Tuesday, 17 May 2022

God and Man

 The great achievement of the West, culminating over the last 500 years, has been the creation of the full individual. In no other culture anywhere in the world has the individual had any real value, and although there are tributaries feeding into this river from classical times, essentially from Greece, its real source can be regarded as Christianity and specifically Christ, the God who became Man and was both fully human and fully divine. No doubt, the actual human type of Western man counted for a good deal as well but the philosophical, intellectual and spiritual underpinning of the importance of the individual was rooted in the Christian concept of the person.

It is sometimes said that Man adds nothing to God. God is the Absolute, the infinite and the eternal to which nothing can be added and from which nothing can be taken away. If that were the case, why creation? But let's not reduce God to a mathematical concept or an abstraction. He is the Living God and he is Love. Note we say he. This is no linguistic accident. God is not it (if he were, there would be no love) and he is not she as he is the impregnating spirit that gives life and form to matter. He stands outside creation which is generated by him not incubated in him, and all creation is receptive, i.e. feminine, to him.

God is a person, the Person, and we are made in the image of God. What is a person? It is a free individual. Many religions discount the idea of freedom and that of the individual, seeing man as either nothing in relation to God (Islam) or part of God in a way that completely emphasises the divine over the human (most Eastern religions). Only in Christianity, the religion in which God became man, is the individual and his intrinsic freedom truly valued. In this way, man, each individual man and woman, can add something to the spiritual life of the universe and therefore to God once they realign themselves with divine being. Our God-realised individual self makes the universe a richer, more creation filled place.

Friday, 13 May 2022

Evil is Evil

 There is a certain strain in esoteric thought that considers evil to be necessary for good to come about, a kind of resistance required for good to arise by virtue of being forced to push back against it. According to this understanding, evil is simply the darkness against which one can more clearly see the light. 

I completely reject that idea. Evil is evil, full stop. 

At the same time, God is God and can make good come out of evil but that does not justify evil in any way. It remains wrong and a result of the fallen ego. Lucifer is not Christ's dark twin in some mysterious way working with him for long term evolutionary benefit. He is not there to enable self-consciousness to arise and grow. He is not a misunderstood good guy. He is a rebel against God not a partner with him. It's important not to get sucked into this false idea. Sin does not have to be experienced in order to overcome it. Darkness does not have to be integrated in order for a person to be in some sense whole. Evil is not part of good. Judas was not Christ's true disciple doing his work as a form of self-sacrifice. These are all deceptions and have no part in proper holiness. To believe that evil is anything other than evil will corrupt the soul. It is like peering into the abyss. Do that and you risk being drawn in.

I was prompted to write this post after reading a comment that Bruce Charlton made on his blog disagreeing with Rudolf Steiner who apparently believed that Lucifer was 'not really evil' but a kind of evolutionary force that could go wrong but was fundamentally positive. See the comment here at 17.57.  Some of the Gnostics also thought this. I disagree with Steiner as well and so does someone else who knows better than any of us. "Woe to the world because of offenses! For offenses must come, but woe to that man by whom the offense comes!" (Matthew 18:7)

Wednesday, 11 May 2022

On the Other Hand....

I don't mean to be deliberately contrarian, following on the last post with this one, but just to make a point. Everything depends on definition, after all. I still maintain that humanity is on a path of spiritual evolution and therefore cannot remain as it was. I believe in progress but I believe in spiritual progress which always builds on the past, even though it may introduce new dimensions of being. However, it is organic meaning it grows from its roots. Any growth, or imagined or claimed growth, that is not from the roots is a perversion and a deviation. It is a cancer. Our vaunted modern growth, what we call progress, is, for the most part, a cancer. It is a response to stimulation from the higher worlds but a response from lower being and self-will. The sun causes coarse weeds and beautiful flowers to grow. Modern civilisation is a powerful and choking weed that has flourished in the dark heavy manure of sin and is driving out more delicate and sensitive plants. 

In the previous post I said I was not a conservative but I don't completely deny that label. A conservative such as myself values the past and is loyal to the best of the past while not being blind to its failings. He sees how the beauty and wisdom of past achievement was a sincere response to divine impulse and an attempt to express the truth and dignity of God. He also sees how much of humanity's artistic and philosophical productions of the last, shall we say, two centuries has been a response to the devil, celebrating ugliness, sin and perversion. He doesn't want to return to the past because he is a modern man with a modern man's awareness of self but he regards it, for the most part and with provisos but certainly in respect of its higher elements, as a genuine attempt to engage with the spiritual life. We are not the people we were and can never be again, nor should we be, but we can certainly recognise that we were going along a path that led, more or less, in the right direction albeit with many twists and turns, came to a fork in the road and took the wrong turning. We should have gone straight ahead but turned left and the path we took is leading downwards.

This is the sense in which I am a conservative. As someone who recognises that the past for all its faults was usually an attempt to engage with God, and that tradition sought to preserve that in a fallen world. Whereas, in the present time for all our undoubted achievements we have largely succumbed to spiritual corruption and are putting up an increasing number of impenetrable barriers in our consciousness to goodness, beauty and truth.

Sunday, 8 May 2022

Why I am not a Conservative

 I know that many people who read this blog would regard themselves as on the right but I don't think of myself in those terms. I am certainly not on the left and never have been, not even in my youth when that approach is generally fashionable, but I don't see myself as a conservative (even with a small 'c') either. There are many things from the past that I would wish to conserve and I do see leftism, for want of a better word, as the main source through which evil and spiritual destruction have been brought into the world and continue to be brought into the world, but that does not mean that we should return to a time before the leftist monster reared its ugly head. For one thing, the past was very imperfect which is why the spirit of reform was justified, but more significantly, human consciousness evolves and what was right at one time ceases to be right at another.

I am reading a book by Nikolai Berdyaev about Dostoyevsky who was my favourite author back in the days when I read fiction. Him and Tolkien anyway, a strange couple if ever there was one! Berdyaev says of Dostoyevsky that he should "not be regarded as a conservative or reactionary in the current sense. He was revolutionary-minded in a deeper way. He saw no possibility of a return to the conception of life, a static and immovable form, that existed before the arising of the revolutionary spirit. He was the first to notice how movements gain impetus in the world, the whole tending towards an end. "The end of the world is coming," he wrote in his notebook. This is not the attitude of a conservative. His hostility against revolution was not that of a man with a stale mind who takes some interest or other in the old social order, but the hostility of an apocalyptic being who takes the side of Christ in his supreme struggle with Antichrist. Now he who marches with Christ with his face towards the last great battle at the end of time is a man of the future and not of the past, every bit as much as him who marches with Antichrist. The conflict between revolutionaries and counter-revolutionaries is a superficial affair between the has-beens who have been supplanted and the supplanters who now have the first places at feasts. Dostoyevsky stood aside from that contest and was ranged among those for whom revolution of  the spirit opposes the spirit of revolution."

There is more in this vein but the point I wish to make is this. The past has gone. Much that was good has been destroyed but it cannot be restored in the form in which it existed any more than we can bring back the glories of ancient Egypt. What we need to do is reestablish the spirit that built the form of the past but find new ways in which to express it. And that spirit will also be different because we are different. Human consciousness has changed. It is more self-aware and that is a necessary development. It is why the past cannot be brought back.

Conservatives favour a return to or preservation of the form of the past. Whilst agreeing that much has been jettisoned that was noble and beautiful we must make a clear distinction between form and spirit. What really matters is that the connection to spirit is maintained or, in our case, restored. If and when that happens a new form will arise that grows out of the new spiritual awareness but, at the same time, will obviously be built on the same principles as the structures of the past. Materialistic revolutionaries destroy in order to completely remake but spiritual evolutionists seek to fulfil the law and the prophets not to overturn them.

The battle is not between right and left and those that think it is will find themselves in one way or another on the side of the left. The battle is between the forces of Christ and those of the Antichrist, between divine creation and that which attempts to undermine, reframe or destroy divine creation. We have to keep our eyes fixed on the spiritual ball and not be led astray by what are ultimately only worldly things. It's because conservatives often are so led astray, and also because they don't properly appreciate the evolutionary nature of human consciousness and unfoldment, that I am not a conservative.

