Wednesday 29 July 2020

Love of God

Bruce Charlton has been writing recently in his usual illuminating style about the love of God and this set me thinking because, in a way, this is the only important question for the whole of life. Love of God, the intuitive recognition of and opening up of the heart to our Creator, is the key to everything.

Here is a paradox. You must be virtuous to get to heaven but the virtuous man does not go to heaven. All civilisations worthy of the name acknowledge the law which is right behaviour or what C.S. Lewis in his short but important work The Abolition of Man called the Tao. This is the correct way to act with regard to the gods, the universe and one's fellow man. Details may alter but the essentials are remarkably similar everywhere. And yet this is not enough. Observing the 10 Commandments will not get you to heaven. The Pharisees do not go to heaven and this is true even of the good Pharisees not just the ones who observe the letter of the law but neglect its spirit.

The only thing that will get you to heaven is the love of God. Nothing you can do, nothing you can think, no belief you have will get you to heaven but handing yourself over to God in absolute faith and trust and love will. A good person is still himself but you can only enter heaven when you give yourself to God, empty yourself of self and  are filled with love for your Creator. That is because this love is the only thing that will cure the stain of ego that blocks your entry to heaven.

Good people do not go to heaven. Consider that for a moment.

Don't think this is an impossible task. God is always there, waiting to respond to any overture we might make. Even a little attempt to love on our part. All we have to do is turn towards him in truth and love and he will respond. There will still remain much work to be done because the ego self, the swollen self-regarding me, is very powerful but once love for God has risen in our heart then we are facing in the right direction. In fact, even the recognition that we lack this love and the sincere desire to acquire it is an important first step in the purification of the self and its preparation for eventual entry into the Kingdom of Heaven.

I'll tell you the reason for this. It's just common sense really. Love of God shows that you actually recognise and want what heaven is. If you don't even want it, how can you expect to go there?

Saturday 25 July 2020

Masks and Liberty

In England since yesterday it has become what they call mandatory to wear a face mask every time you go into a shop. I hate the idea of this and don't much like the physical reality of it either. There appears to be no solid evidence that these do any good and people have been shopping without masks for the last few months without there being any resultant spike in cases of Covid 19 that can be traced to this. Why bring this ruling in now when cases are falling? If I mention this to anyone I know I am told I am acting like a conspiracy theorist. I don't have a wide circle of acquaintances but every single person I have spoken to on the subject of my reservations about masks, mentioning such things as personal liberty and coercion by government, says I am being ridiculous and should just do what everyone else is doing. To do otherwise is selfish. Of course, this is the sneaky card played by the powers that be. You are protecting others by your actions so not to wear a mask is the sign of a bad person. You are being shamed into compliance.

Why write about this on what is supposed to be a blog about spiritual matters? Because this is a spiritual matter. Call me a conspiracy theorist if you like but it seems that we are gradually being forced to give up more and more of our freedoms, freedoms that we in the West have taken for granted for a long time. We are doing it because of fear and for our own perceived good but how else did you think this would be brought about? Clearly, in our modern world it would need be done in an underhand manner, making it seem we are getting a good deal. What we do voluntarily, we don't resist. I don't believe there is some worldly cabal engaged in a secret power grab but I do believe there is a supernatural plot (let's call it what it is without fear of seeming absurd) that has been busily engaged for at least a century to bring about our separation from God and our spiritual enslavement. The operation has been ramped up since the turn of the millennium and has moved into an even higher gear this year.

What, then, do we do about masks? I went into a small local supermarket yesterday without a mask to buy a pot of yoghurt. Just one thing. I was testing the waters to see what would happen. Nothing did but I felt bad for the staff. All the other shoppers were wearing masks and I felt I was putting the supermarket employees in an uncomfortable position to no real purpose except for my own self-satisfaction. Why should they have to confront non-cooperators? As I was going out I apologised to the security person who actually wasn't wearing a mask herself though she had one in her hands. I said I didn't want to cause anyone any embarrassment but I didn't want to wear a mask. She said she didn't mind. She couldn't force anyone to do anything they didn't want to do. She herself got claustrophobic wearing the thing. She was perfectly friendly.

I've thought about this. Part of me thinks that we should resist what is obviously a totalitarian ruling, unacceptable in a democracy. People mention seat belts in cars to me but I don't think it's the same thing at all. There is a very strong unavoidable symbolism about being made to wear a mask. You and everyone else are being dehumanised, rendered faceless and gagged. This is not just imaginary. The symbol in this case actually becomes the reality. Once you have submitted to it, a corner has been turned.

