Friday 3 February 2023

Hope Is Trusting God

 It didn't seem so at the time and it might not seem so now but I believe we can say that the globalist attempt to take over the world that came into full force in 2020 and went on through the next couple of years was a relative failure. To be sure, the great majority of people submitted to the propaganda and accepted the yoke but a substantial minority did not. They didn't believe the lies, they didn't don the facial costumes and they didn't offer their arms up to be stamped. This minority may have been bigger than it appears because they are not reported on by mainstream media, other than very occasionally and then in terms that deride them as idiots, but they supported each other online and so knew they were not alone.

It is this minority that has protected the whole of humanity. Some were quite public in their pronouncements. These were usually people who had some professional knowledge or else those who had insight into the lies and manipulation of governments and other public bodies, knowing that all of these have been captured by powerful vested interests that work against freedom. We owe a debt to these people. Others acted for spiritual reasons and though these are not publicly prominent in  any way their thoughts go out into the world and have a fertilising effect on minds ready to receive truth. You might think of the mental world as a great cloud of images. The more people that focus on a particular thought, the more that thought becomes defined and accessible to other minds that may be reaching out in a certain direction. It is given stronger form and brought closer to the earthly level. 

The attempted coup in 2020 was only a partial success for the globalists. I call them that for want of a better term but they are the body of men and women operating in the physical world who seek to curtail human freedom for their own ends, sometimes to do with money and power but not exclusively so because what these people are really doing whether they know or not, and most don't, is working for discarnate powers whose goal is damnation. What I mean by that word is the spiritual consequence of the human rejection of God. Souls who fall into this unhappy state then provide energy on which the demons, these evil powers and intelligences, can feed. Demons have cut themselves off from God and the true spiritual. They cannot get life energy directly from God. To continue in existence they must therefore steal energy from elsewhere and this is why these fallen beings seek to draw weaker souls into their power through spiritual corruption. This is their ultimate end game. It is why they do not at the moment seek total collapse and destruction. The risk then is that souls turn to God but if they can keep people clinging to the physical while rejecting God and calling good evil and evil good, as we now do to a greater extent than ever before, their goals are well served.

Nevertheless, it appears that more and more people are beginning to wake up from the bad dream of the last three years and realising that this was an orchestrated attempt to enslave humanity. It nearly worked but it didn't work as was hoped because too many people saw through the lies and spoke up about it. Now, the problems with the peck are becoming harder to hide because of the excess deaths figures. The fact that the illness for which the peck was supposed to offer protection was nowhere near as bad as was painted is also becoming better known, and the home imprisonment tactic, which only worked in the first place because so many people actively enjoyed it not suspecting where it might lead, is also being shown up as harmful on many levels from economic to psychological. Not forgetting that it didn't work as a barrier to disease anyway.

However, though the globalists may not have had quite the success they wished for and though their lies are gradually being revealed, they have more tricks up their sleeves. The two main ones they are running at the moment are to do with the hysteria concerning changing weather patterns and dragging the Western world into a war which really has nothing to do with it. Again, we are being fed lies and again there is practically no mainstream publicity given to views that conflict with the official one. I suppose this could only happen because of the corruption of education over the last few decades as people are taught what to think not how to think. I'm almost embarrassed to write such a cliché but it's a fact. There is also the feminisation of thought that has taken place with feelings regarded as more important than truth and harm avoidance and equality the principal aims of policy. More clichés, to be sure, but also more facts.

If I were asked whether I am optimistic or pessimistic about the future I would say both. Despite the relentless propaganda there remains something in the human soul that is oriented towards the true good which is God. In most people this lies dormant but it is there waiting to be woken. Having said that, I don't see the mass of humanity waking up but this is a time of the testing of souls. Those who make the grade will go on to higher worlds. Those who fall short will find themselves in planes of being that correspond to their own consciousness but I believe even most of these will be given new opportunities. A soul is only truly lost when it makes a definitive and permanent decision to reject God. Until that happens there is always hope.


Francis Berger said...

A very solid assessment of our times that ends with a ray of hope. Very good!

William Wildblood said...

Thanks Frank. I don't personally know anyone who regrets (never mind repents!) going along with the propaganda, publicly at least, but I get the impression that there is a small but growing groundswell of realisation that something was not right.

Francis Berger said...

Yes, that could be a good thing, provided that the groundswell of realization is authentic and not simply media-inspired manipulation to generate chaos and/or despair. I can't help but be suspicious of the highly public confessions and acknowledgments that have been trickling through the mainstream lately.