Friday, 6 May 2022

Earth is a School review request

 The publisher of Earth is a School has reminded me that it has received no reviews on Amazon yet and reviews generate sales, to put it bluntly. Bruce Charlton and J.M. Smith of the Orthosphere were kind enough to provide endorsements and it has received a few favourable reviews elsewhere for which see below but nothing on Amazon so if anyone has read and appreciated it and doesn't mind saying so, I would be very grateful.

Lynne Jordal Martin at foxnews.com reviewed Earth is a School on NetGalley  
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars. "I will consider inviting the author to write an op-ed for Fox News Opinion based on this book. It's a thought provoking, intriguing perspective on life that deserves a wide audience"

David Lorimer, the Programme Director and Editor at Paradigm Explorer, also reviewed the book. “Many spiritual teachers see Earth as the school, and in this book the author suggests that we are in an end of term examination period. It is based on 40 years of study and experience, arguing that we ignore invisible spiritual forces at our peril in a dense age of materialistic bureaucracy. There are valuable discussions of the nature of spirituality, cycles of change, reincarnation and evolution, and the role of Christ. We are encouraged to follow the line of most rather than least resistance, holding fast to our spiritual core while balancing immanence with transcendence. In this way, we can light a candle in the darkness.

Ana Isabel of the In the Light-Growing Your Soul podcast reviewed the book on Good Reads and gave it a 4 (out of 5) star rating.

Why are we here? This is possibly one of the oldest and asked questions in history. In this book, William Wildblood presents his understanding learned through communication with Ascended Masters. He looks at how each Soul develops and grows through each life on Earth. This is a deep and thought provoking book which can inspire us to be the best that we can be.”


Tuesday, 3 May 2022

Cyclical Time and Linear Time

In many traditional spiritualities time was regarded as flowing in cycles with a primeval Golden Age when man walks with the gods descending to a spiritually darkened time in which matter becomes more dense and impenetrable and consciousness collapses in on itself. Then the process concludes in cosmic destruction and a new era commences with another Golden Age.

Christianity rejected that idea, presenting a new understanding in which time progresses in a linear fashion from creation in the Garden of Eden leading eventually through a historical process to the city of the New Jerusalem in which creation is transformed and drawn up into divine reality.

Many people in the spiritual world nowadays reject the Christian view and prefer the cyclical one, seeing it as making more metaphysical sense. Strangely enough, one approach that roughly mirrors the Christian idea is the modern materialistic understanding of human life which would maintain we are progressing to a better human form in which science and technology correct all the faults of our physical bodies and give us, if not immortality, at least a more perfect vehicle to house our consciousness which will also be tweaked and improved though technological means whether that be drugs or even by blending us with machines. This is transhumanism, a great spiritual evil because it denies the spirit replacing it entirely with matter, but one to which the modern world seems inevitably to be tending.

Which of these two ideas about time is the more accurate? My answer is that both are true. Time is indeed cyclical but it also moves forward and if there is a spiritual descent the purpose of that is to bring about conditions in which consciousness can become more individualised with a greater sense of personal freedom in the constricted material conditions. Then there can be a reascent but with the fruits of greater self-awareness.

Most people interested in traditionalist metaphysics believe that all religions convey the same essential truths. There is a perennial philosophy which is the root of them all and they differ only in externals and certain relatively unimportant doctrines. I think this is a mistake. There is something qualitatively different about Christianity and what Christ brought to human consciousness. It has to do with freedom, it has to do with love and it has to do with time. In traditional metaphysics time is something to be transcended. One goes beyond all aspects of the material to enter into complete spiritual consciousness. But Christ redeemed creation which means the qualities of the relative world are not completely transcended and effectively lost but they are spiritualised and thereby add something to divine reality, something that was not there before.

Time is certainly a great mystery in that there is a state beyond earthly time which is the state of divine being. But it is not simply an illusion from the spiritual point of view. It is not just swallowed up in eternity. Through time creation is brought to fulfilment but then at the end of worldly time something happens that is similar to what happened to Christ's body at the Ascension. Time will be taken up into eternity but it will thereby enrich eternity, its quality sweetening eternity as sugar when dissolved sweetens tea.

Thursday, 28 April 2022

A Dehumanised Future

 We supposedly live in a humanistic age, one in which mankind is central and owes nothing to anything or indeed anyone beyond itself. We are our own justification. We celebrate ourselves, and our art, politics and science are all based on expanding our knowledge and deepening our fulfilment of ourselves as ourselves. For some our potential is limitless but it is still our potential as human beings even if we bring the universe into it on some abstract or quasi-spiritual level.

What we don't realise is that humanity restricted to humanity is doomed to a solipsistic nihilism, however much we may give our fundamental emptiness a false glamour. The human being can only find any real fulfilment when it goes beyond itself. In fact, the human being is only properly human when it understands itself to be more than human. Humanism actually means separation from God so it is an anti-spiritual philosophy. Truth to tell, it is an anti-human philosophy because the human being without God is destined for death.

We don't live in a humanistic age. We live in an inhuman age. We cover up that grim reality with technological distractions and false ideas about ourself. We are lost, on our own, floating off into the void. We are so insane that people who are aware of this are regarded as mad or childish because they, so it is said, cling onto fantasies. But the biggest fantasy and the greatest arrogance is that we can live without God. Remove the artificial supports that modern human beings have, take away the elaborate structures we have built up to keep out reality and most people might reflect a little more deeply on what they are and what they should be.

The ground is being prepared for the incarnation of a being known as the antichrist by Christians who is probably the same as the one named Ahriman by the spiritual philosopher Rudolf Steiner. This is that aspect of evil which seeks to bind human beings to the material world and cut them off completely from the spiritual. The advent of this being has been prepared by our reduction of life to what can be weighed and measured. Our modern arts, science, politics and philosophy and even medicine have all been pressed into service to accommodate the ends of this individual who may already have been born. Even religion, which now focuses on materialistic humanitarianism more than true spirituality, serves the ends of antichrist/Ahriman. When he appears he will not be obviously evil like some of the despots of the 20th century. He may even appear benign by the materialistic standards we have built up over the last 2 centuries. But he will seek to divert us from true divine understanding and spiritual life. We need to understand that anything or anyone that promises happiness and fulfilment in this world, whatever it calls itself, is not of God. That doesn't mean that hardship and suffering are good in themselves. That also can be a false path. But this life is intended to serve the greater life and can never be justified in itself. 

The current state of the world has been brought about to make us ripe for the picking when the antichrist arrives. But God has not abandoned us. If we can see through the lies we become spiritually stronger. The lies are permitted because they must be brought out into the open in order for us to overcome them and that which corresponds to them in our own souls. If they were not made manifest and outwardly present in this way we would not be able to defeat them and nor could we deal with the same tendencies that exist within ourselves. There is risk involved. The darkness can overwhelm us or we can use it to see the light more clearly. But we are, or should be, spiritual adults now and we can only progress spiritually by facing reality and dealing with it. God will protect us but he will not overprotect us for then we would never grow up.

Ahriman/antichrist has many servants in the modern world, most of whom don't know they are his servants even though they serve his agenda and prepare his way. I would go so far as to say that more or less everyone in the public eye who has any form of power serves his agenda. If they didn't they wouldn't be there. This will only become more so. The plans are laid for complete control of human consciousness. That's not just control of human beings but control of human consciousness. The best slaves are willing slaves and that is what Ahriman wants and what his agents are currently working for in preparation for his appearance. We have to be aware of this. Preserve your freedom. God gave us complete freedom, making us free even to reject him. No one and nothing can take that away but you can give it away. Never sell your birthright, no matter what is offered in exchange for whatever is offered is worthless really. Stay free.

Saturday, 23 April 2022

Spiritual Routine

 You might think these two words don't belong together. One suggests love, beauty, mystery, glory, the undiscovered country. The other seems dull, boring, workaday, uncreative, unimaginative. One is a mystic on a mountaintop. The other is a clerk in an office. However, as far as life in this world is concerned, they very much do belong together.

When one starts on the spiritual path in any serious sense one is full of enthusiasm (literal meaning, possessed by a god) for the journey ahead. Great vistas seem to open up and life seems to be about moving into more and more magnificence. For a newcomer to the path the world can seem irradiated by light. We are often impelled to this new life, new birth, by an experience of some sort which temporarily lifts the veil between this world and the next. We imagine this is just the beginning of a glorious journey.

