Thursday 30 December 2021

Modern Technology Equals Materialism

I don't comment in many places online but I recently did so on a good article on William Briggs's site as it addressed one of my concerns, that being the nefarious influence of modern technology on the soul or, better put, on awareness of the soul. The article was basically saying that none of events of the last two years could have taken the form they did without technology which has aided, abetted and made possible the agenda from lockdowns to pecks to incessant testing to the possibility of home-working etc. This could not have happened until the last few years which makes one wonder if the reason the thing broke out when it did was precisely that it could now happen. Be that as it may, the fact is that even ten years ago we would just have had to tough it out and get on with life as we have had to do on previous occasions. And it is quite possible that it would all be over by now instead of being dragged out seemingly endlessly.

My comment was not to with the way modern technology facilitated what Mr Briggs correctly calls "the madness of rulers, Experts and ourselves" but the whole notion of technology itself. I said as follows. "Technology equals materialism, it’s as simple as that. Yes, I know stone age man had tools but that’s not what I mean. A line is crossed when the technology we use is no longer made by hand and the average person cannot understand how it is made. Then we find we have separated ourselves from the world of spirit and embedded ourselves in matter. That is why it is a mistake to say that technology is neutral, it’s how we use it that matters. The sort of technology we have and use inevitably bends our minds into its shape. The more sophisticated the technology, the more it separates us from God. The only way to protect against this is to be very aware of it."

My point was that technology as we practice it now is not a neutral tool that can be used for good or ill. That theory is often put forward but I regard it as a grave error. The sort of technology we use determines the sort of people we are or the sort we become. A materialistic technology, one based on machines, makes a materialistic people. It cannot fail to do this because it makes assumptions about life that we tacitly absorb when we use it. It even moulds our minds into the form it takes so to say that it is neutral is absurd. 

Another commenter disagreed with me maintaining that it is not technology but what we do with it that matters. In other words, the technologies are neutral argument I have mentioned. He said we are made in God's image and our technologies reflect God's creativity. This may seem superficially plausible but ignores the effect that using a materialistic technology has on the soul however you use it, as well as the mindset that creates and sustains such a technology. What is that mindset? Human beings probably could have done this kind of thing long ago but did not think it worthwhile because we were more spiritual focussed. Only when we lost that focus did we pursue the path of dominating matter by artificial means.

 In order to clarify my original post I replied that I was talking about modern technology which I regard as an aberration which is not to say that it shouldn't have happened at all but it may have been a phase to go through and grow out of relatively quickly rather than get stuck in as has happened. Was it just a coincidence that modern technology arose at the same time as atheism, materialism and the decline of Christian understanding and it directly supported these things? The technology we develop and use does affect our relationship with the world and our approach to God so it really isn’t what we do with it that matters. It does things with us, with us and to us, and a materialistic technology will materialise our minds. It dehumanises us and desanctifies the world. It separates us from both God and Nature. That is what it has clearly done and is doing more than ever now. 

God certainly did make us in his image but we constantly distort that image. I do believe that a spiritual technology can be developed (it may even have existed in previous civilisations), but it will not be mechanistic as our current technology is. A materialistic technology produces materialistic people.

My commenting correspondent said that "Materialism implies that living in matter or desiring things made of matter is bad. But if the Creation is good, then how can that possibly be? It can’t." To which I replied that the Creation is certainly good but we live in a fallen world. Matter is good but only when seen as the expression of spirit not when seen as its own reality.

I know that an argument of this sort can go on forever. I can be accused of hypocrisy because I use technology when I criticise the basis of it, but I live in the modern world and have to adjust to it up to a point. That doesn't mean that I can't envisage a situation better than the one we have. Do you not know that if our consciousness changed the world would also change? A spiritualised consciousness would produce a more spiritualised world. The physical environment would actually adapt to our minds. We cannot use the tools of materialism without the strong likelihood of becoming materialised ourselves.

Wednesday 29 December 2021

One More Interview

 Here's another interview about Earth is a School. I had a cold during this one but the show must go on!

