Friday 2 December 2022

Your Nationality and What You Are

 When I lived in India I knew an Englishman, Vic Tate by name, who had been born in India in around 1915. I say he was an Englishman because all his ancestors had come from England but he had only visited the country once, in the 1950s. Otherwise he had lived his entire life in India, having stayed on as a coffee planter after Independence in 1947. He was an Indian citizen but thought of himself, as he was, as an Englishman. 

I also knew an Italian born around the same time as Vic. He was called Tito Simonelli which you will agree is a typical Italian name. And he was a typical Italian though, like Vic, he had only visited Italy once. His father had been chauffeur to the Maharajah of Mysore and Tito was an engineer who had an Alfa Romeo, also typically Italian. He was also a lover of the fair sex, even in his late sixties when I knew him. Also, well, you know!

The point is both these men were Indian citizens who had lived in India their whole lives and had been born there. But they thought of themselves, and were regarded by everyone else, as English and Italian respectively. They knew what people nowadays seem to forget that your ancestry matters more than your passport.

An old lady has got in trouble and been hung out to dry by her spineless employers, anxious to cover their backs, because she asked someone with an African name, and who, from a quick search on Google, seems to favour wearing African style clothes, what part of Africa she came from. Maybe she was a little insensitive, given the state of things today, but the reaction to her minor faux pas is out of all proportion to the thing itself. Of course, the media has no moral standards and just loves to whip up hysteria, anything to sell copy, but the people who fan the flames of this non-incident and pander to the anti-racism grievance industry are, to put it bluntly, wicked. If ever you wanted to see how a country destroys itself, look no further.

The impressive Cardinal Robert Sarah, himself an African, had this to say recently. "Europe has lost the sense of it origins. It has lost its roots and a tree without roots will die. I'm afraid that the West will die. There are plenty of signs. You are invaded, still, by other cultures and peoples, who will progressively dominate you by their numbers and change your culture, your convictions, your morality." This latest absurdity illustrates the wisdom and truth of his words.


Bruce Charlton said...

This destruction of nations is now well underway - and by multiple means.

The bizarre value-inversion of the status of the English being subordinated to anyone else who arrives in the country or identified with another is now accepted (indeed mandatory) in all official public discourse - as if it had always been the natural order of things that host nations should adapt and yield to the preferences of each and every 'other' culture, and the English should be delighted to subsidize their own colonization.

Greater Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland and the fifth in the UK - and apparently the population of Glasgow (ie about a extra *million people*) arrived in Britain last year - all being given housing, feeding, and a multitude of services (schools, health etc) at the expense of the resident population.

And this is actively implemented and imposed as a strategy by our puppet-'leaders', that of the EU nations, and the multi-billionaire globalists world government.

Aside, somewhat; I was appalled to read that the Dutch (puppet-) government were (in typically totalitarian fashion) going to take-over and shut-down 3000 farms because of some obviously made-up pseudoscientific nonsense about the evils of Nitrogen (i.e. 80% of the air we breathe).

Because, obviously, we (the masses) don't need food. Just like we don't need warmth or power.

So, the spiteful sheer destructiveness continues to escalate; and the point of no return was some considerable time ago.

BUT, I hope, every time that a new group are made the target, a few souls will awaken to the reality of purposive evil in this world, and have a chance of affiliating to the Good...

ben said...

Interesting that members of one people would encourage the development of resentment for their own people in aliens... I hadn't thought about it as a sort of scandal, in terms of corruption and sin; I had taken for granted the hostility of those aliens.

But the touchiness, the hypervigilance, intolerance, entitlement - characteristic of self-pity, resentment, shame-avoidance whatever other sins. It's not inevitable and should be repented.

Isbe said...

There are many people who cannot do “God,” but they can find both support and the impulse to self-sacrifice through the principle of national and ethnic identity. The Controllers have decided to take that away from the people because the Controllers main objective is to destroy faith in the Creator and nationalism/nationality – love of country, tradition, roots, may be seen as a precursor to or connected to faith in God. Same with the family unit. All these things must be destroyed because if you love your family and you love your country/nationality you might end up loving God too and they can’t have that. As Cardinal Sarah has pointed out a tree without roots will die, but we can hope that before it dies, it has spread its seeds which will somehow regenerate.

William Wildblood said...

