Friday 16 October 2020

Bruce Charlton's Litmus Test

Bruce Charlton has come up with a Litmus Test to determine what side a person is on in the current spiritual war. The test has three parts which comprise how you respond to the coronavirus scare, the anti-racism propaganda and the man-made climate change agenda. To accept these at face value as they are presented by official channels and the mainstream media indicates you are following the powers of this world rather than God. And it doesn't matter if you think you are religious or spiritual. Those are just words if they are not backed up with proper insight into the nature of reality.

This test is interesting because it is doing something more than simply seeing whether you go along with the idea that these three things are true in the way they are presented. It goes more deeply than whether the coronavirus is as serious as claimed or whether some ethnic groups have been treated better or worse than others, for whatever reasons, or whether the climate is hotting up as a result of human activity. There will be factors that seem to support the current official lines in all of these cases but there will also be factors that contradict these approved lines. For the layman it can be difficult to establish certainty one way or the other, and it is also difficult to argue effectively for the contrary position in the face of so much ideological pressure and unrelenting one-sided propaganda.

However, there is a greater point beyond whether any of these things actually have any truth in them or not or whether there is some truth but we are presented with a very one-sided picture. The real point is that the remedies proposed for these supposed material evils are Trojan horses which are used to bring about profound spiritual evils. This is what really matters and what a person of spiritual discernment should able to see. The evils of the virus, of racism and of climate change (real or unreal) are as nothing besides the evils of the proposed solutions to them. Shall I define these evils? Outwardly, it's a simple matter of totalitarianism and humanity reduced to controlled servitude. Inwardly, it is the closing tight shut of the door to spiritual freedom and truth. It is the absolute enforcement of materialism. 

If you care about freedom and truth and beauty and real goodness you are now on a collision course with the worldly powers. You can no longer be a passively good, decent, nice sort of person because if you are you will sooner or later be sucked into what is a kind of de facto Satanism. I realise that might seem a shocking thing to say but the reality is, or is becoming, that if you don't actively stand for God then you are against him, and there is, or soon will be, no neutral ground.


Bruce Charlton said...

That's excellent William - this was indeed what was at the back of my mind but not so clearly articulated. I shall add a link to this from the original post.

William Wildblood said...

Thanks very much, Bruce. When I read your test I knew that I absolutely agreed with it but had to work out why I agreed since the actual things themselves are really only a front for other things and what that is is not immediately obvious to rational intellect. Intuition has to kick in.

MagnusStout said...

Perfectly stated.

Even if confused by propaganda, we should *know* that muzzling our children (masks) and putting them in invisible cages ([un]social distancing) is Evil.

But, if someone is really questioning--really looking--the truth is out there. The consequence of the information age is to greatly raise moral accountability.

God Bless you and Dr. Charlton!

William Wildblood said...

thanks Magnus. Everything now is saying we should deny our instincts and intuitions but listening to these is our only real chance of escape from the universal deceit. Well, that and the truth of Christ!

Jonathan said...

This excerpt is great: "Shall I define these evils? Outwardly, it's a simple matter of totalitarianism and humanity reduced to controlled servitude. Inwardly, it is the closing tight shut of the door to spiritual freedom and truth. It is the absolute enforcement of materialism." But I would love to see you and/or Bruce expand on this further. Because even though I can surely feel how Evil the Establishment's intentions and "solutions" are, I am still at a loss about how to explain it to my loved ones.

(Which is a big part of why the Establishment's tactics are so effective.)

Ingemar said...


As far as being no longer passive in my opposition to VirusRegime, I've made myself more visible in my resistance and, for the first time ever, became politically active.

I joined a local "virus resistance" group and in my first meeting in public, attracted someone to our cause who has become a force multiplier. All I did was carry a sign that says "I will not submit to the Flu World Order." In turn, this new person helped organize and strategize our fledgling group.

Reactions have been largely positive, but it's not enough. I sense most people think it may be a scam, but are too paralyzed by respect of men to display opposition. That, or they accept any information uncritically. Two days ago, I was not getting through to someone parroting the DEATHS! MASKS PROTECT! talking points (with a small group of who were unmasked and socially proximate). It was a fruitful exchange nonetheless because it helped expose weaknesses in my rhetoric and one of them sensed I was doing the Lord's work and prayed fervently for me.

Dr. Charlton's litmus test is highly instructive though. We are at a point where Battle lines are being drawn. The partisans are not going to win sides by argumentation, but rather by force (the Virus cultists) or separation (the Virus resistance).

Long term though, I think this will only end by total Systemic failure, akin to the collapse of the USSR.

William Wildblood said...

