My teachers told me to trust my intuition but make sure it was genuine intuition and not wishful thinking. I have learnt there is a clear difference between the two and that the former comes from a much deeper, more insistent place.

So, from the start my intuition has told me that this was not what it seemed or how it was presented and the true underlying agenda was the destruction of liberty and spiritual enslavement. The illness was real enough but not as serious as depicted and the precautions taken to contain it were wildly disproportionate. The scientists and the politicians and the media all had an agenda. The shameless one-sideness of the reporting proved that beyond doubt. They may not know what the agenda really is because ultimately they work at the behest of their demonic overlords, much as most of them would scoff at that accusation. But because their hearts are so spiritually arid they are easily manipulated as, unfortunately, are most of the populace for the same reason. We have been so softened up over the last few decades that we are easy prey to fear. We have nothing beyond ourselves to fall back on or sustain us because we have abandoned God and our culture has supported us in that. But we cannot blame the culture because we have been all too complicit.

When the instructions to cover one's face came in it was once again clear that this was part of the process of control. The human face is the very expression of our humanity. To cover it is to become anonymous and spiritually inhibited, almost an automaton. I am speaking symbolically obviously, but symbols are very powerful things and the external representation of a state can actually help bring about that state internally. The masking of our faces, if we went along with it, showed  that we were submitting ourselves to bureaucratic control. Besides, there was never any evidence that masks did any good. In fact, what evidence there was showed they were fairly useless. Look it up.

And then we come to what one of my blogging associates wittily dubbed the peck. These things, completely new and not properly tested, were originally meant, so we were told, for the most vulnerable. Then they were for everyone over the age of 60 or whatever it was. Then a younger group and a still younger and now they are talking about pecking children, people who are at absolutely no risk from the illness but potentially at grave risk from what is supposed to prevent the illness. This is such an obvious evil that one is amazed that people are not protesting but they are not. Even now they are not.

Throughout this farce (except there is nothing funny about it) one thing has led to another and as each new threshold has been crossed another one has been erected a little further down the road and then another and so on. This is exactly what has happened with the sexual revolution and so many other incursions of the demonic agenda over the last century or so. The end goal is always Z but the journey from G to H and then H to I never seems like a big deal at the time except to those who recognise the pattern and the purpose behind it all.

When offered the peck I declined it not so much out of of concern over its side effects (though such a concern is quite legitimate with thousands killed across the world even by official figures) as because accepting it would be accepting the veracity of the official narrative about the pestilence and participating in the panic. It would be accepting that the government and the medical authorities have the right to dictate what goes into your body. That is authoritarianism which I have no desire to enable. I realise that those who believe the hype would call this crazy but I don't believe it and I don't because I don't see any real evidence for it. I do see a lot of bad people (bad to the spiritual eye) pushing a false agenda. On a personal level, I had the bug last year and in my case it was no worse than regular flu. That was my experience. I know it can be a lot worse for some people but usually only if they have already existing fairly serious health problems. That is no reason to close the whole of society down which, it is increasingly recognised, has fatal effects for many people too. But my main point is that this whole affair has been manipulated to advance an underlying programme of control. This is a battle in the ongoing spiritual war. 

Saturday, 19 June 2021

White Males Are To Blame

So many of the ills of the present day are laid at the door of white males who are said to have usurped power and suppressed everybody else, women, non-white people, even nature itself. In fact, white males are accused of being responsible for most of the evil in the world.

I agree. The horrors of today were created by white males.

But perhaps we are talking about different things. What I blame white males for is not usurping power. Generally speaking, the power they have, they themselves created. No, my finger is pointing at them for a different reason.

It was white males who produced materialism and atheism which came to a head in communism. It was white males who exalted reason over everything else and in the process detached us from the fundamental truths of our humanity. It was white males who were the first to reject God and raise materialistic science to be a new god in place of the divine so cutting off all people from their spiritual roots. It was white males who promoted consumerism and pillaged the natural world for mercenary purposes.

But that is largely because no one else was good enough to do these things as is proved by the fact that practically everybody else has happily jumped on board. White males were the pioneers of a new way of being. The modern world is not a mistake as in the Traditionalist view so much as a necessary development in consciousness that has been hijacked and taken down the wrong path. Human beings were meant to grow into a new phase of being in which they became masters of themselves and of the world. This required the growth of science and of reason and greater emphasis on the individual self. Unfortunately, this growth became one-sided and failed to incorporate spiritual elements as it should have done.

