Monday 2 November 2020

The Next Ten Years

We are living in the spiritual ruins of Western civilisation. I don't say the decline but the ruins. It is extraordinary how few people see this but I suppose that's the point. If more people saw it then it wouldn't be the ruins. Something would be done. Part of the problem is that the idea of virtue has not collapsed so we are not living in an anarchic, every man for himself free for all. But virtue has been reduced to something with no transcendent aspect with the result that it relates to the horizontal plane only. That is to say, the material world alone. All things relating to the good, which are really rooted in the vertical and transcendent, have been brought down to the earthly. Truth, love and beauty have all lost their spiritual aspect and are reimagined in purely material terms. Of course, they have no substance and no proper source outside the spiritual so we are just left with the imitation of these things, the husk without the corn.

I've written a lot of apocalyptic sounding posts recently which must seem rather depressing. I apologise. But my excuse is that events have been considerably ramped up recently. The work of the last century is now bearing its poisoned fruit. The seed was planted, the tree grew, the evil flowers blossomed (in the 1960s one might say since that combined a certain beauty with great spiritual destruction), and now the fruit has ripened and we are being force fed it. Lies are everywhere, politics, art and science are all corrupted, the media is the propaganda arm of forces inimical to human good and even religion appears to be on its last legs.

The dominant ideology of the day is egalitarianism but this has not come about to raise the lower as we are led to believe. The real hidden motive behind it was always to bring down the higher. Egalitarianism inevitably means cultural relativism and brings in its train a universal levelling down. Once the higher is no longer acknowledged as higher, a word which includes the sense of better, it is effectively destroyed and the lower dominates. When the ladder of being, traditionally described as a tree with its roots in heaven, is not recognised it falls down and human life remains at ground level, as now. Today there is no means to climb up out of this world into a higher one whose values are different. These will include any values of this world but seen in a new and transforming light.

The next ten years will see a steady tightening of the grip of the egalitarian dogma used as a means to cut off access to any higher reality and restrict us to the material plane. Egalitarianism won't apply to the elites, of course, who will remain in control but it will be used as a way of preventing escape from that control by the ordinary man or woman. On the anticipated timescale it seems this might be complete by the year 2030. The idea is to erect a kind of psychological barrier all round the world with the words "No way out" stamped across it in big black letters. But this like so much else is a lie. There is always a way out and that is the full acceptance of God.

I am reminded of an old Indian teaching which I believe I first came across in the teaching of the 19th century Bengali saint Ramakrishna. He maintained that while in ancient times great efforts of asceticism and profound meditation were necessary to attain spiritual liberation, in the Kali Yuga (i.e. now) all that would be required would be to repeat the name of God with a humble and contrite heart. Conditions would be so grim that God in his mercy would allow just this one sincere act to be enough for salvation. Perhaps because to get even that far in such a degenerate time would imply great spiritual dedication.

Let this be a comfort in the days to come. We don't need to be spiritual supermen. We just need to turn to God in love and understanding of what his existence means, what it demands and what it gives. Though there will undoubtedly be trials, these will end in triumph.


MagnusStout said...

I don't think you should apologize because you seem to be animated with noble and good intentions. Even loving fathers offer harsh words out of love from time to time. Compare your words to that of a loveless "health" bureaucrat today: empty and deceitful words giving the appearance of care, while holding a Damoclean sword above our heads should we dare to resist.

And, I like the hopeful nature at the end. You're right. I'd also offer that the figure of "Father John" in "Everyday Saints and Other Stories," highlights this hope: he went to prison for failing to renounce Christ and lie about other people; his hands were broken by torture, but he never gave in. In fact, he writes that "God was very close" in prison--even closer than at the monastery he went to after prison. Solzhenitsyn found God in prison and wrote about similar conversions.

William Wildblood said...

Thanks Magnus. My apology was more formal than sincere! After all, the situation is as it is and must be recognised as such. Whenever I see these health bureaucrats ( I don't mean ordinary doctors) I really do get a sense of revulsion. They do seem like so many dead souls to me.

Bruce Charlton said...

@William - Of course I agree with the main thrust of this post - but a couple of quibbles!

I don't think egalitarianism is the 'master idea' of the left in the way it was before the sixties. It is still sometimes used, but more often there is an inferiority being asserted - to the point that asserting in public that white matters as much as black, or men as women, or natives as immigrants - is regarded as a hate crime, an incitment to violence.

Nowadays the masses are so reduceed that the leaders can contradict themselves blatantly, almost from one sentence to another - certainly from one week to another: so that one week nothing matters but the birdemic, the next week fighting anti-black racism, the week after preventing climate change - then suddently it is trans rights...

Also, I personally have no sense of 'what is coming' even next month, let alone a decade hence. I know braadly what is *planned* by the Establishment (Great Reset, Agenda 2020 and the like) but what will actually happen I am at a loss to guess - given the Establishment are the biggest dupes of all, and one thing sure is that their bureaucratic transhumanist totalitarian schemes cannot possibly work!

BSRK Aditya said...

It's possible, not impossible, for doctrine whose maximum is virtue to bring about a doctrine which includes entrenchment.