And so it is. But this journey can be a long, hard slog. The excitement of early days may soon dissipate as the reality of the spiritual path kicks in. For the path is not about higher states of consciousness or bliss or happiness in this life. It is about work. The work required to make your soul a fit receptacle for God. The cleaning, polishing work, the removal of dust, dirt and deeply engrained stains work, the work required to address bad habits of a lifetime (or of lifetimes). It is to do with knowing yourself and facing up to facts about yourself you may not like and which you suppress. The path has the habit of unearthing all that and confronting you with the reality of what you are which is good because you can't get into heaven with any darkness in your soul. You can't cheat God.

The routine of spiritual life is what is required for the work you need to do on yourself. The Masters told me over 40 years ago that my life must continue in a routine, in fact, until I left my physical body. Such has been and continues to be the case. There is nothing glamorous about proper spiritual work. Of course, there can be moment of upliftment but we come to Earth to work and get to grips with what holds us back from deeper engagement with the source of life and divine being. Here is the perfect environment for that. But most of the time it is not exciting so don't expect it to be. In fact, if it is you should probably ask yourself what has gone wrong. Have you been led off the path by some temptation to the lower self, that self that is always looking for gratification of some kind?

Monks used to be warned that if they received too much what was called spiritual consolation or divine sweetness and what we nowadays call higher states of consciousness, visions, ecstasies and the like, it could well be the other fellow rather than God who was bestowing these. You can be a spiritual libertine as well as a sensual one and this was the trap that many New Age enthusiasts or those who looked to the East or to some exotic guru for enlightenment fell into. You become a spiritual pleasure seeker and forget that what is really required is sanctification of the soul and this demands self-abnegation, acceptance of discipline, humility and hard work. The rewards are greater than we can conceive of but they are not in this life which is about preparation for the feast not the feast itself.

Tuesday, 19 April 2022


 We live in a world of constant distraction and the result of this is that we are endlessly driven to seek new stimulation. It has to be admitted that even reading and writing posts on a blog can fall into that category if we are not careful. You can see why all proper spiritual authorities insist that the spiritual life should be one of discipline that to the outer eye might even seem uneventful and dull. Distraction means we never settle inside. We never find real calm or peace. We always must be moving on to the next novelty to revive our jaded souls. But just for a minute and then we must move on again.

This has always been a problem for human beings seeking God which is why the early monks would withdraw to the desert or else to remote islands where worldly distractions would not disturb them. They would be left in the company of only their own soul and they could confront its problems directly, without having anything to entice them away from it. But now the situation is far worse than it has ever been as modern technology has given us the opportunity to be distracted 24 hours a day if we choose. I remember when I was young often feeling a bit bored but you learned to live with the boredom or else found something constructive to do. The young today are unable to be bored and this, though it may not seem so, is their great loss. They cannot be blamed. They live in a world of easy and constant and excessive distraction which is virtually impossible to resist. They are, quite literally, being taken away from their souls.

Fasting is a traditional spiritual practise designed to reduce stimulation to a minimum. Stimulation is bad or can be bad because it exteriorises us. It pulls our attention away from the reality of our inner life and being into a constant stream of worldly impressions, always moving, always changing, never still so always shallow. The principle of fasting can be applied to other areas of life than that of food. Meditation is fasting of the mind and for any spiritual person, I am tempted to say for any person, spiritually inclined or not, fasting from technology is essential. It is becoming more difficult to do this by the day but that only means it is even more important to try to free oneself from the tyranny of technological devices which are expressly designed to distract. You empty your soul into them and you get an immediate hit but then there is emptiness so off you go again.

The distracted person is a superficial person. He lives on the surface of life, always looking for its glitter but never seeing the source of the light. As a consequence he must always seek more and greater distraction. His attention requires more stimulus in order to be engaged. He will be restless, emotionally unstable and increasingly unable to deal with pain and sorrow because for him life has become all about entertainment. Don't think this just afflicts the uneducated. The sophisticated intellectual type is affected  by his sophisticated intellectual distractions in just the same way.

We can't sit and do nothing, not for long anyway, and nor should we. But we should make every effort to avoid the temptation of constant distraction. Jesus told us to watch and pray. This means focus on the inner world. Give your attention to the realties of spirit and seek to understand your own heart and how it might be led astray by worldly distractions. For there is a real sense in which too much distraction can lead to spiritual destruction.

Sunday, 17 April 2022

The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb

 This is one of the great masterpieces of Renaissance art. It forms the centre panel of the Ghent Altarpiece by Hubert and Jan van Eyk and was completed after several years' work in 1432. The picture depicts Jesus as the Lamb of God standing on an altar in a meadow with angels in immediate attendance and various groups of worshippers surrounding the central figures. In the foreground is the Fountain of Life from which gush out the waters of life unceasingly, and above, wreathed in golden white light like a spiritual sun, is the Holy Spirit represented by a dove. Those adoring the Lamb in rapt contemplation are, at the top, male and female martyrs on left and right, some of whom can be identified, then, at bottom right, the 12 apostles who are kneeling with various saints behind them and, on the left, Old Testament prophets and pagan philosophers and writers including Virgil who is holding a laurel wreath. In the background are the towers and spires of the New Jerusalem and the golden rays coming down from the Holy Spirit bathe the whole scene in a kind of numinous quality. There is a great attention to detail in the painting of the trees, flowers, garments and so on which serves to create a heightened sense of reality. And an extra dimension of wonder is conveyed by the lamb's face which appears almost human without in any way being caricatural. Here it is after recent restoration.

The painting gives the impression of a real scene from the higher worlds, capturing a moment above earthly time in which the act of adoration is carried out as a constant paean of praise. The rich colours, the light emanating from the Holy Spirit, the stillness and intensity of the worshipping figures and the majesty and power of the Lamb all convey the sense of something profoundly real beyond this world. 

I have never found the image of Jesus as the Lamb of God particularly attractive. If he is going to be an animal I'd prefer him to be a lion like Aslan though I understand the reasons behind the lamb symbolism. But this Lamb has the majesty and power of a lion without it seeming in any way less lamblike. Somehow it seems to show the Risen Christ in all his glory.

Note: I apologise for the somewhat messy spillover of the pictures onto the righthand side of the blog but I thought it better to include the image in as large a size as possible. If you click on the pictures you should be able to see them properly.

Tuesday, 12 April 2022

Stabat Mater

 There are a number of wonderful settings of the great 13th century hymn describing the sufferings of Mary at the foot of the cross on the first Good Friday. It obviously inspired many composers and still does if you look at the list of those who have put it to music. Among my favourites are those by Josquin, Palestrina and Pergolesi written when he was only about 25. But my very favourite is by an English composer and not, I hasten to add, for patriotic reasons. It really is extraordinary and contains some of the first word painting which is normally thought to have originated about 100 years later at the dawn of the Baroque period with masters like Monteverdi.

This composer lived in the latter half of the 15th century and his work is preserved in the famous Eton Choirbook which is a collection of sacred music for liturgical use, mostly dedicated to the Virgin Mary and including several Stabat Mater Dolorosas. John Browne may have a common name but his music is anything but ordinary. In fact, it is some of the most dramatic religious polyphony ever written with one famous example being his setting of the words Crucifige, Crucifige in which the clamour of the baying mob seems to depict the hammering of nails into the cross. But this alternates with more peaceful and reflective passages of great beauty, and Brown juxtaposes the full choir sections with settings for reduced voices with extraordinary skill. The piece is about 15 minutes long and not a note is wasted.

I actually found the first version I ever heard on Youtube and here it is. It's an early recording of The Sixteen directed by Harry Christophers and for me has the passion of youth before professionalism takes over. Not that they aren't very professional here.

Stabat Mater

The Crucifige section is at 8.10. But little earlier at 6.54 the music shifts gloriously into the major at the lovely words Stabat mater, rubens rosa (the Mother stood, a blushing rose). And as with many of these English pieces of the period there is an extended Amen starting at 14.10 which brings the whole piece to an exhilarating conclusion. This is one of the most extraordinary musical compositions of any period and if you think that is hyperbole have a listen.