If we go back to the 17th century which marks the ascendancy of white males over everyone else we find that most other parts of the world from India to China and elsewhere had settled into a kind of spiritual apathy and material decay if not decadence. The only fresh impetus to growth, exploration and development was in the West, whether that be Europe or North America. The white males created a new world which carried humanity forwards into the modern age. This was an intended part of the evolution of consciousness, bringing human beings greater self-determination, understanding and awareness of the world and of themselves. But it was a two-edged sword. This new awareness and agency could lead to great new heights or it could result in massive spiritual loss if it was directed towards its own self-fulfilment without acknowledging transcendent reality. It could lead to conscious union with God (eventually) or alienation and despair if pursued without intelligence. 

So please do blame white males but realise that somebody had to do this and they were the best available. Without them we would still be stuck in the past. Their sins are many but their virtues, whether of imagination, intellectual curiosity, pioneering spirit, inventiveness, energy, courage and, yes, even intelligence are also many. They have created unimagined (by others) new things and new understandings but they have also had the defects of their qualities and allowed themselves to be misled by their own  hubris and pride far too often.

And they continue to be at the forefront of so much that is wrong in the world. On the other hand, I don't see anyone else who is willing or capable of rectifying their errors other than white males themselves. As far as I can see, they represent the best and worst of humanity at the moment. If anyone is going to save the world from its disastrous decisions my money is principally on white males.

Thursday, 17 June 2021

Are Spiritual Teachers Necessary?

This is a serious question. What are spiritual teachers and do we need them? In the West until recently there were no such things as spiritual teachers. There were priests, monks and theologians but these were not spiritual teachers as in the modern sense, borrowed from India, of supposedly enlightened people who could guide their followers to enlightenment. Spiritual teachers in the guru sense are only about 150 years old at the most in this hemisphere and, as far as I can see, they haven't done anyone any real good. Indeed, many of them have been harmful, more interested in personal power and prestige than true spirituality. It is a heady experience, being adored by the faithful who see you as some kind of superman or even divine being, and it can turn the head of even those who start out with good intentions, perhaps after a spiritual experience that makes them think they have broken through to a new and higher consciousness permanently. But time always shows that is not the case. They are just ordinary people, subject to the ordinary sins and temptations. And though they can be helpful at the beginning, they often end up being traps.

I wrote this paragraph about a month ago meaning to develop it later but forgot about it so it just sat in the drafts section of this blog. But I was reminded of it by an excellent post of Bruce Charlton's which he called Against Spiritual Methods. See here. The post concluded with these lines which make the general point that it is motivation that matters in the spiritual world not method.

We should pursue our spiritual aims, from our best motivations (of love); and we should never trust the methods by which these aims are pursued; but always retain discernment concerning the effects that 'what we are doing' is actually having upon us. 

We should never let the method itself dictate what counts as true, virtuous or beautiful - but need to retain a direct apprehension of these values. 

There is an almost inevitable transition between learning to trust the method; to unconsciously using the method to generate what we desire. And these unconscious desires are nearly always self-gratifying and hedonic - which is why manipulative power-games and exploitative sexuality are so often a feature of New Age groups and techniques. 

Method belongs to the world of science and technology. It is always an attempt to force your will onto something and subject it to your desire. In spiritual terms this is getting things back to front. You do not get the soul to do your bidding. You must submit yourself to the reality of the soul. This doesn't mean that there are not things you can and should do to attune yourself to the reality of God and the spiritual self. Prayer and meditation come to mind. But if the motivation is not right, if it is not what I call love of God as opposed to desire for heaven that drives you, then you are chasing shadows. And if you think that any method or practise will make you more 'spiritual', you don't understand what spiritual means. A method may have effects on everyday consciousness that we in our ignorance might call spiritual but then certain drugs can do that too. In the spiritual world it is the heart that is important and if we pursue the path for our own personal advantage or benefit we are effectively materialists.

As for teachers, I do not deny that they can be helpful. How could I, given the story I describe in my Meeting the Masters book? But the evidence from the 20th century shows the field is wide open to corruption and perhaps the lesson we can draw from that is that times have changed. We are now required to be self-motivated and self-taught. This obviously does not mean that we cannot learn from others and that there are not people to whom we can turn for guidance. But the elevated guru figure belongs to the past and we should probably retune our thoughts to the traditional Western idea of a spiritual guide, a fellow-traveller who points us to God rather than himself and does this in practice not just theory.