I like the optimism expressed in your last sentence, isbe. Yes, let us hope that the spiritual influence of the West can survive to awaken souls in the future. Those you call the Controllers (good name) want to destroy all links to the past so they can remake human beings in their own desiccated and materialistic image with no connection to the higher worlds.

JMSmith said...

I just posted something on this general topic and got the expected pushback from the Passport Nationalists. My question to them is whether St. Paul was Roman in anything but a legal sense. I can see nothing Roman in Paul's letters and I don't think any real Roman of the first century would have either. The category of American is fairly elastic, but it isn't infinitely elastic. This imbroglio over the indignant Caribbean lady mostly shows who is on top in Britain. It's all very depressing.

William Wildblood said...

It is depressing but also revealing because it shows that the host population is no longer willing to defend itself or even its old people. The question is does a nation like that deserve to survive? On the positive side, I know that many of the present generation of my son's age, he's 17, increasingly recognise and resent the attack on masculinity which in a roundabout way this capitulation to the other represents.

Lady Mermaid said...

As a daughter of an American father whose ancestors have lived in this nation since before the Revolution and an immigrant mother, I find this to be a fascinating topic. Citizenship in many of the New World nations (USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand) is quite hollow. It explains why many New World residents seek out their Old World ancestral ties. I know people like to mock Americans claiming to be Irish despite having 1/20 ancestry, but the search for a more organic identity is real. I'm the last person on earth to disrespect immigrants, but it is downright silly that passing a basic 8th grade level exam makes someone just as much as an American (or other New World nationality) as someone whose family ties go back centuries.

Multiculturalism and diversity are Orwellian concepts. By making nationality a matter of passing an exam and spouting some bland values about "human rights", a global monoculture emerges. One of the depressing aspects of the modern world is how uniform it is becoming. This is part of the spiritual destruction of equality. It reduces everything to the lowest common denominator. London has a "Muslim" mayor who fully supports gay "marriage". Far from celebrating real diversity, the System seeks to assimilate everything back to chaos.

God does want genuine diversity. It adds to creation. However, this is achieved by acknowledging differences rather than pretending everyone is the same. As someone w/ mostly English and Spanish ancestry, I could be an honored guest in India. I could choose to live there and adopt Indian cultural norms. I could even marry and have children w/ an Indian. However, I could never be Indian. This is something to celebrate rather than malign. Globalism makes the world boring.

William Wildblood said...

You're right. The Controllers (thanks isbe) don't want genuine diversity. They want to use the excuse of diversity to destroy certain cultures and nations and then reduce the remaining mishmash to a sterile uniformity.

Christopher Yeniver said...

What we are is physically and spiritually living. It takes imagination to think of the afterlife (that point when one is dying and dead) as living, but it is. There are innumerable names that produce this weave in and out of life.

Wade McKenzie said...

William: I recently read "Meeting the Masters", and I intend to read your other books as well. Though I don't wholly resonate with a "New Age"-type perspective, I do nevertheless value your commitment to spiritual practice and your emphasis on moderation. More than anything perhaps, I enjoy your excellent style of writing, which is admirably clear, direct, and fluent. I'm curious--do you feel that your writing style was just the natural outgrowth of your temperament and/or your spiritual life, or do you have literary exemplars whom you consciously aspire to emulate?

(I must confess to being a little surprised to learn that you have a son. Given your spiritual way of life, including your lengthy association with Michael Lord, a relation that was rooted and grounded in a shared commitment to spiritual growth and meditation; I guess the impression I received from "Meeting the Masters" was that you were determined to lead a celibate life...)

William Wildblood said...

Hello Wade, thanks for taking the time to comment and for reading my book(s). To answer your question, I must have been influenced by other writers since who isn't but, as far as I am aware, my writing style is just how I write. I do favour simplicity though I have to curb a tendency to repetition.

I was also surprised to have children (I have a daughter too). I did lead a celibate life with Michael but after he died I found myself at a crossroads. I met someone when I went to Egypt in 2000, which I had visited once before as mentioned in Meeting the Masters but never got beyond Cairo and the Pyramids, and it seemed I was being pointed in a new direction. It wasn't a decision I took lightly but sometimes you have to go where life sends you. I feel that was a new phase in my life rather like going back into the world after leaving it but with (hopefully) the fruits of renunciation. But my children are nearly grown up now and I feel that one day I may return to my quasi-monastic existence. For instance, after not meditating for 15 years or so I have now started again though at the moment for only 20 minutes 2 or 3 times a week instead of 45 minutes plus twice a day every day.