Saturday 9 December 2023

The Biter Bit

 There is a group of people that has been at the forefront of many intellectual advancements over the last 200 years, with both beneficial and harmful results. This group, or some of them, has also been responsible for much of the undermining of Western, and specifically Christian, civilisation and culture during that time. This is an undeniable fact but it's also the truth that dare not speak its name partly because of the historical suffering of this group and partly because of ideological restrictions, many of which have been promoted by the group themselves. Those who really care for truth and justice are placed in an awkward situation because of this. The fact has to be recognised but to do so publicly is impossible because of past association. The question I would like to ask is why is this? Why does this group behave as it does?

To begin with it does because it can. What I mean by that is that it has the freedom to do so, a freedom that historically has been lacking. And it also has the intellectual equipment to do so. Members of this group are among the more talented of humanity and they use their talent for good and ill. But why do some of them focus it so much on what amounts to moral corruption? Communism, atheism, feminism, anti-white attitudes masked as anti-racism, leftism in general in politics, the degradation of literature and art, the sexual revolution, all these and more feature a significantly high number of members of this group among their leading lights. Why are these people drawn to what amounts to spiritual desecration? I would suggest it is partly on account of what they have suffered at the hands of Western civilisation (is there an element of revenge involved?), and partly because the rejection of Christ still lies behind their world view.

Now this group is finding that intellectual and ideological trends it has set up and promoted are being turned against them. Emotions of antipathy and resentment it has fanned into flame are being directed back at them. Here is a classic example of being hoisted by your own petard. One can only hope that experiencing the results of their own propaganda may cause some of them to reflect more deeply. Sometimes God sends us back what we have sent out in order that we may learn the truth. But given that the only way anyone in this position learns the needed lesson is if he looks at his own motivations honestly that may not be easy.

Note: This post is not written in a spirit of antagonism. The group of which I am a member, British men, has probably done more than most to create the world of materialism in which we live. But God desires to save all souls and a prerequisite of that is an acknowledgment of both truth and our own fallen nature.

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Christopher Yeniver said...

Christianity without ethnicity, and without social hierarchy including monarchy is Islam at heart. The terrible view of propagating lies is that we belong to any group merely by expressing what that group says it upholds. That is the exoteric fall of man into species without any further advancement of what it means to be human, both spirit and matter redeemed. To the extent that man can see in himself all that is real, our world and universe, reality, is an individual quest and one that meets the unknown and answers for itself alone. Humanity, and this small sect of the topic, have been joyriding the limits of ignorance and promoting ignorance without excellence.