In saying this I do not mean to disparage real gurus but I suspect their time is past and that is why we have had so many duds of late. Human consciousness evolves, much as some people don't like the idea of that, and as it does our engagement with the religious life does too.

Sunday, 13 June 2021

Thomas and Henry

 I went to the Thomas Becket exhibition (as they call him now, I always thought he was Thomas a Becket) at the British Museum last week. Whilst giving a good account of its subject the exhibition wasn't quite as interesting as I'd hoped simply because there isn't that much that survives. There were some beautiful reliquary boxes and illuminated manuscripts, some stained glass and seals, and they did the best they could with what there is but it isn't a great deal. 

I'm sure everyone knows the story. On 29th December 1170 Thomas, who was the Archbishop of Canterbury at the time, was murdered in his cathedral by four knights acting, as they thought, at the behest of the king, Henry II. Thomas and Henry had been friends in earlier times but had fallen out over, as I understand it, disputes to do with secular and ecclesiastical power, for instance whether the clergy could be tried in secular courts. It was basically the typical Medieval tussle between church and state. The whole of Europe was horrified by the assassination and a mere three years later Thomas was canonised by the pope. Henry was forced to do penance, even though he hadn't directly ordered the killing, and walked barefoot into Canterbury Cathedral wearing sackcloth and ashes where he allowed himself to be flogged by monks. Canterbury thereafter became a famous place of pilgrimage as depicted in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales in which a group of pilgrims entertain each other on the way to the shrine of Saint Thomas Becket.

The story had a curious echo about 350 years later when another Henry and another Thomas clashed. This was Henry VIII and his Lord Chancellor, Thomas More. The situations were surprisingly similar. A proud and arrogant monarch and a man he thought his friend and "good servant" who fell out over religious matters. In Thomas More's case it was his refusal to accept the annulment of Henry's marriage to Catherine of Aragon. Like his predecessor he put loyalty to God above loyalty to King even if he was never disloyal to the King other than in matters of conscience. This dispute also ended in death although this time it was a legal execution after Thomas had been convicted of treason. Curiously, this Thomas wore a hair shirt under his outer garments just as the earlier one is said to have done.

Both these men stood up to the worldly powers when they saw these powers as exceeding their authority and stepping into spiritual territory. They paid for their principled stands with their lives. Without wishing to appear melodramatic, (for instance, I don't envisage executions) I wonder if we might not take some heart from their examples. It seems very possible that the world will demand more and more from us, going from gestures of allegiance to its cause to intellectual and maybe even physical signs of submission. This has actually started to happen over the last year and may well increase. It is important to avoid the "martyr complex" in which you self-importantly see yourself as a valiant soldier for truth but are really just giving in to egotistical inflation. The humility of both Thomases, especially, I think, the second one, is critical. But the signs are there. The churches appear to have put the state before God recently and one must assume that anyone who takes the opposite stance will be condemned, probably as a mad person and hater of humanity. But those of us who believe in God have to put that belief first. If God is real everything must be seen in a spiritual light. The spiritual cannot be secondary. It must always be the reason for everything else which makes sense only as an expression of the spiritual. This hierarchy is now being reversed. That is something the two Thomases understood, resisted and died to prevent.

Thursday, 10 June 2021

The Four Ashramas of Life

In the Vedic culture of ancient India life was divided into four stages known as ashramas. These stages were Brahmacharya, Grihastha, Vanaprastha and Sannyasa and they corresponded to the student, the married man with family, retirement and gradual withdrawal from worldly affairs, and then complete detachment from material life and dedication to the spiritual path. In terms of age, the first stage was roughly until 25, the second until about 50, the third to about 70 and the fourth thereafter though potentially anyone could enter the fourth stage after being a student, life being perceived as fundamentally spiritual in purpose. That having been said, it was seen as important that a person should develop all aspects of his nature and to jump prematurely from one stage to another without having learnt the lessons of the intermediary stages was not always deemed advisable.

The idea of these stages was that a human being should follow a trajectory that brought him ultimately to liberation which was the spiritual goal. We may not think in quite those terms in the Christian West but I consider the basic idea and pattern to be an excellent one. We could certainly do with seeing life in those terms nowadays. 