Interview with Christi of Radiate Wellness.


Sunday 26 December 2021

Virtue Used Against Itself

 The last 60 years in general and the last two years in particular have proved beyond doubt that it is easy to manipulate people for whom feelings have become more important than truth. People want to be thought good so if they are told something is the nice thing to do or the kind thing to do or it will benefit the community they will jump on board often without actually asking themselves if it is the right thing to do. Sometimes they might even ask this but still conclude the nice thing trumps the right thing, and this is the result of a relentless indoctrination on the one hand and a lack of spiritual substance on the other.

I would suggest that two modern mantras "All you need is love" and "Be kind" were actually inspired by the dark forces. Typically, these forces don't lie outright but take a truth and bend it into deformity, and that is what has happened with these two, on the face of it, appealing messages. Take them to their extreme. All you need is love when faced with someone about to murder your child? Be kind in the same situation? Obviously, anyone can see (I would hope, you never know) that is nonsense. But if it is obviously wrong in these scenarios it might be wrong in others, just not so obviously. In fact, it usually is obvious when one understands any situation in its entirety, specifically that every situation has a spiritual context as well as a material one. 

We are told today that we should do certain things in order to protect others. Wear a mask, get pecked etc. Who wants to be thought an egotistical, selfish, pig-headed fool? Well, it depends who is thinking that. Personally speaking, I want to be right with God and don't care what people who deny God think of me. I would prefer them to think well of me but if it comes down to what I believe God thinks of me, in terms of faithfulness, obedience to truth and a genuinely loving heart, and what someone might judge me on based on ignorance of the true facts, there is no contest. If I am thought egotistical and selfish because I don't do something the world wants me to do if I see it as the wrong thing to do, and even a denial of the reality of God if one does do it, then so be it. I certainly would not want to do something that would put other people at risk and if the thing itself was the right thing to do and had no downside to it then I would naturally do it. But if the thing we are told to do does have other aspects to it such as, with the masks, encouraging a dehumanising subservience and conformity to a lie, or, with the pecks, facilitating a trend towards accepting the mark of the beast by which I mean it is one important step on a very slippery slope, and that is not even going into the question of its medical efficacy or increasingly obvious adverse side effects, then simply doing something for others is short-sighted and stupid.

Be loving and kind. Of course. Think of others. Obviously. But balance this with an awareness of truth. Any one virtue taken to excess or without regard for the other virtues becomes a vice. And what is thinking of others anyway? Are you thinking of what is good for their bodies or their souls? The one need not preclude the other but there should be no doubt which comes first. Perhaps the best way to think of others at this time, the best service you can render, is by demonstrating the possibility of someone not being in thrall to the prevailing narrative. There are higher priorities. Show them that they don't have to fall into line. Their soul is their own and its primary allegiance is to its Maker.

Wednesday 22 December 2021

The Message of Christmas

 On the assumption that there are readers of this blog who weren't reading it 6 years ago I am going to re-post a slightly edited piece I wrote for Christmas in 2015. The world seemed dark enough then but who knew what lay in store? And yet that points to the essential meaning of Christmas and is why, I suspect, it is timed around the winter solstice when the days in the Northern hemisphere start to get longer. It is the birth of light in darkness. This is something to think about today as the darkness spreads. What we should always remember, though, is that one little spark of light renders the darkness null and void, revealing its emptiness. Christ was the Light of the World and Christmas reminds us of that. However, each one of us in our own little but important way can also be a light shining in the darkness, especially in this day and age.

                               -           -          -           -         -         -         -        -        -        -

It has become almost a tradition to complain of the commercialisation of Christmas, and I am not going to do that here. After all, what’s the point? We have gone so far down that particular road there can be no turning back. But Christmas has not only been commercialised. It has been thoroughly trivialised too with every year bringing a further reduction of the sense of what its meaning really is, to the extent that the Christian aspect is now almost an embarrassment. We are happy to talk about a generalised peace and goodwill to all men but only in a rather bland, humanist context. Reindeer and elves? Fine. The birth of Jesus? Not so good. It might be divisive. Even many religious leaders appear to have succumbed to this watering down of the Christmas message, so much are they a product of their times, seemingly unable to stand back from the relentless flow of materialistic assumptions which increasingly frame all our discourse, our language and what passes for our philosophy.

