Friday, 17 December 2021

Two More Interviews

Here are links to a couple more interviews. It's actually one interview with Ana Isabel of the In the light - Growing your Soul podcast but in two parts with the first about about Earth is a School and the second a look at my astrological chart which makes it different from the other talks. And on an astrological note, looking at the interviews I've have done recently has given me an interesting insight into the meaning of the rising sign or ascendant. This is supposed to signify how you present yourself to the world, your social personality. It represents how others see you and the general impression you give to the world. Mine is in Cancer and this has always puzzled me as I don't feel anything particularly Cancerian about myself. My Virgo sun, Scorpio moon and Libran Mercury and Venus all make sense but not so much the Cancer ascendant. However, the me in these interviews does indeed seem quite Cancerian. A salutary lesson that our image of ourself is not how we appear to others.

Earth is a School interview with Ana Isabel

Astrology analysis with Ana Isabel

My thanks to Ana for two very enjoyable talks.

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