We first must establish ourselves in the world. We learn about the world, we marry and raise a family and then we turn to God and seek to make ourselves fully aware of the reality of spiritual life in preparation for death. This doesn't mean we ignore God until the latter stages. The whole system presumes the reality of God so he is there the whole time and all the stages must be regarded in the light of his over-arching existence and the fact that we should at all times be moving towards him, becoming more like him. But our priorities differ at different stages of life. One of the many tragedies of the modern world is that old people refuse to adapt themselves to the reality of their situation and cling on to earlier phases of life. Even those in the familial phase often seek to evade their responsibilities and are reluctant to give up the student mentality. We are seeing this more and more as people either decline to have children or else, when they do, still behave self-indulgently in one way or another, divorce and separation not the least.

Traditionally, the Brahmacharya or student phase was rather different to our modern idea of the student. For a start, it required celibacy. Then the student was supposed to learn scripture and proper religious practice in addition to general education in the arts and sciences of the time. Control over himself was regarded as vital as was truth-telling for if you don't honour truth in yourself how can you ever know God who is truth? In this sense, all education was spiritual preparation, a far cry from our current idea of student life.

The Grihastha was the householder stage. From the point of view of society and its smooth running, this was the most important stage. Everything needful for creating wealth and stability, raising children and making sure the next generation was properly prepared so that society could maintain itself harmoniously was done by those in the Grihastha stage. This was a worldly stage and properly so but the worldly aspects were carried out in an overall religious context, in the context of dharma which means righteousness, order, virtue and truth, somewhat similar to the idea of Maat in ancient Egypt. Cosmic harmony and the order of the gods, you might say.

The next stage was retirement when a person, having raised a family, stepped back from his worldly duties and began to take a more active interest in the spiritual life. In a way, the Vanaprastha stage represented a bridge between worldly interest and responsibilities, with a focus on wealth, achievement and pleasure (once again, always within the greater context of religious piety), and turning inwards to seek God. Fulfilling the role of grandparent would be an excellent step towards taking on the more contemplative attitude expected. Literally the word Vanaprastha means forest dweller which gives the idea of someone who moves away from a busy urban environment to a more peaceful and natural one in which he (or she, this applied to both sexes) could live an uncluttered life without worldly distractions.

The final phase is that of Sannyasa in which all worldly attachments are cast off. The word itself implies renunciation and purification and refers to the stripping off of material desires and concerns in preparation for complete spiritual focus. Theoretically, this stage could be entered by anyone after Brahmacharya but it was the intended path for everyone though I presume this only applied to those known in Hinduism as twice born which comprises the three upper castes, namely Brahmins (priests and teachers), Kshatriyas (warriors) and Vaisyas (merchants).  The caste system is much decried nowadays but a less prejudiced mindset should be able to see that human beings are indeed different and if you conceive of a person as made up of physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual elements, these will be differently proportioned among individuals. Assuming a genetic element to the human being, a caste system makes sense even if it can be abused.

On a personal note, my life has followed this pattern to an extent. As those who have read my book may know, I did go from the Brahmacharya to the Sannyasa stage but then at the age of 45 went back to the Grihastha one. I feel I am nearing the end of that now and ready to move on to the next phase and will possibly embrace Sannyasa again at the end of my life. It seems a comfortable and natural progression  even though I have taken a slightly unorthodox route. As I mentioned earlier, this ancient Indian mode of being cannot be applied to the Christian West in literal terms but it does work in that context with a few tweaks and is certainly a far better template for life than what we have now.

Sunday, 6 June 2021

Against Love

Yes, you read that correctly. This is an article by someone who believes in God and Jesus Christ and wishes to follow them that is going to argue against love. Of course, there is a catch. It is not real love I am arguing against but the fake variety that would actually establish the kingdom of Satan in this world.

