Tuesday, 23 November 2021

It's Time to Wake Up

 Anyone who hasn't seen through the evils of the current time as summed up by the litmus tests is in danger of being complicit in them. You may think this is unfair and that people cannot be blamed for succumbing to relentless one-sided propaganda but we are supposed to be intelligent, conscious adults. We are called to look beyond appearance and to develop aspects of our mind that see reality beneath the surface. These aspects, which can be brought together under the category of spiritual discernment, exist but we will not develop them if we limit our conception of the human being to a materialistic level. To do that in this day and age I will go so far as to call a sin because it is a failure of spiritual responsibility and shows disrespect towards the Creator. We are not innocent. We are not victims. We have a duty to God and part of that duty is to recognise him and to understand his purpose for us. Both of these are important. It's no good acknowledging God but behaving according to the understanding of this world. There are people who think they recognise God and believe in the spiritual but if these people fail to apply that recognition to what goes on at the material level then they lack insight and their spirituality is sterile. They might believe in the spiritual but they don't understand it.

Equally, it's no good acknowledging God but thinking all you have to do is focus on the spiritual and what happens in the material is of no concern to you. The material is the spiritual. It is part of it and must be seen in the light of the spiritual. God favours marriage not divorce and we are meant to bring the material into line with the spiritual not separate the two. It's always from above downwards but God saw his creation and said it was good. He instructed man to work in it and take care of it. Taking care of the material means bringing it closer into line with the spiritual so that it may serve as a vessel for the spiritual in which to manifest. It is through the material that the good, the beautiful and the true can be known and expressed.

God allows evil so that good may come of it. The good may be the awakening to truth in the human heart as it recognises and rejects evil. The evil is not good in itself but it can help to bring out latent good. We should not make the mistake of thinking that evil is part of God's plan but, given the possibility of it arising in a world of freedom, it can be used by God. Nevertheless, to slightly paraphrase Luke 17:1, even though there must be evil in the world, woe to him through whom it comes. There is never any justification for evil.

Most people are lost because they recognise no reality beyond this world and even many who do believe in the spiritual subordinate that belief to worldly considerations when these assert themselves. Which means they don't really believe. If you really believe in the spiritual you must see everything in that light. There is no situation in which the spiritual is not primary. The body must be fed and life must be lived in the world while you are here but even these things are secondary. The spiritual must always be the root reality of your existence, and if you make it so you will be supported. That doesn't mean life will easy but you will be supported. When times like the current times arise and the worldly powers seek to force you in a certain direction all you have to do is the right thing by God. You need not worry about consequences which is not to say that there won't be consequences. There may well be but these are external to your true self. I don't say this lightly but the most important thing is always to remain faithful to God.

The present time can be understood as one in which the attempt is being made to undo creation and return it to chaos. This is why the spiritual and the natural are both under attack. The aim is to unravel reality and reduce it back down to raw matter untouched by the creative breath of spirit. The relentless focus on equality is one aspect of this. True equality can only exist in the uncreated state of complete equilibrium. The greater the activity of spirit, the greater the inequality precisely because spirit is creative and creation differentiates. It disturbs basic oneness which is the state of unexpressed potential in chaos before creation. Oneness in this respect is the same as nothingness. Equality is death. Why? Because the only way it can be reached is by reduction to nothing. We have fallen for the ideology of equality because we think it means fairness. Everyone is the same. No one is better than anyone else. But that is not the spiritual way which always tends towards greater freedom, more individuality. This is certainly within the context of God and the overall oneness behind creation but to use oneness to crush difference is a diabolical ploy aimed at destroying the hierarchy of being and bringing the higher down to the level of the lower. It is intended to desacralise. We lost spirit and we are currently losing the natural as well. Computer technology is one arm of that and the rejection of the fundamental reality of male and female is another.

The bulk of humanity is asleep. Seduced by comfort and entertainment, we allow ourselves to be manipulated by powers that seek complete separation from God. We are losing our freedom because of fear and many seem willing to accept anything merely for a quantitive extension of life. But life is eternal anyway! To paraphrase again, this time Matthew 10:28, we should not fear what can kill the body but what can kill the soul. It is our spiritual immune system that needs boosting now.

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Christopher Yeniver said...

I am posting here because I see no other formal contact method and so this post may serve as reflection for readers and responses to it.

I am very far from a malign spirit, but just to comment on the text, I hope that most people remain asleep, for the waking of people to levels they are not corporeally prepared for is probably what chaos is.

That aside, I did have thoughts on the passage of death and Christ's promise of the guarantee to return to one's incarnated self after death.

Without - or equally with all - the constitution to bear the passage into death, death resembles an infinite possibility. Revelations of the New Testament reveals that all humanity is given back to their incarnated selves and then judged, with the majority self-condemning.

"Grave matter" is no small concern here.

Eschewing the thought of a judgement after one has died, it becomes clear via memory while alive that forgetfulness will afflict the mass that self-condemn themselves. They will not know they had died, while the others who are aware are then presented with something of a bargain which they could have chosen while alive, so judgement is key to making Christ's offer coherent, and it feels natural in as much as loss and change provide the only means for our living choices. Nature, or self, is informed by the quality of changes in the material but not of the material itself. The soul that becomes ennobled by being bare before reality is ready for such a judgment, and as beauty does not seek its reflection but its compliment, a silver to a pearl and a pearl to a silver, such judgment becomes one's own.

Bless Us :)
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