On the other hand, Jesus said that we should render under Caesar what is Caesar's which means obey the law of the particular society in which we find ourselves. However, this brings up the interesting question of what actually is Caesar's. Your face?

We may be forced to wear masks if we want to buy food which we obviously have to do. But those who do not wish to give up their spiritual freedom must resist this in their hearts. The Masters once told me that sometimes it is the will and not the action that counts. This may be one of those times.

Thursday 23 July 2020

Remember The Signs

For many of us when we come into this world we are thrown into a place very hard to come to terms with. This is because our source is in the spiritual world which is a realm of beauty, goodness and truth. But this world, beautiful as it is and it is beautiful because it is the creation of God, is a darkened environment, corrupted by supernatural powers ranged against the light and also by the thoughts and actions of human beings themselves. You may doubt this but the evidence, inner and outer, is irrefutable for anyone alert to spiritual truths.

A large majority allow themselves to be swamped by the world, by 'reality', and generally ignore whatever exists within them that points to a higher reality. Even many religious people do this, seeing their religion in terms of this world instead of using it to see this world in terms of the light of God. But there are also people who are aware of that light within their own minds, however dim it may be, and decide that this is the light in which they must walk, come what may. They retain a connection, even if that has become but a memory, to their true origin which is not in this world but a higher one.

The present time is a crisis in the history of humanity. God and his agents have long known of its coming and have prepared for it as much as possible, given that the crisis was inevitable and they cannot interfere with human free will. The crisis was inevitable because it is partly the result of humanity starting to grow up and become more independent, and that is a good and necessary thing even if the short term consequences are not good. But it is also inevitable because of the nature of time itself and the fact that it proceeds cyclically. That doesn't mean that things go round in circles because time proceeds historically, linearly, too, but there are cycles within the forward moving direction and we are coming to the end of one now. It's both the end of a cycle and a definitive point on the line.

For a sensitive soul the current atmosphere, mental and spiritual, is constantly and aggressively attacking the soul. Such a person feels and even knows one thing but everything around him or her pushes in another direction. It can be hard to sustain a connection to truth when practically the whole modern world is against it. One cannot retreat to the past or adopt the spiritual belief system of a different group of humanity which may be less affected by modernity because it is imperative that one is what one is. By that I mean a person's vision must be whole. You are a person living in this place and at this time. Here and now is where you are meant to be. If you try to be something else there will always be an element within you that is being false. Something will not ring true. Spirituality means integrity or it means nothing.

If you can't escape to a time or place other than here and now, what should you do when you find yourself assailed by the world? When you need spiritual support, where do you go? I mean where other than to a religion but even religion in our day has often been taken up into the world though its truths remain, of course. But no religion is what it was in terms of its spiritual content. You may dispute that on a personal level but in general terms I don't see how you can seriously take exception to the statement. Religion is a public institution and all public institutions have been corrupted. This has been an ongoing process over several decades but the corruption is now so deep that you just can't miss it. This cloud does have a silver lining because it means we are forced back on ourselves and that is as it should be. To become truly spiritual, we must be self-reliant though with the important proviso that we are self-reliant in Christ not reliant on our own spiritual prowess.

I have taken the title of this post from Aslan's advice to Jill when he sent her down from his country into Narnia to carry out a specific mission in The Silver Chair. Before he sent her down he gave her certain instructions and pointed to signs she would encounter that would recall her mission when that might escape her attention in the context of dealing with the everyday world. I believe something similar happens to us. We are sent out from the higher worlds and born into this one. We lose most of our connection to those higher worlds though a kind of afterglow remains in the mind during childhood, to a greater or lesser extent depending on the individual. But we have certain impressions stamped on the soul which we need to make the attempt to access. These are the signs from above that we must remember when the world is too much with us.

Sunday 19 July 2020

Two Paths

If you see yourself as a moral person and accept the reality of the world (i.e. do not regard the world as some form of illusion) there are really only two paths before you and you must choose the one in which you walk. The first is the path of the love of humanity or what is called love. Whether it is or not is a different matter. It is probably just a question of putting the perceived good of humanity first and not love at all but let us leave that quibble aside. This path involves seeking universal good and relieving, as much as possible, suffering though only suffering on a physical or psychological level. Spiritual suffering, which exists, is ignored because if acknowledged it would put the truth and relevance of the whole project at risk.

