Saturday 25 June 2022

Things Are Not Always What At First They Seem

Many on the Christian right, especially in America, are celebrating the overturning of Roe v Wade and I understand why. But I would urge caution and for two reasons. Firstly, turning back the clock on this issue to the 1970s is fairly meaningless as long as the sexual revolution is still in full swing which it is. Secondly and perhaps more importantly, it may even be that this decision has been engineered by the dark powers.

These powers are not on the left or the right. They don't care about such human opinions. All they care about is causing spiritual harm and spreading bad blood among human beings, the fallout of which is food and drink to them, possibly literally so. What this decision will surely do is spread hatred and division in America. The two sides will be further apart than ever which you may not have thought was possible but it is. Add to this the rage, hatred, spite and vindictiveness of the left who have had one of their favourite toys taken away from them and you have a potentially explosive situation.

If Bruce Charlton is right that global evil has moved from totalitarian inversion to destructive chaos, and I think he may well be, this could be part of the plan to further that design. The dark forces have fed off the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians for decades. Could they be trying to bring about a similar situation of irreconcilable forces battling it out and locked together in mutual hatred elsewhere? They tried it with Brexit but that seems to have fizzled out for the time being.

What's the solution? Compromise is clearly impossible especially when this really is a case of good versus evil. It seems to me that the only thing to do is avoid hatred. Hatred is what the demons want therefore that is a road we should avoid going down however much we may dislike the enemy. Hate the sin, love the sinner remains the best advice in cases like this. But love from the spiritual perspective means concern for the sinner's spiritual welfare. It doesn't mean having to put up with his nonsense.

Note: I am not saying that the decision is a bad one because I speculate it may have been engineered by the dark forces. But there could be a longer term agenda and they are prepared to sacrifice something in the short term in order to gain something else later on. No doubt the decision, like the presidency of Donald Trump or Brexit, won't be exactly what it seems at first either.

Sunday 19 June 2022

The Beginning of Sorrows

 Western civilisation is dying. At its peak it scaled great heights but it has fallen a long way down since then because of its denial of spirit. Pitifully, most people think of this as an advance and a liberation from superstition because the denial of spirit freed us to explore and exploit the material world to a greater degree, but the initial burst of energy that came from that is rapidly dissipating. Progress is petering out. Even our increased recognition of the horrors of violence and war can be understood as a greater fixation on the physical self and material well-being.

I don't know how anyone can live without acknowledging God. Within each human soul there is the divine stamp that is our life and the core of our being. How can we ignore this? But it seems millions of people do. What is going on inside these people that they have closed themselves off to such degree from reality and all that makes life worthwhile? There is no doubt that the material world has solidified so that the connection to spirit is much harder to make but still it is there. There is also no doubt that demonic powers have attacked on numerous fronts to make us believe the material world is all there is but we don't have to succumb to their lies. Even if everyone around us prefers darkness to light we do have the light within us and we can respond to that if we are spiritually responsible and true children of our Father.

Perhaps that's it. Most people don't care about God because they care too much about themselves. They are too fixated on their worldly hopes and ambitions and their personal desires. They are too identified with their bodies or their feelings or their thoughts and so never look more deeply within themselves. Then there are those who are too attached to a particular sin to be willing to acknowledge that it is a sin. Such people are setting themselves up to be the victims of the dark powers to whose influence they will become more and more susceptible. They are cutting themselves off from all that is good and if that alarms you, it should do.

We are unable to perceive the deep inner workings of spiritual evil because we don't acknowledge spiritual good. This makes us easy to manipulate and deceive and lead astray. An essential task for all human beings today is to recognise that the source of evil is hidden. It does not come from this material world. It actually emanates from powerful beings on the spiritual plane working through their emissaries at lower spiritual levels and in this world. Those regarded as evil in this world are merely pawns of these higher beings who are the principalities and powers spoken of by St Paul in his letter to the Ephesians. These demons think in the long term. They have prepared for this time over many centuries and if we look back we can see the gradual turning of the screw. This should show us that mortal men alone cannot be responsible for the plan of spiritual destruction even if they are indirectly responsible for enacting various of its stages.

Does this sound sensationalist? That thought again would come to mind as a result of seeds sown by evil powers over many years. They function best when unrecognised or downgraded to cartoon characters or softened by being fictionalised. In the public mind the teeth of supernatural evil have been drawn by its regular appearance in film and on TV. It can be dismissed as entertainment or deriving from fantasy and fiction. This is not without some advantages though. When you have a writer such as Tolkien, who was very aware of the reality of supernatural evil, you have a powerful depiction of its reality and how it operates and then your mind is primed to recognise it later on when you begin to wake up.