Saturday, 9 April 2022

I Am God

Don't worry. I haven't taken leave of my senses. I just want to address a common spiritual misunderstanding. Common, that is, for those who move a little way beyond conventional religion into the idea that God dwells within us and can be known directly, but not far enough to see how He dwells within us and in what way He can be known. This is all one with many forms of Eastern mysticism. I am God. You are God. We are all God. Everyone is God. Everything is God.

Actually, this is true but only up to a point. God is indeed within every bit of His creation which could not be unless He was so present, but He is also transcendent to it and His transcendence ontologically precedes His immanence. Put another way, He is immanent in part but transcendent in toto.

I want to keep this simple and not go into elaborate differences between pantheism and panentheism. I will leave that for the philosophers. But I will say this. God is in everything but at different degrees of closeness. For Christians He is fully in Jesus but He is in everyone. However, you can only know Him to the degree that a) you have opened up to Him - this is faith or acceptance, and b) that you are able to manifest Him. A pint pot cannot contain a gallon of liquid let alone a whole ocean full. And the ocean that is God is infinitely large.

Therefore, while I may be God if I am fully transparent to Him through faith and a wholly purified soul, even then I am not God as God is God. I don't even approach that. God may be in His creation but He stands outside it in His fullness and no created being can ever know the wholeness of God. What that being can do is become attuned to God and thereby become godlike, and from that initial stage become ever more aware of the unplumbable depths of God, but he can never be God.

The mystical forms of religion and esotericism, both East and West, that identify the soul with God are confused. They mistake a star for the source of light. It is, forgive me for saying this, the error of the spiritual beginner. Or else, and forgive those that succumb to this, Satanic inflation. I am God and you are God insofar as God dwells within us and can be known as the ground of our being. But I, William Wildblood, am not God and never will be in the whole of eternity. I may eventually grow so far into God as to be able to wield godlike powers, as may you, but that is an entirely different thing. The gap between created and Creator can be bridged but it can never be completely overcome.

That's what I think.

Tuesday, 5 April 2022

Learn From the Past But...

 We live in a time when the past is more within our reach than ever before. We can access ancient works of literature, art and religion from within our own homes. Almost all the learning of humanity that has been preserved is at our fingertips should we choose to search it out, and more is regularly unearthed. But, at the same time, our connection to the past is being systematically destroyed. Tradition, through which our forefathers were linked to the past, is rejected almost completely, and modern education focuses increasingly on the modern world to the exclusion of earlier times. Even history in the UK, I am both amused and disturbed to find, seems to be centred on World War Two with an occasional nod to the Tudors.

When you are separated from the past you are at the mercy of those indoctrinating you in the present time. You no longer have a wide palate of thought and various differences of approach to explore and thereby enrich your mind. You are marooned in a world in which only one way is allowed and if that way is, as it now is, atheistic you are cut off from any proper idea of God who will still be around but only as an outmoded superstition. Many people today think that religion is childish but that's because their knowledge of it has never progressed beyond the child level. They have never been instructed in religion to any serious degree.

All tyrants try to destroy the past. The tyrants of the present day do exactly what has been done before but they do it more subtly. The end result is no different.

So, it makes sense to seek out the past and give yourself a greater understanding of the world than that afforded by contemporary thought (or lack of it, I am tempted to say.) However, it's not quite as simple as that. Learn from the past but do not be restricted by it. The past has much to teach us but we also have to go beyond it. When Jesus came he built on the law and the prophets. He brought something new but it was adding an extra dimension to what had come before. It did not replace it and without having that foundation his teachings would not have shed the light they did. Truth is alive and what is alive grows. It grows from what it is but it grows all the same. We too need to grow but we grow from our roots. Today, we are being cut off from our roots. Things that are cut off from their roots die.

Friday, 1 April 2022

First Things First

 Nothing that is happening in the world today is of any real importance. Let me repeat that. None of the supposed big issues of the moment, whether to do with sickness, war, cultural collapse, problems to do with the weather or the cost of living, none of that really matters. They all seem to matter and they are all being relentlessly pushed as significant concerns which should absorb most of our intellectual and emotional energy. But they do not really matter and should not take up too much of our attention. I don't say that they aren't real in some way and that there won't be consequences, perhaps severe consequences, associated with them. But they are not truly significant.

What can affect you on a profound level? Of course, outer events will have an impact on you but they do not touch you where it really matters. They do not penetrate to the soul level unless you let them. What you should be focusing on now is one thing only. It is your relationship with God. 

The only thing that really matters now or ever is the state of your soul. Let the winds of the world blow as hard as they may. I don't doubt that there are storms ahead but none of them can hurt your soul so long as it remains firmly anchored to God.

Wednesday, 30 March 2022

Death and After

All religious people need to have at least some understanding of death and what it is. In fact, everyone needs this since we all die but those who are serious about the spiritual life should do so in particular. The basic thing to say is that it is the shedding of the physical body and the release of the soul into the spiritual world but then you have to ask what is the soul and what is the spiritual world?

In the post mortem sense the soul is you, your mind and character which, to begin with at least, remain unchanged. The body is gone and one must assume that all conditions, mental as well as physical, that were linked to the body are removed. Does this mean that the blind can see and the senile regain their faculties? I would doubt there is a sudden change as that might be too shocking but there may be a gradual lifting of the darkness, both visual and psychological. Then the person stands forth as he is. But where is he? That depends on the person. In the spiritual world outer reflects inner so your environment after death will reflect your spiritual state. For some that might mean a plane of dimness and emptiness, for others there will be light both in the sense of illumination and the feeling of no longer being pulled down and trapped by the heaviness of matter. 

For all, though, the death of the physical body will be followed, sooner or later, by the stripping of self. First of all, the physical body has been shed but there remain many other layers of falseness and artificiality that we have built up and surrounded ourselves with as a shield and defence and wall against life while in the world. We all have an image of ourself with which we identify and which we project outwards and this must be dismantled completely before we are ready to move on to more celestial regions.

So, the first thing to be done after death if we wish to ascend is purification. This corresponds to purgatory in the Christian tradition. Only the pure can enter a world of purity. There can be no darkness in heaven. However, this may not apply to everyone. There will be worlds corresponding to hell in which the soul suffers the consequences of its attachment to one or several of the various sins, and others more like limbo where the great mass of souls probably find themselves. Limbo is a kind of semi-material world that interpenetrates the physical and is like the astral plane or desire world of occultism. The astral plane itself has many levels, some of which may be dark and dull, others reflecting higher forms of consciousness but these are all the creation of the created which is to say the outgrowth of human desire, imagination and thought. In these worlds the soul when it has found its appropriate place will be happy with all earthly woes and problems removed. It can live as it likes but it will not know God or the higher spiritual realities though there may be an imitation of these to which the conventionally religious may gravitate, and here they stay until they experience the inner urge to move on and progress to higher levels. Some may even think they are in heaven for this is a state of natural happiness in which the earthly kinds of desires can be satisfied. But there is no real spiritual fulfilment and no consciousness of the presence of God. The conventionally good person may gravitate here as well as those who are still attached to the phenomenal side of life.

At higher levels we may find regions corresponding to the prelapsarian Paradise, and also to the heavens of the various pagan religions. The spiritual law is like attracts like so what you are is where you go. To get to higher/subtler realms you must work to eradicate that in you that acts as ballast, essentially sin and ignorance, and encourage the finer feelings of spiritual aspiration and attraction to what is truly noble and good. Part of this is developing imagination but not in the worldly sense in which we understand that word now. True imagination is receptivity to higher things. It is linked to spiritual sensitivity.

Paradise is spiritual but it is not divine, the difference being that it is still part of Creation. Above Paradise there is the true Heaven which is where the fully purified soul stands in the presence of the Creator who is now known as the very essence of your own soul. He is still God the Creator but he is is also fully immanent. There is no separation between you and him. However, Heaven is not a single place where every soul is the same as every other soul. If anything, souls in heaven are more individual not less so. They are now fully themselves, a unique aspect of God, now completed, but at the same time while every soul in heaven may be filled with God, there is always more God to be known and so every soul stands at a point in which God may be at the centre of their being but they can always move closer to the centre of God's being. The law of life is growth and this continues in Heaven as it must or else Heaven would have a lack in it. It is not pure being as opposed to becoming but being and becoming together, always working to create something more.

