Thursday, 15 April 2021

Ancient Aliens

I have been watching a series of programmes called Ancient Aliens that I came across by chance on an obscure channel. It discusses the theory that human civilisation was initially seeded by extraterrestrial beings who visited this planet when we were in a primitive state and, so to speak, jump-started our evolution, giving us the rudiments of technology and culture. It is even suggested that these beings manipulated our DNA to advance us intellectually and in terms of our conscious awareness of life. Constructions and artefacts from around the world are brought in to support the theory ranging from the Mexican pyramids at Teotihuacan to the rock cut Kailasa temple at Ellora in India and many other places. Myths and legends are also examined to help give credence to the idea. The programmes even investigate the possibility that there were extraterrestrial bases on Mars which may have been destroyed in massive thermonuclear explosions for which there is apparently some physical evidence.

It's all very intriguing though I wish the subject wasn't presented in the sensationalist manner it inevitably is. It is a sensational idea, of course, but it doesn't need portentous music, melodramatic commentary and over-the-top graphics to make its point. Some of the people interviewed, experts in their fields, are interesting even if they are only allowed short bursts in which to speak. All of which is to say that while there may be some substance in the programmes they are tabloid in style. 

But what about the theory? I suppose it goes back to Eric Von Daniken whose books were bestsellers in the 1970s though I haven't read them. As I recall, even at the time they were shown to be full of errors and false assumptions. I don't necessarily dismiss the theory on that account. Von Daniken may just have been over-enthusiastic in presenting it and seeing evidence for it all over the place through eyes that wanted to see it. But, as these programmes make clear, there are a lot of unexplained mysteries about the past, and when you factor in the many contemporary reports of UFOs and alien abductions from all over the world, it is obvious that something is going on which our modern worldview cannot explain.

But what? My understanding is that flying saucers and so-called extraterrestrial visitors, where they are real, come not from another part of this physical universe but its inner dimensions. They can materialise at certain times and under certain conditions but not for very long. This is why they appear and disappear suddenly. I believe there are many beings that exist on different levels (planes) of the material universe (using the world material to include non-physical realms outside the true spiritual world) and some of these may belong to what we might perceive as advanced (compared to us) civilisations. But this does not make them spiritual in the true sense. They may have great knowledge, psychic powers, occult abilities. They may have technologies beyond our knowledge and they may even, as one of the programmes claims, be trying to psychically inspire us to develop these technologies through impressing our brains with ideas. But that does not make them spiritual. Indeed, let me tell you that real spiritual beings have no technology. They do not need it. Technology is a material thing.

I notice that none of the programmes mention God, still less Jesus. They do mention higher states of consciousness, paranormal powers, inner dimensions of being, advanced evolution, that sort of thing, all of which is dubbed spiritual which most people think it is. However, I would say that these things can be grouped under the category of occult rather than spiritual. They are not necessarily bad but they relate to the non-physical levels of the material world rather than the true spiritual levels that we associate with God, Christ and heaven. They can be accessed by developed mind power regardless of spiritual or moral state and are to do with knowledge rather than the spiritual heart. Hence they fall into the category of "ye shall be as gods". 

Does this give us a clue as to what might be going on here? I am sure that true spiritual beings, angels from God, have been with humanity from the beginning, inspiring us and trying to move us along the spiritual path. But we know that demons have also been present from the beginning and they too seek to influence us in their way. Both operate through the mind but at different levels. In early times both may have been physically present in the world. Mythology alludes to both and sometimes it can be hard to prise them apart. But we know that Christ is the touchstone to which all things must relate to be true. As far as I am concerned, if these higher, supposedly more advanced beings do not reflect the real light of Christ, they are not spiritually healthy. I am not saying they are all evil. Some are demons but others may just be beings from other dimensions of the universe who have their own agenda as we humans would too if we encountered other beings, indeed as we did when we explored the globe and different peoples encountered each other. They might be good, bad or indifferent but they are not messengers from God.

Apparently this television series premiered in America on the History Channel in 2010 and has had 16 series with well over 100 episodes so far. I can't really recommend it because of its tabloid style and uncritical stance but it does have some interesting points to make.


Bruce Charlton said...

I have read a bit about flying saucers/ UFOs (e.g. Only Planet of Choice, John Michell's first book the Flying Saucer Vision, Seraphim Rose's Orthodoxy and the religion of the future - at opposite extremes!), without ever reaching any kind of conclusion - except that the field never seems to move forward.

Reports keep coming in, but are never decisive. Those interested always seem to believe that they are on the cusp of a breakthrough - but it never seems to happen. I think your ideas help explain why.

Anyway, this is a pleasant and interesting talk on the subject by Nigel Blair (whom you met - he died quite young in 2005) from - I think - the middle 1980s.

The first half is about the evidence and theories; the second is perhaps more unusual in that he tries to synthesize the information in the subject gathered from various mediums and channels over the preceding decade or two. He paints a very clear picture of what is/ was going-on, the motivations of the beings involved; and some clear predictions about what was going to happen - none of which actually did happen.

