Saturday 9 July 2022

Watch and Pray

 I haven't posted much recently because I've been working on a book but even if I hadn't been occupied with that I would not have had a great deal to say at the moment. The world continues its plunge downwards even if most people don't seem to notice that. Not only is spiritual reality denied but even the truths of nature are rejected nowadays what with all the absurd reconfiguring of the simple and basic fact of man and woman. We are messing with the foundation of life and it can only end badly. Then there is the creeping totalitarianism which also seems to be ignored by most. Strange times.

But setting that aside for the moment, the current period seems to be a betwixt and between one. It's as though the demonic powers are gathering their forces for another assault on humanity but holding back for the time being. We can see how preparations here and there are underway but now is a relatively calm period. I suspect that will not be the case for much longer.

This is where Jesus's advice to watch and pray becomes important. We must keep a spiritual weather eye open, look out for the signs, but also retain a certain distance so we don't get too caught up in the storm to come. We can't avoid it but must try not to be swept away by it. I understand those who think that believing that the battle in this world cannot be won is just shouldering arms and ceding the ground to the enemy, but the battle is for souls not territory. Certainly, we should try to make outer conditions as healthy as possible for souls and proclaim both the truth of God and the lies of this world, but part of the test of being alive now is to trust in God when the outer world rejects him. This is the examination of your spiritual mettle. The wind is blowing hard in your face but you must continue to climb that hill.

The world cannot be made better at this time. That doesn't mean we should let evil take its course. We must speak out against it always. But we should look to effect inner transformation not outer change. Humanity is too far gone in evil to turn back collectively now and yet many individuals may do just that. It's actually possible that every individual may do that. (Very unlikely but not completely impossible.) Such is the strange paradox of spiritual life. As the world descends into darkness more people may wake up and I believe that those who are to some degree already awake have to hold themselves in readiness to assist their fellow men and women, so many of whom have been denied basic religious education. I am using the world religious in a broad sense. The time is past for insisting that this or that outer form of religion is required. All that is required is repentance and awakening to the truth and reality of Christ. All the churches are compromised, both intellectually and spiritually, and now salvation has to come from within yourself. Not through yourself because it comes through the grace of God but within yourself. You have to do the work and not rely on any outer human authority.


cae said...

What about little children - are they required to 'repent and awaken to the truth' for their salvation?

If not, why must they be subjected to suffering all the harms evil will surely cause while "the world descends into darkness"?

I've never been a "Rapture" believer, but I have to believe that God can do something to save these little ones from experiencing the 'hell' on Earth, which is already 'erupting' in many places....

....this is my prayer, one I feel spiritually compelled to pray -
- that Christ Jesus be enabled to return, in some form, to miraculously rescue those who are truly innocent, so that they need not suffer 'the end of the world as they know it'..

William Wildblood said...

Children are human souls just like everyone else. They are where they are because it is their destiny to be so. Just like the rest of us. Most grow up to be adults and I am sure it is only then that they are required to demonstrate the orientation of their hearts. We know that Jesus was close to children so I wouldn't worry.

I'm not sure anyone, even a child, is truly innocent. If, as I do, you believe they are not freshly created but have a prior existence you can see they may not be quite so pure as we sometimes imagine. But you must have faith that God knows what he is doing with every soul. We may not be able to understand that but we should be able to belleve it.