Monday 19 October 2020

We are in a Spiritual War

It is obvious that we live in very dangerous times. Clearly, I am not referring to Covid-19 which I assume all readers of this blog realise is just a more or less conventional virus that is being used as a means to an end, that end being control and dominance. The virus is really the least of our worries. It will kill off some elderly people just as flu and pneumonia regularly do but it will not do much harm to the great majority. By all means, we should protect the vulnerable but it should be apparent to anyone by now who bothers to look beyond the official propaganda that our reaction has been totally disproportionate to the threat. Whether that is because of fear and panic or politicians, administrators and other figures of the establishment wanting to hold onto power or even something deliberate and planned is another matter. Whatever the cause of it all, the reality is that we have been deceived into giving up freedom.

The real danger is spiritual and this, I fear, is only the beginning. The groundwork has been carefully laid over the last few decades, centuries even. We have been gradually led away from the knowledge that our life is centred in God to a worldview which is totally materialistic and atheistic. This to the extent that even many people who think they are spiritual or religious still adapt most of their thinking to the materialistic ethos. I am not always exempt from this myself. It's the water in which we swim and it can be difficult to throw it off completely. But look at Christ and the prophets of old. They did not compromise with the worldly powers and worldly wisdom one iota. They grounded themselves totally in spiritual knowledge without any concession to the world. We too must do this. There can be no compromise with lies, even lies plausibly dressed up to look like partial truths. Why bother with partial truths when you have the truth? They are usually just means to smuggle in the lie anyway.

I say the danger is spiritual. What I mean by this is that we will be asked to give up more and more of our personal integrity. Our right to believe what we wish to believe, do what want to do, independent of any external authority. We will be made, through fear, desire for favour or money, to adopt a certain way of being. Many people are rightly concerned about the possibility of being obliged to accept a vaccination if they wish to lead a normal life. If this ever really does come about we will know that a line has been crossed and that freedom really has been lost. At the moment, that does seem to be the way things are heading but the more people who are alert to the dangers of spiritual slavery, the more difficult it will be for the powers that be to enforce their evil agenda. I use that word because that is what it is. Evil is that which seeks to control and dominate for its own benefit. It seeks to deny free will. It seeks to enslave. Evil is a spiritual reality that the modern world does not recognise but that just means that ordinary individuals, never mind the corrupt egotists and degenerate psychopaths who rule us, are more susceptible to it.

Jesus said when speaking about the End Times that, "except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved". This sounds grim. It implies that evil will grow so powerful in its scope that resistance becomes well-nigh impossible. But then he went on to say that, "for the elect's sake, those days shall be shortened".  So we must be prepared for things to get very bad but, at the same time, know that the eventual outcome is not in doubt. For those who remain steadfast and centred in God, victory is assured. This is spiritual victory, not necessarily to be known in this world, as it wasn't for Jesus himself, but it will be real and lasting victory.

The two qualities most important right now are courage and honesty. I am assuming a spiritual orientation. If you don't have, or don't soon acquire, that you will be completely at the mercy of the worldly powers. But even with a spiritual orientation you must have the courage to confront the evil that is being more clearly revealed with every week that passes. And you must be honest because in a world of lies all that can save us is the truth. These two qualities, it will be remarked, are those of the martyr and it seems very probable that in the days to come we will all be examined to see what stuff we are made of.  This should not be a frightening thought. It is actually a privilege to be alive at such a time. We are called to be soldiers in God's army. This army has to fight but it is a spiritual fight and the weapons must be the spiritual weapons of love and truth. However, don't be deceived by how the enemy has tried to disarm that first weapon by reducing it from something brave, bold and fiery to a bland universal acceptance of everything, good or bad, on its own terms. The highest love is the love of the good, the beautiful and the true, and this love will not stand by when these things are attacked. 


MagnusStout said...

Thank you for this sobering post.

If we are headed to a great spiritual conflict, then we need to be "tuning" our spiritual intuition (now is a good time for those caught up in Covid-madness to repent and reassess their mistakes), and orienting ourselves to choosing the right side. You and Dr. Charlton have been very good at emphasizing these points and piercing the official narrative.

I've been pondering another mystery: why is it that those who voluntarily take the Mark permanently damn their souls (seemingly running counter to Christian orthodoxy that God's forgiveness is supreme)?

Perhaps a bit far fetched, but there does seem to exists research targeting the "God Gene" (VMAT2) through a vaccine to suppress "religious violence."
While there is probably no such thing as a "God Gene," it is likely such a gene creates an important neurobiological pathway to understanding the Divine.

Further, if we consider the Old Testament, one of Satan's attack vectors was polluting human DNA--see, the Nephilim. It appears that Satan has knowledge of how to unite human DNA will fallen angels. These attacks seem aimed at corrupting the human line to prevent the birth of Christ.

Thus, again to re-emphasize your points: choosing a side is critical! I do not know what will be in the first or subsequent vaccines, but it is highly likely that one or more of these vaccines will be used for Evil purposes.

