Monday 8 November 2021

Neutrality Will Soon No Longer be an Option

 The world is dividing up into two camps. Those who are for God and a rightly ordered creation and those who will not accept the reality of these things, who are, in effect, against them because if you are not for them then you are against them. It is a question of two goods or actually a real good and a supposed one, and it is a test of your inner orientation. The supposed good will be pushed hard as the real good and the real good will be depicted as the home of the mad and bad. The process is already well underway, obviously so since 2020 or the turn of the millennium or the 1960s, depending on how alert you are to the changes which are always ratcheted up just one more notch, but actually stretching back many decades, even centuries for those with the longer view.

The great majority of human beings today have no spiritual roots and no spiritual education. This is a condition that has been long prepared for. Most people have now grown up in a secular, materialistic, atheistic world and are consequently ripe for the picking. They have no higher reference points when confronted with the evils of the present day. The saying that we should always put things down to stupidity rather than malice, though it may well be true on many occasions, actually obscures the fact that behind the scenes there really is malice. We don't see it because we don't look properly and that's because we no longer know how to look or even where to look.

Think of the present times as a great test. You have been sent to Earth or asked to come here now because there is a great opportunity. The grain is being sifted with the wheat, having proved itself to be of the right quality, going on to higher worlds. The chaff, according to the Bible, will be burnt in unquenchable fire. I am slightly more optimistic. I think that those who don't make the grade will find themselves in outer circumstances that reflect their inner spiritual state in the post-mortem world but in all God's prisons there is a door to which the prisoner holds the key. This is because the prisons are not actually God's but created by the prisoner himself as an outgrowth of his own consciousness. There is a way out but it will require repentance and change on the part of the prisoner, and, while always possible, this may not be so easy in the next world so it makes sense to get it right in this one.

For a long while because society and the culture has not been actively anti-spiritual it was possible to avoid making a decision about whether to side with truth or let yourself be drawn into darkness and lies. And don't forget that spiritual darkness does not appear dark to the spiritually blind, only to those with sight. But this is no longer possible. Now the culture all over the world is anti-spiritual. Even where there is still some sort of religion it bows down to the worldly powers and conforms to the worldly agenda. You cannot compartmentalise this world and the next and say that this world has its own rights which you must respect. You only respect this world when it recognises and puts itself to the service of the next. Certainly, this world does have its rights but they are always subordinate to the rights and the truth of the next world and must be seen in that light. Ignore that and you have lost the thread and imprisoned yourself on the horizontal by which I mean you have become a citizen of this world rather than the world of God. This world is part of the world of God but only when it acknowledges the hierarchical lineage and sees the vertical connection as primary.

As the demands to bow down to the idols of the modern world continue you will have to make a choice. But first of all you are going to have to wake up and see that these are idols and that they require worship. Nothing really changes in the field of spiritual battle. The form changes but the basic elements remain, and a fundamental element of the spiritual life is that "You shall have no other gods before me." Why? Not because God is jealous but because he is truth. To put worldly idols before him is to have deserted truth. Those idols are not just the false gods of the past, many of which were demons and fallen angels though some were probably what are known as egregores, thought forms given substance by human attention and energy, and others even angelic beings serving God but even these are not due worship in their own right. 

There are modern idols too and one of the most powerful today is science. Especially when it becomes 'the science' but even before that it was still an idol when it was practised for its own sake and seen as a final arbiter of truth. Science as an investigation into the creation pursued almost as a form of worship is a high calling but when it has become severed from that vital connection it risks descending to the satanic. I am not just talking about bombs and instruments of destruction. There is physical destruction but there is spiritual destruction too and modern science stands charged of that crime.

