Saturday 10 March 2018

Miserere Nostri

There is a piece of music that for me perfectly encapsulates the attitude of penitence. According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica it "is an extraordinary feat of canonic writing, involving retrograde movement together with several degrees of augmentation." But that technical skill is put completely at the service of deep feeling to produce a miniature masterpiece, one in which the only words are Miserere nostri- Have mercy on us.

Listen to it here.


Unknown said...

The music of, have mercy on us, recalled to my mind,Ibn Arabi, the breath of the merciful that radiates through its rhythmic creative sounds through our cosmos and ourselves, our souls are our musical instrument that need all the time to resonate and fine tune its strings to the call of the divine music. Harmonious calibration that requires for its accomplishment, the constant remembrance of the divine that demands the continual process of of self-correction. Also the music of the spheres by Anayat Khan that speaks about the necessity of aligning the music of the human sphere with the divine sphere through raising the awareness of the vibrations that permeate everything. The third recollection is back in the fifties when I was a student at usc sitting one afternoon alone in my room listening to music, only to feel my soul leaving my body, and only to find later that the name of the piece I am listening to is called sublimation. Yes music is the non-verbal language of the souls. Thank you William. that

William Wildblood said...

I'm glad you liked the piece. It comes from a time when much music was in praise of God which perhaps is its greatest function and the one for which it is more suited than any other art form.