Monday, 1 November 2021

Ideological Tools of Corruption

 A previous post pointed out the fallacy of the all men are created equal dogma which lies behind much contemporary materialistic ideology. It would be my contention that this has been deliberately used as a means of destroying the traditional values of Western civilisation centred in the reality of God and the truth of creation. I say Western because that is where the attack has been centred but it is a global project that will encompass all traditional forms of belief which will either be assimilated (Westernised Buddhism appears to be particularly easy in this regard and Islam particularly difficult) or destroyed. The fact that they haven't gone for Islam yet shows they don't regard it as a real threat - for now.

Anti-racism, feminism, the same sex agenda all derive from the materialistic attitude to life and are used to bring down real spiritual values which are based on a vertical (qualitative and hierarchical) approach to reality rather than a horizontal (quantitive and egalitarian)*. That's why they are pushed so ferociously. Add to them measures taken to contain climate change and coronavirus and you have the framework of a universal system based on atheistic materialism which is being used to control mankind and to separate human beings from their spiritual source, locking them firmly in this world with no avenue of escape. In this system no true freedom of thought is allowed. Everything and everyone must be brought into the fold, submit to the ideology and conform to the agenda. The only religions tolerated will be those that allow themselves to be spiritually castrated as so much contemporary Christianity does. The System will be universal, global, unquestionable and without exit or escape. It will be the iron prison of group think in which the good is redefined to mean worldly good, the soul rigorously denied and the Creator chased from creation.

Something like anti-racism might seem fair and reasonable to the superficial glance but what is the purpose behind it? Is it just to treat human beings with justice or is it a Trojan horse used to dismantle hierarchical concepts of reality and traditional ideas of the ladder of being that stretches up from earth to heaven, with higher states to which we should aspire and conform our being. Might its real, unstated intention, and certainly its effect, be to unmake reality so it can be remade according to a new agenda that has no room for divine truth? Similarly, why is feminism pushed so hard? Is it to separate human beings from their true spiritual state and remake them according to a materialistic agenda? Once again, that is its effect despite what many of those promoting it might believe. The devil always lures people into his schemes with a false good so that the true good is first overlooked and then destroyed. This he is successfully doing with all the favourite movements of modernity, most of which superficially appear as the righting of past wrongs, and may indeed right some past wrongs,  but have the overall effect of destroying genuine spiritual awareness, an awareness centred in the reality of God and the truths of creation.

This approach to the issues of today should not be reduced to a left/right culture war. That idea is a distraction and a diversion. This is nothing less than a spiritual battle for the soul of humanity. So make sure you pick the right side. Trust your intuition and don't be misled by power and authority in any form. There will be many false goods dangled before your eyes. To go along with these will be presented as the mark of a good person. To reject them, a sinner according to contemporary ideology. But that ideology is based on an erroneous idea of what man is and if you are true to your divine source you should know this. How do you attune yourself to this divine source? God presents himself to us in Nature (the Creation which is not perfect in this world but has enough perfection in it to show its source), in Scripture (which should call forth an intuitive response in the rightly oriented) and in your own heart. None of these are completely perfect but that is as it should be because personal discernment is always required for a self-conscious being that is supposed to grow into a god. But they all contain more than enough to guide us to reality if we will allow it. Learn from this threefold approach to see the truth and free yourself from the lies of the modern world. 

*The horizontal is not denied but subordinated to the vertical which is primary.


Bruce Charlton said...

"This approach to the issues of today should not be reduced to a left/right culture war. That idea is a distraction and a diversion."

It sure is. How anybody could regard 'politics' otherwise than a Punch and Judy show where both characters are controlled by the same puppeteer, continues to amaze me.

William Wildblood said...

I suppose it's because people don't see beyond the horizontal plane of being. Which basically means they don't see.

Epimetheus said...

I sometimes wonder if Islam has been invited into the Western world precisely so that it will be digested and destroyed by the acid of this hellish society. In fact, why not invite *all* the most recalcitrant elements in the world into the deepest chambers of spiritual annihilation?

William Wildblood said...

That's very possible but also to erode Christianity by subjecting it to relativism. All religions are really just one religion is the idea and that's more easily co-opted into the notion of 'faith' which is subordinate to globalistic humanism or what presents itself as that.

Kirstie said...

I think the political seeks to divide and the spiritual, unites.

I am finding that this is the exact modus operandi of the elite - they are always on the back foot and need to create disharmony otherwise they would dissipate. If they can only remain to exist by causing confusion and disharmony, and ultimately resentment, they will only become their own worst enemies.

I must stop there.

JMSmith said...

I agree with what you say but would not use the term "soul of humanity." Even here I see what you mean, but would myself try to emphasize that only humans have souls. Humanity has a "soul" in the sense that it has an essential character, which you quite rightly say the humanists are trying to change, but I don't think this is an immortal soul that will spend eternity in Heaven or Hell. I don't for a moment deny that fiddling with the common understanding of this essential character has profound consequences for individual human souls.

I am also somewhat mystified by the new new political enthusiasms, and am certain only that they are not what they say they are. Another thing that seems clear is that they radically distort our moral sense with a focus on collective guilt and grace. Members of designated victim groups enjoy grace as a chosen people, while members of designated villain groups labor under the mark of Cain. This strikes me as an appalling retrogression in our moral understanding.

The quarrel over politics is a perennial theme at the Orthospere. I think you are right to see danger in a political culture war because political means to spiritual ends very easily become ends in themselves. At the same time, you have observed that earth is a school, so we cannot be indifferent to how the school is run. Our enemies do not tolerate us because they are tolerant. They tolerate us because we have the political power to require this of them.

William Wildblood said...

"I agree with what you say but would not use the term "soul of humanity." "

Point take and accepted! I was guilty of falling into an abstraction there. It should be, as you rightly say, human souls.

Regarding politics, it is very difficult. All you say is quite true. Perhaps the only way to resolve this is by something like the Indian caste system where (theoretically)those involved in ruling are under the spiritually responsible caste who set the agenda but are not involved in worldly matters themselves. But how to get to there from here? The whole thing is too much of a mess. It may be that in these end times the only solution is to stand back and let things take their inevitable course while attending to the soul and being there for others who wish to do likewise. There can be no worldly victory now, I do believe that, but perhaps there can and should be valiant rearguard action. This is not a philosophy of pessimism because ultimate victory is assured as we know but it does seem that we have not touched bottom yet.

Having said all that, I must agree that it is important to stand against our enemies, for such they clearly are, publicly and not let them get their own way without a battle. But sometimes this might just come down to proclaiming the truth.