The proponents of this path want to make human beings, all human beings, happy. That is the rationale for everything. No one must be left behind. There must be no inequality. The reasonable nature of this seems indisputable. Those who oppose it must be bad people. But what if it is based on a false vision? What if the happiness it seeks to provide is a spurious happiness which merely satisfies the material side of human nature and ignores the spiritual? To be sure, some kind of therapeutic spirituality might be included in the overall package but this would be as a sop for the emotions only or a means to bring about some kind of psychological effect, whether that be thought of as balance or control or the stimulation of pleasure. It would not be a genuine spiritual understanding which is necessarily rooted in the vision of man as a spiritual not a material being. He is a soul using a body not a body (which term includes the brain) with a soul, whatever a soul might be in the latter case. It certainly could not be primary or body and brain would have to be seen in its light.

The path of humanity is the one we are on. It is the way practically all modern discourse tends but it is based on a lie. I call it a lie rather than a falsehood because a falsehood might just be an honest error but the roots of this path go back to deliberate denial of truth. This path has a destination, as do all paths, and its ultimate destination is into nothingness, the dark world of spiritual separation and emptiness. This is because it denies the reality of what we are. It restricts us to our material selves.

The path of humanity is humanism and humanism is just a pretty way to describe atheism. That is the grinning skull reality that the humanistic mask covers up. The mask quickly rots away and you are left with the empty skull. Humanism is basically nihilism.

The second path is the path of the love of God. This acknowledges our spiritual roots and does so in a way that shows our dependence on a Creator. Self-sufficient spirituality, popular today among those who tire of material things and want spiritual ones, is a contradiction in terms. But because there are many levels of reality between the purely physical world and the properly spiritual one, it is relatively easy to mistake something beyond the physical for the spiritual. Following the path of the love of God, which is the path of humility and gratitude, helps protect against this error. That is not to say that spiritual humanists will not find something approximating to the spiritual or their idea of it. "In my Father's house there are many mansions". But at best they will only enter into one of the outer spheres of creation. They will not know the Creator and they will not enter the Kingdom of God which is only open to those who love him.

Wednesday 15 July 2020

The Contemporary Assault on the Soul

I don't think assault is too strong a word when what we are witnessing now is the attempt to expunge any notion of a spiritual component to the human being at all, one which will lead, if followed through to its natural conclusion, to the complete separation of earthly man and the spiritual realm to disastrous effect. There may still remain something called religion or spirituality but it won't be that at all.

It is now evident that the only way to preserve a real spiritual integrity in the world today is to reject modern ideology in toto. If you allow its tenets to enter your mind in any form they will act like a cancer and spread throughout your whole system. Any concession will eventually bring about submission to the idea that humanism (see previous post) overrides the reality of God. This is why such things as feminism, anti-racism and all the other -isms are pushed so relentlessly nowadays with the pushing becoming harder and harder and resistance increasingly depicted as sinful. The whole of modern thought is fundamentally an attack on God and if this wasn't always apparent, it surely must be now.

Just as people are currently being pressed into faceless, dehumanising, anonymity-creating, bureaucracy-conforming wearing of  masks in an increasing number of situations under the guise of protecting yourself and (even more insidiously manipulative) protecting others, so many modern attitudes are presented as advances in terms of fairness, tolerance and compassion. Who would want to hold out against such things? But in the same way that mask wearing creates a culture of suspicion, distrust and fear and subtly modifies human behaviour and psychology in all sorts of adverse ways so these modern attitudes corrupt our minds on a spiritual level. By focusing on the purely human, using that word to refer solely to human beings materialistically considered, they cut us off from deeper spiritual truths. Which is, of course, the real intention.

We can tell this by the fact that the process never stops. What seemed innocent enough at first, just the righting of a few historic wrongs, has gathered pace inexorably with more and more truths rooted in the reality of God and Christ either rejected completely or else reformatted to be something quite different. The demands constantly increase and become more extreme. At the same time, what is normal and natural is reinterpreted and shifted to the left, using that word to mean anti-spiritual which is fundamentally what it does mean and has done since at least the French Revolution, on a near weekly basis though there are periods of lull and consolidation and others of strong forward activity. The method employed is constant attack. This is not how truth proceeds. Truth does not attack. It simply presents itself. Evil attacks but good just is itself. This is how we can know, even if it wasn't already quite clear, that the motivation behind the contemporary assault on the mind is evil.

Leftism is driven by hate. Ultimately it is hatred of God but there are many other lesser objects of its hatred which are usually figures it wants to drag down because of envy and resentment. Eventually when it runs out of things to tear down it starts to hate itself which is why we say that the revolution ends up eating itself*. Hatred needs something to feed on and when it has consumed its enemies it cannot simply stop and rest. It must continue with new enemies.

