Sunday, 26 December 2021

Virtue Used Against Itself

 The last 60 years in general and the last two years in particular have proved beyond doubt that it is easy to manipulate people for whom feelings have become more important than truth. People want to be thought good so if they are told something is the nice thing to do or the kind thing to do or it will benefit the community they will jump on board often without actually asking themselves if it is the right thing to do. Sometimes they might even ask this but still conclude the nice thing trumps the right thing, and this is the result of a relentless indoctrination on the one hand and a lack of spiritual substance on the other.

I would suggest that two modern mantras "All you need is love" and "Be kind" were actually inspired by the dark forces. Typically, these forces don't lie outright but take a truth and bend it into deformity, and that is what has happened with these two, on the face of it, appealing messages. Take them to their extreme. All you need is love when faced with someone about to murder your child? Be kind in the same situation? Obviously, anyone can see (I would hope, you never know) that is nonsense. But if it is obviously wrong in these scenarios it might be wrong in others, just not so obviously. In fact, it usually is obvious when one understands any situation in its entirety, specifically that every situation has a spiritual context as well as a material one. 

We are told today that we should do certain things in order to protect others. Wear a mask, get pecked etc. Who wants to be thought an egotistical, selfish, pig-headed fool? Well, it depends who is thinking that. Personally speaking, I want to be right with God and don't care what people who deny God think of me. I would prefer them to think well of me but if it comes down to what I believe God thinks of me, in terms of faithfulness, obedience to truth and a genuinely loving heart, and what someone might judge me on based on ignorance of the true facts, there is no contest. If I am thought egotistical and selfish because I don't do something the world wants me to do if I see it as the wrong thing to do, and even a denial of the reality of God if one does do it, then so be it. I certainly would not want to do something that would put other people at risk and if the thing itself was the right thing to do and had no downside to it then I would naturally do it. But if the thing we are told to do does have other aspects to it such as, with the masks, encouraging a dehumanising subservience and conformity to a lie, or, with the pecks, facilitating a trend towards accepting the mark of the beast by which I mean it is one important step on a very slippery slope, and that is not even going into the question of its medical efficacy or increasingly obvious adverse side effects, then simply doing something for others is short-sighted and stupid.

Be loving and kind. Of course. Think of others. Obviously. But balance this with an awareness of truth. Any one virtue taken to excess or without regard for the other virtues becomes a vice. And what is thinking of others anyway? Are you thinking of what is good for their bodies or their souls? The one need not preclude the other but there should be no doubt which comes first. Perhaps the best way to think of others at this time, the best service you can render, is by demonstrating the possibility of someone not being in thrall to the prevailing narrative. There are higher priorities. Show them that they don't have to fall into line. Their soul is their own and its primary allegiance is to its Maker.


Unknown said...

Great thoughts Mr. Wildblood, I 100% agree.

There are two worlds colliding right now spiritually on this planet, and there are only two teams to play for. Even those who think through atheism they are not on a team, have chosen their side biblically speaking.

In Sunday school they tell us the acronym:

'JOY' = Jesus, others, then yourself
as the picking order for serving in the Christian life as Jesus did.

And we are told to accomodate that order where possible, as long as what the Lord commands comes before all.

The manufactured and virtuous sloganeering happening today is not of God, and is ultimately meant to work against the almighty and his people.

The bible says there is none righteous on this earth, no not one.

So these focus group produced and marketed slogans are the perfect way for the lost world to feel superior and appear good to others, but it is a grand satanic deception.

So I say render unto caesar, that which is caesars, and unto God, those things that are of God.

Where possible:)

Tolken Cimmerian said...

Pardon the minor humor, but the JOY mantra(whatever one wants to call it - advertising?) is funny if taken in thought to Christ's time on Earth. Would that be the original thought behind the Alpha and the Omega?