So here I would like to consider what the true meaning of Christmas is, and I will start off by saying that it has nothing to do with peace and goodwill. This may be a part of it but it is by no means central. Nor, for that matter, is love, another word that has been hijacked by people whose understanding of it seems to be limited to a general sense of benevolent tolerance. But love is not merely well-meaning egalitarianism. It is a spiritual quality that can only be correctly understood in a spiritual context. To be sure, the materialist can come up with an imitation of love but an imitation is what it will be since real love derives from the soul. If the soul is denied then so is love, and all you are left with is a copy or reflection on a lower level, void of any real substance.

What then is Christmas about if not peace and goodwill? The answer to that is to be found in the image of the star shining in the winter night over Bethlehem, an image that is plainly symbolic (though not only symbolic), and speaks of something that combines a wonderful simplicity with great profundity. And what it tells us is that the message of Christmas is redemption from darkness. For Christmas is about the entry of supernatural light into the spiritual darkness of this world, and its core message is that those who recognise and follow this light can be saved from the darkness that constantly threatens to engulf us, a darkness so pervasive that it is not even recognised as such by many of us. Indeed, so much have true values been inverted, that sometimes it is even mistaken for light.

So, the true message of Christmas has to do with the salvation of the soul. The rest, peace, goodwill and so on, is peripheral to that central point. Now this means three things. First of all, it means we have a soul. An immortal part of us that is not derived from or determined by the body, or even the mind as normally considered, and which will survive death. Secondly, that soul requires salvation. It is not in a good state at the moment. It certainly needs to get somewhere other than where it currently is. And thirdly, salvation is possible. The light exists but we must acknowledge and accept this light. We must recognise it and allow it to illumine us for, though it may be supremely powerful, it is not coercive and will only come when invited. The most powerful thing in the universe enters this world as a weak, defenceless baby. What a teaching there is in that.

There are those who would like to rebrand Christmas as a pagan winter festival, a sort of eat, drink and be merry Saturnalia. And there is nothing wrong with that unless you think this is all there is to it. Being merry is an excellent thing, and eating and drinking are rather good too. But tomorrow we die. What happens then? The entry of the light of Christ into this world tells us what may happen if we accept that light into our heart. This does not simply mean acknowledging with our mind that Christ is the Lord or something of that nature. That is a purely external thing. There is a big difference between Christ as a person out there, and the light that he embodied. I am not saying the two are separate but the one informs the other not vice versa. It is this light that you must accept and strive to be illumined by if you would embrace the true spirit of Christmas. For Christ does not want your mind, he wants your heart. It is his dearest wish that we break out of our self-inflicted prisons (our egos, if you like) and join him in his heavenly kingdom. This will eventually require death and resurrection but to begin with the entrance to Christ's kingdom is through the heart, and Christmas is the key that will unlock the door.

It is often said that all religions are one on the level of mystical experience and only separated by their dogmas and doctrines which are ultimately outer things. That may be so but it does not mean that all religions are equally true. There is a fundamental impasse, for example, between Buddhism and Christianity in terms of how they view the Creator God, never mind the centrality of Christ in the scheme of things. There can be no doubt that the Christian view is the more correct one and comes from a higher revelation. Besides which, mystical experience is all very well but it really only points to the unity of consciousness on a supra-formal level, and entry into this state is not the primary goal of the spiritual life or we would never have needed to be born in a material world with a body. 

What then is the goal of the spiritual life? It is to learn to love God as he loves us. How do you do that? By opening up your heart. And what's the best way to open up your heart? It is by allowing Christ to be born there, first as a baby but that baby will grow and eventually become a man but a man who is also a Son of God. That's the message of Christmas.