My best guess is that the actual Mark will be closely coupled to some kind of injection (so that we have notice before damning our souls). God has warned us not to take the Mark. And, I would speculate that whatever that injection is, it's going to affect the human in a way that will permanently damage our ability to connect to the Divine (thus damning souls and inviting God's judgment).

So, we need to build our faith now as a "life or death matter" to sustain us when things get more difficult.

Anonymous said...

A lot of what Magnus suggests seems similar to what Rudolf Steiner said would occur, namely that belief in the Spiritual would come to be seen as a disease, and he did in fact allege that vaccines would be introduced to suppress this.

William Wildblood said...

Those are interesting speculations. It is indeed our intuition that we should be relying on now, whatever outward things may conflict with it. Prayer and dedication to God are more important than ever as a way of fine-tuning intuition.

I don't believe we can be damned by any vaccination for it cannot touch our free will but it is possible that something like that could blunt any spiritual sensibility so that we become even more cut off from the inner world than we currently already are. So we can always turn ourselves over to God and that is what will save us, but we are as we are in our physical being including everyday consciousness may become increasingly separated from spirit and more embedded in matter. Nothing physical can affect the soul but it can affect the mind.

David Earle said...

> It is actually a privilege to be alive at such a time. We are called to be soldiers in God's army

I relate to this sentiment quite a bit. Seculars often repeat that "every generation thinks they're living in the most important time in history" but I believe that to be untrue. We are objectively living through the most important time in the past 2000 years, at least.

I often think that surely, there must be a reason I'm here, alive and conscious during this moment. Perhaps we willingly chose to be here and experience these spiritual lessons first hand.

William Wildblood said...

I think that's exactly right, islanti. If we feel like this it is indeed because we chose to be here now, to experience life as it is now and maybe even serve the cause of God in some little way, however we can. Just not giving in to the lies is already a big thing.

Bruce Charlton said...

@William - One thought I find en-couraging is that all this works at the individual level. Indeed, we will (if this comes to pass) will have to abandon all thoughts about 'society' because we will not know anything about society! (e.g. Stuck indoors, linked with the outside only by the lying mass media and censored social media.)

My point is that the prophecies can be taken to refer to each us us specifcially, rather than at a societal level. We can trust in God about our-selves. Such as the conviction that I personally will not be tempted beyond my powers of resistance; I personally will always be able to love and follow Jesus.

And (as the prophecy says) *if* the situation is imminent that this no longer applies, and I personally am about to be irresistably corrupted (I say 'if' because this may not be possible - but *if* it was...); then I will be rescued by God from this situation, into biological death, and resurrected to eternal life.

So I have no need to fear, worry, or plan; but should just Trust in The Lord, now and always.

Sean fowler said...

Bring it on I say. I’m tired of waiting. Im desperate to have a go at them.

William Wildblood said...

Yes, Bruce, that's just it. All we really have to do is trust in the Lord. It's that simple.

I know just what you mean, Sean. We must be careful not to fight the war with their weapons though. Truth, truth and more truth is our invincible weapon.

Sean Fowler said...

Having said that I am concerned about the coming vaccine. Have a feeling that they will try to make it compulsory. “ further lockdown measures are needed until the vaccine is ready”. They keep repeating this mantra. What if they, present us as evil, selfish pariahs, endangering the lives of others, unfit to participate in in society, prevent us from working or even going to the shop to get a bag of spuds? Make it impossible to independently keep body and soul together. Not sure if that’s a hill worth dying on.

Sean Fowler said...

Yes “ when fighting monsters and all that” . The truth is brilliant. Evil absolutely hates it:-)

David Earle said...

@Sean - In a world of inversions, you will probably not be seen as heroic or courageous for denying obvious evils. Likely quite the opposite. So one should be spiritually prepared for that.

cae said...

@MagnusStout - Your comment aligns with my own thinking in regard to a probable demonic agenda to "damage our ability to connect to the Divine"...
...though, I believe 'they' will do this by means of all the radiation involved in 5G technology (you know despite everything the world has seen disrupted by the 'birdemic' - 5G satellites are still launching regularly!)

Here is a link to an informative article (originally posted in Bruce Charlton's blog, September 2019) by Jeremy Naydler -

And here's a current update link -

Considering that our brains and hearts 'run' on electrical impulses, I can't help but think that a world blanketed in electromagnetic radiation might well cause a disruption to our "spiritual intuition"....

...along with all the other damage the technology will do, not only to humanity but wildlife as well.

@William: Thank you for yet another wisdom filled post - your blog is much appreciated!

Astraea said...

@cae: 5G technology and vaccines are meant to work together. Nano particles that react with and are controlled by 5G signals – that’s why they need the mandatory vaccines.

Anonymous said...

Every generation thinks that, because every generation is (in their time) at the forefront. The present moment is quite literally what everything prior has been leading up to.