Sunday 29 January 2023

Albion Still Asleep

A little under 7 years ago Bruce Charlton started a blog which he called Albion Awakening to which he invited John Fitzgerald and me to contribute. It touched on a variety of subjects to do with the spiritual mission of England and Great Britain and, by extension, the whole English speaking peoples, often centred around the myths and legends of the country, its writers, poets, artists and even prophets and also the land itself. It hoped to contribute towards the stirring from deep slumber of Albion which is the spiritual counterpart to Great Britain, the soul of the land if you like. It roughly coincided with the movement for Brexit but was not directly linked to that in any way as it went beyond a simple question of national sovereignty to spiritual awakening which would be to Brexit, even in its deeper sense, what soul is to body. The blog came to an end in 2019 but is still to be found here.

It might seem that the enterprise was in vain. Brexit has fizzled out into nothing partly because most of the Establishment worked and still work against it and partly because it was wrongly motivated anyway. That is to say, the majority of the people who voted for it did so egotistically and without a sense of service to the country or an understanding of the deeper meaning behind the political and social entity that is a modern nation. However, the blog was a shot fired against the enemy which is atheistic materialism. You might also think of it if you were fancifully inclined as a flare going up into the night sky that briefly illuminates the surrounding darkness and reminds those who see it that light exists.

John and I compiled a book from our writings to which Bruce wrote the foreword.

Albion is very obviously still asleep but that is the point. It is asleep not dead. Like Arthur, and numerous others heroic figures from legend and folklore, Albion lies hidden in the land waiting to be recalled to consciousness. The question is what might prompt this awakening? The stories about sleeping kings usually say that they lie in a kind of suspended animation in a mountain or deep cavern awaiting a time when their countries are in dire need. However, I think it is not so much need that calls them forth as readiness of the country to receive them. In the case of Albion this would imply that a critical mass of the population should be spiritually receptive enough to respond to the quality of Albion. After all, if you can't respond to it then it can't help you. Ask and you shall receive remains a profound spiritual teaching. The converse to that is if you don't ask then you won't receive. The question is how many people now even want to be saved? Unfortunately, the number does not appear to be great which is why we are in the state we are in. On the other hand, every individual who does start to wake up and ask serious questions adds to the voices calling for Albion to awaken.

The paperback version of the book can be found here.


Bruce Charlton said...

@William. Excellent stuff.

"In the case of Albion this would imply that a critical mass of the population should be spiritually receptive enough to respond to the quality of Albion. After all, if you can't respond to it then it can't help you. Ask and you shall receive remains a profound spiritual teaching".

What They fear is exactly this. When people begin to recognize their dire spiritual situation, and reject it, and desire better - that is when good things may begin to happen, but not until then.

Although I meet or know-of extremely few people who seem to understand even the basics of what has been going-on; I am still convinced that there is a tremendous resistance and potential power for Good - if not in the people, then maybe in the land itself, perhaps the animals and plants, ancient buildings, or maybe from the unseen realm: spirits of the dead, angelic spirits or some such.

William Wildblood said...

The possibility is that as conditions deteriorate people might be pushed into stirring spiritually. No one trusts politicians any more and increasingly fewer people trust the media. I suspect that problems with the peck and, in the UK, the NHS will mean that the medical authorities are less trusted. The strong leftist bias of an academia obessed with abstract theory will mean that practical sensible people will see that section of the establishment as unworthy of their attention and respect.

All this may mean more individuals look for a higher authority, one that can be trusted. And that can only be spiritual. That's the hope anyway but maybe people are too sunk in spiritual sloth.

William Wildblood said...

I forgot to mention science but even that as you know better than me has lost its lustre. As it is more and more used to advance political ends so it too will be less trusted.

cae said...

I'm so glad you posted this William! I have been a huge fan of the "Albion Awakening" blog since first discovering it in summer of 2018 and have read thru the entire blog at least three times since then...

As the world-wide Covid lockdowns happened, it was such an unprecedented 'thing' that there was some genuine concern about the possibility of losing the internet (as who knows what totalitarian oligarchs may implement?).... reaction to that was to order as many spiritually oriented books as I could reasonably afford, and I was delighted to be able include the book version of "Albion Awakening" among them!

And while I do highly recommend the book (!) I also would like to encourage your readers to engage with the blog, because there are many valuable bits of information and suggestions for further reading in the comments sections -

- and as well, there are a significant number of posts by Bruce Charlton, which though not having been 'precisely right' for the book, are no less valuable in content and highly worth reading.

I also highly recommend John Fitzgerald's follow-up blog, "Deep Britain and Europe", which has some truly lovely writings.

My thanks goes out to all three of you for some of the most truly edifying reading it has ever been my pleasure to read again and again!

William Wildblood said...

Thanks for your encouragement, Carol. You're right that there is a lot more in the blog than could be included in the book, particularly Bruce's posts which he felt wouldn't go so well in book form but which are, of course, invaluable. However, I do feel that the book is a decent compendium of what the blog was about and it is good to have John's fictional meditations preserved in the real world. I would also recommend his deepbritainandeurope blog for a continuation of his excellent work.

Lady Mermaid said...

Albion Awakening is an excellent work in progress. While Brexit turned out to be a disappointment, the spiritual potential for Albion is still there. There is going to be a lot of turmoil with skyrocketing energy costs, increased health burdens on the NHS, and general demoralization. It's an open question how long Albion will remain a United Kingdom at this point w/ tensions in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The Arthurian legends state that King Arthur would return when he is needed the most. I don't know how much of the Arthurian legend is literally true. However, I have hope that people will seek God when things become dire enough. Apocalypse literally means "unveiling". The past three years have been an unveiling as science, medicine, politics, and even many churches have shown themselves to be frauds. The danger is falling into despair at the state of the world. I've seen a lot of "red pilled" people become trapped in bitterness and anger.

@Carol, John also has a substack as well. He is truly a bard for the 21st century.

William Wildblood said...

How much is literally true? Probably not much! But as a myth it has a truth beyond cold literal truth and serves to inspire us to a higher and deeper understanding of life on the one hand and the country and its mission on the other. Tolkien's books are not literally true but they have reality that goes more deeply than simple facts and figures.

You're right that the past 3 years have shown everything to be fraudulent though they were well before in my opinion. But the recent events have demonstrated that beyond any doubt. Or so you would think. Most people still don't see it which means, I'm afraid, that things will get worse. The people who succumb to despair have done so because they have only made half the journey. They have seen through the worldly illusions but not gone far enough to spiritual things.

Atlantean Telepathic Destroyer said...

When Atlantis fell it was the same.

The spiritual Apex is cultivated by only a few. If they lose influence within society then immediately there is a decline.

The Atlantean planetary grid of leylines powered an alternate ancient lost civilization.

Only by tapping into the ancient geopower points can there be a re-charging of one's bioenergetics in harmony with the larger whole.

Did the British Isles once have a connection with Atlantis? Perhaps the planetary grid can be activated from anywhere...

William Wildblood said...

I believe some of the Western parts of Britain and Ireland had/have an Atlantean connection, whether as colonies or places survivors regrouped.

Arthur@TalkingEconomics said...

I've just purchased the Albion Awakening Book and feel a sense of recognition of kindred spirits. Thanks for your collaboration. Arthur

William Wildblood said...

Thanks Arthur. I hope you enjoy the book.