Sunday, 19 June 2022

The Beginning of Sorrows

 Western civilisation is dying. At its peak it scaled great heights but it has fallen a long way down since then because of its denial of spirit. Pitifully, most people think of this as an advance and a liberation from superstition because the denial of spirit freed us to explore and exploit the material world to a greater degree, but the initial burst of energy that came from that is rapidly dissipating. Progress is petering out. Even our increased recognition of the horrors of violence and war can be understood as a greater fixation on the physical self and material well-being.

I don't know how anyone can live without acknowledging God. Within each human soul there is the divine stamp that is our life and the core of our being. How can we ignore this? But it seems millions of people do. What is going on inside these people that they have closed themselves off to such degree from reality and all that makes life worthwhile? There is no doubt that the material world has solidified so that the connection to spirit is much harder to make but still it is there. There is also no doubt that demonic powers have attacked on numerous fronts to make us believe the material world is all there is but we don't have to succumb to their lies. Even if everyone around us prefers darkness to light we do have the light within us and we can respond to that if we are spiritually responsible and true children of our Father.

Perhaps that's it. Most people don't care about God because they care too much about themselves. They are too fixated on their worldly hopes and ambitions and their personal desires. They are too identified with their bodies or their feelings or their thoughts and so never look more deeply within themselves. Then there are those who are too attached to a particular sin to be willing to acknowledge that it is a sin. Such people are setting themselves up to be the victims of the dark powers to whose influence they will become more and more susceptible. They are cutting themselves off from all that is good and if that alarms you, it should do.

We are unable to perceive the deep inner workings of spiritual evil because we don't acknowledge spiritual good. This makes us easy to manipulate and deceive and lead astray. An essential task for all human beings today is to recognise that the source of evil is hidden. It does not come from this material world. It actually emanates from powerful beings on the spiritual plane working through their emissaries at lower spiritual levels and in this world. Those regarded as evil in this world are merely pawns of these higher beings who are the principalities and powers spoken of by St Paul in his letter to the Ephesians. These demons think in the long term. They have prepared for this time over many centuries and if we look back we can see the gradual turning of the screw. This should show us that mortal men alone cannot be responsible for the plan of spiritual destruction even if they are indirectly responsible for enacting various of its stages.

Does this sound sensationalist? That thought again would come to mind as a result of seeds sown by evil powers over many years. They function best when unrecognised or downgraded to cartoon characters or softened by being fictionalised. In the public mind the teeth of supernatural evil have been drawn by its regular appearance in film and on TV. It can be dismissed as entertainment or deriving from fantasy and fiction. This is not without some advantages though. When you have a writer such as Tolkien, who was very aware of the reality of supernatural evil, you have a powerful depiction of its reality and how it operates and then your mind is primed to recognise it later on when you begin to wake up.

People don't believe in God because there is no proof but you cannot prove spiritual realities by material means. Expand your horizons beyond the material world and you will find proof. But this will not be intellectual proof. Spirit cannot be proven by the intellect or the mind as normally considered. It can only be known. This is why faith is important. Faith is not just belief but the opening up of the mind to wider vistas. It is like being in a dark room with the curtains drawn. Faith is opening a window through which daylight can stream in.

It is probable that as the limitations of the materialistic worldview become more apparent to more people there will be a reaction. This has already happened to a limited extent, beginning in the 1960s though the movement seemed to lose energy around the turn of the millennium. But as material privations start to manifest themselves, as they are about to do, it may happen again and this time to a larger degree. This is when we have to be ready to warn people that not all that seems spiritual is good. At the end of the Roman Empire mystical and occult sects flourished but these were mostly degenerate remains of the ancient mystery religions with an emphasis more on the psychic than the spiritual. They were demon infested and only cleaned up by the purity of the vital Christian force that also spread at that time. This phenomenon could recur. The demons will have in place a spiritual movement that will bestow mystical experiences of a sort and also increase the lower psychic powers thus exposing their possessors to a false spiritual plane. We need to be rightly motivated, which means searching for God rather than spiritual pyrotechnics, to avoid falling into this trap. As was the case almost 2,000 years ago, the key will be our acceptance or otherwise of Christ.


Bruce Charlton said...

Yes, Western Civ is dying; and it is probably the first civilization where the leadership has conspired actively to destroy a civilization by all possible means - initially, against the will of most of its people although more recently with considerable mass consent.

William Wildblood said...

It certainly does seem as though the process is being deliberately encouraged. At first one could adopt the incompetence or stupidity angle but no longer. For several years it has been obvious that there is deliberate intent at the highest level.