It remains an interesting document from a relatively level-headed and informed chap (a type of Romantic Christian, I suppose!) about what some people were thinking and expecting from UFOs, fortysomething years ago.

William Wildblood said...

Yes, I knew Nigel Blair in the mid 1980s. He was a nice chap, a bit eccentric perhaps but what's wrong with that? I'll have a listen to his talk later on. You're right about UFO investigations. They never seem to come up with anything definite. There's enough to indicate something is going on but it all melts away in the end and this after a good 50 + years. There are those who theorise that the same beings who appeared as fairies in earlier times now appear as aliens and this makes sense to me, supporting the idea that they come from the psychic realm. Wherever they do come from, it's a spiritual cul de sac which should not distract one from genuine spiritual matters.

Francis Berger said...

I liked reading von Daniken books when I was a teenager. I don't think I've ever watched an entire episode of Ancient Aliens, but I've caught bits and pieces here and there over the years. Giorgio Tsoukalos has become quite the internet meme session. My favorites memes are:

"I'm not saying it was aliens . . . but it was aliens."
"I don't always have answers to life's greatest mysteries . . . wait, I do. It's aliens."
"I see you have a perfectly reasonable argument; well, you're wrong. It's aliens."

William Wildblood said...

Giorgio Tsoukalos has a great shock of upward-shooting hair as though he's put his fingers in the light socket which makes for good viewing. He seems very personable but he keeps saying "You have to wonder" and then jumping to the conclusion that it's all aliens which is not necessarily implied by the evidence at all.

Mr. Andrew said...

I've read somewhere an interesting theory (I believe based on Seraphim Rose) that the concept of "extraterrestrials" will be used to introduce demons to the thoroughly materialistic population.

John C. Wright has touched on this on some of his fictional books as well. The demons would be introduced as "gift givers" of "advanced technology" from another plane/planet. Of course, all it costs you is your soul.

If even a tiny fraction of the tales of what our elites are up to are true, it seems they are already fully enamored by these gifts - talk of eternal/extended life through the blood of the young, etc (now openly discussed). Even the experimental DNA injection therapy (peck) sounds a like black magic - using aborted fetal cells to create "health"

William Wildblood said...

That sounds very plausible to me. After all, demons are not going to appear as old-sfashioned devils now. The great problem for materialistic people as we have become is that anything not material is regarded as spiritual which is by no means the case, not spiritual as in good and holy anyway

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr.Wildblood,
you wrote: "Indeed, let me tell you that real spiritual beings have no technology. They do not need it. Technology is a material thing."

I don't think you are completely correct here.

Basically, you are saying that 'God does not need technology'. While He certainly does not /need/ technology, he probably likes it as he frequently makes use of it.

For example, right now, you are using the technology of computers and internet to read my statement about God; which might (hopefuly) spiritually inspire you.

God certainly could deliver the same message to you by direct inspiration(Holy spirit). Or by direct human communication, with us two meeting face to face.

Yet, He chose to use technology(computers) to deliver it.

It might sound trivial at first, yet, there is a deep truth underneath it: That God uses various ways to communicate with people, including technology. It is not 'all Holy spirit'.

God does not shun the material at all.

From this, it is possible that even some of the 'ancient aliens' were really aliens, but at the same time agents of God - in certain sense, meaning, they had a message from God to pass to people.



William Wildblood said...

I use technology because that is the world we currently live in and I use it to communicate. It has its place at the present time of gross materialism. Of course, human beings have used some forms of technology for millennia but only in the last 200 years or so has it become so dominant, over-dominant you might say to the point where consciousness is actually affected.

Does God make use of technology? I see no evidence for that. He communicates on an inner level and if people pass that on through technology that is only because we live in such times. That is no spiritual justification for the technology as such. I believe the only safe way, spiritually speaking, to use technology is with the full awareness that it is a fundamental evil. This is the only way to avoid being enslaved by it.

Certainly, God does not shun the material. He made it! But he made it to be the vessel for spirit and technology reverses that dynamic.

Kirstie said...

I attended a conference in Manchester a few years ago where Von Daniken spoke live. I would not have been there other than my brother asked me to attend. It was a little too 'sci-fi' for me but I appreciate that my brother and I have found a connection to build upon which would not have been possible if I hadn't have taken that leap. Von Daniken was quite mesmerising, absolutely still able to make his theory seem plausible. I never once thought that he was a fraud more than anyone else.

Kirstie said...

But yes, the sci-fi community in my brief brush with them, will try to explain anything other than God.

William Wildblood said...

Lao, it's occurred to me that we may've been talking at cross purposes. By spiritual beings I meant beings existing in the spiritual world. You may have meant spiritually-motivated beings on this level of reality. However, I would say that even these would keep technology to its absolute minimum, knowing its materialising tendencies.

Lionart said...

Great post William. Thx