Monday, 3 January 2022


We have been through a bad pandemic over the last two years, not a physical but a psychological one in which fear has been weaponised - see my previous post. The purpose of these two years has been to accustom people, the whole world, to the idea of control. The lockdowns, masks and pecks all have this idea behind them. None of them were really necessary but they have all been put forward as the only solution. If not for you then for the community as a whole, and this bit of emotional manipulation is the most cynical of all.

What will the next year or years bring? The pieces have now all been put in place. We are accustomed to behaving in a certain way. The programming is near complete. What will be brought forward to justify its use next is hard to predict but something will. Climate change is always a good bet but any threat can be conjured up or produced by modelling to bring us into line. Alien invasion? Far-fetched but possible. Those who have seen through the agenda this time will be somewhat protected next time around but the majority will react as before, refusing to accept they are being played. Evidence won't convince them. Most people don't want to confront the possibility that the whole system is rotten. Politicians may be corrupt, the media may have an agenda  of some sort but really that's not important. Scientists can be trusted. Most people are honest. The world will carry on more or less rationally and reasonably or so they think. 

Or is it that they cannot face not thinking that? When I have tried speaking to friends and family about what has taken place over the last couple of years they will not listen. Some tolerate me for a short space but then close down the conversation. Some get angry straightaway. It can get very emotional so I withdraw. There is certainly cognitive dissonance going on and pointing that out makes you the enemy. More and more we are told, and the majority either believe because they have no strong intellectual or spiritual roots or because they just go along with what everyone else thinks, that black is white, lies are truth, the unnatural is natural etc. Everything from the past is destroyed so that human beings can be remade into a form that suits the globalist, materialist agenda. 2022 will see a continuation of this process and even though obvious cracks in the structure will appear they will be glossed over and ignored by the mainstream. Most people, it seems, will believe whatever they are told to believe for the sake of an easy life or to fit in with the crowd. We always knew this but we thought we were better than those in the past who had done a similar thing. It seems not.

Today all institutions and organisations are corrupt and all movements that oppose these institutions and organisations are also corrupt. Even the so-called grass roots level of organisation is corrupt. Where does that leave us? It leaves us where we always are which is at the level of the individual. Only at this individual level can any real change take place. But if it does don't make the mistake of thinking you have to promote, organise, codify or spread it to others in some way so that it breaks through into society. Speak it when appropriate. Share it if the opportunity arises but if you seek to push or promote it in any organised way it will inevitably be absorbed by the world and so will you in some way or other. Now we need to be absolutely free and the only way to do this is to be fully individual but not in an individualistic way. We need to be fully individual in God.

This is the apparent paradox. We must be true to ourselves and true to God at one and the same time. In fact, we find that only if we are true to God can we really be true to ourselves and vice versa. In this sense, God and the individual self are two sides of the same coin and you cannot have one without the other. I suggest that fully exploring this idea could be a task for 2022. God himself is pushing us in this direction because he is clearly showing us that everything in the world is now false. We have to find him within ourselves. That is not to say that we are God, an insidious and common modern error. God is God and we are created beings. But there is God in us and it is our religious duty to find him there and bring him out.


Bruce Charlton said...

"We must be true to ourselves and true to God at one and the same time. In fact, we find that only if we are true to God can we really be true to ourselves and vice versa. "

This has become clear. People without any point of reference outside this world are revealed as extraordinarily passive and easily manipulated. They will behave so that they feel better in the immediate short term; and life is structured so that short term expedience is made harmful to them in the long term - as will the mass attempt to escape from totalitarianism by eager compliance to its every whim.

Compliance (and self policing) offers short term advantages at the cost of long term escalation of coercion and restriction.

Also, 'despite' being exhorted to be true to themselves (only) - ordinary peoples self-evaluation is so low that they regard their own choices as absolutely irrelevant and futile Decades of 'individualism' have led to individuals who see no reason to do anything other than instantly comply with authority - when individual dissent threatens to be potentially inconvenient or uncomfortable.

When life is just individual, it is meaningless; and when life is meaningless there is no reason to do anything except what is least troublesome.

William Wildblood said...

"People without any point of reference outside this world are revealed as extraordinarily passive and easily manipulated" Yes, that really is the key to the mass compliance, isn't it? Basically it means that nothing is true so anything can be.

Nathanael said...

thanks william. great post.

William Wildblood said...

thanks Nathanael