Love is a spiritual thing. It must be because it is based on the reality of the individual and in strict materialism there is no room for a true individual. What might seem to be an individual is just the product of many mechanical forces. There is no intrinsic centre, nothing which cannot be reduced to mindless matter. Therefore, love should be directed towards the spiritual fulfillment of the human being; that is to say, his or her spiritual good and development. (If you love someone, you wish them well. Parents who love their children want to help them grow not self-indulgently keep them as infants.) This does not preclude other sorts of good but the spiritual always has prior claim and is the directed end. Anything that works against the spiritual must be specifically rejected. However, love in the modern world has been weaponised to turn against itself. This has been done by making it relate to the earthly man and his fulfillment and protection. Love is now concerned with material well-being and avoidance of material suffering to the detriment of spiritual good. To give an extreme analogy, this is like loving a cancer as it eats into a person's body. I am not comparing the earthly man and his physical self to a cancer but if you give love to and support the lesser at the expense of the greater, body as opposed to soul, you are effectively attacking the greater. Those useless clergymen who put social justice at the front of their agenda and parrot worldly concerns about equality and saving lives above all else clearly have no idea of true spiritual values because if they did they could not possibly aid and support a worldly agenda as they do. For them the earthly man has become the soul and religion just means making this man better, more 'loving' on a horizontal this worldly level. Their concerns are indistinguishable from those of a secular person. They have reduced spirituality to social matters and politics just as Judas did. True spirituality, as anyone should know, is about being born again into an entirely new being. Not just believing a different thing but being a different thing. The old self is not destroyed but it is transformed not simply changed.

Ultimately, all love must be love of God. If you love your neighbour it is precisely because you see God in him, and if you really do see God in him and your love is not just words then you wish to do whatever is necessary to bring God out into greater expression in his life. Supporting him as a worldly being will not do that which is why both John the Baptist and Jesus called on people to repent. If you don't repent of your worldly ways and attachments you are rejecting God, and if you are supported in that lack of repentance then the one doing the supporting is also rejecting God.

It's very simple. Either you believe the spiritual is just an extension of the material as most contemporary Christians and their leaders seem to do, something that has been brought out and made clear by their response to the coronavirus panic, or you realise that the spiritual is a higher and totally different reality. One that is only known by seeing yourself as a new being with new priorities. This means that love directed towards things in the unredeemed, material world in their unredeemed and material state is actually directed against love in the spiritual world. The first commandment is to love God. If you don't first of all love God and what he stands for, what he is, then loving your neighbour is actually anti-spiritual for you are directing love to the world using that word to mean fallen man and his concerns. Christians who are confused about this, as many of them seem to be because of, let's face it, spiritual ignorance are supporting evil, much as that might shock them.

I attack misdirected love which is love used as a weapon against the spiritual and a means of separating men and women from their true life in God. Needless to say, real love which is love grounded in God cannot be used like this but the idea of love can be and it has been corrupted. Reject this false earthly love and know that the only true love comes from above. Perhaps the rhyme isn't just coincidence.

Thursday, 3 June 2021

The One and the Many

Opposites reflect each other. Two apparently very different creeds are materialism which says that everything derives from matter and spiritual monism which maintains that everything, the world included, is spirit. Although not exclusively confined to these times and places, the first is a modern Western belief and the second an ancient Eastern one. Whilst opposites on the face of it, they actually have quite a lot in common in that both are reductive, boiling everything down to just one thing. At the end of the day neither leave room for the individual, for free will or for love, all of which being intimately connected. And that is why both must be rejected as adequate descriptions of life, what it is and why it is expressed in the way it is through variety, difference, intelligence and selfhood.

A wiser philosophy accepts the reality of both matter or the created world as one might think of it, and spirit. It sees the interaction between the two as bringing to birth something new which is the individual. Individuality and its expression is the reason for creation and the manifested universe. So, to deny or suppress or reject the individual is an anti-spiritual policy, a statement that might shock some of the mystically inclined who see the loss of the sense of a self as a consummation devoutly to be wished. However, the fact is that individuality is good but it can be corrupted and turn in on itself. It is this that is wrong and which defiles creation not the thing itself. Certainly, the individual must learn to go beyond itself and seek a union with God, the Supreme Self, but this is so that its individuality may be fulfilled not negated.

Evolution means increased differentiation. Everything material starts off from being just one thing, pure quantity, but then the evolutionary process starts as spirit is introduced into matter and through the combination of the two quality comes into play. Quality means inequality. That's what it is. The current obsession with equality, though often confused as deriving from a spiritual impulse, actually marks a desire to return to the undifferentiated ground and is, therefore, an involutionary thing, characteristic of a return to the infantile state of oneness with the Mother. We are called to go on to the Father which means becoming more individual not less so but we do this in the context of the reality of God or, as one might just as well say, in the context of reality. For God is reality and reality is God.

