Sunday 19 December 2021

Another Year, Another Turn of the Screw

 Here we are at the end of another year in which everything the conspiracy theorists said has turned out to be true though the great majority still won't see it. That's won't not don't. People do not want to wake up. They prefer the illusion of thinking that the world is ok really and everything will get back to what they think of as normal. It will not. We have entered a downward spiral in which such things as disease, climate change and the woke agenda (feminism, anti-racism, homophilia etc, the whole levelling off and making everything equally good and true if you want it to be) are used as instruments of social control and destruction of the traditional, the natural and the common-sensical, and as preparation for a future in which the supposedly friendly ideas of equality, sustainability and security are pressed into service to crush freedom of thought, diversity of opinion or any kind of dissent. The rulers behind the rulers, whoever/whatever they are, are seeking to erase all spiritual, indeed all real human, sensibility from the mind of man. Their aim is that we will be stripped of individuality and forced to lead a herd-like existence in which we will essentially be owned. Whatever else they may be, the pecks are clearly part of that agenda. They are a forerunner for a future process in which everything about everyone is known and counted. If you don't see this, you are living in a dream world. 

So, the future is grim? Not necessarily. This world was never meant to be a perfect place of joy and happiness. It is a training ground for the soul. Joy and happiness are there sometimes but they are not the natural state of the earthly plane. They are interruptions from above, incursions of divine light into the material world. For those who perceive this and choose to align their being with the source of divine light which is God then whatever happens in this world can be seen in a different perspective. That does not mean we should just accept evil. We should always fight against it and strive to defeat it when it seeks to seize the initiative as now. A successful outcome for the globalist totalitarians is not assured. But we should also know that the increase of materialism and everything associated with it, such as the quantitative approach to life that is now paramount, an approach summed up by the computer which typically reduces quality to quantity robbing it of real life in the process, is inevitable. See here for more on that. The end of an age is a time when spirit has ebbed away and matter becomes ever more present. And yet even that can be a good thing for it forces us to look for spirit within ourselves and makes it all the more pressing to begin the search for God. It is said in the Indian tradition that all the sincere seeker has to do to be saved in the Kali Yuga is call on God, even just repeat his name. This may be understating the case a little but the idea is that we do not, as in earlier times, have to perform heroic acts of spiritual athleticism. In times of real darkness the greatest spiritual act is simply to believe and live as though your belief was real. Because it is.


John Goes said...


Bruce Charlton said...

I live in a parallel world from the one in which people walk the streets in masks without compulsion; and regard the case for yet another (and, presumably, this time permanent) wave of social restrictions to be 'overwhelming' and an absolute moral imperative.

With not many (and I suspect only temporary) exceptions; the population is *visibly* self-segregating into a majority class who regard the institutional leaders and their stooges as moral arbiters and motivated by the good-of-those-who-think-likewise - and a minority class who regard the Establishment as actively, purposively evil.

Knowing a person's views on the birdemic, MLB-antiracism, global warmism, the trans agenda or ay other mainstream headline issue of the day (China, Russia... anything) - one knows that person's basic *spiritual* values: and these values are so by-now opposed as to make interaction increasingly difficult and painful for those on different sides.

There are very few 'safe subjects' nowadays - and the idea is - clearly - that there will be none; because all discourse is being replaced by 'politics'... chat about all the old neutral subjects is now drawn into current-affairs - sports is convulsed by the birdemic, antiracism and trans issues; 'the weather' that old English staple - is all about allegations of 'climate change'; holidays are all about the latest birdemic-peck legislation... etc. etc.

People across the spiritual-value divide have almost nothing to talk about with each other that does not tend to increase the divide.

Yes - things are going according to Satan's plans, for sure...

William Wildblood said...

The purpose of the masks is clearly to humiliate the population and render them compliant. There are those, the majority, who go along with this and a small minority who see the evil motives of the ruling establishment. It seems the division into sheep and goats has begun. Things are going according to Satan's plans because most people are, frankly, weak but we know that his ultimate defeat is assured particularly as regards those who keep faith with God.

Hari Seldon said...

@BC: My conversations with certain family members have turned into an elaborate game (at least on my part) of trying to find "neutral" subjects to talk about, so as to avoid a spiral into unhelpful debate and acrimony. Previously, that neutral ground was occupied by pop cultural topics like movies and TV shows, but our cultural tastes aren't really similar, and of course pop culture is increasingly degenerate and politicized.

The worst thing is when my relatives gush about some overseas trip they took or some Broadway musical that they saw, and I have to decide whether to politely remind them that I am indefinitely banned from those activities due to my peck status, or keep my mouth shut. I keep my mouth shut. It's extremely tough to remain cordial under these circumstances.

Bruce Charlton said...

@HC - " I am indefinitely banned from those activities"

Don't worry overmuch - the situation is brief: *everybody* (except the Establishment themselves, naturally) will soon be banned from all such activities on a 'permanent' basis (*if* Their plans continue to proceed without opposition). The *slightly* sooner ban of the unpecked is merely a strategy to get them to accept the peck. The intent is that every sanction against the unpecked will shortly afterwards become 'universal' for the Little People.

Hari Seldon said...

@BC: Yes, I think you are right. It gives me some small satisfaction that Broadway is already beginning to shut down again - for everyone - due to the Megatron "surge."