Now, all non-sybaritic non-evil entrenchment is controlled by the masters. Entrenchment in God is, but one of the many possible entrenchments under the control of the masters. Does this alleviate your fears?

In truth, humans were always sybaritic creatures. It is very hard for them to maintain a doctrine which includes entrenchment.

It's easier & more profitable (I believe) to begin with the predominant doctrine of the age - and convert it into one that includes entrenchment.

At any rate, do you really fear the end of your nominal faith? You yourself did not learn entrenchment in God from your nominal faith. What you did, others can also do.

William Wildblood said...

Bruce, this may sound as though it's intended to be more of prediction than it is. I don't know what's coming any more than anyone else but I do feel the indications of a certain path are there which is the tightening of the grip of demonic control. 2030 is really just a date I've picked from the post I wrote a while ago called Cycles of Change inspired by dates given by the writer Robert Bolton which make sense to me. But these things are not set in stone, of course.

I think we both agree that the master idea of the demons behind the left is damnation. I just think that the levelling down of egalitarianism is one of their chief means of destroying the good, a necessary precursor to people voluntarily accepting ideas which lead to spiritual loss. But they're not trying to create equality. They're trying to destroy quality and what you point out to be the case is part of that.

BSRK, I'm afraid I don't understand your comment.

BSRK Aditya said...

Seeing you in distress & fear for others, I tried to alleviate it. I suppose the language of meta spirituality is not very clear.

How about this: You have not yet fully penetrated your own spirituality, my friend.

There is a sight - exalted by many as the greatest sight. Which sight is this? The sight of the Great Master, the lord of all worlds.

If you incline your mind towards this, it is possible that your distress may be resolved.

William Wildblood said...

I do appreciate your concern but I wouldn't say distress and fear describe my attitude towards what is happening today. I see it as inevitable, no less unpleasant for that but still not something to be caught up in emotionally or, at least, to be caught up in it emotionally as little as possible.

But I certainly agree with what I believe you are saying in conclusion which is that we should be detached from worldly things and fix our minds on eternal truths.

David Earle said...

BSRK, I thoroughly enjoy William's apocalyptic posts and never once got the impression that he is experiencing any form of despair or fear.

I occasionally get accused of the same thing, but the fact is I'm simply stating truths. If your assumption after hearing these truths is that I'm living in fear, then that says more about you than it does about me.

William Wildblood said...

Yes islanti is right. To accept reality is not to be fearful. I personally have great hope but that is in God not man.

Jonathan said...

Ramakrishna's teaching about repeating the name of God raises an important question: what is the name of God? If indeed God has a name at all, it seems to be a very well-kept secret. One thing for sure: it isn't "God".

I used to think it was "Yahweh", but now I doubt that; I think it's more likely that "Yahweh" was the name of one of the many demons that visited man in the distant past, seeking to be worshipped.

Bruce Charlton said...

William wrt to your belief (which I share) that earth is a school, and mortal life a time for learning; this means that perfection is neither the objective nor attianable.

We are sinful Men dwelling in a sin-full world. But ultimately this is not fatal, because Christ came to save sinners, just as we are.

Perfection may arise briefly - and we should cherish it, but then situations change and there are new experience, new challenges, to learn-from. These mortal lives are not for basking in sustained perfection, because there is always more we can learn.

Thus to point-out the 'failure' of others, or oneself, to attain 'sustained' fixation upon eternal truths - is just to state the universal human situation. This world, and our bodies and souls, are surely Not designed for That?

As Christians we are instead meant to learn-from the striving, and from the inevitable failing.

William Wildblood said...

Jonathan, I am sure God does have a name but what Ramakrishna really meant was to call on God as on a person or our loving Father, and he will hear us.

I agree, Bruce. Christ did say that we should be perfect but I take that to mean we should aim for the highest and not be content with second best, and that is a constant thing.

Bruce Charlton said...

@William - "Christ did say that we should be perfect" - actually I personally do not believe that Jesus did say this (or if he said something similar - he did not mean this); since it is contradictory to his main teaching - plus it is impossible; and highly liable to lead to a life of miserable self-accusation. Nobody has ever get anywhere near to perfection - as we can imagine it; not in faith, not in works. It is not that kind of world nor are we that kind of Being. INdeed, I regard perfection as a red herring altogether - since we must love, not be-perfect (whatever that might mean - presumably some kind of static abstraction). I think we must apply discerment to the reported sayings of Jesus, as everything else; and IMO 'perfect' does not make sense for a Christian.

Anonymous said...

An interesting and concerning article (by Terry Boardman), which seems relevant to some of the issues touched on here, which might be of interest -

William Wildblood said...

Yes, a very good article. Terry Boardman goes into all the details much more than I could but I think we come to the same conclusion. Everything now from the hysteria around Covid-19 to the farce of the American election all point towards a growing technocratic authoritarianism even though that will represented, as TB says, as beneficial for humanity. One thing I hadn't thought of before struck me of interest. TB says the evil being Sorath attacks humanity every 666 years. What if these started from the traditional time of Christ's death in 33AD? A triple cycle takes us to 2031.