Saturday 21 March 2020


Yesterday was the first day of spring. It may seem irrelevant that the present panic/crisis coincides with this time of the year but God speaks to us in a variety of ways, though rarely directly, and I like to think he is speaking to those of us who care to listen now. And what he is saying is this. 

Even at this time, when there is darkness all around, and fear and uncertainty and no one knows what to believe, look to the eternal truths. The beauty of life goes on. New life, new growth continues. Behind the chaos of the human world there is an underlying goodness and truth which is reflected in the cycles of nature and the patterns of life. You are frightened of death but look to the bigger picture. God has not abandoned you. He sees you have wandered far from him and he is giving you the opportunity to reflect on what really matters. You might have dedicated your life to a false idol, whether that be money, pursuit of pleasure or just the self. This idol will end up taking from you all you have, all you are. You will be left the husk of a person if you carry on worshipping it. But look up from the earth to the heavens and rejoice in the fact that God loves you. You have only to open your heart to him and it will be filled, not necessarily with happiness on a personal level but with understanding.

Spring is the season of hope. Out of the darkness and death of winter arises a new beginning. I would not normally bother to point out such a truism, but it seems appropriate to do so now, given the extraordinary period we are suddenly living through, though it has to be said that what is occurring now has been on the cards for quite some time.

On a totally different note, there was a conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn in January. This lasts for about a year as Saturn moves forward then goes retrograde in May, going back to within a degree or so of Pluto in October, before moving forward again and going out of orb, as it is called, early next year. Saturn and Pluto are the two of the most difficult (in terms of the challenges they present to human consciousness) planets to deal with. Saturn represents restriction, limitation and what is hard and unyielding while Pluto symbolises forces of death, transformation and destruction. Put together and in Capricorn which is ruled by Saturn, meaning its effects are magnified because of a similarity of expression, they represent quite a package. What it means is that problems that have been suppressed or denied will be brought to a head. There will be no escaping them and they must be faced and dealt with. This will mean hard times but out of that may come, if one reacts with sense and really does face them, a new understanding. The potential for new life or death are both there.

The next year is going to be hard but remember the fresh growth in spring out of the hard ground of winter. Never give way to despair. Place your hope in God and it will be justified.


Bruce Charlton said...

@William - wrt Astrology, my feeling is that this may well be a factor in the powers of evil choosing Now for timing their coup; since I believe they take such matters with considerable seriousness. So far they've been vindicated.

But the main factor is surely the past 50 years (plus) of incremental erosion and inversion of values; and break-down of marriage, family, and all real and strong forms of human society. By steps, all across teh world, the large majority of people have been corrupted by materialism and the consequent short-termism, selfishness, cowardice and despair.

But then, of course, God knows all about this too; and knows about Their plans.

At present, God does not have much to work with quantitatively - since much of the developed world is either utterly indifferent to God or actively against him.

But it is clear that among serious Christians over recent weeks and days there has been a considerable increase in strength of faith; which was probably very necessary, and is certainly (infinitely) valuable!

William Wildblood said...

Greetings from the bunker, Bruce. The astrological factor is mostly about seizing the tides so you're absolutely right that this is all been cooking up for decades. Your second paragraph sums it up to a tee. Of course, Satan and Pluto are not intrinsically bad since nothing is but their negative aspects will come into play where people are not properly oriented. Their positive factors are to do with resilience and transformation and for those who are facing the right way, towards God, these will be operative though that does not mean that anything is easy. It never is with these two. The strengthening of faith you allude to is the good side of the conjunction, strength coming through trial.

Astraea said...

My moon in Scorpio, is square to Saturn and Pluto in the twelfth house so I have been living this my whole life. Also have three planets in Capricorn so the Saturn/Pluto theme is very much mine. The funny thing is that after a lifetime of not finding my place in this world I am starting to feel a kind of 'coming home' now. This is an internal feeling - almost as if during this sequestered enforcement the whole world is slowing to a pace that seems natural to me. I have lost friends over my 'outspokenness' during the past 3 years, but it's hard to put into words, we are moving into something new maybe unprecedented,and it suits me! I know many are freaking out over this and feel the constraints much much more than I do, so they have my sympathy, but do not despair!

William Wildblood said...

How interesting,Astraea. I have a Scorpio moon too, conjunct Saturn and square Pluto. I have a suspicion that some people might be beginning to find out the meaning of their lives now when such a thing has hitherto eluded them. We'll see how things develop.

Serhei said...

Some Orthodox priests claim that astrological influences are real, but baptism confers immunity to them. This is not a formal Orthodox doctrine, but it does express a real need and possibility for Christians not to be ruled by their circumstances. Even if divination may insist on something, one is free to decide that it does not matter.

As for the topic of the original post....

"Look upon a tree and know yourself forgiven," has stood me in good stead for moments where I would otherwise feel overwhelmed by despair at a situation, or a feeling of my own worthlessness. Essentially, the fact that I'm in the presence of a good Creation refutes such feelings even if it does not forgive everything.

If I'm in an environment where no tree is immediately visible, I try to take that as a suggestion to make more of an effort.

William Wildblood said...

There is no immunity I would say but you can react to these things in a way that is spiritually intelligent or not. They are not really influences any more than a sunny day influences the fact you get hot. You'll get hot and you can either keep your jacket on or take it off. They are more qualities of time and everything operating in that particular moment will be affected by them. How you react to the effect is where your personal input arises. The stars incline, they do not compel is a good summing up of how things are.

Bruce Charlton said...

@William - I should say that this crisis is cerainly a big 'tick' for the validity of astrology! Since it really seems to have been predicted (I mean, predicted in advance! As opposed to the usual retrospective kind of pseudo-prediction) in its general nature and probable consequences.

William Wildblood said...

Saturn and Pluto are two big hitters in that their effects don't go under the radar. They are usually pretty obvious. Put them together and something is going to happen but what that is depends on human beings. When humans are in such a sorry spiritual state as now it will not be insignificant. The current conjunction appears to be operative until the beginning of next year.