Any philosophy that says we are all one and leaves it at that is wrong. Any philosophy that says we are all separate and leaves it at that is also wrong. The truth is we are both. We are full individuals, unique, whole and free, but we are also one in God, and knowing this we become gods ourselves which means creative beings. Materialism would deny us real individuality and spiritual monism also denies us a unique self. Reject both of these philosophies as concoctions of the mind and see the truth as a far subtler thing which embraces everything and bestows on us both freedom and love.

Sunday, 30 May 2021

The Esotericist and God

I know many esotericists maintain that theism is at a lower level, spiritually speaking, than non-dualism or monism and that love of God is dualistic and therefore outside the absolute. Setting aside the fact that they often reduce love of God to bhakti which is more like devotionalism, I see this as the typical metaphysical error of the intellectually inclined and have written a lot on the subject - see the non-duality topic on the right of this page. I will not go fully into the whys and wherefores of this here but, briefly, my position is that in a truly non-dualistic world there would be no need for creation or manifestation if you prefer to call it that. If being is the end of it all then why become? That  makes no sense. But it does make sense if the fundamental reality of the universe is a Who not a What and if spirit, the absolute, is enriched by matter or the relative. Mixing in multiplicity with unity brings about a universe that is not just unchanging life but creative, dynamic, active, ever self-renewing and transcending, and also one in which there are many beings which allows for love as opposed to impersonal compassion which is the best you can hope for under non-duality. In such a universe you still have all the truth of spirit but you also have quality (impossible in pure oneness) which gives rise to the good and the beautiful as well as the true. Spirit and matter, being and becoming, life and its expression, are more than just spirit alone. When the two are joined in what we can justifiably call holy matrimony, you have something far greater than simple universal oneness. In this scenario the individual is not seen as the stain on spiritual life as is the case in non-dualism but the whole point of spiritual life. United with God, it (he or she really) becomes the fulfillment of being.

Does eternity simply annihilate time or does time add something to eternity? For non-dualistic philosophies time is an illusion that is dispelled when eternity is known, if, that is, they are faithful to their fundamental premise. The same is true in the case of the individual. God plus Man can be no more than God alone. Such, in my view, are the perils of abstract thinking. In fact, time does add something to eternity and Man does add something to God. Why else would God have created or why is there something rather than nothing if you wish to look at it in philosophical terms? Even if you say God created because of love that is still adding something. Moreover, do you love what is not real? If God loves Man then Man is real and not something swallowed up in oneness as though he had never been and brought nothing to the table. And if you say that God the Creator came out of Universal Being and is a step down from that exalted state, I would ask how such a thing might have come about? Something cannot come from nothing and all effects must exist in their causes. The name of God is I AM. Abstract being is an invention of the philosophers and though mystical states of oneness certainly exist and can be experienced these correspond to divine immanence, God in us, and do not detract from his transcendent selfhood, the real ultimate reality.

Thursday, 27 May 2021

Esoteric Teachings

I have been interested in both Western and Eastern forms of esotericism for many years but never written much about them and for a variety of reasons. To begin with, if I did it would really just be passing on what I have read elsewhere as is the case with practically everything written on the subject. People learn about it from other people who have learned about it from others and so on. It is largely an intellectual thing. When esoteric knowledge is not just intellectual but is supplemented by experience of some kind that experience has usually arisen because an individual has followed certain techniques or methods designed to induce it. I don't believe real spirituality comes about in this way. Spirituality is of the heart and esotericism, fascinating as it can be, belongs to the occult world not the spiritual one; the difference being that one takes the human being as its centre even if it is the human being in its higher aspects while the other is centred around a relationship with God.

Christians have long considered the esoteric as a diversion from proper religion. This can be a form of spiritual cowardice, intellectual laziness or reluctance to explore the inner worlds which may be seen as belonging entirely to the devil which is a mistake. But it can also be the recognition that the esoteric is not what the spiritual is really about. That is a simple love of God. Only this love takes you beyond yourself without doing harm to the self for it raises you up in a way that transforms the ego from a self-centred thing to a God -centred one. The ego-transcending techniques of certain esoteric practises, even assuming they work, do not sanctify or make holy. They just bring about an expansion of consciousness and this is effectively putting the cart before the horse. Such an expansion is a by-product not the purpose of the religious life.

