Sunday 26 February 2023

10 Years On

 This blog is now 10 years old, the first post here being on February 28th 2013. I don't suppose I thought it would last that long when I started it but it has because in a changing world with more and more spiritual challenges there still seem to be things to write about. It began as an extension of the book I wrote about my encounters with the spiritual beings I called the Masters in order to develop themes from that book and it has done that but it has also gone its own way over time. That means I hardly ever write about the Masters now, and it's true that I have not had any outer contact with them since 1999 so the title might seem redundant. However, I believe they lie behind many things I do write about. They themselves said that they sought to impress ideas on my brain but this would be on a spiritual and non-verbal level which has to be translated by my own mind so it does come from me in the form it comes out but often (not always, of course) the seeds are planted by them. I should add that I am sure they do this with many people, wherever there is a receptive mind. My case is by no means exceptional.

What I am saying is that the title still applies though in an indirect way. I did consider changing it to just my name to mark the ten year anniversary but what would be the point? It is what it is and may as well remain that. Besides, if there is anything that marks this blog out it would be my experience with the Masters. For new readers who aren't aware of that I would refer them to the books on the right or else to this post which is of a talk I gave a couple of years ago, but the essential point I wish to make here is that though it may seem we are on our own in this world, that is not the case. We are guided and supported by our spiritual teachers, Christians might call these guardian angels, and they are constantly trying to influence us for the good. But their object is to bring us up to their level, possibly so that we can perform the same function as they do for future generations, and so they cannot hold our hands as though we were spiritual babies. Now every serious believer is called to be a saint and saints have to learn how to suffer. They also have to learn to be completely single-minded in their pursuit of God, a single-mindedness that should come from love.

God is all around us but he also withdraws so that we are obliged to go up to meet him. That is, go up to meet him where he truly is. This effort to meet him on his own spiritual level will develop our spiritual faculties. It is the meeting with God that is the goal of all spiritual endeavour. The Masters are just staging posts on the greater journey, as is any spiritual teacher, but staging posts can be very helpful and sometimes you can't get to journey's end without them. Their goal, as implied above, is to encourage us to develop our own relationship with God and that has a twofold aspect. There is the relationship with God the Father, the transcendent Creator of Heaven and Earth, and there is also the relationship with the God who dwells within our own hearts. If you restrict yourself to just one of these aspects your spiritual development will be limited. Your path must encompass both to be true.

Many times over the past 10 years I have written that this is a time of testing. Of course, that is always the case in earthly existence but today the work of the past 2,000 years is coming to a head. You can tell this because at no other time has there been so little awareness of God. People have always sinned and behaved badly but the culture was always religious. No longer. Now even religion is not religious for the most part. But that is good because it means we are being forced back on ourselves. We must become spiritually self-reliant if we want to become spiritually mature. This doesn't mean every man is his own pope but every man must make his own connection to God. This is not an easy task because the fallen self within us constantly gets in the way but making your own connection to God does not mean rejecting outside help in the form of scripture, religious teachings, whatever. It simply means not depending or relying on that outside help. Use it to illuminate your own soul. That is the proper goal of all spiritual endeavour.


Chris said...

Hey William,

I'm curious.... what is your attitude towards natural theology? Do you think it ultimately does more harm or good with regards to accepting the existence of God?

Lady Mermaid said...

"We must become spiritually self-reliant if we want to become spiritually mature. This doesn't mean every man is his own pope but every man must make his own connection to God."

This sentence sums up why modernity has triumphed despite its many failings. Modernity was wrong in trying to sever our links to God and the past. However, even bad ideologies have a kennel of truth. We do need to come to God as individuals.

Bruce Charlton summed up the problem aptly by describing our society as an adolescent one. Adolescents tend to believe that their parents and authority figures are a bunch of meanies trying to ruin their lives. However, maturing into adulthood requires recognizing the wisdom of authority with a sense of maturity. We cannot become children again, but we can progress into adulthood. I believe we got a false start due to the nature of the Enlightenment that sought freedom from God rather than freedom for God. I differ from some reactionaries as I do not believe we can simply reinstate the old forms of throne and altar as we are different people. However, we can channel our freedom towards creativity aligned w/ God rather than trying to be independent from God.

William Wildblood said...

The reactionaries are as mistaken as the modernists. We cannot return to the past anymore than we can return to childhood. We must go onwards but we must go in the right direction. We took a wrong turning when we rejected the wisdom of the past. We should have built on that and gone forwards.

I'm not sure what natural theology is , Chris, but it sounds a man-made thing and I'm not generally in favour of trying to bend the spirt to our mental interpretations of it.

Anonymous said...

Arguments for the existence of God .

William Wildblood said...

Intellectual arguments (all arguments are intellectual) for the existence of God are fine as far as they go but they remain on the intellectual level. Ultimately, the recognition of God must be a matter of faith/intuition. You cannot prove the spiritual by material means.