Monday 8 June 2020


We are living through the collapse of Western civilisation and it is astonishing how few people seem to realise this. I suppose the average person can't face hard reality and as long as he is personally comfortable will ignore all the signs of societal breakdown. Everything seems fine from a superficial point of view. Some who do acknowledge reality believe the collapse will be a long drawn out one with gradual decline so it will not be in our day that things come to a crash but the speed at which events are currently moving suggest this may not be the case.

When a culture loses confidence in itself as the West has done, it is more or less doomed. If it will not defend itself because of weakness, cowardice and sentimentality as we have seen is the case over the last few days, it is a lost cause. And if it no longer recognises proper authority as built up by a tradition informed by truth and goodness and one that honours God or at least some transcendent principle then it moves from a phase of creativity to one of destruction. We have been on that path for 50 years or more. That is to say, a point was reached around 50 years ago when the balance between good and evil tilted decisively in favour of the latter, notwithstanding the fact that there had been crises before. But this was the time when our civilisation decided to take the path that leads to net evil.

The onset of liberalism always betokens the end of a civilisation. It is the phase when the fruits of that civilisation begin to be eaten with no new seeds planted. The relaxing of principles, discipline and sexual morality gradually erodes proper structure and order, and a focus on egalitarianism, the inevitable bedfellow of liberalism, means that the quantitative is emphasised at the expense of the qualitative which diminishes in importance. What else is the current obsession with racism but a sign that quantity has triumphed over quality? It's the same with all movements that tend towards levelling out. They all deny difference and so deny quality. That means they sacrifice truth to lower order human emotions such as resentment, fear, envy and hatred. These are the driving forces behind so much that happens in the world today and the fact they are given their head, and that their ugly faces are daubed with prettifying make up which, like all make up, is a mask of artificiality, confirms we have lost sight of reality and embarked on a path of spiritual destruction. When vice is depicted as virtue society has given itself over to the lie because it shows that it cares more about appearance than reality.

Human beings have a religious impulse which when thwarted in normal channels turns to abnormal ones in order to be expressed. People have a need to believe in something greater than themselves. If the natural outlet for this is closed tight shut it will take unnatural forms. Remove God from their lives and false idols rise up to take his place. This can be art or science but more often it is politics as it usually is now. Often the more extreme the better because extremism exaggerates the believer's sense of virtue for following the true path and gives him an enemy to hate which is very empowering.   Utopia would arrive if only the evil opponents of the truth could be scattered. This sense of us and them works in religion too where it can have some positive effects if disciplined and not allowed to descend into hatred but when it is invested in a lie, and all political ideologies are basically lies because they are products of human attempts to improve the world without God, it results in a type of monomania which is not far removed from insanity.

The over-reaction to coronavirus shows that we are a society ruled by fear. It also shows the dishonesty of the political class and the media, both of which are only interested in their own advancement with truth a near irrelevancy. We have known that for some time but it has been confirmed beyond doubt over recent months. The establishment, the totality of it, is rotten beyond repair. Its hypocrisy in seamlessly moving from the insistence of locking people up in their own homes to condoning mass public riots and protests sparked off by an incident that in no way represents a universal truth but is represented as such is quite breathtaking in its brazen audacity. We now see forces running loose in America that wish to destroy it and turn it into a third world country and these same forces have come to Europe where, under the guise of seeking justice, they work for destruction, deceiving the foolish, the naive and the resentful into supporting them. This is all part of the ongoing process of collapse, a process we are too weak, too cowardly and too much lacking in inner truthfulness to arrest.

Collapse will happen. It is happening at a pace which can only accelerate. There is nothing the ordinary honest person can do about it. But it is an external thing. What we can do is defend our own soul against the spiritual virus that is sweeping the world. Do not follow the herd. Put your faith in God and recognise that these times are inevitable. Nothing in this world is made to last except for the truth of Christ. Everything decays and falls to pieces and when it does that is because it has come to the end of its usefulness. But there are things that do last and these are the things we should concentrate on at a time when the outer world is collapsing into ruin. They are the eternal truths of God. As much as possible ignore what is happening in the world, not by turning a blind eye to it but by refusing to get caught up in it, and focus on the spiritual reality of the higher world. This is a time of testing to see who really wants God and how much they want him. Sacrifices will have to be made but these are to make us worthy of God. Would you want to come before him with an impure heart?