Jonathan, the problem in explaining what is going on at the moment is that you cannot do it without bringing in powers of spiritual evil, in other words, demons. People are reluctant to believe that other people are a) quite as bad as it seems, and b) so organised as to get everything in line over a long period and all over the world. And they are right. Human beings alone could not do this. But when you begin to appreciate that there are spiritual powers behind the scenes manipulating events and influencing human beings into certain paths then the whole scenario becomes more understandable. Some of these humans will have given themselves over to the dark side (to use slightly melodramatic language) deliberately but most will be unconscious pawns who can be manipulated because of personal failings and the fact that they have adopted false ideologies which are mostly rooted in various forms of materialism.

If you want to explain the situation to others without going into the spiritual source of the evil you are going to have a hard time. But you have to do this carefully with most people because we have been trained to reject all this as childish nonsense or conspiracy theory or science fiction which only an unhinged loser would take seriously. To a nominal Christian you could point out that both Jesus and St Paul took the demonic world very seriously and literally, not just as a symbol for the various abstract evils in the human being. They believed in objective evil. To someone who doesn't have any spiritual beliefs you could ask why does everything really seem to be getting worse in a way that appears to be orchestrated. Ask them to think about the actual fruits of all the apparent worldly progresses of the last few decades. Are we happier, better adjusted? It's not easy because the fact is only those who already suspect the truth will be open to it. I know very few people like that.

William Wildblood said...

Ingemar, all we can do is be true to ourselves. We must be careful not to be too extreme in opposing the 'panicdemic' because then we can easily be shunted off into the corner marked 'angry, mad contrarians'. But if we are measured and calm and do things like point out the low death rates at the moment and the fact that the average age of those dying is 82 (in the UK, I'm not sure about the USA but I expect it's similar) then it might eventually work like water on a stone to those who are ready - though I hope the stone is chalk rather than granite!

But I suspect you are right and that it will all end in Systemic failure. But that's not important if we retain spiritual integrity. Western civilisation had probably come to the end of its useful life anyway. It's a shame but the real world is not here and I do believe that nothing good can ever be really lost.

David Earle said...

I suppose I've more or less shown friends and family through my actions.

I plan to take the Winter off (in my field I can basically opt in and out as wanted). I will reassess my situation next Summer when perhaps things will become more clear.

If there is going to be a catastrophic collapse, then any income I bring in this Winter will never see the light of day anyway so I'd rather use this time to spend with family, read, write, and appreciate the finer things in life.

William Wildblood said...

For the time being I think continual decline is more likely than sudden collapse. But who knows?

Ingemar said...


I agree that letting the passions overtake you is a sure recipe for failure. Besides, the Virus Cult owns that tactic and we can't beat them in that.

The thing is though, that in certain places, openly flouting the VirusRestrictions is pathetically easy. My friends talk of walking in stores without a mask, without a word said and nobody bothers them. I've walked in a store that was supposedly notorious for enforcing strictures, but I was able to talk the clerk out of kicking me out by being measured and reasonable.

Worst case, if they obstinately refuse me service, I leave.

There is recourse provided by our legal system to fight against these measures which are technically illegal and a violation of citizen's rights. We've been making use of these methods and hopefully they will bear fruit. If not, then the decay of our society will proceed apace and the VirusGestapo will lose their jobs, but at least they can console themselves with the this thought: "At least I didn't let maskless people shop."

Bruce Charlton said...

@William "continual decline is more likely than sudden collapse" - my guess is that They were not happy with the only-moderate (rather than catastrophic) degree of decline in the first global lockdown (a decline which is almost impossible to measure, but clearly very significant - in terms both of most people having less money, and getting a Lot less (or almost nothing at all) for their money; while apparently billionnaires are probably half as rich again in 2020 alone) - which is why a second lockdown is being pushed so very hard. This despite absolutely zero (rather than *almost* zero) health-related reason for it. This time, quite a lot of people are aware of the lack of health justification for lockdown (a view found even in the mass media!) - which is certainly an improvement from March; but I can't see it being nearly enough to stop Them doing what They so much want to do. If I was a betting man I would put money on a full national lockdown within not many weeks, and almost certainly global - which is indeed already the case for many millions of people in the UK. In the longer run (of months) I think They will need to transition to a Global Warming justification for the Great Reset - which was Plan A, after all. They just need to identify and spin some kind of Climate Emergency... A tsunami or massively lethal hurricane would do the trick.

William Wildblood said...

Ingemar, here in England I have not so far been challenged for not wearing a mask in supermarkets which are the only places I regularly go which require them. Perhaps because I look reasonably respectable otherwise! Unfortunately, I see more and more people wearing the things even in the open air.

Bruce, I think they (or the things behind them) may have been surprised at how easily people succumbed the first time around and want to test how far they can go.

Cootcraig said...

"the remedies proposed for these supposed material evils are Trojan horses which are used to bring about profound spiritual evils" This. I'm surprised so few see this. The establishment remedies are designed to cover constant revolutionary action. If you do see this you gain an ability to step away and have peace. 2020 was a good year for me. I found/am finding a cadre actively creating peaceful community. True remedies as it were.