Friday 1 April 2022

First Things First

 Nothing that is happening in the world today is of any real importance. Let me repeat that. None of the supposed big issues of the moment, whether to do with sickness, war, cultural collapse, problems to do with the weather or the cost of living, none of that really matters. They all seem to matter and they are all being relentlessly pushed as significant concerns which should absorb most of our intellectual and emotional energy. But they do not really matter and should not take up too much of our attention. I don't say that they aren't real in some way and that there won't be consequences, perhaps severe consequences, associated with them. But they are not truly significant.

What can affect you on a profound level? Of course, outer events will have an impact on you but they do not touch you where it really matters. They do not penetrate to the soul level unless you let them. What you should be focusing on now is one thing only. It is your relationship with God. 

The only thing that really matters now or ever is the state of your soul. Let the winds of the world blow as hard as they may. I don't doubt that there are storms ahead but none of them can hurt your soul so long as it remains firmly anchored to God.


Todd said...

Thanks - this post and Dr. Charlton's really hit home, as I commented about on his blog today.
Some "truther" friends are really shaming those of us who aren't constantly in a frenetic uproar and stressed out and "fighting the info war" materially 24/7.

It seems to me that they are literally burning themselves out, spiritually and physically.

William Wildblood said...

I think you're right, Todd. It can all be a distraction that takes you away from the deeper issue - and maybe that's part of the intention.