People don't believe in God because there is no proof but you cannot prove spiritual realities by material means. Expand your horizons beyond the material world and you will find proof. But this will not be intellectual proof. Spirit cannot be proven by the intellect or the mind as normally considered. It can only be known. This is why faith is important. Faith is not just belief but the opening up of the mind to wider vistas. It is like being in a dark room with the curtains drawn. Faith is opening a window through which daylight can stream in.

It is probable that as the limitations of the materialistic worldview become more apparent to more people there will be a reaction. This has already happened to a limited extent, beginning in the 1960s though the movement seemed to lose energy around the turn of the millennium. But as material privations start to manifest themselves, as they are about to do, it may happen again and this time to a larger degree. This is when we have to be ready to warn people that not all that seems spiritual is good. At the end of the Roman Empire mystical and occult sects flourished but these were mostly degenerate remains of the ancient mystery religions with an emphasis more on the psychic than the spiritual. They were demon infested and only cleaned up by the purity of the vital Christian force that also spread at that time. This phenomenon could recur. The demons will have in place a spiritual movement that will bestow mystical experiences of a sort and also increase the lower psychic powers thus exposing their possessors to a false spiritual plane. We need to be rightly motivated, which means searching for God rather than spiritual pyrotechnics, to avoid falling into this trap. As was the case almost 2,000 years ago, the key will be our acceptance or otherwise of Christ.

Thursday 16 June 2022

Previous Books

 Most of my spare time is taken up with the new book at the moment so I won't be doing that many posts for a while. In the meantime, here's a reminder about a couple of previous books that don't appear in the list on the right.

Albion Awakening is a compilation of posts from the AA blog by John Fitzgerald and me. Bruce Charlton wrote the foreword. The posts are arranged in relevant sections such as Saints and Sages of Albion, Prophecies and Prophets of Albion, The Land of Albion, The Decline, Fall and Possible Rise of Albion. John includes some of his excellent fictional reworking of myth and legend. There are also some pretty pictures!

It's available as a paperback here in the UK and here in the USA. There are Kindle versions too. It was published in 2020.

The Spiritual Crisis of Modern Man is a compilation of posts from this blog arranged in various categories, God, Truth, Christ, The Spiritual Path and Spiritual Practice, Masculine and Feminine, Modern Times and others. It was published in 2019.

It's also available in paperback and Kindle. See here for the UK and here for the USA.

Saturday 11 June 2022

By No Means Equal

 In a comment on a post on equality Bruce Charlton suggested I should draw together some of my writings on the subject to be the basis of a book. It seemed a good idea so I have started to do just that. The book will be called By No Means Equal and will use some of the relevant posts on this blog as a rough skeleton which is then fleshed out and to which I will add new thoughts, some directly pertinent, some peripherally so to make it more interesting (I hope) and less one-dimensional as banging on about a single theme with no let up might be. But the thread of equality and how that notion impacts us will be woven throughout as an underlying background.

Actually, the equality myth pervades and contaminates almost everything these days so the range can be quite wide. It also gives one a chance to go right back and look at first principles from a metaphysical perspective and even to consider the nature of God. Then there is the opportunity to see how this idea impacts on the end times scenario. So, quite a lot to work with.

The book will be similar in construction and focus to Remember the Creator and Earth is a School and, like them, takes the Master's words for its title. In that respect it could be considered as the third part of a trilogy.

Added note - see comment below. 

Potential cover images showing Jacob's ladder on the facade of Bath Abbey.

Tuesday 7 June 2022

Resist Not Evil

 It seems to me that too many well-meaning and properly orientated people nowadays are too fixated on opposing the (obvious) insanity of the worldly powers including the political powers, the media, the entertainment industry, the 'science' and all the rest of it. We certainly should oppose this lunacy but we should not allow ourselves to be defined by our opposition to it. It's an old trick of the devil to lie so hard that he entraps the virtuous into sin or imbalanced behaviour because of their outraged response to his lies. It's all nonsense. Of course it is. The transgender absurdity, the climate change hysteria, the diversity/inclusion/equality diktats, the anti-racism, the feminism etc, etc. It's all stupid, ignorant nonsense. We know it is. Anyone of sense knows it. Don't rise to the bait and allow yourself to be pushed into reaction. That's what the devil wants. If he can't get you on his side he wants you to fight him because then he has drawn you into his orbit. So just laugh at him. He's an idiot, a loser, a fool. We are wise to his tricks. We know his game and we won't lower ourselves to his level. We will just focus on the good and combat darkness by spreading light.

The lies will spread because we have cut ourselves off from objective truth which is God so there is nothing to anchor us to reality. Anything goes now. We can't stop that but what we can do is control our reaction to the lies. All we are responsible for is our self. We are living in today's world so that is where  we are meant to be. That's fine. We just have to hold fast to the reality of God and then let what will be outwardly be. We will convince others more by quiet example than noisy confrontation.

