Sunday 29 August 2021

Spiritualities that Fail the Test

 If your spiritual path has not revealed to you that Satan now struts openly on the world stage perhaps it is time you reassessed it. Here's some of the latest evidence for that. Link. But, as I say, this is just the latest evidence. It has been apparent for some time that all worldly authorities in all fields, all, none are exempt, have succumbed to spiritual evil.

It may be that you are a follower of what my blogging colleague Francis Berger calls System Christianity which subordinates the truth of Christ to the ways of the world. You believe in God or think you do but, when push comes to shove, you believe in good as defined by the worldly powers more. To put it bluntly, you don't have enough real spiritual substance in you. 

Or it may be that you are some kind of non-dualist who essentially sees everything as spirit and so don't acknowledge the reality of good and evil. If so, you are walking in a cloud which may seem very beguiling, soft and comfortable but is in fact a fog of illusion. Non-duality teachings are limited in that they deny the positive reality of creation, rejecting the truth of the individual self for an amorphous oneness that turns them into robotic escapists who, unbeknown to themselves, are actually numbing themselves to the love, beauty and spiritual glory of reality, perhaps because they are afraid of being hurt. There is said to be a place for such souls on the higher planes where they can exist in a kind of self-absorbed bliss and peace but cut off from the reality of God and the rest of creation. They are enclosed within themselves even if they think of it as the Self or Nirvana and must eventually be reborn in the physical world and experience all the desire, pain and sorrow that makes a fully aware and spiritually sensitive human being. Non-duality, far from being the acme of spiritual teaching as often supposed, is really a one-sided (pun intended) view of reality that ignores the whole purpose of creation. This is not to retreat to the pre-manifested state of infantile oneness but to make fully-functioning creative gods of individual human souls.

However, you can only make these gods in the right way through Christ. If you try to make yourself a god by any other way, whether that be through technology like the transhumanists or a spirituality that sees yourself as already God like some of the non-dualists, then you risk following the path of Satan, the first being that wished to be God on his own terms. The contemporary world situation shows more clearly than ever that it is only Christ who can save us from, on the one hand, demonic attack, and, on the other, our own fallen nature. All goodness is summed up in him and it is only through him that we can find a path through the darkness into which this world has descended. If that wasn't apparent before it certainly should be now. This is what is meant by things coming to a point.


Francis Berger said...

Nail. Head.

If people, especially people who claim to be spiritual and religious, cannot discern that pecking children in perpetuity is evil, they are beyond all hope.

I pray this becomes the issue that will represent "the hill to die on" for people, especially parents. If it doesn't, well . . . then what else is there to say?

William Wildblood said...

The water is getting hotter and hotter but still not hot enough, it seems, for most people to see they are being boiled alive.

MagnusStout said...

Not fiction: "Minister for Health tells parents 24,000 children will be herded into stadium like cattle to get the experimental Covid-19 vaccine." Oh, in case you were worried: "the children will be greeted by the friendly, smiling faces of Australia’s armed forces at the door to usher them inside." Parents not allowed.

Has the side of Good ever been more apparent?

jorgen said...

The original idea behind non-duality was non-duality was a meditational state in which the soul ignores all of the physical world and enters into itself, and into contemplation only of the spiritual. The point of non-duality was to recognize the duality between matter and spirit and reject matter. But idiots turned it into "everything is the same thing."

William Wildblood said...

It's just as you say, jorgen. Non-duality, properly understood, means we are not separate from the universe. It doesn't mean everything is the same thing.

Jacob Gittes said...

Wonderful post, William. You, Francis and Bruce are three of my go-to's to keep sane in this world.

I think there is an escape route for System or near-system Christians to hypothesize that it is mere stupidity or incompetence that is causing much of the evils.

"Our governor continues his idiocy by shutting down all small businesses with lockdowns and masking," etc.

System Christians are ok with the idea of evil. They seem to have a hard time with the idea that systems themselves can become explicitly evil - it's not just stupidity. It's not just incompetence.

Believing in the existence of systemic evil is basically equivalent to conspiracy theorizing. Which is why, I believe, that "conspiracy theories" were demonized decades ago, in preparation for this moment.

William Wildblood said...

Thanks Jake. It seems that any Christian must be a conspiracy theorist in the sense that one of the fundamentals of Christian teaching is that we are in a spiritual war, waged not with worldly powers on their own but with spiritual powers of darkness who operate through the worldly powers.

Kirstie said...

One thing I believe, those that are questioning the pandemic and then vaccinations, are exactly like our ancestors who (we are told) questioned Noah.