Saturday, 24 September 2022

Making a Difference

 Many people who have a creative belief in God, by which I mean a belief that is not set in the stone of official religion but is able to engage creatively with the facts of spiritual existence and respond to divine reality in a personal way, might feel a little lost and alone in the face of the massive contemporary spiritual onslaught we are undergoing. We know that the world has descended into lies and we know that religion as it is now is powerless to prevent that. Should we not be doing more than we are to fight this? But what can we do? Take my case. I write a blog that gets two to three hundred page views a day which is a tiny drop in the ocean of the internet. It can hardly be said that the books I have written trouble the best seller lists either, even in the minority interest categories in which they might be placed.

But I don't think this is what matters. Years ago when I was anxious to share the good news that had been given to me by the Masters they told me that "You teach best by silence and the rays you give out." Now, this could have meant that I was in no way qualified enough to talk about spiritual matters seriously (which was very probably true) but it also means something else. Despite the New Agey feel of these words they do contain an important truth. Giving information is good but there is something else which is equally, perhaps more, important. That is grounding spiritual light in the world. Everyone who thinks of God in a genuinely spiritual sense opens the world up to God and enables him to manifest his presence in the world more fully. Such people become a channel through which spiritual force can flow, and if their thoughts engage creatively with spirit they add to the invisible but real pool of truth that exists on the mental plane so making it easier for other searching minds to open up. Anyone can serve the good cause in this way. You don't have to make a splash in the world. If you think right thoughts that potentially makes a stronger impression in spiritual terms than if you write pages of best selling text or give lectures attended by thousands. I'm not saying these activities are not helpful too. I am saying that for most of us the best spiritual work is mental and acting in your daily life wherever God has placed you according to his word.

We are all sowing seeds. It should be noted that the best plants take a while to grow while weeds may flourish quickly and abundantly. Everyone who begins to understand the reality of God wishes to serve God in some way. Human nature is such that we like to make a big impression. I don't think that is what God wants from most of us besides which for many people worldly success can be spiritually destructive. All you have to do is keep on keeping on in faith and love and anchor the word firmly within yourself. Your growing consciousness will then help to lighten the spiritual equivalent of the collective unconsciousness and in this way aid in the illumination of other souls.


Unknown said...

Yes, I agree with this completely.

I believe the world is Mind anyways, so what happens on the mental plane has a huge impact. Moreover, I believe everything is interconnected, so what you think and feel is not merely subjective, but affects the Whole.

This idea was behind the notion that holy hermits and monks have a tremendously beneficial impact on all of humanity and indeed the fabric of creation.

But it is a "supernatural" idea that posits invisible bands of influence. As the world got more literal and "fact" based, more materialistic, the idea that hermits and monks could be playing a highly useful role for everyone began to seem preposterous. What was not "visible" was not real.

Among Christian and other spiritual circles these days, I am noticing a resurgence of interest in forms of monkishness and hermitry - silence and stillness and contemplation - which surely heralds a shift away from the reigning materialism and towards a more realistic and intelligent understanding of effectiveness.

William Wildblood said...

You put it better than me. Thanks!