Here I must introduce the vexed question of reincarnation. As a believer in that mechanism for the education of souls I would say that most souls, after a spell in one or several of the inner planes, experience an urge to return to Earth to further their development in a sphere in which that is possible, the material plane of full separation. Those who ascend to Heaven after life in this world are probably fewer in number than we have been told. At either end of the human scale there are those who are damned and those who are fully saved but many souls, in my opinion, need to return and continue with their course of spiritual development in this world. 

I will add a proviso. This might have been the pattern of the past. But we are at the end of an age. Now, souls may be facing an end of term examination in which their future paths are determined. It may be that the course is ending and souls must make definitive choices. That is my personal feeling. It also explains the vastly expanded world population. We are being called either to go up higher or, if we refuse to embrace that destiny, to fall back. The tests are coming thick and fast and it may well be that "wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: (but) strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it." Words to take seriously now more than ever when everything in the world is conspiring to lead us to the wide gate and broad way.

Saturday, 26 March 2022

Ancient Egypt

Like many people I have long been fascinated by ancient Egypt and its otherworldliness. Despite its strangeness it seems to capture something profound and mysterious about humanity in a way that is not seen anywhere else. There really is something magical about Egypt. I have visited the country twice and each time coincided with a dramatic change in my life.

The first time I went there was in 1978. This was shortly after I had become interested in spirituality and a few months before I went to live with Michael Lord. So, an ideal time really as I was ready to absorb the deeper message of Egypt. My eyes had begun to be opened to the inner truths of life and Egypt was the perfect place to take that further since the whole ancient Egyptian civilisation was based on the understanding that this world was a reflection of a higher reality. Ancient Egypt was dedicated to manifesting that reality by living life on earth according to the pattern of heaven. Literally so in some instances as many of the Egyptian gods were star gods. For example, Isis was linked to Sirius, the brightest star in the sky, and her consort Osiris was connected to the constellation Orion.

The 3 stars of Orion's belt (upper centre) point down to Sirius

I first arrived in Egypt at the port of Alexandria, coming on a boat from Piraeus in Greece. Alexandria was and is an East meets West type of city, combining elements of Greece and Egypt and making of them something that might justly be regarded as the intellectual seed of the modern world. I mean that in a positive sense. The destruction of its ancient library is widely regarded as one of the great cultural tragedies of the world in which a vast amount of pagan wisdom was lost but Alexandria was also a major centre of early Christianity. Its patriarchate was supposedly founded by St Mark around 40 AD and later on many of the Church Fathers such as Clement, Origen and Athanasius lived and taught there. At the same time, Alexandria was home to Neoplatonic philosophers of the order of Plotinus and Hypatia. Oddly enough, not long before I visited the city I had read Charles Kingsley's novel about this famous female philosopher who was murdered by a Christian mob and whose virtues might even have been incorporated into the myths about St Catherine. All of which is to say that in the early centuries of the first millennium Alexandria was a city that was home to the best and brightest of both Christians and pagans. If any one place was the birthplace of the modern world it was perhaps Alexandria but it also contained within itself the wisdom of the past.

From Alexandria I took a train to Cairo where I spent the next couple of weeks. I couldn't go further south because at that time such trains as there were, which was not many, were all booked up for the next month which seems strange now but it was a simpler time with fewer tourist facilities. As it turned out, that was a fortuitous circumstance because it gave me more time to explore Cairo itself and the Giza plateau.

I wasn't too thrilled with Cairo at first. It seemed chaotic, dirty and smelly not to mention very hot. But I soon got over that and began to appreciate what you might call the authenticity of the place though this was helped by the fact that there still existed at that time those old colonial style clubs from the 1930s where you could have an ice cold beer under a fan and all was gleaming brass and shiny brown leather with immaculately dressed waiters in white uniforms topped off by a bright red fez. But my hotel was not like that. Basic sums it up but it was certainly cheap and served a nice guava jelly at breakfast.

On several occasions I went off to see the pyramids. If I had been able to go down (or is it up in Egyptian terms?) to Luxor I probably would have gone only once but being restricted to Cairo meant I could take more time in exploring the whole area in and around Giza including the little village, as it was then, that had grown up in the vicinity. I spent some time walking around all three pyramids and the Sphinx and also investigated some of the smaller structures that are there. I even went a little way out into the desert, this being the first time I had ever seen a real desert. Its great emptiness and expanse makes it an apt symbol for the boundless infinity of universal spirit and a fit object for the contemplation of eternal things. 

In complete contrast to the the desert was the interior of the Great Pyramid. These represent two spiritual extremes, eye-achingly bright light and deep darkness, wide open space and the drawing in of everything to a still centre in which all power seems to be concentrated. This is the King's Chamber located in the heart of the Great Pyramid. To reach it you must go through an outside entrance located about 20 feet above ground, not the original entrance but one cut later, and then descend by a narrow passageway a short distance before reascending by another passageway which, like the first, is only about 3 feet high so you have to bend your head, symbolically significant, no doubt. You then reach the impressive Grand Gallery which at 28 feet high and around 150 feet long conveys a strong sense of ceremony and grandeur as though it leads to somewhere of importance.

Which, of course, it does. At the top of the gallery there is a short tunnel that leads through a small antechamber into the King's Chamber. Before going to Egypt I had read A Search in Secret Egypt by Paul Brunton which was first published in 1935 in which he describes a night spent alone in the King's Chamber and the strange experience that befell him there. Now, I don't necessarily believe everything Brunton says. He was a journalist and had a journalist's imagination, but he was also a good writer and introduced many people in the West to Indian philosophy. His two travel/spiritual books about India and Egypt are still very much worth reading, and he had many insights into all aspects of the mystical and esoteric. I owe him a spiritual debt which I am happy to acknowledge. Whether he really did have the experience he describes in which during his night alone in the King's Chamber he was initiated into the mysteries of the after death state by the psychic forms of ancient Egyptian High Priests I can't say. But it's not impossible. The King's Chamber is a deeply mysterious place and it may well have served as a sanctuary for the initiation of qualified candidates into the Mysteries. Egyptologists maintain it was merely a tomb for the pharaoh Khufu but it is remarkably plain with undecorated walls and an austerity that is not what you would expect for a pharaoh. I didn't spend a night there but I was alone in the chamber for 10 minutes or so and there certainly was, as Brunton says, "a powerful atmosphere".

The King's Chamber with sarcophagus

My copy from 1977

An Egyptian pound note from 1978 I found inside the book which I must have kept as a bookmark

On another occasion I climbed to the top of the third and smallest pyramid which is the one thought to have served as the tomb of the pharaoh Menkaure from the 4th Dynasty, around 2,600 BC. It is only around 200 feet high now as compared with the Great Pyramid which was originally around 480 feet high though is a bit smaller today. It was still a scramble to get up though and I needed a local guide to show the way or, at least, that's what he told me. Today I disapprove of myself for doing this as it obviously damages the pyramids to have tourists clambering all over them which is why it is not allowed, but still the view from the top across the great desert under the burning Egyptian sun was quite stunning. 

I like to imagine that there are three pyramids because of the triplicities to be found throughout nature, not least in the spirit, soul and body constitution of the human being. In this parallel Menkaure's pyramid would probably refer to the body as it is the last built and the least important. But it is still part of the whole and not to be discounted by any means.

The pyramids and the Sphinx belong to a world which is not ours in any sense at all. But they impress us as representing something profound and true. They speak to us from across the millennia, calling us back to something important we have forgotten. How many millennia? Official Egyptology puts it at around four and a half but then the water erosion on the Sphinx implies that at least to be much older, maybe even dating back to the end of the last Ice Age which was around 9,700 BC. Curiously, Paul Brunton writing in 1935 also thought the Sphinx was much older than established academic sources allow. He says that to "the Fourth Dynasty Pharaohs the Sphinx was already unutterably aged", and that those regarded as building it merely restored it. He relates a vision he had while contemplating the Sphinx at night "of men with long and hard faces and reddish brown skin" carving out the monument and then how after centuries had gone by and the men had long departed a huge wall of water swept over it. The Deluge! 