Sunday 19 December 2021

Another Year, Another Turn of the Screw

 Here we are at the end of another year in which everything the conspiracy theorists said has turned out to be true though the great majority still won't see it. That's won't not don't. People do not want to wake up. They prefer the illusion of thinking that the world is ok really and everything will get back to what they think of as normal. It will not. We have entered a downward spiral in which such things as disease, climate change and the woke agenda (feminism, anti-racism, homophilia etc, the whole levelling off and making everything equally good and true if you want it to be) are used as instruments of social control and destruction of the traditional, the natural and the common-sensical, and as preparation for a future in which the supposedly friendly ideas of equality, sustainability and security are pressed into service to crush freedom of thought, diversity of opinion or any kind of dissent. The rulers behind the rulers, whoever/whatever they are, are seeking to erase all spiritual, indeed all real human, sensibility from the mind of man. Their aim is that we will be stripped of individuality and forced to lead a herd-like existence in which we will essentially be owned. Whatever else they may be, the pecks are clearly part of that agenda. They are a forerunner for a future process in which everything about everyone is known and counted. If you don't see this, you are living in a dream world. 

So, the future is grim? Not necessarily. This world was never meant to be a perfect place of joy and happiness. It is a training ground for the soul. Joy and happiness are there sometimes but they are not the natural state of the earthly plane. They are interruptions from above, incursions of divine light into the material world. For those who perceive this and choose to align their being with the source of divine light which is God then whatever happens in this world can be seen in a different perspective. That does not mean we should just accept evil. We should always fight against it and strive to defeat it when it seeks to seize the initiative as now. A successful outcome for the globalist totalitarians is not assured. But we should also know that the increase of materialism and everything associated with it, such as the quantitative approach to life that is now paramount, an approach summed up by the computer which typically reduces quality to quantity robbing it of real life in the process, is inevitable. See here for more on that. The end of an age is a time when spirit has ebbed away and matter becomes ever more present. And yet even that can be a good thing for it forces us to look for spirit within ourselves and makes it all the more pressing to begin the search for God. It is said in the Indian tradition that all the sincere seeker has to do to be saved in the Kali Yuga is call on God, even just repeat his name. This may be understating the case a little but the idea is that we do not, as in earlier times, have to perform heroic acts of spiritual athleticism. In times of real darkness the greatest spiritual act is simply to believe and live as though your belief was real. Because it is.

Friday 17 December 2021

Two More Interviews

Here are links to a couple more interviews. It's actually one interview with Ana Isabel of the In the light - Growing your Soul podcast but in two parts with the first about about Earth is a School and the second a look at my astrological chart which makes it different from the other talks. And on an astrological note, looking at the interviews I've have done recently has given me an interesting insight into the meaning of the rising sign or ascendant. This is supposed to signify how you present yourself to the world, your social personality. It represents how others see you and the general impression you give to the world. Mine is in Cancer and this has always puzzled me as I don't feel anything particularly Cancerian about myself. My Virgo sun, Scorpio moon and Libran Mercury and Venus all make sense but not so much the Cancer ascendant. However, the me in these interviews does indeed seem quite Cancerian. A salutary lesson that our image of ourself is not how we appear to others.

Earth is a School interview with Ana Isabel

Astrology analysis with Ana Isabel

My thanks to Ana for two very enjoyable talks.

Tuesday 14 December 2021

I am a Christian

 In some of the interviews I have done recently to talk about Earth is a School I said that I was a Christian but not an orthodox one. This could seem as though I am trying to hedge my bets so I would like to be clearer on that score. Here's what I believe.

I believe in God the Father, Maker of Heaven and Earth. I believe that there was something approximating to the Fall when early humanity went against divine decree and that sin and death entered the world in the form we now know them. Clearly, sin must have potentially existed before as part of free will because what Adam and Eve did was sin but presumably this was the first actual sin. Similarly, death would have existed because I can't see Adam and Eve as existing in the Garden of Eden unchangingly forever but it would have been painless change without the suffering it acquired after the Fall.