As the left becomes more extreme a number of well-meaning people on the right mount rearguard actions. But unless they speak from a real religious point of view they will fail just as they have over the last few decades. The unholy passion of their opponents is too intense. When all is said and done, the choice is God with all that implies or not God. If you have not chosen God you will fall to the zealots and absorb some of their attitude. The division between those faithful to spiritual truth and the rest will only widen in the coming years. Make sure you are not pulled away from truth by the need to fit in or desire to seem reasonable. Sometimes if the devil doesn't get souls through hatred he can get them through moral ambivalence or vacillation or even, as the saying has it, good intentions. He offers poisoned sweets in the form of seemingly fair or, on the surface, reasonable opinions and attitudes that, if consumed, will end up separating an individual from the truth of Christ. The time is coming when anything that is not actively for Christ will be against him.

* As a matter of interest, this observation goes back to the journalist and pamphleteer Jacques Mallet du Pan who wrote in 1793 that "like Saturn, the revolution devours its own children."

Sunday 12 July 2020


Humanism which, in one form or another, is the assumed belief system of the modern era is fundamentally anti-human. Despite its avowed aim of ennobling man, it actually degrades him because it denies that in him which raises him beyond the natural world. Its rejection of God takes away our status as a spiritual being come to Earth and at a stroke abolishes the sense of higher and lower (closer to God or further away from him), reducing the human soul to a mere by-product of material forces. Then, with its goal of seeking to eradicate suffering, humanism isolates man in this world, banishing him from his true home in the spiritual realm. This is because the reality of tragedy in this life which so offends the humanist comes from the fact that we are part animal and part angel. It is the conflict between these two aspects of our being that is responsible for suffering at a level beyond the purely physical. If you get rid of tragedy, you get rid of the spiritual. It is obviously not wrong to address the fact of suffering but to seek to remove the possibility of it altogether as seems to be the humanist end goal would be to kill the human soul. This is not meant as an excuse to ignore suffering but an attempt to show the inner cause and even, up to a point, spiritual necessity of it. Suffering is mysteriously tied up with love. If you remove the possibility of the one you also remove the possibility of the other. It is possible that we only love to the degree that we either have suffered or are able to suffer. I have often remarked on the fact that the faces of the people I regard as the most spiritually aware are those that have suffering etched into them. Suffering gives depth, not inevitably but it can do depending on how one reacts to it.

When Man tries to become more than Man by himself he becomes less than Man. Without the idea that he is a son of God, in his deepest nature a being not of this world, he can never go beyond himself. And yet the essence of true humanity is that we can go beyond our earthly selves. That reality lies behind all our greatest achievements and best ideas of ourselves and our place in the universe. However, if we are to go beyond ourselves we cannot do that as ourselves as we experience ourselves to be now. We have to see ourselves as spiritual beings not earthly ones. The great mistake of many religious people is to think that they can take their earthly self, their normal human self, intact to heaven.  Not so. All spiritual teachers who know what they are talking about have proclaimed that it is not change but transformation we need. In the humanist conception of man transformation is impossible because the human being is a material being only. Matter cannot change into spirit unless spirit is already present as the underlying reality.

Humanism has led to the smashing of the hierarchy of good. We no longer recognise the higher as higher or the lower as lower because we no longer recognise God as God and what the reality of God actually means. Without God as the highest reality the ladder of being is levelled to the ground and qualitative differences are negated. Humanism, which ostensibly sought to raise man, has only succeeded in dragging him down. Looking at the present situation in the world that process is still taking place. We are being dragged further down. If man does not know himself to be potentially a god does he then become just another beast? It would seem from current events that may be precisely what happens.

Some humanists think we will evolve to a higher state of consciousness but fail to understand that  evolution in this sense only brings out what is already there. It doesn't come from nothing as the higher cannot come from the lower. Even more foolish, indeed inhuman, are the transhumanists who imagine that by melding man and machine they can create a higher being. If they ever succeed in this unholy operation they will find they have only created a living hell.

Human beings have tried innumerable ways to reach heaven without acknowledging the reality of God and Christ because they have not been willing to make the sacrifice this entails. But it is a good sacrifice that only requires the giving up of our spiritual sickness. The unrepentant ego is like a cancer and it must be cut out. There is some pain in this but the alternative is death. Humanism is the path that leads to death. Yes, man is a noble creature with unlimited potential but only when he takes his place as a son of God. Without God man is nothing but a vainglorious braggart swollen with self-importance but inwardly empty.

