Wednesday 24 February 2021

Technocracy is the Perfection of Materialism

The events of the last 12 months have made obvious something that has been gradually taking place over many years. The world is on the way to being ruled by a system of technocracy. Politics and politicians play their part but they are increasingly just enacting the will of a group of technical specialists and experts working to impose control over the populace. In their own minds and according to their own beliefs, these people may be well-motivated and working for the good of humanity but that is because their vision of life is severely limited. They are completely materialistic, regarding human beings as things to be worked on. Certainly, to be brought to an optimum level of efficiency, at once intellectual, emotional and moral, and made collectively happy with suffering, both physical and mental, reduced to a minimum but ultimately little more than machines which need effective servicing to run smoothly. In this scenario, the individual is of diminished importance, personal freedom is allowed only to the extent that it doesn't interfere with the overall programme and the spiritual is completely denied except insofar as a pseudo-spiritual might be included as a psychological palliative. 

It is computers that have made this possible. There are grounds for saying that computers are one of the greatest disasters to have befallen human beings since we got thrown out of Eden. So seductive that we have all succumbed to them but actually separating us from the soul more than we ever have been because in many ways they parody true spiritual consciousness. Indeed, computers can be regarded as a material perversion of the spiritual in that they externalise (on a lower level and in a degraded fashion) some of the qualities of the soul thus disincentivising us to seek the higher reality. But they have also laid bare the myth that technology in itself is neutral. Technology is far from neutral for our minds tend to adopt the form of the technology we use. We are starting to think like computers and in terms of computer technology and in so doing we create a barrier between our minds and higher domains of spiritual freedom and intuition.

Technocracy is anti-God because it is materialistic, atheistic, seeks complete control, subordinates truth to the expedient and the efficient, denies the primacy of the good, the beautiful and the true and puts power in the hands of an unaccountable few whose expertise in specialised areas blinds them to the overall picture. But for the technocratic type of mind theirs is the best way to organise society because this mind is oblivious to what lies beyond the quantitative level.

In a world controlled by data and spreadsheets there is no room for beauty, mystery, sacrifice or love. It is a world run by algorithms in which neither freedom nor the real good can find expression, good now being defined as that which makes the system run more efficiently. Human beings are viewed in terms of their material selves only, and this in a far more complete way than any of our previous political systems which were a hodge-podge of the natural human and materialistic ways of thinking. Technocracy is materialism brought to full power and complete dominance. It is the logical conclusion of materialism hence its appeal to materialistic minds. There is no space for anything outside a closed system. Inevitably any technocracy will collapse in the long run because there cannot be a closed system. Truth must eventually interpose. However, tremendous damage can be done to the soul before this position is reached. 

If hell can be defined as a place closed to divine influence then the ideal technocratic society is a reasonable image of of one kind of hell, the kind run by measurement and numbers in which the soul is a known quantity. And this is what we are in the process of constructing. It's what the events of the last 12 months have brought closer. Do you want your soul to be just a statistic on a computer?


Jacob Gittes said...

"in that they externalise (on a lower level and in a degraded fashion) some of the qualities of the soul thus disincentivising us to seek the higher reality."

That's a great way of putting the truth.
And computers and technology omit and ignore other qualities of the soul, such as the major one: consciousness, feeling, emotion, and connection.

Does anyone imagine that a computer or robot can feel connection?
When you look into the eyes of "people" like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates (to a lesser extent - for some reason he seems to have some spark of humanity in his eyes), I believe you are seeing some sort of cybort, or inhuman being.
I was listening to a David Icke video recently, and he said that this technocratic elite are already in the "enhanced" state that they wish to bring humanity to. They have already given themselves the nanotech and other treatments. I believe he is on to something. There is a dead, robotic look to them. It could be from a completely spiritual process of deadening and choosing evil, but there could be something they are doing to themselves with technology.

Regardless, whether self-chosen or not, becoming more like a computer extinguishes the divine light inside. You can see it in the eyes.

I also think this "elite" have a hatred for the spontaneous, those who are truly alive. They seek to exterminate the live souls through all means: media, tech, education, food, medicine, etc. The removal of religion and spirituality from our lives is perhaps the primary goal.

Adil said...

Politics being merged with scientism is a big red flag. Of course, if you don't believe in God have no real spiritual anchor, your consciousness will succumb to the powerful machines around us and your mind will start mimicking them.

It's really a pity how one-sided we are becoming in our thinking. By now, I don't think it's either "materialism" or "spirituality". It's both. Outer facts should be united with their corresponding inner meaning. That is, our brain hemispheres should work in tandem. Instead they are becoming more dissonant, hence society is becoming more autistic and psychotic at the same time. It seems this is why people are so obsessed with facts and abstract information about things, but painfully unwise at the same time. It's a civilization wide sickness that very few acknowledge, because it exposes the hoax of the system, a game in which nearly everyone is complicit.

William Wildblood said...

Yes, computer technology offers a spiritual counterfeit on a material level as the Traditionalists would say.

I would doubt that the people you mention have actually had any nanotech enhancement. That seems a little far-fetched to me but who knows? What is beyond dispute is their dead robotic quality but that is something they have done to themselves through spiritual deadening, as you say. I know someone just like that.

KCFleming said...