Another powerful modern idol is politics. I will venture to say that all party politics is of the devil and that is certainly so in the modern world. We need governing you will say, and some systems are certainly better than others. True, but all of them replace God with something of this world and in the end that is what matters. If you leave spiritual truth out of the equation then your sums will never add up. Politics is corruption and active involvement in it corrupts the soul. This is more true than ever now when lying has become an essential tool in the politician's kitbag. If you expand the definition of politics to mean those who stand for God and rightly ordered creation versus all the rest then I would moderate my earlier statement but how easy it is to be dragged down to the worldly level and lose your grounding in God if you do actually involve yourself in the political field. Fair better to focus yourself fully on the spiritual. God is calling all who will listen to come to him now, ignoring all other voices which will only lead astray. Hear his voice and follow that to the exclusion of all else. And remember that those who follow God should not expect reward in this world for they are working towards the next and that is where their endeavours will bear fruit. 


Bruce Charlton said...

@William - An excellent - orientating - piece.

William Wildblood said...

Thank you, Bruce.

Isbe said...

“Now the culture all over the world is anti-spiritual. Even where there is still some sort of religion it bows down to the worldly powers and conforms to the worldly agenda.” Not always it would seem:

On November 1st, the Rabbinical Court of Israel officially decreed that the mRNA COVID shot is “absolutely forbidden” for children, adolescents, young men & women.
The Rabbinical Court is part of the Israeli legal system and determines laws that reflect the teachings of the Torah. A ruling by the Rabbinical courts is considered God’s law and is strictly followed by the Jewish community. The importance of this decision cannot be understated.

After hours of testimony on October 26th, 2021 by medical experts, lawyers, and scientists, the Rabbinical court made their decree which sent shock waves throughout the world. The decision stated:

“It is absolutely forbidden to administer or even to promote this injection to children, adolescents, young men or women; even if it means that they will not be permitted by the government to attend yeshiva or seminary or to study abroad, etc. It is an explicit obligation to protest against this mandate, and anyone who can prevent the injection from being forced upon our youth must do so, forthrightly and emphatically.”

William Wildblood said...

Interesting. Do they say why it's forbidden? You would have thought that if it's on religious grounds it would be forbidden to everyone not just the young.

nightskyradio said...

I believe this is the full text document being referred to.

William Wildblood said...

Thanks for providing the link. It's important and deserves spreading widely.

BSRK Aditya said...

> Those who are for God and a rightly ordered creation and those who will not accept the
> reality of these things, who are, in effect, against them because if you are not for them
> then you are against them.

I am not completely convinced that you are on the side of god & a rightly ordered creation. After all, you have said (paraphrasing) "Buddha may be the highest on the human level, but Jesus Christ is on the divine level". This implies that, at the divine level, Jesus Christ is superior to the Buddha.

This view "Jesus Christ is superior to the Buddha at the divine level" is an evil view conducive to evil qualities.

William Wildblood said...

BSRK, I'm a Christian. What else would you expect a Christian to say? The Buddha did not claim to be a divine being but Christ was the Son of God so even by the Buddha's estimation of himself this would be an accurate statement assuming Christ was what he said he was and what Christians believe him to be. You may not agree with it which is fine but to call it evil is plain silly. It is not saying that the Buddha is less than what Buddhists believe he is to say that Christ was/is more than that.

BSRK Aditya said...

I have no quarrel will attributing the title Son of God to Jesus Christ.

Buddhists believe the Buddha to be the best among gods & men. Not just men ( It's indeed lessening the buddha by saying that he is just a human. It's also wrong view.

William Wildblood said...

BSRK, you must know that the gods in Buddhism are still caught up in the wheel of births and deaths and so quite different to the idea of God in Christianity. Also, that the Buddha himself never claimed to be more than a man. It is not demeaning him to say he is what said he was.

BSRK Aditya said...

Buddha never claimed to be "more than a man" because that very claim can be only done under the influence of conceit, by a being subject to downfall.

The view "Jesus Christ is more than a man" is immediately verifiable in the here and now as something that can be adopted under the influence of conceit, conducive to downfall.

William Wildblood said...

We are talking at cross purposes so the best thing to do is stop.