Wednesday 8 July 2020

Entering a New Iron Age

This is a slightly edited post I originally had on this blog in 2015 and then put on Albion Awakening in 2017. I'm repeating it again because the events of this year tend to confirm its basic premise and imply that we could be in for a rocky ride over the next ten years.

In his book The Order of the Ages (which I thoroughly recommend to anyone interested in the subject of this post) the author Robert Bolton gives the dates of the Kali Yuga as being from 3102 BC to 2082 AD. If you want to know how he arrives at those dates you must read the book but, suffice it to say here, his reasons for them seem plausible enough. For those not familiar with the term Kali Yuga, it refers to the last of four ages in Hinduism during which the world gradually descends from a natural spiritual state into materialism and disconnection from the divine order. This particular form of the doctrine is an Indian one but the idea of a spiritual disconnect as time goes by exists in many traditions, and we are all familiar with the sense of nostalgia for a Golden Age in the distant past. This is the polar opposite to the modern belief in progress but does not necessarily conflict with it if we understand the traditional concept to relate to matters of spiritual consciousness and awareness of the source while progress in the modern sense refers exclusively to the material world which includes the social, technological and political spheres. Of course, viewed from the spiritual standpoint, progress in these spheres is no progress at all if it derives from an ignorance of our true nature and results in a divorce between our material and spiritual selves. In fact, in this sense, it is the very opposite of real progress.

The beginning date of the Kali Yuga is interesting because it appears to coincide roughly with the start of recorded history. Thus, all that we regard as our known past falls within the period of spiritual ignorance, the lowest point in the cycle that runs from a pristine new beginning when men walk with the gods to the time when the gods withdraw, spirit is gradually obscured and our external physical environment becomes the principal focus of attention. Now this may be a fall in one sense, it undoubtedly is a fall, but it is also a natural and inevitable occurrence that presumably has the purpose or effect of helping us develop aspects of our nature (primarily mental) that otherwise might remain in abeyance. How far it is taken, though, probably depends on us and our reaction to the cosmic winds of change. We can go completely with the flow of spiritual deterioration or we can recognise it for what it is and, to an extent at least, remain apart from it, remaining centred, insofar as possible, in higher truth. The old saying that the stars incline but do not compel is relevant here.

The constituent parts of a full cycle are often referred to as Gold, Silver, Bronze and Iron (though this last, corresponding to the Kali Yuga, has nothing to do with the archaeological Iron Age when that metal was first used), and, temporally, they stand to each other in the ratio 4, 3, 2 and 1. Thus the Krita Yuga or Golden Age is four times longer than the Kali Yuga which we can see from the dates above lasts for approximately five thousand years. So the most recent Golden Age lasted for around twenty thousand years. Now, interestingly, because of the Law of Correspondences, each cycle can be broken down into mini-cycles which exist in the same proportion and bear the same relation to each other as do the parts of the main cycle. So within the Kali Yuga there are four sub-periods corresponding to Gold, Silver, Bronze and Iron which last for 4/10, 3/10, 2/10 and 1/10 respectively of the total duration. Remember the Kali Yuga in this system runs from 3102 BC to 2082 AD so these sub-periods range from 2,076 years to 518 years, the period in which we find ourselves now, the tail end of the Kali Yuga. For ease of comprehension I'll put this in a table below in a form copied from Robert Bolton.
  • Gold of Iron   3102 BC - 1026 BC    2,076 years
  • Silver of Iron  1026 BC -  528 AD    1,554 years
  • Bronze of Iron 528 AD -  1564 AD   1,036 years
  • Iron of Iron    1564 AD - 2082 AD      518 years.
Those who wish can look for patterns in these periods. They are not hard to find. The starting point coincides almost exactly with the beginning of ancient Egyptian civilisation when King Menes united Upper and Lower Egypt and founded the First Dynasty. Modern historians place this to c. 3200-3030 BC. Robert Bolton points out that the second corresponds to the classical civilisations of Greece and Rome and the third to the Middle Ages. However, I want to break them down further by taking the last period and applying the same process to it. I want to do this for two reasons. Firstly, this period falls well within historical times and so events are more familiar to us, but secondly, there is the idea that as the cycles progress so time and the rate of change speed up. Therefore the effects of cyclical change are easier to see. Once again I am copying Robert Bolton with this table whose fascinating book is the inspiration for this post. Please note that when it says 'Golden age' in the table what is meant is the first section of the fourth section of the Kali Yuga thus gold of iron of iron.
  • Golden age 1564 - 1770   206 years
  • Silver age    1770 - 1926  156 years
  • Bronze age 1926 - 2030   104 years
  • Iron age      2030 - 2082     52 years
It will be seen that we are now living in pretty grim times, spiritually speaking.