Wonderful piece.
An example of algorithmic evil is the vaccine scheme, which makes no logical sense, has no internal consistency, is changed frequently, and is ruthlessly enforced.
And obviously evil because it disallows any human consideration offering leeway or using common sense where needed.

Francis Berger said...

Good post! I will be bold and state that the totalitarian technocracy is already ruling the world and has been since early 2020. This becomes quite clear when you examine the issue of human rights, which was the "sacred" bedrock of so much of the previous model's machinations.

The other day I posted the UN's Declaration of Human Rights - which is essentially nothing more than an expanded version of the 1789 Declaration of the Right of Man and Citizen - to demonstrate how utterly meaningless the concept of human rights has become. Rights are a thing of the past. From now on it will be nothing but occasional and ephemeral "privileges" and "special benefits" sprinkled over the perpetual slavery.

The events of 2020 and early 2021 marked the end of the Western liberal/democratic experiment. We're in a different world now - a totalitarian technocratic world. Your observation about people being treated as things is spot on, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the current abandonment of liberalism's sacred cow - human rights. What the technocrats wish to achieve is total objectification in the material - human rights interfere with that goal.

From a religious perspective, this is an incredibly dangerous time; but it is also a time of great spiritual potential.

William Wildblood said...

In response to the comments by KCFleming and Frank, the at first rejected by everybody but now increasingly pushed by the media and no doubt inevitable vaccine passport is a clear rejection of human rights and any idea of personal freedom. I was thinking the other day that early Christians had to burn a pinch of incense to the emperor to prove they were loyal to the state religion. Our state religion is "the science' and the pinch of incense or one of them might well be this vaccine.

Lady Mermaid said...

The idea of the vaccine being a pinch of incense worries me. I've already had to give in to wearing a mask at work as clients complained when the workers were unmasked. However, I truly cannot afford to lose my job at this moment. I initially wore a mask voluntarily due to living with my elderly parents but stopped wearing it as it became clear the masks were a symbol of humiliation and did not help stem the spread of the disease.

Normally I'm not against vaccines but there are worries with this new mRNA technology. This post describes a small but catastrophic outcome of this medical experimentation. I don't believe the system wants to kill people as Bruce Charlton pointed out demons tend to prefer people to have comfortable long lives in order to increase the risk of damnation. However pride cometh before the fall. Evil may have advanced itself so far that complete collapse is the only thing that can lead to repentance. The West's Obituary by Karl Denninger

William Wildblood said...

I'm not against conventional vaccines either and I really don't know enough about these new vaccines to have a fully informed opinion on the subject. It may well be that there is no problem with them but they are completely new forms of medication. My doubts arise because of the extreme enthusiasm with which the 'System' is pushing improperly tested medical procedures. They’ve even now wheeled the Queen out which is extraordinary. What was she thinking to intervene like this? However, as Bruce Charlton has pointed out, we are not sinning if the society we live in obliges us to do something, such as wear the masks or have the vaccine. We must just keep ourselves inwardly free and centred in God and spiritual truth. I have worn a mask myself very occasionally (when I had a blood test and at the dentist though obviously I had to take it off for the treatment which made wearing it before somewhat farcical). However, I never do usually. I have also turned down the vaccine though if I really had to have it I would probably just shrug my shoulders and do so, albeit very reluctantly. But inner awareness is the thing. Sometimes you can burn a pinch of incense as a meaningless gesture. Perhaps I was wrong to make the incense analogy. After all, taking the vaccine is not denying God. That would be the point at which we would have to draw the line.

But the main question I would ask about this vaccine is why insist on it for a disease which only kills people with an average age of over 80? It is not being a conspiracy theorist to be suspicious of the motives of people who have shown themselves to be unworthy of trust and that's without even bringing a spiritual perspective to this whole coronavirus scenario.

(This is a slightly edited version of two previous comments which better reflects my opinion than they did.)

JMSmith said...

A "world controlled by data and spreadsheet" is a world controlled by the technicians who control "data and spreadsheet." These people are necessarily and deeply imbued with the "logic" of "data and spreadsheet," but technocratic power has not made them cyborgs. They have political, historical, moral, and religious opinions, but these are often quite stupid opinions. Some of this may result from the congenital traits that allied them to become technicians of "data and spreadsheet," but much is the result of spending time mastering these techniques and neglecting other aspects of the human experience. We have all been amputated and distorted by the division of labor, but consciousness of this amputation and distortion seems to disappear in those who rise to power. I am acutely conscious that I am all but completely ignorant in many, many domains; but I also see the spurious omniscience of technical wizards in the few domains I know well.

Here is a simple example. Over the past twenty years, the rising generation became increasingly likely to attend meetings armed with laptops. Laptops are now very nearly ubiquitous at meetings. Much more so than coffee cups, which is an interesting change in itself. People who are adept and "pulling up" this or that on their laptop now dominate meetings because most people now believe that good decisions are "data-driven" and come down to "pulling up" the right data. This is an imbecile philosophy because the meeting must decide what to do before it looks to the data and asks how it can be done. I suspect some of the covid fiasco is due to such imbecile philosophy.

William Wildblood said...

Those are very good points. Yes, spreadsheet and data people are woefully under-developed in other ares of life which they consequently either deny or undervalue. But to be a spreadsheet and data person in the first place is the sign of a spiritual cripple in my view. Or a spiritual autist to put it more kindly.