Tuesday 16 April 2013

A Question about the Masters

I have received a question about the Masters which I thought I would include here (with its answer slightly adapted) as it falls into the frequently asked questions category. One of the main purposes of this blog is to establish the fact of the Masters' presence so any such questions are very pertinent to it.

Q. I expect that if I ask how to make contact with the Masters you’ll say it’s the wrong question so I’ll ask instead how do you get them to notice you and take you on as a disciple?

A. It is the wrong question because you don’t contact the Masters, they contact you. However you do have it in your power to initiate such a contact as you will be noticed and possibly taken on as a pupil, when you show yourself to be ready. In order for this to take place you must demonstrate the following qualities. A spiritual aspiration that is pure (you are not seeking personal power, fulfillment or advantage), a sincere love of truth, a desire to serve, and a reasonable measure of emotional detachment, freedom from prejudice and capacity to respond to spiritual impression. The intuition must be awakening and it must not be over-coloured by wishful thinking. All of that might seem a tall order, and it is a lot to ask, but the fact is the Masters do not take on as pupils those who are not in a position to benefit from their standard of training, and there are plenty of spiritual teachers to cater for people at earlier stages of the path. But don't feel discouraged by this because it may very well be that an impelling need to know the Masters indicates that you do already have an inner connection with them. Simple curiosity or desire will not suffice though.

A disciple does not always have to know that he is a disciple with the outer mind as it is on the higher planes that the bond is formed. But he will sense it in his heart. I don’t say this to encourage fantasists but to make the point that the true Master/disciple relationship is on the spiritual level. It is also the case that only those can be taken on who have some capacity for self-direction, and that means that an external connection may not be thought necessary. It might even be regarded as a hindrance in some circumstances.

I should emphasise that, to be noticed by the Masters, it is what is in the heart that is important. It's not how much you know or how effective you are in worldly terms. It is the quality of the light you shine. That is quite literally how you would come to their attention on inner levels, and then, once observed, it is likely that you would be put in the charge of one of their helpers, and your progress monitored by them, before the Masters themselves take you in hand. I mention in the book that the Masters have their helpers (who would be incarnate or discarnate disciples), and how these aid them in their work. The spiritual world is hierarchical and you can't expect to go straight to the top, though some people do expect just that. But such people should ask themselves what they could offer the Masters before thinking what they might get from them. And though I say above that effectiveness in worldly terms is not a criterion for admission to the Master's ashram, they will certainly be looking for people who can serve them effectively. So, if you wish to be a disciple, think how you might be able to help them in their work. 

The thing is if you truly love the Masters and would serve them in small things, unrecognised and unrewarded, you will come to their notice. If you just want to pick their brains or bask in their glory or feel you are one of the elite, you will have to wait until your attitude matures.

I am not trying to discourage anyone here but a would-be disciple must have a true sense of priorities, and that requires following the path not for what you might hope to gain from it but from a desire to serve the truth. 

In conclusion let me say this. Strive to raise your consciousness to the level of the Masters and you will know them. In the meantime rest assured that, if your heart is true, then, whether you know them or not, they certainly know you.


William Wildblood said...

hello hajjandumrah

thanks for visiting and thanks for commenting. I hope you find something of interest here and look forward to hearing from you again.

Paul Hillman said...

I think everyone wants to be special and to feel that they are recognized as such. When we are children we are taught that there are wrong and right ways to attract the attention of those we wish to love us, respect us and feel we are special. As we grow and enter the world as an adult we have made many adjustments to our "tactics" as we try to impress employers, the opposite or the same sex, institutions of further education, our neighbours and peers.
The motives for our tactics are self evident and the objectives although variable similarly self evident.
Spiritual development, however, stops these processes dead since the aims are less clear to those on the path and the results are totally unpredictable to the personality.If our motives are not the purest and most selfless we are told, and can, perhaps, understand why, results will not follow. This goes counter to our previous experience and endeavours and I believe the personality clings on to its past experiences until its last moment.
Working for no results is probably the hardest thing we could ever do , while we are attached to and living in our personality and mind.We over interpret and clasp at straws but sometimes overlook the obvious in terms of life events and experiences as well as overestimating or indeed underestimating the effects and affects of our words and actions.Achieving the greatest level of awareness of what we do and others do "to" us brings small but cumulative gains in wisdom which can eventually lead to a breakthrough which may or may not involve the Masters or other higher entities.
We must look for their influence but not too hard, not straining at gnats, because when and if it is perceived it will be clear but there will be no action replays or rewinds and we must keep moving with our awareness concentrated upon our actions and interactions not on a prize which is so beyond our present understanding and experience that it is impossible to conceive until it is a reality for us. This is where I am today, an imperfect understanding,which will be changed tomorrow and thereafteR.

William Wildblood said...

Thanks for developing the ideas in the post further, Paul. It's very true that, on the spiritual path, we have to adopt completely different strategies to those we are used to in ordinary life. Intention is everything really. And, as you imply, the spiritual powers don't usually come to us with trumpets and drums but quietly so we have to be looking in the right place to perceive their presence.

At the same time, although our attempts to swim upstream, back to the source, are against the natural current and often subverted by the ego and its desire to take over the process, there is a core of spiritual truth within us which can push us in the right direction if we remain faithful to it.

Unknown said...
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