Monday 12 March 2018

Quality and Equality

The great modern drive by the fallen angels who are at war against God is to replace quality with equality. In this way they hope to reduce humanity to a controllable and conformist mass, cut off from any higher understanding than the materialistic. This is why such things as racism and sexism have become the equivalents of secular mortal sins. Anything that offends the idea of equality and oneness must be shown to be evil. Today if somebody is branded a racist he is effectively the lowest of the low, and we all live in fear that we may make a mistake and end up condemned.

Unfortunately by the standards of the modern left, which has become the main conduit for this tactic, I am a racist because I believe there are differences between ethnic groups which have been separated in evolutionary terms for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. That is not even bringing any what, for want of a better term, we might call occult factors (unrecognised by a science inevitably limited to its own material sphere) into account¹. It is beside the point to say we are all one and these differences don't matter. Of course we are all one and of course the differences don't affect the fundamental brotherhood of man. All life is one in essence but it is hugely varied in expression. There is no absolute equality anywhere. It is certainly a mistake to over-emphasise the differences at the expense of the unity, as has happened in the past, but it is also a mistake to do the opposite, as we do nowadays, and over-emphasise the unity at the expense of the differences. The truth is not one or the other but both together, and if both are not respected then disharmony will be the result².

By modern standards I am also a sexist because I believe there are differences between men and women that go much further than basic biology. The biology is just an outer reflection of a deeper spiritual truth. Again, enforced equality, such as we have now, which tries to shoehorn everything into the same mould, will lead to disharmony and reaction. You cannot suppress the truth with ideology. Or you can try but there will be inevitable consequences if you do.  But the demons win either way. They can corrupt our souls with their anti-truth and anti-God agenda or, if there is a violent reaction to the lies they are making humanity believe, they can benefit from that too, from the destruction that ensues. They feed on hatred and anger.

Most ordinary people reading the paragraphs above would think the writer deluded at best. Demons behind the scenes, manipulating our consciousness? That's crazy! But I think increasingly people will look at what's happening in the world and wonder how things can have come to this pass. Can humanity really have taken so many turns that completely deny common sense and are so against nature, let alone the idea of God as traditionally conceived? How have we allowed ourselves to be driven down this path, persuaded to abandon real goodness and truth in the name of a demonstrably false goodness and truth? I say demonstrably because practically every innovation we have allowed over the last 50 years, from on demand abortion to mass immigration to same sex marriage to the current push for transgender acceptance, goes against basic intuition. Quite obviously in none of these cases should people be condemned or treated unfairly. However that is very different to normalising them all. But we are being programmed to think that what goes against nature is natural, and that must affect our connection to real truth. I mean it must affect us as in separate us from it, and that is the demons' intention. It is our souls they are after. And they do not want us to be dragged kicking and screaming into darkness. They want us to choose it as light.

Quite often today we are caught between two stools. We can see that injustice has been perpetrated on certain groups in the past. We quite rightly wish to remedy that. But appeals to compassion are exploited to bring about a situation in which the natural order of being is turned upside down and the baby of truth is thrown out with the bathwater of injustice. What we lack so much today is a balanced wisdom. We have discarded our spiritual inheritance completely instead of seeing that it needed a certain updating but was fundamentally sound. Jesus said he came to build on the Law and the Prophets. He did not come to replace them. These are words which we need to understand more than ever in the context of our present spiritual crisis.

The way forward is through love but not love as we currently understand it because we don't understand it. What we understand is a mental image of love, a theory about it. We don't feel love. We respond to life sentimentally which is what people do when they don't feel love but want to or think they should.  

¹ What I mean by this is that I believe that souls do not all come from the same source at the same time. There are various lifestreams that originate from different spiritual sources and at different times. I am not saying these are represented by the different races but it is a cause of human differences. Of course, ultimately all come from God.

² From a deep spiritual point of view we are all one in Christ. There is no race, no sex, just a pure spiritual unity. "There is neither Jew nor Greek, neither bond nor free, neither male nor female: you are all one in Christ Jesus". But to apply this spiritual unity to men and women and groups of men and women before they have aligned themselves inwardly with spiritual truth is incorrect. The unity exists at the spiritual level (in Christ) not the material one. Men are by no means equal on the earth plane, said the Masters. It is precisely part of the modern deviation that unity is misapplied thereby negating its spiritual sense.


Unknown said...

Falsification of the divine narrative is not a random incident in our world but a historical event whose time has arrived. Those who know their bible well and their torah are aware of such historical event. Who is the left but the perverted Jews that have been charged with the errand of corrupting the world at the end time. Of course that can not be done without falsifying the divine narrative the foundation of human life. The sad part is that they have cheated some Christians to join them in that errand not only that but put them as they say in the mouth of the canon while they work from behind the curtain. Christians start to feel the hijacking of the independence of their religion and the debasement of the purity of that religion through distorting the true and erecting the false, such as replacing divine selection by natural selection or replacing the metaphysics of spirituality by the metaphysics of materiality and by capsizing the source of knowledge from up down to down up and let the fossil,genes and relics explorers be the base of human knowledge and calling those who resort to god as the basic source of knowledge as a marker of imbecility. Our world is not running haphazardly without divine plan, otherwise we would have seen the corruption million fold of what we are seeing. I am not against the Jews but what have been dictated must be known in order for each religion including Judaism to become aware of what is going in the world. The Jews of New York are aware of such perversion and have raised their voices on many occasions but alas our world has turned the deaf ears. The west is silenced by the anti-semitism and other political correction movements. God despises secrecy and concealment that is why we find the Koran is filled with admonitions to such conduct. Exchanging notes is a healthy move toward a genuine dialogue that may awaken the world to the danger that is inviting the divine wrath that never misses the oppressors and the falsifiers but also the so called good as a result of their silence. It is time for calling everything by its true names.

William Wildblood said...

"It is time for calling everything by its true name." Yes, I am thinking that more and more. And also not call reasonable things by false names to make them sound unreasonable.

Anonymous said...

OK then - here are some facts.

The gospels are full of goodness brought by a man who was also the divine incarnate. He never did a mean thing, and always preached love for God and love for all human beings.

The Qu'ran contains some goodness, but it also contains suras that are anything but good. Those suras require muslims to kill for Allah.

For me, these simple facts make the gospels, and its central character, Christ, superior to the Qu'ran and Mohammed.

I am a Christian, so I would say that.

William Wildblood said...

This is a tricky thing. An objective assessment of the two religions and the two founders and the two holy books would have to concur with what you say. There's just no room for any doubt whatsoever, and that's leaving aside the fact of the resurrection. But does that mean Islam has no justification? God works in mysterious ways and it may be Islam has a place. I don't know. Even if its origins were not exactly what is claimed then maybe God can still work through something that is there, given that Christianity appeared to have been rejected by certain groups.

But then you have the forcible conversions in North Africa, Spain and elsewhere from an already established Christianity. Would the world have been a better place without Islam or is it part of the pattern of God expressing himself according to the people to whom he is expressing himself? I think that we can certainly say that if a religion is in the pattern of its founder then Christianity is far superior to Islam or anything else for that matter.

We have to ask what the world, especially the Middle East, would have been like without Islam. Would Christianity have been established there or is there a greater evolutionary purpose that demands some measure of conflict between people?