Increasingly in the modern world the esoteric can potentially be a spiritual diversion or distraction. Everything now that is not centred on Christ is tending towards the triumph of Satan in this world. My younger self would no doubt have been amused or even shocked by such a statement. I didn't and still don't consider myself a fundamentalist in any way. But as the latter days gather pace and history approaches a point of denouement we are either for or against Christ and if we are not for him, for him in spirit and in truth not just nominally, then we are against him. The middle ground is vanishing and there is only high ground or low. The choice must be made. It's a simple question and the esoteric will not really help you answer it. It may even hinder especially if it takes you away from the heart too far into the mind or the desire for personal experience. The devil is the most learned of esotericists. Which is not to condemn the esoteric as such but just to say that it is not the true spiritual.

We are meant to acquire knowledge about God and know our true purpose and destiny but this knowledge must be grounded in Christ, and the true Christ of the Gospels not a re-invented form tailored to fit into a particular esoteric perspective. Christ came to reveal the Mysteries and to make the hidden visible which is why there are no secrets in Christianity. My teachers told me that truth is simple but people love to get caught up in theory and speculation. This doesn't mean we shouldn't strive to know and to understand but that should always be secondary to a love for God.

Sunday, 23 May 2021

The Fork in the Road

There might be some people who, looking at the previous post, would say something along these lines. "You may not like the modern world, and there may well be many things wrong with it, but what's your solution? Do you just want to return to the past, a past in which there were all sorts of evils and injustices, some of which modernity has tried to correct?"

And my answer would be no, I do not want to return to the past. There was much that was better about the past, most notably a belief in God, a concern with truth and an appreciation of beauty, but it was far from perfect. To criticise the world today does not mean looking at the past through rose-tinted spectacles or imply we would be better off living like that now. Human beings are meant to progress but they are meant to progress spiritually, in terms of consciousness and understanding of life. About 200 years ago we reached a point at which we were supposed to start living more from within our own minds and individual selves, becoming captains of our own ships and growing through imagination and thought. This should have been done from within the context of the recognition of divine being and the spiritual reality of Christ. But the process was hijacked and diverted away from spiritual ends into material ones. There was a fork in the road and we progressed but we took the wrong path. We had reached a point at which the goods of the spiritual path should have started to be internalised rather than taken from outside. But instead of doing that, we just rejected them altogether. We responded to the new influence of greater self-awareness by focusing on the self in its earthly form instead of the self as as a spiritual being and a vessel of divine consciousness. And then, having taken the wrong path, we proceeded more and more down that road into illusion and spiritual forgetfulness. The new attention to the mind and the self was correct. Those who seek to reject these positive developments and return to some kind of atavistic spirituality in which we remain children are wrong. But mind and self do not exist for their own sake. They are there for the greater fulfilment of the soul which we have either abandoned or shrunk to fit its earthly counterpart.

The solution is not to return to the past even if that were possible which it is not. The genie has escaped from the bottle. The problem is we are bad magicians and this genie is controlling us. That's a risk all those who conjure up forces from the psychic worlds understand. The powers they release can consume and even destroy them unless these powers are mastered. And we must master the genie of the self, the ego as it is in phenomenal terms, and submit that to the overlordship of the spiritual soul. This simply means that intellect and ego should be put to the service of God and divine being. We have been too spiritually weak to control the forces unleashed and they are, quite simply, destroying us.

We must not return to the past but we must return to basics. That means the fundamental realities of life. These are spiritual and nothing can be understood from a non-spiritual perspective. The further we are from that, the more we will fall into darkness and chaos. This is happening now. We have no roots in anything and so drift wherever the dominant forces in the world wish to take us. We must find the strength to resist this within ourselves and the only reliable and lasting place is in God, the Creator whose spiritual purpose is for us to become like him. Do you know what that means? One day, if you follow the path destined for you, you will be a god. Spiritual fulfilment is not just wandering around heaven singing hymns in a beautiful world. It is for you to become a creator yourself, perhaps to create your own world with beings who you then guide in the fullness of time to become gods themselves. This, of course, is in a future a long way ahead and it may not be the path for everyone. But it could be for those who wish to take it, and a writer such as Tolkien gives us a hint of what I mean. He created a world in literary form which came from his mind (inspired, I would say, by God or higher beings acting in loco parentis), and in this way he was the creator of Middle Earth, a literary world that has inspired millions. But imagine if he had done this in reality. Imagine being the god of a world or universe, creating it from your mind and peopling it with beings whose life comes, of course, ultimately from God (or Iluvatar in Tolkien's legendarium) but whose spiritual progress is in your care. This, I believe, is a path potentially open to those who wish to take it.

