Tuesday, 13 July 2021

Leftism is Materialism

 I often see articles or comments debating which elements of what they call 'wokeism' but is really just a more developed form of leftism have gone too far and how we should pull back from the situation we now find ourselves in. You have writers like Jordan Peterson and Douglas Murray as good examples of this sort of thing. Unfortunately, all these articles and comments still accept or assume that some aspects of leftism, whether it be anti-racism or feminism or egalitarianism or whatever, should be retained. It can be hard for a person raised in the modern world to see that all aspects of leftism should be totally rejected but that is the case because if you don't cut it all out, it will just return in some form or other. It is like a poison that will spread throughout the body unless you are cleansed of it entirely. This is because the thing itself is an anti-God, anti-creation ideology. It puts the human being first. That is the, at first sight inoffensive even seemingly benign, seed from which all the other corrupting elements grow.

It's no good bemoaning the dire cultural/spiritual state of affairs if you support any aspect of what's led up to it. You have to go to the source and the source is the rejection of God and transcendent reality, including the laws of creation and the way reality is structured. This doesn't mean we should return to the past. We reached a fork in a road we were meant to be travelling down but we took the wrong turning, the one that downgraded God to first of all something of diminished importance and then to nothing at all. We forgot the reason for being in this world, taking it as something existing in and for itself. Unless we go right to the roots of our problem then whatever we do will be of no significance. The old word for repentance was metanoia which implies something much more deep-seated and visceral than simply regretting or being sorry or changing a few things but leaving the core untouched. It means a complete change of heart, a wiping of the slate and total reorientation of being. Anything less just won't do.

We must understand that we cannot graft some form of spirituality on top of our materialistic assumptions and our human-centred ideologies. We will be no better off. We have to throw out the baby with the bathwater, the baby in this case being materialism in any form. This baby has grown up to be a monster and you can't incorporate it into anything wholesome. It must be destroyed utterly.

This might seem a shocking thing to say because it goes against everything we have been taught over the last few decades but the reason should be clear. For years we have pretended that a humanistic ideology rooted in materialism was basically good, being centred around fairness, equality, compassion etc, but it just got out of hand occasionally as now with the so-called woke agenda. But this is the inevitable outcome of leftism. It's what happens when God is not at the centre of human life, and the true God not some manufactured version that actually just conforms to leftist this worldly priorities and has no proper spiritual purpose. I repeat, this doesn't mean we should return to the past. We couldn't even if we would. But we have to return to God and Christ and live in the full awareness of God's plan for humanity which is the growth of the soul. That can only happen when the soul turns away from the world. Leftism is completely of this world which should be obvious once you realise that it is rooted in the very human characteristics of envy, resentment, fear and self-hatred, albeit disguised in pretty clothes. If you don't see that you have chosen to live in a lie. Why is that?


Go Yave said...

Leftism is the worship of false gods. The false gods of environmentalism, feminism, antiracism are the latest. There will be more.

Yet there is only One.



William Wildblood said...

That's true. It's also a form of self-worship.

Chent said...

What you say is obvious to me. I enjoy your blog.

But it's depressing to know that what must be done won't be done and people are more and more unwilling to do it.

We live in very depressing times

William Wildblood said...

It is shocking to see how easily so many people swallow such lies, especially now. But I believe that is part of the test of being alive at a time like this. It's as though all the potential evil in the human soul is coming out so that those of us who choose to can see more clearly what is good and what is evil. Many people never will though and that is sad.

Brief Outlines said...

Well said. Many thanks