                                 The Sphinx with the Menkaure Pyramid in the background

Does the Sphinx date back to before the Flood? The water erosion evidence does appear to support that. All I can say is that when I first visited it in 1978 it did not seem at all far-fetched that it was many thousands of years older than recorded history, even ancient history. There is something about it that belongs to an epoch when the gods were still present on Earth which means a time when spirit and matter had not separated and the radiance of eternity still illumined the world.

Monday, 21 March 2022

Anthropocentric Spirituality

 A spirituality that sees mankind as central, one that is focussed on human beings and their spiritual development rather than God, is very common nowadays. It practically always goes with a generalised leftist attitude and fails the litmus tests proposed by Bruce Charlton which examine an individual's discernment and ability to see what is actually happening in the world today. It seeks personal benefit here and now in the form of an increased sense of well-being and peace rather than to put the soul right with God on his terms and irrespective of what that might bring as regards pain and suffering to the individual. It is really a form of psychological therapy rather than true religion.

The word sacrifice means to make holy and is etymologically related to sacred. Humanistic spirituality is not sacrificial but sacrilegious in that it attempts to steal sacred things that by right belong to God and appropriate them by the self on the human level. It pursues the religious path for what it can get from it, from a desire for heaven rather than a love of God. This false motive corrupts the entire spiritual approach so even if such a person engages in traditional spiritual practices such as prayer or meditation or ritual of whatever sort the work is tainted. This does not mean it won't bring results or that the results may not seem to them to be authentic spiritual experiences, but they will be empty of real spiritual benefit and merely feed the ego.

The desire for spiritual experience is understandable but should quickly be outgrown. We do not come to Earth to have spiritual experiences but to learn and so, generally speaking, such experiences will come to the seeker at the beginning of his journey to give him encouragement and the sense that what he aspires to really does exist but thereafter he may not be favoured. To seek to repeat past experiences is the sign of a spiritual sensualist.

Human-centred spirituality is actually an aspect of materialism. It is the spirituality of the materialist, a person whose whole mindset is formed by materialism and whose motivations relate to the earthly self and the satisfaction of its goals and desires but who has simply broadened his horizons to include a wider range of experiences. He is seeking to be fed and wants to bring the spiritual down to his soul rather than take his soul up to the spiritual. The first commandment will always be to love God with all your heart and all your mind and all your soul. Anthropocentric spirituality is the spirituality of the world.

Thursday, 17 March 2022

The Humanitarian God

I had a conversation recently with someone about religion. I had said how odd it was that the local town council here in the south of England had hoisted a blue and yellow flag on top of their offices. I was referring to the way we have all been swept up in a wave of emotion and speculating on why this may be. I was not belittling the suffering of people caught up in war but questioning the attitude of those who seem to care deeply about this because the media tells them to but ignore similar things which occur all over the world all the time in greater or lesser forms. 

But the person to whom I was talking took a different approach. "I thought you were a religious person and yet you don't seem as upset as most people about the terrible human suffering in Ukraine. Surely anyone who believes in God should be concerned about relieving human suffering?" This attitude seems to encapsulate so much about the materialistic attitude to religion (shared by many believers not just the attitude of non-believers) that I thought I might address it in a post here.

What is the purpose of religion? Is it to make people happy and comfortable in this world or is it to prepare them for the next? Is it to relieve suffering or is it to understand suffering? Now, obviously it is important to relieve suffering where one can but that is not the main issue from a spiritual perspective. Nothing I say here should be taken as refuting the simple fact that we should always seek to heal wounds when we are able to do so but there are deeper matters to consider. Relieving physical suffering is clearly a noble act but it should not be used as an excuse to obscure spiritual understanding.

If you believe in God, really believe in a spiritual God, then you have a different attitude to the world and to human beings. Human beings then become not what they appear to be in the phenomenal sense but souls with a spiritual purpose and in need of spiritual development. They are not just minds and bodies as we would ordinarily perceive them. They are spiritual beings and that puts them in an entirely different light. To fulfil them in the earthly sphere might have a detrimental spiritual impact. That does not mean you turn a blind eye to suffering but that the real significance of life lies elsewhere. It lies in developing first an awareness of and then a relationship with God and with God as a spiritual being, seeing yourself as a soul not the incarnated personality.

Most people live entirely in the world of appearance. They identify themselves with their outer being, their human body, emotions and thoughts, and when they think of God they think of him interacting with this person or saving this person. Even many, maybe the majority of, religious people materialise spirituality in that they think the earthly human being is what matters. But the earthly human being is inherently and by default a sinner, and a sinner can only be saved by renouncing his sins and not just his sins but his identification with himself as an earthly human being. The earthly human being can never get to heaven. This needs to be understood. You only get to heaven, which is to say fulfil your divine purpose and destiny, by transferring the focus of your being from the earthly self to the spiritual soul. If you don't know what this means you are a materialist whatever your beliefs.

God is not a humanitarian. At least, not in the sense we normally understand the meaning of this word. That is because although he loves the whole human being there is a hierarchical dimension to this love and he loves the soul more than the body. This is not to discount the body but to put things in perspective. It is good to feed and heal the body but not at the expense of the soul and if the focus on the body is used to obscure the reality and prior claim of the soul then you are not acting in a godly fashion. It is hard to escape the sense that in recent times the humanitarian impulse, in itself a true and noble impulse, has been twisted and is being used to advance an attack on deeper spiritual values.

Sunday, 13 March 2022

Current Events

I have never written much about current events on this blog except in a general manner. That is not what it is about. However, when events in the outer world have a spiritual import I need to sit up and take notice. Of course, in a certain sense they always do but they are doing so increasingly now. The tragicomedy of the last two years was one instance and the war in Ukraine is another. In both cases almost everything we hear from official sources is a lie, either an outright lie or a distorted truth, and meant to promote a certain agenda. On one level that agenda is to create a world of masters and slaves which is why the powers that be are busy destroying their own cultures, which has already been done, and economies which is in the process of being done. The spectacle of people participating enthusiastically in their own demise with regard to matters such as mass immigration, action to prevent climate change and now sanctions which hurt the sanctioners as much as the sanctioned would be absurd if it weren't tragic. The intellectual and emotional manipulation of the populace seems to be pitifully easy. Is this because we are no longer trained in critical thinking but just told what we should be thinking? Is the desire for acceptance so much greater than the desire for truth?

If the outer aim is to reduce the majority of human beings to a serf-like condition, those that survive a probable culling anyway, there is a spiritual dimension to all this too and that is ultimately the more important. Our Western civilisation is in the process of collapsing, aided and abetted by its leaders, and we are being encouraged into going along with ideologies and measures that will bring this about. I have mentioned  mass immigration and climate change concern but there are a whole host of other things, great and small, which I don't need to detail as they are all to do with eradicating tradition and the past so that people have no connection to anything outside postmodern ways of thinking. To answer my own questions above, we go along with these things because we have lost touch with the spiritual dimension of life and therefore to anything real and objectively true. But the consequences of going along with them separates us further from spiritual reality. It embeds us more deeply into the fundamental spiritual sin which is rejection of God.

There is the globalist goal of supranational totalitarianism which is widely known though not yet grasped by the man in the street, and there is the demonic goal of damnation which is only understood by serious Christians though perhaps members of other religions are also alive to this in the context of their beliefs. The two goals are interlinked but the one we really need to take seriously is the latter. Events in the outer world have a twofold significance. They are used to move on the globalist agenda. Pestilence, real or imagined,war and rumours of war and famine are all helpful in this regard. Society is broken down so it can be rebuilt in the form those seeking control wish. This, of course, will be presented as an act of benevolence or else necessity. But beyond all that there is the demonic aim of the spiritual destruction of souls. It is on this that we should be primarily focused because the body lives for but a few decades but the soul can live forever. So, see all current events in the light of salvation and what your reaction to them might mean in that context.

Thursday, 10 March 2022

Secular Materialism and the Feminine

How can we cleanse our minds, purging them of every aspect of secular materialism? This is the task that lies before us at the present time because this materialism is like a worm in the apple of the mind that will contaminate the whole thing unless it is removed completely. Unfortunately, all of us are corrupted by it to some degree as it is the water in which we have swum all our lives. It's the basic assumption to everything, how we are educated, our culture, high and low, and it drives our dreams and ambitions. It's all pervasive. Even most people who believe they believe in God are materialists with their religious beliefs sitting in an overall context of present day secular materialistic assumptions such as democracy, humanism, feminism, climate change concern and so on.

