Sunday 13 March 2022

Current Events

I have never written much about current events on this blog except in a general manner. That is not what it is about. However, when events in the outer world have a spiritual import I need to sit up and take notice. Of course, in a certain sense they always do but they are doing so increasingly now. The tragicomedy of the last two years was one instance and the war in Ukraine is another. In both cases almost everything we hear from official sources is a lie, either an outright lie or a distorted truth, and meant to promote a certain agenda. On one level that agenda is to create a world of masters and slaves which is why the powers that be are busy destroying their own cultures, which has already been done, and economies which is in the process of being done. The spectacle of people participating enthusiastically in their own demise with regard to matters such as mass immigration, action to prevent climate change and now sanctions which hurt the sanctioners as much as the sanctioned would be absurd if it weren't tragic. The intellectual and emotional manipulation of the populace seems to be pitifully easy. Is this because we are no longer trained in critical thinking but just told what we should be thinking? Is the desire for acceptance so much greater than the desire for truth?

If the outer aim is to reduce the majority of human beings to a serf-like condition, those that survive a probable culling anyway, there is a spiritual dimension to all this too and that is ultimately the more important. Our Western civilisation is in the process of collapsing, aided and abetted by its leaders, and we are being encouraged into going along with ideologies and measures that will bring this about. I have mentioned  mass immigration and climate change concern but there are a whole host of other things, great and small, which I don't need to detail as they are all to do with eradicating tradition and the past so that people have no connection to anything outside postmodern ways of thinking. To answer my own questions above, we go along with these things because we have lost touch with the spiritual dimension of life and therefore to anything real and objectively true. But the consequences of going along with them separates us further from spiritual reality. It embeds us more deeply into the fundamental spiritual sin which is rejection of God.

There is the globalist goal of supranational totalitarianism which is widely known though not yet grasped by the man in the street, and there is the demonic goal of damnation which is only understood by serious Christians though perhaps members of other religions are also alive to this in the context of their beliefs. The two goals are interlinked but the one we really need to take seriously is the latter. Events in the outer world have a twofold significance. They are used to move on the globalist agenda. Pestilence, real or imagined,war and rumours of war and famine are all helpful in this regard. Society is broken down so it can be rebuilt in the form those seeking control wish. This, of course, will be presented as an act of benevolence or else necessity. But beyond all that there is the demonic aim of the spiritual destruction of souls. It is on this that we should be primarily focused because the body lives for but a few decades but the soul can live forever. So, see all current events in the light of salvation and what your reaction to them might mean in that context.

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JMSmith said...

Although materialism is the dominant presupposition, there seems also to be a vague but sturdy sense of providence. What I mean is the widespread belief that things cannot go seriously wrong because something or other prevents us from making catastrophic mistakes. I know this may seem incompatible with the threats of catastrophic climate change, pandemic, and an end to democracy as we know it, but those threats mostly serve to blind us to the catastrophic potential of their remedies. I don't have a deep insight into the covid pandemic, but it seems that it should have irreparably shaken our belief that big government, science and technology will save us from catastrophe, Indeed those three entities may very well be the cause of the catastrophe. Likewise the current crisis in eastern Europe. For some reason people who in the past believed in divine providence also had a very lively sense that secular catastrophe was an real possibility. Perhaps this was because they understood the difference between immediate and ultimate reality. A belief that God works all things to good "in the fullness of time" is comparable with a belief that things can go very bad for a very long time.