Friday 19 April 2013

Another Question about the Masters

Here is another question on the subject of Masters together with its answer.

Q. You say that some people who claim contact with the Masters are victims of illusion. How would you reply to people who might say that you were the victim of illusion?

A. That’s a fair question and one to which I can’t give a conclusive answer. I have described what I experienced but each reader must make his or her own mind up about that. All I can say further is, judge by the material. Subject what is said to your intuition and see if it rings true. See if it has the correct vibration. Bear in mind that my representation of the Masters, both in the book and on this blog, is my representation and therefore subject to my limitations. The words in bold type, however, are theirs and should carry something of their real presence. What's more, those words can nourish the soul if you let them. 

There’s a wider issue here. It is sometimes said that the source of a teaching doesn’t matter. If it makes sense and is found helpful, that’s what counts. And that’s true enough up to a point, but it is also the case that only what comes from a pure source truly is pure so, in that respect, the source very much does matter. Any kind of water will satisfy your thirst initially but, if you continue to drink, make sure you are drinking fresh, clean water.

I think it’s important to make people aware of the existence of the Masters but also to point out that there is the reality and there are imitations and counterfeits of that reality. and that these latter may sometimes have more immediate appeal in that they speak to the unredeemed elements in our nature, telling those parts of us things that confirm them in their beliefs and that don’t require too much sacrifice. The true Masters don't speak that loudly or that often and what they say is not always what we want to hear. However it is always what we need to know, and if we take their words into our hearts we will find them to have transformative power.

The real message of the Masters is radical, uncompromising but surprisingly simple. Abstruse occult teachings, predictions of the future and descriptions of the pre-historic past and the higher planes are unlikely to come from them. Such teachings normally emanate from discarnate beings on the mental plane who have an over-intellectualised approach to truth. But the Masters are only concerned with the budding and blossoming of the heart, and whatever comes from them is to the point and tailored to the needs of the disciple. There is no glamour to their words, and there is nothing sentimental about them. Their love, though, never fails.

A short extract from the book makes a good conclusion to these couple of posts about the Masters.

'Anyone who loves the Masters will become known to them. You may not encounter them in your outer life but you will, if you love them, assuredly meet them on the inner planes and the effects of that will filter down.  However let me sound a small note of warning. To be a pupil of the Masters demands hard work and personal forgetfulness. You will not have a constant stream of light poured down upon you but you will be required to soldier on in often trying circumstances, asking nothing for the separate self. You will not be taken on for your personal benefit but so that you may be the better equipped to serve. Having said that, there really is no greater joy than such service.'

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Thanks,William: as always your words are crystal clear.