I mention feminism. Our current world is sometimes described as increasingly feminised but this doesn't just refer to the rise and spread of feminism over the last hundred years. It also describes the attitudes that prevail in contemporary society as a whole, over and above the roles of men and women. What does it mean?

A feminised society is one that no longer seeks truth or excellence. In line with general female motivation, it prioritises what is seen as safe, secure and equally nice to all. It wants what is most agreeable to most people without excessive challenge or discomfort. Consequently, it will never rise above mediocrity. Women seek to observe the status quo. It is men who take risks and break boundaries so a feminised society will seek security and conformity above all. Consequently, it will start to regress to a kind of childhood. These characteristics, excellent and necessary in a mother, are an ideal balancing corrective to the more masculine drive that seeks out truth and creates a civilisation. However, if they dominate as they are beginning to do now they infantilise and weaken and lead to a reversal of cultural achievement. 

The childlike condition that results might be regarded as spiritual in that it bears a slight resemblance to pre-agricultural societies that supposedly lived in harmony with the natural world in a state of peace and communal equality.  I have to stress supposedly since more recent, less ideologically driven, research has shown that to be mostly a fantasy. But even assuming it were true, societies of this kind remained just as they were for thousands of years. They never advanced until disturbed, and their spirituality was largely just an awareness of the supernatural. They had not begun to grow into a real knowledge of God, and the purpose of life in this world is to transform human souls from a state of passive participation in life into beings of creative love and power. In short, to make gods. This requires constantly aspiring upwards, reaching beyond the safe and what is acceptable and attainable by everybody in the society. It demands that we leave spiritual childhood behind and become spiritual adults which means abandoning the lowlands and climbing mountains. Like it or not, and many religious people won't, a truly spiritual attitude needs the pioneering spirit. A feminised society is one that stays in the nest and will never fly. 

It can easily be observed that both materialism and feminism arise at the end of a civilisation's lifetime. They seem to be signs of cultural fatigue and decay and arise from a loss of spiritual purpose, coming about when the creative impulse that forms a civilisation has worn out and it is living off its past achievements.

Duality is the basis of the manifested universe. It is the interplay between two opposing forces that brings about creation and drives evolution. After all, it could be said that Man only begins to know himself because of Woman (and vice versa). Therefore, to point to feminism as a sign of cultural collapse is not to criticise woman anymore than to condemn materialism is to condemn matter. Just as the devil doesn't lie outright so much as deform the truth, the problem here is that womanhood and the material have been taken out of place and made to usurp the role of that which they are intended to complement in the context of duality. They have been made to become, or try to become, what they are not resulting in disorder and spiritual chaos. The devil is not very imaginative. He always makes the same offer. Give me your soul and I will give you money and power. He's played his usual game with feminism and materialism and many people have made the exchange.

How do we grow out of this? By starting to take the teachings of Christ seriously. These are not adjuncts to the modern beliefs of the world, to the secular ideologies of materialism, as they often seem to be perceived nowadays. They completely replace these ideologies, showing those to be shallow impostures deriving from a false idea of the soul. Feminism is an offshoot of secular materialism but when the feminine is rededicated to the spiritual it is transformed and becomes a sacred vessel for the divine as with Mary. Similarly with matter. Just as with the soul itself, these things only find their true fulfilment when they give themselves over to God through Christ. Then they become holy things. At the moment they have been deformed by trying to be something they are not.

Saturday, 5 March 2022

The Need to Cultivate Discernment

 To see through the current world scenarios is going to require increasing levels of spiritual discernment. Mere intelligence of the high IQ variety will not be sufficient, if indeed it ever was. There will be big lies and little lies and the former will be used to obscure the latter which may well turn out to be more insidious in the sense that a half truth is often more damaging than an outright lie. All this is happening now and we need to be finely attuned to the reality of God, as he is and in terms of what his desires and aims are for us, and the truths of the higher worlds to sort it all out.  Those who rely on ordinary brain power will be deceived. It is the light of intuition manifesting as spiritual discernment that is essential. If you don't have that make haste to develop it which you can do by prayer and meditation on God and the Word of God and the person of Jesus Christ.

The game is well underway. Plague, war, probable economic collapse are either here or coming in some form or another. These are not sent by God but the inevitable result of the abandonment of God. Of course, these things have happened throughout history but in the context of here and now they can be seen as the consequence of the warped nature of present day consciousness. Though not sent by God they can be used by him as tools of spiritual learning which, after all, is the only reason we are in this world. That is why we are here, to learn to become like God. It is why we leave the safety and security of the higher planes of being and come down to a world in which we must make choices and be active. It is the wrong choices made by many people over many decades which are leading to a future in which we will be challenged in ways modern humanity is not used to and which will potentially cause great suffering. The only way to surmount these challenges will be through the power of spiritual discernment which will enable us to sift truth from lies and then live according to truth. Those who don't do this will be led astray and fall into darkness. I refer to spiritual darkness which is not perceived as such by those who are blind to the light but the effect of spiritual darkness will spread to the material plane. It must do so.

It cannot be stressed too much that the current world situation demands that we grow spiritually and this has to be on an individual level. It is not a collective thing though should spread beyond the individual to the collective. But it must start in the individual to be real and what it requires first and foremost is the development of discernment and this is not just a matter of knowledge or even insight. True discernment is also a moral thing, arising from a heart that is oriented towards God for that, when you come down to it, is what morality actually is.

Thursday, 3 March 2022

Spirituality and the World

 There are two mistakes the spiritually oriented person can make in his relationship with the world. The first is to get drawn into taking sides in worldly disputes. I am not talking about the conflict between good and evil. To take sides in that conflict is essential but sometimes we project good and evil onto worldly scenarios and forget that these are basically spiritual things referring to the spiritual plane and our relationship with God. That can and does spill over into the material world of creation but real good and evil are always rooted in the spiritual and when we think of them that is what we should be thinking of to make sure we are approaching them as they actually are and not as we might imagine them to play out based on worldly priorities and criteria. 

The second mistake is to have no relationship at all with the world. This is the typical error of a certain category of mystic, the sort who forgets that though we should not be of the world, we are in it and cannot ignore that basic fact. To be born into this world means we have a task to perform here, and although that task might be to reorient both the world and ourself to the spiritual plane it is not to reject and deny the world as the arena of God's creation. If God looked at what he had created and saw that it was good who are we to say otherwise?

It can be a delicate balancing act. Our concern should at all times be the spiritual but the material is part of the spiritual as Jesus demonstrated when he took his body with him into heaven. He did not get involved with the world as the world but he loved it as the creation and sought at all times to render it more open to the spirit. This requires reorientation and purification and that also should be our attitude towards the world.

Nowadays there seems to be one crisis after another that clamours for our attention and demands we take a side. Increasingly, good opinion tells us there is a right side and a wrong one and we can be swept up into an emotional reaction or else just be fearful that we might be perceived as bad people if we don't follow everyone else. But I would suggest that often we don't have to take sides in other people's arguments. I am not saying we should stand back and let evil prevail but nor need we get involved in conflicts that fundamentally do not concern us. The immediate problem every human being has to face is within himself and has to do with his relationship with God, but we often ignore that in favour of something external to ourselves which is fundamentally less demanding and can be satisfied with gestures. 

Wednesday, 2 March 2022

A Radio Interview

 I did another interview recently to discuss Earth is a School and more. This one was with Barb Crowley who presents Metaphysics: A View Through the Veil and we had an interesting and wide-ranging chat. All the details can be found here.


Monday, 28 February 2022

Materialism is a Kind of Immaturity

 Have you ever wondered whether people who don't believe in God or, at the very least, the reality of a spiritual world might actually be incapacitated in some way? Because if you aren't alive to the reality of spirit it means you have no real sense of the good or the beautiful or of glory or nobility or mystery. If you think these are just human constructs you can't be aware of them at all. 

You truly think there is nothing beyond what you can see and touch, and that human beings are sacks of meat with bodies that are just machines and minds that are only like computers? If you have any real sensitivity you must be at least somewhat aware of the fact of spirit. Even if you can't quite believe in God because the religious presentations of him are outdated in many ways you should have some kind of sense of the spiritual behind the everyday. The problem of evil often brought up as a stumbling block to spiritual acceptance makes no sense. What about the far greater problem of good?