Looking at these dates the first thing that strikes me is that the so called Golden age of this sub-cycle went from the Reformation and the birth of science (as it is understood in modern terms) to the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. Galileo was born in 1564 and Beethoven in 1770. These are two individuals who can very well be taken as representing spirits of a new age. The one as a scientist who confronted religious authorities and the other as the most important artist of the Romantic period which was a definitive shift away from God as the centre to man as the centre. Whatever the quality of Beethoven's music might be, the fact is that it does signify a spiritual loss compared to what came before in that the certainty of God is no longer present as it definitely was in Renaissance polyphony and even was in Baroque music. Man felt his exile from heaven more than ever before. It's probably a coincidence that the dates are so neat. We can't always expect things to fall into place quite so smoothly as this. The system is not an exact science. Nevertheless, these dates do speak eloquently from a symbolical point of view, and when you add to them the fact that Francis Bacon, who is generally regarded as developing the modern scientific method, was born in 1561, and William Wordsworth, the foremost Romantic poet, was born in 1770, you have something quite impressive.

The Silver age takes us right up to the brink of modernity. The 1st World War swept away the past, and the twenties are always regarded as the start of something quite new. Art, politics, everything changed in ways too well known for me to need to set them forth here. So what I want to do now is break down the third period, the one in which we live and therefore, it could be said, the most important from our point of view. Please note that this time the golden age is the gold of bronze of iron of iron. I'm sorry - it's getting a little complicated at this point!

  • Golden age  1926 - 1968  42 years
  • Silver age    1968 - 1999  31 years
  • Bronze age  1999 - 2020  21 years
  • Iron age       2020 - 2030  10 years
The dates here are not quite exact because the periods do not break down into whole numbers precisely to the year, but they are near enough. 1968 is a significant date. It might be said to be when the momentum built up during the early sixties really kicked in and the new ways, a focus on youth, sexual liberation and so forth, spread from a select group right out to the whole populace. I believe it's when colour TV started in England and there's a whole symbolism right in that fact. 1999, apart from being the end of the millennium, can be seen as the time when computers and the internet started to enter every home. Of course, these things build up gradually, they don't come out of nowhere, but if you are looking for tipping points these dates are about the best there are.

You can carry on breaking these periods down endlessly. For instance, the bronze and iron ages of the period from 1926-1968 start around 1956 and 1964 which strike me as periods of significant change, while the silver age of the period from 1968-1999 coincides with the '80s, a time of increasing globalism, unregulated capitalism and the spread of what is known as cultural Marxism. Obviously one can take this sort of thing too far but that does not discount the fact that, using this method, significant patterns emerge without them being forced to do so.

The question could nevertheless be asked what is the point of all this? Is it just a bit of fun, the truth of which you can neither prove nor disprove, or does it have any purpose? To be honest, I'm not sure. I do think, though, that studying these dates can prepare us for change and help us to respond to it in a spiritually intelligent way. Particularly when you bear in mind that the dates are turning points when what already exists for an elite or group of specialists spreads out into the mainstream. It looks as though the next bit of the cycle will be starting up in a few years time, and then the final phase in the whole process ten years after that. These may well be, to put it neutrally, interesting times and it might help to know that there is some kind of pattern behind it all. Forewarned is forearmed. As those who remain loyal to God find the world crumbling around them comfort can be found in understanding that this is more or less inevitable given the nature of things. But note that the fact of spiritual degeneration does not excuse those who go along with it or, worse, contribute to it for "Offences must come but woe to that man by whom the offence comes". Just because spiritual decline is naturally occurring in the world is no reason not to stand against it, especially since by doing so you may be able to mitigate its worst effects or help someone else struggling against it who might otherwise succumb. The situation is as it is but you can make it better or worse. 

Comment in July 2020.

It doesn't take a genius to point out that we have entered a radically different time this year. As has occurred in previous stages, tendencies that have been building up over a period have dramatically exploded into full manifestation. If there is anything in the theory put forward here, courtesy of Robert Bolton though he has mostly just expanded on previous insights, it is time to fasten our spiritual seatbelts.

