Friday 22 January 2021

Things to Come

 To all those concerned about current political events, I would say, don't be. The world situation has long been such that no external help can be expected. In fact, it is not even desirable because what is happening today is a spiritual test. In times that are orientated towards a true vision of God, there is no particular test. But we are now expected to maintain a connection to truth inwardly even when it is dismissed as a lie and an illusion.

Do you really think that if Donald Trump had won the recent American election things would have been much different spiritually? Some of the more obvious desecrations of the human spirit might not have happened as quickly as they probably will, but the general trend would not have changed.The ongoing destruction of truth would have continued. Are we any better off in that respect than 4 years ago? Of course not. We are worse off. The only question is whether we would have been even worse off than we are. I'm sure we would have been but it's only a relative thing.

I'm not saying it doesn't matter who wins elections but it doesn't matter much now. There is no political knight in shining armour and there is not meant to be. I repeat. Now is a time for holding fast to truth when it has been abandoned outwardly. Don't expect someone else to save you. You have to save yourself. This is your responsibility. Don't waste your energies and passions on political matters. Focus on the spiritual and understand that when you do that you have to make sacrifices and you have to expect suffering. There is no way round this. Spiritual paths that don't involve sacrifice and suffering are not ones that lead to God.

Rejoice that the secular world is now truly revealed as one of complete lies. As long as you thought truth might win, you would still be involved in the world. I'm not saying you should abandon the world or cease to proclaim truth but don't expect many people to listen or imagine  that the current situation will get any better. Our job, those of us who wish to serve God, is to reach out to individuals. The world may fall into darkness but in that darkness light will shine more brightly.

No doubt false saviours will arise even now. They will say "Follow me, believe in me and all will be well." Don't be misled. God does not want his children to remain children and he is not going to send a leader to whom we can hand over our responsibility. You must be your own leader. Of course, there will be those who can offer guidance but this guidance is only there to push you in the direction you already want to go. You should not expect your guides to do more than this and any who claim they can should be ignored. God will guide you from within your own heart if you allow him to do so which means stand ready in humility and love of truth and goodness.

The future is likely to be a global totalitarianism with a humanitarian veneer. It may incorporate the notion of God but it will deny all that is real about God. In the West (I don't know about the East) everything that does not actively stand against this will be incorporated into it. No one will be able to stand on the sidelines. No one will be allowed to be neutral. The only thing that can withstand this takeover of the soul, for that is what it is, is Christ. Other forms of spirituality will not be strong enough to resist evil, defined here as rejection of God and the laws of Creation. Those who practise them will be swept up into the over-arching anti-spiritual belief system in which Man is basically his own God and makes his own reality. Only those who remain faithful to Christ can hold out against this because only they will have the strength to resist, a strength given them by the supreme reality of Christ.

Recent events should have taught serious Christians or anyone correctly orientated to spiritual reality not to expect salvation from the outer world. I am neither a pessimist nor a defeatist. There is great hope for the future but this will manifest on the spiritual plane and only those who dedicate themselves to the truth of God will realise it. But it is not going to be a collective thing. Everything now is down to the individual.


cae said...

This is an excellent post, William! As a 'realist', I quite agree with you...

...though, it all makes me terribly sad for our children. I certainly never guessed, when my husband and I decided to become parents, that our daughter's lifetime would see the 'beginning' of the 'end of the world as we know it'.

Lately, it feels as though my heart is continuously breaking on behalf of all the world's children. And I don't know what to do for them, except pray that God speed the time to Christ's return.

What other hope is there?

William Wildblood said...

I have two children, cae, so this is something I have also grappled with. But my feeling is that our children are also God's children, indeed they are God's before they are ours, and they also have their own destiny and duty to fulfil so if they are born now it means that now provides them with the lessons they need to learn. As, of course, is the case for all of us. In a way, the world is always on a spiritual knife-edge so now could be said to be not that different to any other time in certain respects.

There is always hope and we are actually enjoined to be hopeful. Remember that, along with faith and charity, hope is one of the great virtues. God could be said to be nearer than ever in these difficult times for those who believe in him so it is not a bad time to be alive. In fact, it's a good time. There are many opportunities to develop spiritually for those who want to take them.

Ingemar said...


I think the shock coming from many who have lost heart is based on the fact that (1) they expected the System to correct itself and (2) they are oriented mostly (though not entirely) to attaining good in a solely this-worldly fashion.

Since I abhored leftism, and abandoned mainstream rightism, I had no skin in the game in the 2016 election. I wrote off Hillary and Trump as obnoxious frauds and gladly abstained my vote as I had for the prior twelve years.

This time around, with the Birdemic and the ensuing panic that was propagated mostly by leftists, I allowed myself to fall into the false political dialectic; even as I knew for a fact that Trump participated in this evil, which I handwaved by it being "lesser."

Although I was distraught by Biden's ill gotten victory, in a sense it was almost a relief. Now that the System is growing in its evil, it has presented an opportunity to put my own faith to the test. I have striven harder than ever to practice my religion and to wake up people to the lies of our current predicament. I have resolved to do so even if it costs me dearly.

And though it saddens me that I never got married and I'm alone, one advantage of my situation is that I am able to sacrifice more without causing collateral damage. The only thing that was holding me back was an expectation of a future worldly good; since these seem to be disappearing, I am freer to live as one dedicated to God's work.

William Wildblood said...


One of the reasons I think it is worthwhile doing this blog is the quality of the comments it receives. Yours makes my point better than I did in the original post. It's as you say. The System will not correct itself. Trump and Brexit may have been bumps in the road for the totalitarian, atheistic globalists, and it's clear that the outer agents of this party thought they were given the extraordinary lengths they went to to destroy them. But these populist movements might also be seen as reinforcing the globalist agenda in an action and reaction kind of way because their unscrupulous serpentine propagandists can say "Look how bad they are. You need us more than ever to correct the damage they've caused and restore some sanity." The globalists needed an enemy to bring more people on board. It's all lies and deceit, of course.

Bruce Charlton said...

@William - Yes, things are now very clear.

Perhaps the most difficult transition is for those who have come to regard obedience to legitimate external authority (i.e. a church) as necessary in order to be a Christian.

The churches are (at least at the official, leadership level) on the side of the totalitarians. So, such people will feel (are feeling, I think - so they say) torn apart until they choose one way or the other.

It seems to me that there are not going to be general answers to the problems of this time. Although I suppose the problems will be similar for everybody (given a single global authority) the proper response is likely to be unique, because each person and his situation is unique.

William Wildblood said...

It's the old choice between the letter and the spirit brought into sharper focus. To which do we give our allegiance?

Goyave said...

God doesn't owe anyone anything with modern politics.

When men choose a form of rulership instead of God then He would not listen to the people when they cried out.

From 1 Samuel:

"18 And ye shall cry out in that day because of your king which ye shall have chosen you; and the Lord will not hear you in that day."