Sunday 21 February 2021

God and Evil

God can make good come out of evil but this does not in any way justify evil. It simply means that God is God. Evil is anti-God and because God is truth and reality, and evil is anti-truth and anti-reality, God always stands above and beyond evil which only exists as opposition to God. He comes first. It can only be because he already is.

The present descent into spiritual evil and materialism is not wished by God but he can use it to bring souls back to him and so create something positive out of the negative. As the world turns to sin and death, and that is what it is doing by its rejection of the transcendent, many souls may be forced to wake up. What they could not see in normal times when life made sense they will be able to see in times of increasing absurdity. When the results of our current attitudes and behaviour become manifest, when the inevitable insanities of our beliefs take concrete form as these beliefs reach their logical conclusions, then people may begin to see more clearly and realise what they have done, that they have followed lies.

2020 was the start of a new phase in the attempt to separate man from his true self in God. First, religion was attacked and what remained of it hollowed out. Then, as atheism and materialism spread, the natural order of creation was undermined. This motivation, whether they know it or not, is what lies behind the anti-sexist and anti-racist fanatics. Now, when most human beings have no anchoring in anything beyond this world and little sense of objective reality, our integrity as individuals with power over our own lives is being removed. If things continue as they have begun we will be reduced to vassals of the state or, better put because even the idea of a state will be removed, the System, an overarching totalitarian bureaucracy run by one-dimensional specialists and experts on wholly materialistic lines. Shallow, hollow men and women who can analyse data and who may possess a certain amount of brain power along technical/mechanistic lines but who have no vision or depth. You see them in positions of prominence now.

This will lead to great spiritual evil but the bright side is that the very inhumanity of this System may force people to wake up. The System is bad and those who run it are bad people. Let's not mince words. No doubt they are well-meaning in their spiritually shrivelled up ways and no doubt they behave impeccably according to their own sterile beliefs, but they have gone bad in the soul. They have turned away from and rejected the light. However, the world they make will be a dead world and that very fact may make people search for the true source of life and turn to God.

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