Saturday 4 July 2020

The Great Experiment

Let me start off this post by saying that what I am writing here could be down to the pessimism of advancing years. On the other hand, I have felt something along these lines for most of my life without necessarily expressing it in the way I do now. 

God has conducted an experiment that has failed. It could have led to a great expansion of consciousness but has collapsed into atheistic materialism and a retraction of consciousness. As the experiment has failed, he will bring it to a close.

Let me join in the fashion of blaming white people, or, as I would rather call them, people of European ethnic origin, for the woes of the world. White people have failed. They have failed by allowing leftism, which is basically atheism, to overtake them instead of incorporating some of its more useful beliefs into a predominately traditional worldview based on the reality of God and the importance of qualitative differences.  And they are further failing by not standing up for and defending their culture for fear of criticisms of racism, sexism or whatever is the current cardinal sin. (On which point, please note that neither racism nor sexism can be real sins as, even if we take them for what their believers claim them to be and do not see them as sticks to beat the people most responsible for the creative good in the world with, they are only forms of deeper moral flaws, pride, hatred, egotism and the like. Which is why they are not mentioned in any traditional spiritual or ethical code of correct behaviour.)

It was the people of European ancestry who were behind the great experiment. They had reached a sufficient stage of intelligence, creativity and sense of individual self to bring about the leap forward in consciousness. They were behind the art and science that built the new mind which was a mind that could begin to interact with God in a positive sense. This is the real source of white privilege. It was an achievement unparalleled in the history of the world and advanced the human race considerably.

However, it has failed. Problems built into the experiment, which might have been corrected and ironed out had they been addressed properly, have developed to the point at which they have derailed the whole thing. One cannot discount deliberate demonic intervention either as these problems have been exacerbated by being encouraged. Atheism is foremost among them but there is also the perversion of the strong individual into the selfish egotist and the turning of innovation from creative, spiritually healthy channels to destructive and/or subversive ones. Give someone a box of matches. He can harness fire for useful purposes or he can burn the house down. We started to do the former but we are now busily engaged in the latter. It would be nice to think we could come to our senses but the process is clearly too far gone for that to happen. The experiment has failed and will be terminated.

But has it failed completely? I would say, no. The many benefits it brought about remain, certainly on higher levels of being where they have been built into human consciousness. And many individuals, probably many more than might be apparent from what we know, have moved on in their spiritual lives and developed the potential to approach God more closely than before. It may well be this was the real intention all along and that the collateral damage was expected. After all, we know that many are called but few are chosen. I am sure God knew exactly what he was about.

If the West has fallen, and it has, it is because of its own stupidity and complacency and substitution of an atheistic pseudo-humanitarianism for the true God. It had the opportunity to build on its Christian past by incorporating that into a new creative outlook but was seduced by materialism and false ideology into thinking it knew more than it did and could redefine reality. All that remains is for those who understand to hold fast to the original vision which will be made manifest in a higher world.

Thursday 2 July 2020

St Michael and the Dragon that is Satan

In the light of the recent nonsensical 'debate' about redesigning the insignia for the Most Distinguished Order of St Michael and St George (see here) I would like to repost a piece I did 4 years ago for Albion Awakening.  This is a time when the image of St Michael crushing Satan needs to be at the forefront of the mind for anyone who is remotely concerned with Christian truth. The abbey at Le Mont St Michel is, I believe, his most important sanctuary. I lived near there for 8 years between 1988 and 1996 and regularly visited. Despite the massive number of tourists, it is still recognisably one of the holy places of the world. I have left the piece as it was but added a bit at the end.

Le Mont Saint-Michel at high tide

On the face of it the subject of this post doesn't have a right to be here because, technically speaking, Albion is not in France and vice versa. Indeed, the Normans are very proud that perfidious Albion never captured le Mont Saint-Michel during the 100 Years War, though it did capture the small island of Tombelaine not far away. But because the Mount with its abbey dedicated to St Michael is such an important Christian pilgrimage site, and because of the link between England and Normandy, I feel it does earn its place on this blog. We must also remember the connection of this part of France with Arthurian legend via Lancelot, and the fact that the original Bretons (le Mont Saint-Michel is right on the border between Brittany and Normandy) were exiles from what is now England, driven out of their home country by Anglo-Saxon invaders.

Le Mont Saint-Michel with Tombelaine to the right at low tide

There are other connections too. Mont Saint-Michel has a twin site in Cornwall in St Michael's Mount, another monastery on an offshore island that's sometimes accessible by foot, with which (quoting from Wikipedia) "it shares the same tidal features and the same conical shape", though St Michael's Mount is much smaller and less imposing than its big brother in France. And Tolkien enthusiasts should note that Minas Tirith, in the Lord of the Rings films, was modelled on le Mont Saint-Michel.

