Monday 12 April 2021

A Time Against Race

I was recently called a racist because I don't believe there are no differences between ethnic groups or ancestral populations as is the official dogma these days. (Forgive the double negative but it serves a purpose here). But when I asked the person so dubbing me to define what she meant by racism I got no clear answer. Just the response that I was a racist because I would never have thought such a thing if I wasn't a racist.

Martin Luther King famously looked forward to the day when a man would be judged by the content of his character rather than the colour of his skin. Who could disagree with that? Not me. However, what if some of the content of a man's character (some, not all) was, to a degree, determined by the colour of his skin meaning his ethnic background? If a modern anti-racist was asked to wager his family's life on the results of an IQ test sat by 50 people from China and another 50 of West African origin being equal or random or the results of a 100 yard race between the same two groups being similarly equal or random, would he accept the challenge? Obviously environmental factors would have some influence on the outcomes but it is now largely accepted that there are also important genetic factors involved. Yes, both groups could be improved through training but the differences would not vanish.

The modern desire to erase race (except where white people are concerned, let's face it, they are always bad) might be based on a desire for fairness and a wish to correct past injustices, but to frame belief around and to build policy on what is untrue will never work. When foundations are not sound the building collapses as one suspects it is beginning to now. This will end up benefitting no one. It is far better to accept the truth and then build a future with compassion and fairness based on that truth. To deny truth always leads to disaster. The edifice so constructed will break under the pressure of reality.

If there are racial differences (and there must be as evolution didn't stop when anatomically modern human beings came about), some of them would be unimportant (such as skin colour) while others might be significant, giving an advantage to one group over others in certain areas of life. But let's look at this from a spiritual perspective, specifically a Christian one. Firstly, we do not deny truth on any level. This is important. Then the differences may exist but there is no Jew nor Greek in Jesus Christ. We are all one in God. This is the first fact on which all the others must rest. However, it is not the only fact. Just because there is no Jew nor Greek in Jesus Christ does not mean Jews and Greeks no longer exist. They do, and God has made them so or, at least, he has made a world in which Jews and Greeks can arise. This is the situation and we must have the maturity and wisdom and humility to deal with it as it is and not as we might want it to be. Falling into the arms of the equality dogma is childish evasion. There is no equality in nature or life in general (see here) but all things contain God even if they contain him in different ways and to different degrees. This gives extra richness to life though, again, it does not mean that all things are on the same spiritual level.

It is my impression that many of the current woke brigade, like many leftists of the last few decades, live according to ideology rather than common sense, natural instinct, reason or perception of reality. They believe what they want to believe, and what they want to believe is often the outcome of their own personal defects such as resentment, fear, insecurity and a sense of inferiority. If they worked to overcome those one would feel compassion for them and seek to help them, mainly through awakening them to the reality of God who can cure all such ills. But I condemn them because instead of seeking to overcome their failings they impose these failings on society. Their beliefs are not free and true but prompted by their own inadequacies which they project onto others who must then be made to bear their burdens through the resultant dogmas and policies. We are called to help the suffering but not to justify sinners in their sins. It is not uncompassionate to point to sin and weakness with the aim of establishing the truth of God in the world. It is cowardly to enable these things for fear of seeming nasty according to worldly standards.

The modern world has grown far away from God and so it must create its own religion to satisfy the deep spiritual need all human beings have whether they admit to it or not. When this need is blocked from going in the true direction it will create a false one. That is what the worshippers of equality have done, mistaking the doctrine of the oneness of life in Christ for a doctrine of all men being equal here and now and whatever they think or believe or are. This is a worldly or material parody of the spiritual truth and because corruptio optimi pessima est it acts as a barrier to the real truth by counterfeiting it. The fraud must be exposed. God loves humanity but because of that love he wants us to come up to him where we will find our true fulfilment. To pretend that Earth is Heaven is to deny Heaven.

We think that our denial of racial differences is a mark of our enlightenment. It is actually a mark of materialism because it seeks to reinterpret what is real in the world of spirit according to the world of matter which is a different world with different factors in play. You cannot bring spirit down to you. You must go up to it. Because we don't know real love we invent a pretended love which denies truth, something that real love can never do. A better world will never come by denying truth.


Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

The title is such a perfect pun I wish I'd thought of it myself!

Now let me go back and read the actual post...

William Wildblood said...

I gratefully accept a compliment from the master!

Bruce B. said...

"I was recently called a racist because I don't believe there are no differences between ethnic groups.."

Notice how you aren't allowed to answer "I don't know." You can't be agnostic in their world. It is an article of faith - you must confess their creed.

William Wildblood said...

Yes, even when they can't actually define it in any rational way.

A said...

I recently heard a Catholic priest explain that the idea of equality is unjust and goes against God's creation.

Maybe it sounded idealistic a century ago, but surely the evil fruit of this should be obvious today.

William Wildblood said...

Equality is a political goal not a spiritual one. It's what materialists think of as spiritual when they don't understand the true spiritual.