Are materialists people who simply lack imagination? Or do they just need to grow up? A bit of both, I would say. Then, of course, there are some who don't want to believe in the spiritual and we will leave their motivations for another time.

Thursday, 24 February 2022

The Secular and the Spiritual

Sometimes in today's materialistic world in which traditional values have been turned on their head and good and bad redefined, a person who approaches the spiritual path might be confronted with some version of the following question. This question might come from someone else or it might even come from within oneself. We have all been brought up in the modern world and its attitudes cannot help but rub off on us. We are taught that certain beliefs are moral and good and others are immoral and wrong so if and when we turn to the spiritual path we already have preconceived ideas about good and bad derived from the world. It is important to know whether spirituality is supposed to build on these or to supersede them, putting them in a different light.

The question is this. "What is your position with regard to (any or all of these) homosexuality, racism & feminism?" These issues have become sacred cows of the modern age and usually when the question is put there are inbuilt assumptions as to the correct answer but I would like to approach this question from a spiritual level rather than the secular one from which it it is posed because that is the only way to answer it properly. Consequently, I would respond to it along these lines.

You are thinking in terms of a materialistic society and what seems good for human beings as they are in this world.  However, you need to change your fundamental principles and think in terms of God, the soul and creation. Then either those questions will answer themselves or they will have no meaning. I can't answer them because, coming at it from a secular position even if it is a spiritualised secular position, you would not understand my answers.

You must know that people can have wrong views because of compassion or what they think is compassion. Compassion is good but doesn't make what is wrong right. This compassion is human rather than divine, being mixed with human emotions and understanding. This is where problems can arise, and I would ask you something in return. Are we here to be happy in our mortal lives or to grow spiritually? The correct answer to that question will answer your original question.

The fact of the matter is that these are issues raised by a secular worldview that sees human beings in terms of their material selves only. This view is, if not actively anti-spiritual, certainly non-spiritual so cannot be responded to in the way you want from a spiritual perspective. 

Essentially, these are questions based on a false understanding of life, and would have to be completely reframed to have any spiritual relevance. I might even suggest  that they are distractions into which are poured the energies of the moral impulse after the loss of proper religion and the sense of the transcendent. They are false trails as is clear when you understand the reality of God and the laws of creation. Everyone should be treated with the dignity and fairness appropriate to his station but spiritual truth cannot bend to human emotions and desires.

A big problem today in the spiritual world is that people turn to it while retaining Enlightenment values which values came about in a world that denied spiritual truth. It certainly downgraded revelation and took human reason, cut adrift from spiritual discernment, faith and intuition, as the only guide to knowledge. The Enlightenment was based on rationalism and empiricism and had no truck with the spiritual unless it could be incorporated into that mindset. But the spiritual cannot be incorporated into anything worldly. So indoctrinated are we with Enlightenment values and the Enlightenment definition of what is good that we take those with us when we adopt a spiritual worldview or pursue a spiritual path without realising that the spiritual changes everything. It's as though we have accepted a 4 or 5 dimensional world but continue to have a 3 dimensional attitude towards it, cramming those greater dimensions into our constricted box.

The best direct answer to the question posed is to say that God is love but he is also truth. For him love and truth are one. Seek truth in love and love in truth and you will know the answer.

Sunday, 20 February 2022

Earth is a School article

This is an article I was asked to write recently by the publisher of Earth is a School in order to promote the book. I am not sure where it ended up so I include it here.

Why are we here in this world? Probably most people nowadays think there is no reason. We just are here and that’s all there is to it. We should try to live as happy and fulfilled a life as possible and when we die, we cease to exist. Religious people would go further and say that we should follow the guidance of our religion and hope for an afterlife in heaven or paradise or maybe get reincarnated in a better position than we are now with the eventual aim of breaking the cycle of manifested existence and being reabsorbed into the All. It depends whether we are materialists or spiritual believers. The former would say life on Earth is for living as best you can, here and now. You have only one life so make it count. The latter in practical terms often don’t seem so very different though they theoretically have one eye on the next world.


I would like to consider another possibility. It requires seeing the human being in a different light from the one to which we are normally accustomed. For a start, it takes the pre-existence of the soul as a basic fact. Then it envisages that soul taking birth in the material  world in a physical body for reasons to do with its own aims and goals, those of a spiritual being, not for the incarnate person’s development and fulfilment in material or worldly terms.


In this scenario the spiritual individuality, which is a created being, descends to the physical world to advance its evolution. It’s like a seed that is planted in the ground to germinate. The word descends is appropriate because the process is a falling away from the unity of the source into separation and limitation. At the same time, those two characteristics force the soul to develop in certain ways that would not be possible on its own natural level of oneness with the source where there is no conflict or challenge. The material environment provides both of these, as we know all too well. Here we can truly become an individual self, forced to rely on ourself and to make our own way. As the evolution referred to is to make fully conscious creative gods, true reflections of their divine source, out of unselfconscious spiritual babes, beings bathed in peace and bliss but purely passive, that individuality is an essential requirement.


Earth, by which I mean this physical world, is a school designed with a purpose. The purpose is to brings souls to maturity. If we were to remain as pure discarnate spirits we would certainly never know pain or suffering but then again we would not know real love either for real love requires a solid sense of self which is something that can only develop in a world of separation, a material world in which spirit and matter have been sundered. Our task is to put them back together again, consciously reassemble them, and from this marriage of Heaven and Earth arises something new which is the god we mentioned earlier. This is a being that can wield the powers of creation in full consciousness. I will add something more for those who might think that love can be known by souls that have not experienced the material world. Not really. These souls can certainly know a kind of balmy bliss and communion which is like love but it is an infantile kind of love. True, serious, deep-feeling love can only be known and expressed by souls who have been touched by sorrow. Suffering may be the bane of our earthly existence but it is also a great spiritual gift. We cannot know it on the higher planes but through it we can enter into the lives of our fellow souls more than we ever could if restricted to those planes. It is through suffering that we come to real love.


The soul is created by God, the supreme I AM of the universe, out of himself. It is created in his image so has its own I am quality. It is individual but to be a true, fully functioning individual it must co-create itself. Otherwise, it would remain in spiritual bliss but spiritual ignorance. This is what the school is all about. The experience of duality is necessary for the knowledge of oneness. It is separation that leads to completion. But this oneness does not mean simply returning to God or becoming God. The whole process is to make the One many which is a spiritual enrichment of the One, and the many remain themselves even when they have completed the journey, graduated, you might say, and returned to the source. Now they can add to creation. In fact, this is something we can already do in a clumsy fashion though only the great artists do it to any real degree. And note that you can create with God or against him. Here is a lesson many, especially now in the 21st century, have yet to learn. God is truth. What is unaligned with God is untruth and therefore evil. That’s what evil is in the greater sense. Our task is to bring ourselves into harmony with the laws of creation and then we will find real fulfilment by working with them. The fact of individuality, which necessarily implies free will, means that things can go wrong. It would appear that things have gone wrong in recent times but it may be that, viewed with the eye of history, even the spiritual darkness into which we have fallen will bring some kind of future advancement. Perhaps we have to experience the consequences of wrong thinking to know how wrong it is.


The scenario here sees souls coming to the Earth and being tested just as in a normal school. What is tested is the orientation of the heart. There is no choice on the higher planes to which the soul naturally belongs, no sense of separation from divine being. What is, is. But down here there is a choice. The world is very cleverly set up so that there is just enough evidence to convince those of the reality of God if they incline that way but not enough to persuade those who do not wish to believe. Here, and especially now in our day, you can follow whatever path you choose. Your heart is being examined. There is no coercion, no overwhelming evidence that would take away your free will. You show yourself for what you are. This might sound a little threatening but God is surely at least as compassionate as we are. Failure in life’s spiritual lessons may simply mean you have to repeat the course. Those who make the grade return to the higher worlds where, according to their spiritual station, they will be filled with the love and truth of God. Those who miss out on that proceed to worlds that reflect their current spiritual state which will no doubt provide them with new lessons to take them further on their journey. (Though see Bruce Charlton's comment below about the potential difficulty of changing your mind when no longer in a body.)