Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Increasing Clarity

 The events of the last 20 years, but specifically the last 12 months, can be looked upon as a spiritual good. Obviously in themselves they are a great spiritual evil because they have all involved the separation of man from God and the principles of creation. However, the good that can come out of them is in the reaction they may provoke in souls who might have gone along happily with a low-level materialism such as previous generations, who still lived in the light of past Christianity, experienced, but who are brought to their senses by the actual consequences of the assumption that there is no God and man can make his own reality in any way he likes. 

The worse things get, the more likely we are to wake up. As long as we do not really suffer from the absence of God, largely because we still live in a culture initially formed on a religious understanding of life, we can do without him - or so we think. But as soon as what a God-shaped void in our lives really means becomes apparent then we may start to realise what we have done. Once the mental derangement that is the outcome of this kicks in, once we realise that there is nothing to protect us from the self-interested powerful or, worse, the void of existential meaninglessness, once we actually face the truth of ourselves without God, then we might turn back to him. Currently we live in a comfortable (materially speaking) illusion but that may not last for very much longer. The more official propaganda is enforced, the more absurdly people behave, the more extreme the demands of the mentally unstable become, the more likely it is that normal people will cry "Enough is enough. We didn't know what we had until we threw it away." 

That does rather depend on a fundamental sanity and right orientation at the core of one's being, and it seems that many people may have largely lost this. Caught up in the worldly chaos, their spiritual instincts have so atrophied that they may not be able to revive them. Innate faults have been brought out and stimulated by atheistic materialism and it may be too late for some. But for all those in whom right thinking has not yet entirely departed there is the hope and the possibility that they might wake up as the madness increases and the effects of spiritual denial become clear. As the darkness spreads the need for light becomes more urgent, and the light is still there even though we ourselves have obscured it.


Bruce Charlton said...

@William - I was thinking about this today - although mainly on an individual rather than societal level. That God's plans are the best (and easiest!); but if evil prevails (if we personally choose evil, or if evil is done to us), God will sooner or later turn the triumph of evil into opportunities for learning and developing - only it will probably take longer and entail more suffering. So - while there seems no doubt as to the evil motivations behind the birdemic-fake-response; God has then woven this into his creation and redirected it to create new opportunities for Good choices.

William Wildblood said...

Yes, it is also the case that without evil it would be hard to choose the good on a fully conscious level.

Bruce Charlton said...

@William - Either way, God did not create us or this world to be incapable of evil, so we can assume that the present evil must (overall) be being-used to make it the kind of place it needs to be.