Sunday 8 November 2020

Freedom and Slavery

Nobody can have any real idea as to what is going on in the world today who doesn't acknowledge the supernatural element. That is why people make the wrong choice over and over again now. But once you do, and you realise that we are seeing the outward manifestation of a spiritual battle in which the prize is human souls, many things fall into place.

The two great bastions of freedom in the world were England and America which explains why so much work has been put into attempting to destroy them. If the desired end of a global totalitarianism is to be be achieved, one which has an ultimately spiritual goal of enslaving souls, all obstacles must be removed. This is also the reason the white male is so attacked nowadays. He is the most likely to resist the destruction of freedom.

Freedom is the fundamental spiritual quality. It is more fundamental even than love since love depends on the reality of freedom to exist in the first place. Machines cannot love. Slaves cannot love. I am not talking about physical slavery which is the least of slaveries but spiritual slaves in which the mind and even the soul are possessed. Now, this can only happen if you let it happen but outer conditions are being manipulated into creating the best environment for it to happen. Freedom can be found at any moment in even the most extreme cases by turning to God but how many people actually want to do that?

All around the world today we see forces engaged in the destruction of freedom. The Covid-19 lockdowns where you are obliged to stay in your house and wear a covering on your face when you go out, the climate change agenda which seeks to curtail freedom and choice and exercise rigid control, environmentalism (or what it has become since being hijacked by leftism) which values Nature over Humanity (and Nature seen not as God's creation but a kind of unconscious earth goddess), the anti-racism movement which wants to colonise the mind with a lie so that quality is expunged and mediocrity encouraged. Political correctness in general. 

Without a strong religious revival nothing can be done to stop the drift leftwards away from freedom and into control. Nothing except religious faith will be strong enough to withstand this drift which is becoming more of a torrent. I maintain that no leftist really believes in God. Left-wing people may think or claim they believe in God but they don't because, if you do, that belief overwhelms everything else, and leftism is the belief in Man. It is the religion of Man in which he worships himself in the abstract. Humanity as 'it'. The leftist virtues are niceness and tolerance, but these are virtues of materialists for they are directed at the transitory mortal man not the spiritual soul. Indeed, they deny the soul and, unless superseded by a love of the true good, will lead to spiritual death. Satan loves niceness and tolerance because they give him the same rights as God.*

This is the story of the world today and tomorrow. Unless we see our origin and destination as beyond this world we risk being trapped in matter even after we die. Matter is unfree but in this world it is illumined by spirit and we have the chance to break out of it. We are here to be given the chance to ascend to spirit.  If we reject that chance through the simple act of denial we condemn ourselves to darkness. For how long, I don't know. God is merciful but he has also given us the power to choose and he cannot take that back even to save us from the wrong choice.

*Added note: Niceness and tolerance maintain and support the earthly human as earthly human rather than seeing that as the outermost part of a spiritual soul needing to grow into divine awareness. They, and this reaches to the core of the profound spiritual error of the left, treat men and women as quantitative units rather than individual souls. Naturally, one is not saying that niceness and tolerance are bad things in themselves but they are not primary and, if made so, they become bad things, especially when used to dismantle the reality of spiritual authority and hierarchy. For reality and truth are not democratic. 


MagnusStout said...

Spot on: "Nobody can have any real idea as to what is going on in the world today who doesn't acknowledge the... outward manifestation of a spiritual battle in which the prize is human souls." Amen.

Also trenchant: "Without a strong religious revival nothing can be done to stop the drift leftwards away from freedom and into control." Beware of political movements that promote materialistic fixes for spiritual problems.

While I hate to bring up the Matrix analogy, I do think it holds here. This is bittersweet knowledge. Many are not willing to be "unplugged" from this Matrix. And, it is likely that those that do may need to pass through something like the "5-stages of grief."

Finally--as to the current damnation of souls--it reminds me of Temple Grandin's work in "humane slaughter": the key was having cattle walk single-filed into narrow corridors with tall walls so that cattle could not anticipate anything. By analogy, the global bureaucracy creates for us--like the cattle--the path to destruction and the agiprop blinds us--just as the tall walls did to the cattle--before its too late.

William Wildblood said...

Good comment, Magnus. A big problem is, as you say, many people do not want to be saved.