I believe that God sent Jesus to the world to redeem it from sin. This means that previously souls may have died and been reborn endlessly as many pagan religions believed with the only escape that discovered by the Buddha. There would have been time spent on the inner planes of being but there was no Heaven in the sense of union with God that is known in the beatific vision. Jesus, through his birth, death and resurrection, sanctified matter, removing the corruption of the Fall. He took on a material body and being free from any possibility of sin actually changed the structure of matter, literally so for him, potentially so for anyone who followed him and allowed his life into theirs. This also meant that the individual soul, which is the point at which spirit and matter meet, could be sanctified and made whole, cured rather than killed.

I believe that Christ was the Son of God by which I mean he was not just an advanced spirit or higher being who had preceded us on the path. The attempt to cast him in this light may even be part of the ongoing demonic attempt to belittle Christianity. I don't know exactly what Son of God means but I accept it on faith because it has the quality of the profoundest of truths. Attempts to reduce Christ to a special kind of prophet or enlightened soul are just wrong. He was and is something much more. I believe in all his miracles exactly as recounted in the Gospels and I absolutely believe in the Resurrection. With the Resurrection everything makes sense. It is the ground from which truth, goodness and beauty spring in the world. Without it there is only darkness and death.

I believe that Jesus was born through the Virgin Mary who was chosen for this mission because of her innate purity and goodness. I think that attempts to create a feminine spirituality in Gaia worship or something like that are atavistic and wrong. No one will get past the psychic and material worlds by following that path. The embodiment and pattern of feminine spirituality is the Virgin Mary, the Mother of God. A proper feminism, a truly spiritual feminism, would recognise that.

I believe in the saints and the Company of Heaven. I don't think that when such souls were in this world they were all Christian because I am sure that Christ works through other religions and "the wind bloweth where it listeth." But they now all serve under Christ. These saints seek to bring us up to their level but that requires us to open our hearts to truth, and truth exists on its own terms. We can never bend it to suit us.

I believe that Christ taught us that the major lesson on this Earth is self-sacrifice through love. All the attempts to attain higher consciousness that do not have this at their heart are doomed to failure because it is the key to Heaven. Christ taught this and demonstrated it in his life. He laid down the path and all we have to do is follow him.

There are many other things I believe about the spiritual world but these are the foundation stones of my approach to it.

Friday 10 December 2021

Oneness Spirituality

 It is a common error of the mystically inclined, especially, the more introverted types who find the spiritual path an excuse to retreat from the complications and demands of the world, to dismiss matter, regarding it as illusion or unimportant, and focus their entire attention on absorption into spirit. But they need to ask themselves this simple question, why they are actually in this world in the first place? Why are they not just remaining in spirit and avoiding the difficulties and challenges of this world of duality? Wouldn't a loving God have let them stay in spiritual peace and bliss instead of, as it were, turfing them out of bed? Time to get up! Time to be born!

God loves us and because he loves us he wants us to grow. That's what this world is for. A training ground for the spirit in which innate potentials can be brought out and developed through the challenges we face here and questions that are asked of us. The main question, the one on which depends our eventual destination after material life, is what relation do we want with God and creation? Do we wish to conform our being to them or do we instead choose to go our own way? We can reject both as most of the world appears to be doing now or we can reject the living, loving creative God and retreat to God in his mode of pure being, a non-creative aspect of the divine. But that is a limited God and it is not what he wants for us because he wants us to be like him in his fullness, in being and in creativity, in his nighttime and daytime modes.

Many mystics misconceive the spiritual path. The purpose of this path is not to become less and less and eventually disappear but to embrace more and more of God. Only thus can you actually serve him and justify your creation. If you want to disappear into God, what use are you to him? What are you adding to creation? Why were you born and why do you live? Many mystics just want to retreat to the safety of the Mother but we are enjoined to progress to the Father which means become spiritually active and responsible, workers in creation not just chewers of the spiritual cud. For the spiritual goal is not to regress to the womb of the Great Mother but to be born anew and walk in the bright light of the Heavenly Father.