Many souls are already lost as we can see every time we turn on the news. The anger, hatred, self-righteousness and complacency of so many is clear to see. In order not to become part of this number it is essential not to be drawn into ideological debate but to keep one's attention firmly fixed on the truth and reality of God. The demons entrap souls into their world firstly by luring them into false ideologies which fan the flames of already existing hatred and resentment, and secondly by causing those more enlightened people who see the disastrous effects of these ideologies to resist them, dragging them down into a reactive cesspool of emotional negativity. It's better just to know and speak the truth but not enter into debate with the other side. That is just a trap designed to pull you down to their level. State the truth but do not enter into argument. The truth will convince those who have the truth within them. Argument convinces nobody.

It is not hard to predict that things will continue on a downward path. In fact, the pace of decline will augment. Look on it as a death. Death destroys the body to release the soul. Where the soul goes depends on the state of that soul. Don't worry about the dying body which cannot be restored. Fix your attention on the soul.


Bruce Charlton said...

@William - This is a very fine post. I don't have anything to add: needs saying and well said.

William Wildblood said...

Thank you, Bruce.

Gary said...

I second Dr. Charlton. You have summarised clearly the most important practical and spiritual points to keep in mind. Will translate it into Portuguese and share with my family, I'm sure it'll spark their interest

Francis Berger said...

Great work, William. The segment on knowing/stating the truth but avoiding debate is particularly pertinent.

William Wildblood said...

Thanks Gary and Francis.

John Fitzgerald said...

Outstanding, William. It's always a relief to me, as a desperately poor arguer and debater - too emotional, not a quick thinker - to know that this level is not the one that counts and that getting sucked down to it is in fact what the Devil wants us to do. Your post is bracing in its exposure of comforting illusions and fallacies while also performing an invaluable service in reminding us of what (and Who) is essential in this hour and where our eyes need to be fixed.

William Wildblood said...

Thanks John. I get too emotional too but at least when you are writing you can temper that! On the other hand, if you don't get emotional about what's going on there's something wrong with you. You just have to submit that emotion to wisdom and balance, not always easy, for me at any rate.

Moose Thompson said...

Excellently stated post and very compelling. That said, I would like to challenge you a bit on the idea that we should not enter into debate with the "other side". Perhaps you are right if by "debate the other side" you mean confront people on issues they are very emotional about. What I propose is instead of confrontational "debate" is rather rational dialogue with those open to it being careful to not to go too far that emotions are provoked into irrational territory.

What I mean is that most people aren't leftist zealots, in fact a lot of what I see in support of leftism are meek and mild people pandering (virtue signalling) because they are afraid to be seen as a bad person or feel guilty because of inequality. I suspect these people are not passionate, but rather just not thinking. If they are open to intellectual discussion, asking questions, exploring nuances, in my experience, this is a process that raises consciousness, opening one to a truer deeper view of reality. I even suspect there are topics the zealots would be open to discussing rationally that would be worthwhile. The trick is to take it slow and keep the discussion rational and honest. Baby steps.

I say all this based simply on my experience debating/discussing with numerous people (on the internet mostly). I feel that these debates/dialogues have had a very positive effect on my ability to think clearly and perceive the world more accurately. Of course, this begs the question, has this benefited those I have debated with? That is harder to say, sometimes it clearly has not, but I have seen a fair amount of evidence that it has in several cases.

I'm really not certain, but I do see potential in sincere dialogue, as if it were intended by God as a tool. Bruce Charlton's posts often suggest he thinks everyone has bought into leftist ideologies and are basically damned. I really don't buy this. This is completely at odds with my experience where so many seem quite aware they are being peddled bullsnot. Many of these can be reached I suspect.

William Wildblood said...

What I really meant, Moose, was that it's futile to get into argument with confirmed believers. But certainly dialogue with people open to understanding is not just right but important. Unfortunately my experience in the real world rather than online is that practically everyone I meet (I live in London) is on board with the programme, if not completely then to a large extent. They have been fed one side of the story for so long that they are unable to see they have to cut the whole thing out if they are to escape the cancer.

But, yes, we do have to keep talking because there are always people out there who sense they live in a world of lies but don't have the structure to break out of that.

Moose Thompson said...

That is very odd/intersting. I live in a smaller city in the states and most people I know are very not on board with "the programme" (meaning I assume, more or less leftist politics and materialist ontology). How did your country ever vote for Brexit? I don't know much about it, but my understanding is that was counter to the mainstream desire/agenda.

William Wildblood said...

I'm glad to hear it (about where you live). Perhaps there's a difference between large cities and elsewhere. London was mostly for remaining in the EU. The intellectual and professional classes have pretty much abandoned any sense of God or tradition in exchange for worldly success and status.