Thursday, 8 July 2021

We're All Communists Now

Most of the world now appears to have become communist in all but name.  This allegation will be dismissed by those who only see society in economic terms but if you look at things from a social or cultural perspective, the conclusion is hard to avoid. For a start, everything, even much religion once you scratch the surface, is now atheistic and materialistic. These are the bedrock assumptions of communist dogma and, even if there was nothing else, show its essentially evil quality. Then there is our current obsession with equality and worship of 'the science' - as long as that science supports official ideology. We are today living in a world that more and more resembles a prison camp and only those with a true focus on religion will see that clearly and be able to resist assimilation. I know of no one, other than people I have met online, who has not been absorbed to one degree or another and this is because they have no roots in anything substantial. Consequently, they will bend in the direction the wind blows.

In practise there are always two classes in a communist society. There is the elite and then the rest. The elite have the power and most of the wealth. They pull all the strings even if this is in the name of the populace. That populace will be given enough to keep them quiet or subdued. It depends. They can be terrorised into acquiescence or kept dumb by indulging them with bread and circuses. But whichever method is adopted communism always becomes a totalitarian tyranny in which control is everywhere.

The only escape from this is through a genuine spiritual sensibility. Not religion because religion can be co-opted as System Christianity has been but a proper focus on the reality of God and a realisation that this world is not meant to be perfect for and in itself but exists to perfect us or, at least, to prepare us for perfection on a higher plane.

Communism is a great evil and all sane people used to know that. They knew it because they knew it destroyed freedom and reduced humanity to the level of an insect colony in which the collective is all and the individual nothing. But it is even worse than this because the real goal of communism is  a spiritual one. It came about to break the connection between man and God and isolate man in the material world, separated from his Maker. Its theft and perversion of some of the social aspects of Christianity is directed to that end.

When God has been chased from the world as now you know that the end cannot be far off. 


Francis Berger said...

Good points throughout.

Historical communism certainly worked to actively sever the connection between man and God, thereby grounding humanity in a purely atheistic and materialist conceptualization of reality. Thus, at the most fundamental level, there are many core similarities between historical communism and what we are experiencing today.

Having said that, it should be noted that for all of its errors and its rejection of the supernatural, historical communism adhered to and maintained some sense of the "natural". Though they subverted everything to the Party and the state, communists of old tended to support institutions like marriage, childbearing, the family, culture, art, and community.

Granted, they freely liquidated all who opposed the Party, brainwashed the young, ensured family members spied on each other, dictated the terms of art and culture, and organized their communities around purely coerced, material principles, but they nevertheless recognized the utility and necessity of family, art, culture, etc. For all of their inversions and perversions, they never went as far as to arbitrarily declare men to be women and women to be men (with the notable exception of East Germany's women's Olympic team, of course - lame joke, sorry!)

Our contemporary rulers know no such boundaries. They are against everything - family, art, culture, community, marriage, all of it - including the fundamental laws of creation like gender. Our contemporary communists have no problem calling a man a woman and punishing all who don't adhere to this lie.

I point this out not in defense of the anti-God communists of old, who were violent, bloodthirsty, controlling tyrants in their own right, but rather to emphasize how much worse our new "communist" overlords are by comparison.

Of course, the communists of old would probably not have been able to push through many of the agenda items we see today for the simple reason that the people they ruled over were still connected to some semblance of Divine reality (if nowhere else, then at the level of consciousness).

But today? Anything goes, which is an indictment not only of our Satanic rulers, but also an indictment contemporary people.

As strange as it sounds, the communists of old were not nearly as "godless" as our contemporary rulers. The same could be said of society.

William Wildblood said...

I agree, Frank. We have gone further than the old communists would have dreamed possible. They were more violent but we are more degraded.

Francis Berger said...

Here's a thought. Perhaps the communists of old were more violent because they simply had to be - there was no other way for them to push their policies through, so to speak.

It's remarkable how little actual physical violence today's rulers need to use to enforce their will upon the people. I think that speaks volumes to just how degraded our modern societies have become. It also challenges the virtuous notion of our "peaceful and tolerant" societies.

Good post, William. It really got me thinking about things I haven't thought about for a while.

William Wildblood said...

Yes, they were probably dealing with a less pliant population who hadn't been softened up by decades of atheism and relative material ease.

Moonsphere said...

Very good article William - the world is getting ever darker and the exponents of Communism seem to be tireless - do they ever sleep? Such energy can only be summoned from the subterranean realms.

The general population, long cut off from Divine Truth has become so de-energised and de-moralised that the temptation arises to plug into this source of collective identity and life purpose. Truly these people have "jumped from the roof of the temple" and now swim in the murky world of the sub-conscious ruled by fear and hatred.

There is talk of a World Pentecost - but before that Ahriman must have his 3½ years of rule, which does appear to be underway.

William Wildblood said...

They do seem tireless, don't they? As you say this does support idea of their demonic backers. Hatred and resentment can be very energising factors. We know that's what drove Marx and it seems to drive his followers today.

I mentioned the insect colony parallel. That is a purely feminised world with the queen on top and I get the feeling the drive to make us something like that is what is behind the push to feminise everything today. Reduce everything to the good of the collective and the individual has no purpose outside that. This is the very opposite of the spiritual way.

Kirstie said...

Yes...but this is where it has to take place. It can only take place if a woman understands her 'right' to God.

Kirstie said...

Not the 'civil rights'.

Kirstie said...

If you think about it, women are oppressed and abused in the Middle East and domestic abuse most definitely happens in Western society. However, it only becomes apparent this is allowed to continue on such a scale because women believe the only way to combat their subjugation is to fight against men. Become like them. Ok, I used to say hey, equal pay! Damn right but then I was introduced to a good article by Bruce Charlton and you realise that a SME company cannot afford to pay for your time away from work caring for your child. That wasn't being sexist or misogynist, it is called balancing the books. Now, the whole System is driven through Public Service and look how that is going. The Public Sector employees in the UK are completely confused to what they want or need or should do. But I bet your bottom dollar, they want to be paid for the least effort.

And guess what we have got? People taking the piss. I know a nurse who has been a nurse since we left school and she never calls in sick, ever. There are not many like her left. So I know not all are work-shy but hey, the majority are, especially now when they are heros! Where are the heros? I can't seem to find one. I know, because I work in Public Sector, have done most of my life and they are the biggest let-downs. They just 'immediately' respond without any thought, without any question. They are the least dynamic individuals I have ever come across.

And they are hailed as heros. And don't they just lap it up....Still. You know the type...grey suits, office workers...sign in and sign out. Yeah they really exist in hospitals and emergency care too! The biggest shock was seeing this played out at Universities. My last hope to try and find some sense in all my other side of seeing things. And one of the most important things I wanted to find out about was GGOD, My God that had shown himself to me. And nobody spoke about Him...

They just assumed that nobody believed in Him anymore. Yet proceeded to make sure that He didn't. Weird and warped.