Tuesday 7 December 2021

Another Interview

 Here's a link to another interview I recently did to talk about Earth is a School. This one was with Del Lessy of the UPRN radio show ‘The Delicious Recipe’. Del was a very engaging host and we had a good chat though it was after midnight for me, past my bedtime, which is why I am a bit bleary-eyed!


Monday 6 December 2021

Be Free

 It's time to subject the old liberal belief that there can be good people on both sides of an argument to a serious reassessment. Perhaps it was true at one time when truth and lies were not as widely separated as they have become. It's not true now. Increasingly there is truth and there are lies and if you follow the latter it is because something has gone wrong within you. Your roots have become twisted. You don't follow lies if you are a righteous person. I don't say a good person because "there is none good but one, that is, God" (Mark 10:18), but a righteous person leans towards truth and goodness and wishes to accommodate his soul to those things. A righteous person chooses righteously.

Reasonable people want to argue and discuss reasonably, respecting the position of their opponent. I don't respect the opinion of anyone who denies the truth of God. I don't respect anyone who is on board with the corruption of morals as in the sexual revolution and elsewhere. I don't respect anyone who is happy with the degradation of art since the First World War (before then art, generally speaking, elevated, after then, generally speaking, it debased). I don't respect anyone who idolises materialistic science and seeks to deform the human being through technology. I don't respect religious people who compartmentalise their religion and don't let it rule every aspect of their lives. I could go on but the point is made. I don't respect those who, willingly or through intellectual laziness or spiritual shallowness, allow evil to manifest in the world. Yes, evil is subtle and deceptive but it's not that clever. It can only deceive those who allow themselves to be deceived because they have fallen away from goodness and truth.

This is a time of separation of good and evil. Either you are happy with a world in which a small elite controls everything and everyone or else you fight back against the fear and refuse to follow the diktats that would control you. Make the effort to see that the pecks don't really work and that they are here to stay if we let that happen. In themselves they are likely to be but a precursor to something much more serious, perhaps implants of some sort so that you can be numbered and counted and everything about you known and controlled at all times. Understand that covering your face with a cloth is of no earthly use against something as small as that which it is supposed to exclude. The practise is intended to dehumanise and control. You are not being an egotistical fanatic to recognise this. You are standing up for the truth of your being as a free son or daughter of God. It is not just your right. It is your duty.

We are being herded into pens and once there we will find it hard to get out. Much better not to get in in the first place. Are you going to meekly obey either because of fear or because you have allowed yourself to be tricked into thinking that it is the socially acceptable thing to do? It may be socially acceptable in a world of lies but it is spiritually irresponsible. Or are you going to do your duty to God and your fellow man and stand up for freedom?

Sunday 5 December 2021

How Do We Know These Are The End Times?

 In Christian tradition the End Times is that period when humanity is judged. Other traditions, most notably the Indian, also speak of a period when true spiritual understanding is lost and mankind has descended into materialism and ignorance. It is that time when we have gone so far away from the source that we have not only lost contact with it but even deny that it exists. We redefine  good and evil to mean what brings happiness or removes suffering in the physical world with no thought of the spiritual. There is no longer an absolute reality that can serve as the bedrock of moral being. As a result, the centre constantly shifts until there is no real centre at all and we behave with increasing egotism. 

There are several indicators that we are in the End Times now. The first and most obvious is that we live in a world in which materialism and atheism are the default assumptions. More and more, as has been proved over the last year or so, even religion submits itself to the materialistic diktats. Religious belief is allowed only when it doesn't interfere with what is actually supposed to matter. Most children grow up today with no awareness of any spiritual tradition. If they do know of anything like that it's often just quaint and irrelevant to so-called real life. Christianity, as was predicted, has been chased to the periphery, a hangover from the past which may be admired for its humanistic qualities but has no spiritual significance.

