Monday 25 March 2024


I have been interested in the astrological effects of eclipses since 1999 when I witnessed the solar eclipse in August of that year and a few days later a friend of mine, whose natal Jupiter was practically bang on the degree of the eclipse, had a heart attack. A few days after that he died. It seemed too significant to ignore. Now there are two more eclipses to consider, a lunar one that took place today (March 25th) and a solar one coming up on 8th April. These two eclipses both connect with the horoscope of someone else I know. The lunar eclipse was directly on the degree of her ascendant at 5° Libra and the solar eclipse, which will be on 19° Aries, makes a very close contact with her natal Sun, North Node and, slightly more distantly, Saturn, these three being conjunct in her chart. I don't know what this might indicate though my suspicion is nothing good, especially with regard to the solar eclipse. 

At any rate, the close contacts warrant study and I shall observe their outcome with interest tinged with a little concern on her behalf. For it seems to me that if the traditional view of the effects of eclipses is correct then this person might be in for some turbulent times. As always, how the symbolism works out in real life terms depends on how much the subject is able to process and integrate the psychic energies brought into play, how conscious she is of herself. Someone who is aware of her personality strengths and weaknesses and who does not deny, suppress or ignore her shortcomings might be able to deal with the forces at play on a psychological level and even channel the energy creatively. Someone in denial might find that the forces manifest externally in life events. But then again there are certain times when the universe will have its way with us regardless for though we have freedom there are what you might call cosmic currents and tides which will take us with them however well we can swim.

It is worth remembering though that even if a cosmic event has what in worldly terms is a negative effect on us it is usually all for the spiritual good. The powers that be do not judge as we do. The heart attack suffered by my friend 25 years ago might have been a spiritual blessing in that it paved the way for his release from corporeal imprisonment and took him home. I'm not saying that all suffering is sent by God. That would be both stupid and unfeeling. But in the larger sense much of it does contain lessons for the soul and if we are the one suffering it is always worth looking for these lessons. It is only spiritual children who expect God to hand out sweets and candy all the time. If an eclipse touches our natal chart there is an element of providence about it, a significant spiritual lesson. 

Added note: I should say that the dramatic effect noted in the example from 1999 does not mean that anytime an eclipse touches a sensitive part of the horoscope disaster strikes. What it probably does do is bring out what is already there so in this case an already weak heart may have been triggered though again I am not saying it is a matter of cause and effect. The truth is how astrology works remains a mystery. We can talk about influences or moments in time having the same quality or the interconnectedness of everything in the universe but really no one knows how astrology works. The fact is it just does.


cae said...

Hi William - I actually thought, over the weekend, about linking you the following substack article, as it 'speaks' to many of your interests...

Now I've seen your post about the eclipse, I want to go ahead and quote a particularly relevant paragraph from the link:

"Robert is an outstanding astrologer and esoteric thinker, as well as a deeply Christian soul, and he is always worth a listen. In podcast 178-B (toward the bottom of the page), Robert talks a bit about the solar eclipse that will be visible in parts of the United States on 8 April 2024. (You can listen from 8:20 to the end, but the entire thing is only 18 minutes long). This was the third time in as many days that friends have asked me about or brought the impending eclipse to my attention and asked what I thought. In general, I don’t make too big of a deal about eclipses, unless they happen to occur on important places in one’s birth chart (like aspecting a planet, ascendant, midheaven, etc.). But Robert has an interpretation that I cannot help but take seriously. And he is a much more capable astrologer than I am; he even did his doctoral dissertation on the history of astrology. (Full disclosure: Robert follows sidereal astrology, whereas I follow tropical. When my friend asked why I don’t follow sidereal, I said: “Because this is what and how I learned and I’m a double-Taurus and I’m stubborn. Now get off my lawn.”) Robert believes that there is a possibility the solar eclipse of April 8th—which forms a cross across the continental United States with the path of the full solar eclipse of 2017—indicates a blessing of Christ, as it is his sign, and that Christ and his glory could appear to everyone. As he adds, “We shall see.”"

'Robert' above is author:
"Robert A. Powell, PhD, an internationally known lecturer, author, eurythmist, and movement therapist. He is founder of the Choreocosmos School of Cosmic and Sacred Dance, and cofounder of the Sophia Foundation of North America. He received his doctorate for his thesis The History of the Zodiac, available as a book from Sophia Academic Press."

Will be interested to know your thoughts...

William Wildblood said...

Hello Carol, I have heard of Robert Powell as a Steiner follower and Tomberg translator but I would have to disagree with his interpretation of the upcoming eclipse if he really thinks it means "that Christ and his glory could appear to everyone". There were 71 total solar eclipses in the last century and there will be 68 in this century so they are not that rare an event. I understand that the path of the eclipse is significant but if that really is his interpretation I think he is getting a bit carried away. As he says, "We shall see!"

cae said...

At the risk of outstaying my 'welcome', I have to leave one more 'eclipse' link. It's a fascinating (quite long) discourse on the two crossing eclipses as well as a great many other associated astrological alignments linked with with historical events all leading toward something potentially significant on April 8 and the next two years.

Quote from the author's conclusions:
"This entire event—the whole seven-year eclipse cycle—is a mercy from God. In His providential foresight, He wants us to know that we have not gone insane. The events over the American skies these past seven years have been part emergency dispatch, part love letter. God would not have wasted His time on us in such a manner if He had forgotten us. And in this way, Americans have been handed a unique legacy from Heaven."

William Wildblood said...

You are certainly not outstaying your welcome! That is a fascinating article but I am always slightly suspicious of these things because there have been so many of a similar nature and life goes on. I am also reminded of Matthew 12:39 when the Pharisees ask Jesus for a sign and he replies that a wicked and adulterous generation demands a sign but there will be none given except the sign of Jonah . What Jesus is saying here I believe is that signs and wonders take place in the outer world but our spiritual awareness must be based on what is within.

Having said that, signs do still exist but they are always secondary. Those associated with the upcoming eclipse are certainly impressive but it would be wise not to set too much store by them.