Saturday 4 June 2022

The Transhumanist Route to Hell

This article is all about Satanism but the hapless individual promoting it is totally unaware of the path she has embarked on and where she will end up if she pursues her current course. Transhumanism presents itself as a bright and shiny new development for the human race which has the potential to bring enlightenment and immortality by manipulating our minds and bodies so that the errors and deficiencies of nature are corrected. This could be through mechanical, chemical or biological means but is essentially an artificial reconstruction based on purely materialistic methods. It claims a certain spiritual content but let's not forget that Satan is a spiritual being. His sin is not the denial of the spiritual so much as the denial of God. It is most telling that the article specifically says, "We are building God." No, you are not. You are building hell on earth. You are rejecting the true God and attempting to build a false one. A man-made one, an idol, and this would turn out to be, if it ever actually came to pass, just another means for the demonic powers to milk human energy and consciousness. We would go into it expecting salvation but it would really be damnation which is another way of describing soul loss. Transhumanism is all about handing over your soul to the demons. It's the ultimate Faustian pact. You get power of some kind, though it's never what you really hoped for, but at the cost of your soul.

The transhumanists think they are pioneers in opening up consciousness and finding new ways of reconfiguring the human form but they are actually following the oldest of paths that goes right back to the book of Genesis and maybe to Atlantean times. What Satan offered in the Garden of Eden was the transhumanist ticket. Be a god yourself. Forget God. The Tower of Babel was a transhumanist construction. Get to heaven without God. Be your own god. This is pure Satanism and it leads straight to hell. One can only hope that the naive egotists who follow this path don't encourage too many others to join them and that they themselves wake up before it's too late. You have to go up to Heaven which you do by conforming your being to its laws. You cannot bypass those laws and bring Heaven down to where you are now.

Thursday 2 June 2022


I am an extremist. As, most probably, are you or anyone who retains faith in a higher power and sees man's destiny as beyond this physical world. We are not really extremists in the sense that our position is bizarre, outlandish, unnatural or one-sided but we have been forced into apparent extremism because of the actually extreme nature of modern civilisation. It is the modern world that has adopted an extremist position of God-denying materialism. It is this world that has evicted itself from reality and propagates lies and illusions. Anyone who holds fast to God and spiritual truth necessarily becomes, by the standards of the extremist ideology of the present day, an extremist. 

Jesus was regarded by the religious and secular authorities of his time as an extremist. His disciples when they spread the word after his death were extremists. All the saints have been extremists even in the context of the religious societies in which they lived, and now when spiritual goodness and truth have been chased from the world and fakes and imitations are put up in their place anyone who affirms the inner reality of God will be condemned as a fanatic, an upstart, mad, even dangerous to societal stability and public order. Such a person is obliged to reject the fashionable ideas of the world. He must go against many perceived public values. In consequence, he will be branded a hater and perhaps, in some not too far off time, a criminal.

This situation has not happened by accident. It may appear that society has evolved in a certain direction over the last few hundred years because of science, education, secular progress etc, but actually we have been like sheep herded in a certain direction and we are now enclosed in the pen that was always waiting for us. Unfortunately, it was not the Good Shepherd who was doing the herding. The only way to understand our present predicament is to see it as the result of evil powers seeking to corrupt humanity and capture our souls. We have been fed half-truths and lies in order that our minds may conform to a certain shape for the demons who are behind the whole process (and no one can deny their skill) know that we cannot be forced into rejecting God against our will. We can be lured into that sorry state but, when all is said and done, it must be our decision. They have set the trap and sweetened the bait but we have voluntarily walked into it with our eyes open. No one has to do this. Even if the path is opened up invitingly before us we still have to set foot on that path and there is always a voice within to warn us against this if we will pay attention to it. If we don't listen to that voice that is because of a spiritual deficiency within us, hard as that may be to hear for anyone raised in the modern world. Don't blame the world. It inclines but does not compel.

As the world descends further into spiritual darkness it becomes more important for us to reject the whole of materialistic atheism and not retain any aspect of it within our minds. There are today many people who protest against this or that aspect of modernity in its most up to date guise, transgenderism being the latest inevitable phase, but who still accept the basic background premise of the materialistic ethos. This position is becoming increasing untenable as the initial harmless-looking seed has grown into the mighty choking weed it has now become. This does not mean a return to the past for the reasons given here but once you accept the reality of God and the spiritual path that puts everything else in a different perspective. We have built up a philosophy of life over the last 300 years based on a false view of man. Throw out that view and everything must be reassessed. You may be able to keep some aspects of the recent past but even they will have to be seen in a completely different light.

One bad apple in a basket soon rots the whole lot. We cannot retain anything of materialism and that is hard because we are soaked in the wretched thing. I don't suppose there is anyone alive, certainly not in the Western world, who is not intellectually affected by materialistic atheism in some form or another. But we do have to try to liberate ourselves from it because it will restrict our spiritual freedom and pollute our minds. That is why we have to be extremists, albeit extremists that walk humbly with God.