That would actually suffice by itself to prove that we are indeed in the End Times but there are many other clear signs this is so. One not mentioned in prophecy, as far as I know, but highly significant is that the population of the world has expanded to unprecedented levels. It makes perfect sense that at a time of mass testing and gathering in, a separation of sheep and goats, very many souls would be present. This is a point of culmination and many souls would either wish to be present or are required as an examination of their spiritual polarity to be present. Souls of all degrees are being asked fundamental questions and their response will have a bearing on their future existence. It is as though we have taken the course and are now being tested on what we have learnt. Most people don't know they are being tested but that is part of the test.

As the End Times is a summing up of an entire cycle we find that all the past has now become present in a certain form. We have access to the previous ages in a way that has never before existed. Anyone in any part of the world can acquaint himself with the knowledge and culture of all historic civilisations. Everything is being swept up and brought into this grand culminating moment. It may even be that the enormous population increase of the last few decades is because all souls who incarnated during the age that is coming to a close have been summoned to appear before the court. It's a time of reckoning and everything that existed in whatever form has been swept up and brought into the here and now.

The End Times were predicted and they were predictable because they are an inevitable result of entropy. At the beginning of a cycle a great infusion of spiritual energy is injected into the world. It is this infusion that makes the Golden Age that all traditions speak of as having existed at the beginning of time. After that there is a continual dropping off of truth and righteousness until these things have almost entirely disappeared. That time is now. Of course, as the spiritual energy dissipates there is a compensatory response on the material level and that is why we have have reached such heights of technology and material well-being, factors which enable the great increase in population. But this material progress masks and also contributes to the spiritual decline and this latter has now reached such proportions as to lead one to the conclusion that a significant point is at hand.

The dominance of technology in today's world is another factor that points to the End Times. We are dependent on it in every aspect of our lives, but here's the truth. Technology separates us both from the spiritual and from the natural. We are so foolish as to celebrate that and even to seriously consider augmenting our being with technology, in effect turning ourselves into machines. For advocates of this diabolical practice it is just a development from a person wearing a pair of glasses but there is a line which we appear shortly about to cross, one in which the technological/mechanical will dominate, and if we do cross that we will actually lose our humanity. I suspect that for many this may already have started to happen and when it happens on a large scale the world will be completely cut off from the spiritual at which point it will collapse. It is the spiritual that gives life. When that has gone existence can only be maintained by stealing life from elsewhere. In a world that has given itself over to technology in the extreme sense I am talking about the stronger will maintain themselves by feeding off the weaker. That is the world of hell. In the Golden Age there was no technology because there was no need for it. I am not saying that all technology is evil but it always has a tendency to become so and it has certainly become so now.

The End Times have arrived. What a privilege to be alive now! By resisting the downward pull we can make a great leap forward in our spiritual evolution. Now, to be spiritually focussed you must make an active effort to be so. Society will not make you go in that direction. You must swim against the tide and the current is strong. But this will develop your spiritual muscles. You have the opportunity of a lifetime.

Friday 3 December 2021

An Interview with Theresa Cheung

 Here's a link to an interview I recently did with Theresa Cheung on her White Shores podcast. We were talking about my new book Earth is a School. Theresa was a very sympathetic host and I would like to thank her for having me on her show.

Interview with Theresa Cheung

Listening back, I notice that I didn't properly answer her question about why bad things happen to good people, especially children. That's the hardest question for we all know that they do. To talk about karma from previous lives might be true but can also seem somewhat dismissive, almost as though these bad things don't really matter or were somehow deserved. I believe many bad experiences are the result of karma and do contain lessons but I don't see how one can honestly apply this rule to all of them and in particular to those of children. The only answer I can give is that in a fallen world, which this is, there is evil and the only way for God to remove that would be to override free will which, once given, he cannot do or it would be conditional which it cannot be if it is truly to be free. However, I also believe that all tears, especially those that arise from the activity of evil, will be wiped away and we will be compensated for all suffering. Perhaps also those that suffer unjustly carry and transmute some of the pain of the world just as Jesus did and that sacrifice is their heroic gift to life.