Now for a bit of history.

In the year 708 A.D. the Archangel Michael appeared in a dream to the bishop of Avranches, a town in the south west of Normandy, and told him to build a church on a rocky island that lay in the large bay at the mouth of the river Couesnon a few miles away. The story goes that St Michael had to return three times before he was believed and, even then, could only convince the bishop of the truth of the vision by sticking his finger into the bishop's head! The poor man's skull, complete with hole, still exists for all to view in the Saint-Gervais Basilica in Avranches. So the church was built, and in the 11th century a Romanesque abbey was constructed with Gothic style refectory and cloisters added 200 years later. Further buildings were completed in the ensuing centuries until in 1895 a statue of St Michael himself, dragon underfoot, was put at the top of the spire giving it its current appearance. Inevitably at the time of the French Revolution the island and its buildings were converted into a prison but that was closed in 1863. Monks began to return in the 20th century and now there is a small community of monks and nuns living there continuing the tradition of prayer and worship.

Le Mont Saint-Michel in the middle distance viewed from the hilltop town of Avranches

Whether by accident or design le Mont Saint-Michel is a microcosm of the medieval world or ideal Christian society. At the top there stands, representing God, the Archangel Saint Michael protecting the monastery founded in his name. Then comes the Benedictine abbey and monastery where the monks lived their lives in prayer to the Creator. Below there are the halls for noble guests (the aristocracy) and then shops, houses and, outside the walls, dwellings for those that did the more menial work required to keep the whole place running. Even today when you visit the Mount, as around three million people do every year, you have the feeling of ascending through the world towards God. You enter by a large gate with a 15th century captured English cannon to your right. There is a bustling, noisy crowd with shops selling tourist knickknacks and lots of restaurants. As you climb the winding path that leads to the top the crowd seems to thin out slightly. The climb becomes a little more difficult, the steps steeper, and eventually you leave the commercial world behind and stand in front of the abbey doors. Up you go to a large platform outside the main church from where there is a magnificent view of the bay which on a clear day is a truly glorious sight. Then you enter and immediately you are in a different world in which the mundane is left behind and the sacred is all important. It is quiet, even with a still fairly substantial number of people walking about, and the vaulted columns of the choir lift one's spirits heavenwards.

And now a speculative suggestion.

The patron saint of England is St George who was a Roman soldier of Greek origin born in Palestine, a strange choice for a national hero you might think. However Edward III adopted him for his courage in combating adversity and as an example of the triumph of good over evil, demonstrated by his killing of the dragon. Now the only other saintly dragon killer I am aware of is St Michael who crushed Satan and threw him down to earth after the great rebellion in heaven. So I am led to wonder whether St George is actually a human representative of the archangel and whether England might not, in some way, be also under the patronage of St Michael. Of course, many other places would be too but Michael was apparently the most popular saint in medieval England after St Peter, and before the Reformation many churches were dedicated to him, often on hilltops such as the one on Glastonbury Tor. This is pure speculation, I admit, but the idea that certain places have angelic protectors is well known in esoteric teachings and if that is the case then why not nations too?

St Michael fighting the dragon above le Mont Saint-Michel
Here are some of the titles that St Michael is regarded as holding. The first is a translation of his actual name

  I. Who is like unto God.
  2. Recorder of the deeds of men in the Heavenly Books.
  3. The Celestial Medium through whom the Law was given.
  4. Captain of the Heavenly Hosts.
  5. Slayer of the dragon of evil intention.
  6. Guardian of the Holy Sanctuaries.
  7. Preparer of the Way before each Messenger from God.
  8. Leader of the Church Triumphant in Heaven and Militant on Earth.

From these titles we can see that St Michael is not someone to be trifled with. He is a warrior and it seems to me that we need his assistance in fighting evil now more than ever. It is a good time to remind ourselves of his continued presence as God's strong right arm.

That was the piece from 4 years ago. It mentions that the statue of St Michael crushing the dragon was put up relatively recently but the idea of this defeat of evil by good was always present at the abbey. Let us pray for St Michael's assistance in our current battle against the forces that would destroy goodness and truth in the world today. Christianity is not always thought of as a fighting religion but it certainly has that side to it and it is one which is needed now more than ever.

St Michael crushing that old serpent Satan

There are some images of the statue atop the abbey in these videos which are worth a few of minutes of anybody's time.