But that lies far ahead. Our immediate task is to start to know God in this life, to get back onto the right road and continue travelling onwards towards eternal life.

Thursday, 20 May 2021

The End Times and Spiritual Discernment

I know that religious people who take their religion seriously as a spiritual reality (probably always a minority) have often thought they were living in the End Times. Whether it was during the Roman persecution of Christians or the later times of societal collapse and barbarian invasion or during the Crusades or the Reformation or during any number of wars leading up to the two great Worlds Wars of the 20th century, people have often seen the spiritual corruption and apparent triumph of evil in this world as signs of the latter days as prophesied in many religions but especially Christianity. This tells us that, in a certain sense, all times are end times in that the tendency to entropy always exists though it can be interrupted by creative breakthroughs now and then and by partial restorations. But in a material world there is always decay on all levels. Matter is intrinsically unstable and prone to dissolution unless supported and upheld by the power of spirit.

Nonetheless, there is something different about the present times. For one thing, the spiritual collapse is universal. It is global and though some individuals hold out, no society or even section of society has done. For another, there is not just spiritual collapse but actual inversion of spiritual values and truths which have all been transferred to the material plane where they have no meaning and actually work against their spiritual reality. At no previous time have atheism and materialism taken such a hold. They are not just options. They are the no longer needing even to be discussed bedrock of everything, even religion. For religion now sees itself in the light of the beliefs of this world. Spirituality has become a subset of materialism. It is defined according to the prevailing materialistic ethos. For example, you don't believe in equality? How unspiritual of you.

Whether you see these as the End Times or not is a matter of spiritual discernment. This is not something that can be conclusively proved in the way we normally understand proof but those who are meant to see will see. A strong intuition will work within them, maybe always present but maybe called forth by the extraordinary days we currently live in. God and his helpers in the higher worlds have sent many souls down to Earth now to act as points of light in the darkness so that people, uncertain, baffled, confused, alarmed, frightened, may have some guidance in these dark times. Many people will carry on as before. We have seen that most have done precisely that over the last year, the circumstances of which should surely have started to wake more people up to the reality of the situation. Most continue to sleep. But some will start to wake up and when they do it is important that they wake up completely. It is not enough to see through the lies of those in power, whether they be politicians, scientists, artists, the media, in short, everyone in positions of authority. It is not enough to see that human beings chase money and power and a small percentage will do anything to get those. You must go beyond this self-evident truth to see the spiritual causes behind things. You must wake up to the reality that this world has become a spiritual battlefield. No doubt, it always has been but the battle has intensified and recently taken a sharp turn for the worse. The battle is primarily on the level of the mind and that is where it must be fought. This means the most important thing you can do is see the truth. Then you must live it as much as possible but seeing it is the critical thing.

The last year has seen the Western world lose its freedoms with little or no resistance. The obvious excuse that this is for our own safety appears to satisfy most people even when the restrictions are extended which they regularly are. We are being made servants of the state with those who object to adopting the insignia of servitude increasingly shamed as enemies of humanity, stubborn contrarians who put their own wilful prejudices above the safety of others. This is an old manipulative trick used by those who have closed off their consciences to truth and goodness and compromised themselves to the dark powers.

For this is what it is all about. During the End Times the dark powers spread their evil over the human mind like a sickly miasma. None are immune who have not turned to God who is the only protection against the lies and deceit that spread throughout the world. This is a time that has been prepared for over many years. Small bridgeheads into human consciousness have been made from where new attacks are launched and new ground gained. If you stand back a little, it's all quite obvious. But if you are caught up in the world and how it thinks today or yesterday you will not be able to take a proper view. You must rise above the present time and present attitudes and take a longer view. Then you will be able to see how we have got to where we are now, spiritual beings who have gradually allowed their minds to be closed to their true origin and destiny. Ladies and gentlemen, we are being taken for idiots and, with all due respect, many of us are behaving like that. Perhaps we need a John the Baptist like figure to call us to repentance but that is not going to happen. Human consciousness has progressed and so the call to repentance must now come from within. From within our own hearts. We will be supported for God does not leave us comfortless, but we must wake ourselves up and now is the time.