Saturday, 25 June 2022

Things Are Not Always What At First They Seem

Many on the Christian right, especially in America, are celebrating the overturning of Roe v Wade and I understand why. But I would urge caution and for two reasons. Firstly, turning back the clock on this issue to the 1970s is fairly meaningless as long as the sexual revolution is still in full swing which it is. Secondly and perhaps more importantly, it may even be that this decision has been engineered by the dark powers.

These powers are not on the left or the right. They don't care about such human opinions. All they care about is causing spiritual harm and spreading bad blood among human beings, the fallout of which is food and drink to them, possibly literally so. What this decision will surely do is spread hatred and division in America. The two sides will be further apart than ever which you may not have thought was possible but it is. Add to this the rage, hatred, spite and vindictiveness of the left who have had one of their favourite toys taken away from them and you have a potentially explosive situation.

If Bruce Charlton is right that global evil has moved from totalitarian inversion to destructive chaos, and I think he may well be, this could be part of the plan to further that design. The dark forces have fed off the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians for decades. Could they be trying to bring about a similar situation of irreconcilable forces battling it out and locked together in mutual hatred elsewhere? They tried it with Brexit but that seems to have fizzled out for the time being.

What's the solution? Compromise is clearly impossible especially when this really is a case of good versus evil. It seems to me that the only thing to do is avoid hatred. Hatred is what the demons want therefore that is a road we should avoid going down however much we may dislike the enemy. Hate the sin, love the sinner remains the best advice in cases like this. But love from the spiritual perspective means concern for the sinner's spiritual welfare. It doesn't mean having to put up with his nonsense.

Note: I am not saying that the decision is a bad one because I speculate it may have been engineered by the dark forces. But there could be a longer term agenda and they are prepared to sacrifice something in the short term in order to gain something else later on. No doubt the decision, like the presidency of Donald Trump or Brexit, won't be exactly what it seems at first either.


cae said...

William, I think you are spot on with this!!! Something about the whole thing just feels 'engineered'...

What strikes me, is that in an age when there are sooo many options for birth control - why hasn't anyone ever started 'talking up' the idea of 'preventing abortion by preventing conception'?
(Surely, even Catholics must see the latter to be a far lesser 'sin' than the former?)

And as well, paternity has been 100% genetically provable for over 30 years now - yet, no one has ever launched the idea of limiting 'unwanted' pregnancies by 'putting the fear of 18 yrs. child support' on young men from their early teens!

Instead, the focus has been on 'acceptance of single motherhood' and welfare support!

When there have been viable societal options other than abortion for so long - the fact that women have been 'encouraged' to consider abortion a 'life choice right' rather than a legal 'worst case necessity', just seems to me part of the whole demonic agenda against morality.

xxxx said...

You are right, of course. But every thing that seems evil is evil, of course. And every thing that seems good is surely an evil in disguise. This is the mentality of our people. So why don't we lay down and die??

You urge caution. What is this in this matter for people like us who do not have power? Not being happy? Not having hope that this is a good thing? If this ends up being evil, we will get bitter in the future. No reason not to be happy now. Then Bruce talks about the sin of despair and yaddah, yaddah, yaddah.

My sister told me: "At last some good news". Should I tell him? Have caution! Don't have hope for the first time in many years. Something bad could happen.

In the family, I have the reputation of killjoy, telling about all the bad thigs that are coming. Now that something good happens should I tell that they should not be happy because something bad could arise from this good? I'll pass.

If tomorrow this is for evil, "que nos quiten lo bailao" ("let them take us the happiness we had in the past" literally "let them take us the dances we had")

William Wildblood said...

Good points, cae.

xxxx, I don't say that people shouldn't be happy about the news but they should be wary about walking into a trap. Unfortunately, that is how things are now in these end times. Why not just say to your family that this is great news but be on the lookout that there may not be some hidden motive behind it. After all, Jesus told his disciples to be wise as serpents.

A Christian's hope should always be in the next world not this one which belongs to the so called prince of this world. It's not being a killjoy to tell people not to get too invested in what goes on down here. Strive for the good, of course, but don't worry too much how things turn out.

Luke said...

One thing that has me wondering is the lack of immediate large riots. Even in DC, it appears that not many people showed up to the Friday riot and social media is a bit quiet. In my town there were some old women making signs at about 10 am today, they taped them to the light posts and left.
I'm just not sure if this indicates the ptb were caught by surprise, or merely a slower escalation.

Lady Mermaid said...

I've just commented on a discussion on Bruce's blog about the nature of demonic plans. As I've said on Bruce's blog, I believe that God wants us to come to repentance and is patient w/ giving us many chances. Jesus did say to forgive your brother 70 x 7. Brexit and the Trump election were opportunities for the UK and US to repent. However, they squandered those opportunities. I do not believe it to be a coincidence that RvW was overturned on the Feast of John the Baptist and the Sacred Heart. Both of these feasts coincided w/ warnings about the need for repentance. It was also the birthday of the founder of the March for Life Nellie Grey.

The RvW decision could very well be the final chance to repent before destruction arrives. I already see the collapse coming w/ high fuel prices, inflation, etc. The sexual revolution is a key obstacle in modern man seeking salvation. Abortion is a key pillar in maintaining sexuality w/ no strings attached. However, the lessons from Brexit and Trump warn us that spiritual revival is far from being guaranteed. There is a real danger that certain states will ban abortion and women will just travel to another state to commit child sacrifice. By reverting the decision back to the states, Americans are given the choice as to the path they will take. Making the right decision will be critical in the years to come.