Saturday 28 March 2020

The Moon and Venus

Last night there was a conjunction of the crescent moon and Venus. Above is a terrible photo taken on my 5 year old phone, which wasn't that great in the first place, at about 7pm GMT.The photo is bad but it was a beautiful sight. The moon appears to be hanging directly below Venus as from a thread, and the two planets are brought into a harmonious partnership that brings out the benevolent side of both of them. The moon and Venus are both feminine planets associated with feelings, nurturing, beauty, attraction and the like, and when they come together in conjunction their influence is gentle, peaceful, loving. 

The moon travels swiftly so this won't last long. Look at the two tonight and you will see that she has moved on several degrees to the left as it is in this picture. But this is a reminder that while everything in the world seems to have been turned upside down over the last couple of weeks, the deep eternal truths remain as they were. The servants of God carry on with their business, sometimes supporting, sometimes chastising but always working towards the great end of instilling the whole of creation with the divine word before eventually raising it up in to the throne of God, purified and resplendent. Matter exists to glorify the Lord which means give full expression to the hidden majesty of God and enable his light to shine. Without the material world love and beauty could not be known. The moon and Venus are reminders of this holy truth.

Update 29th March 

Here's a picture of the Moon and Venus showing them 48 hours later. You can see how the moon has progressed in that time.

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Bruce Charlton said...

I had seen this conjuction approaching the night before - with a very thin new Moon to the right of and below Venus (who is as high above the horizon as possible, just at present) - but a sea fog (fret) covered everything yesterday evening, alas.