Saturday, 16 October 2021

What's the School For?

My new book Earth is a School comes out at the end of the month. Faced with a statement like that in the title the obvious thing to ask is what is the school for? And the short answer is that it is a school for making gods.

When you look around at your friends and neighbours that might seem ridiculous. Indeed, when you look at yourself it might seem positively absurd. Nonetheless, it is true. No doubt most of us are not anywhere near the end of the process but the fact remains that this material environment is the ideal scenario for making self-centred beings into higher forms of life, able to engage with the universe with love and creative energy on its many planes of being. That's what a god is though we give the word a small 'g' to make clear that these gods operate within the parameters of divine creation as laid down by God the Creator. To seek to operate outside these parameters is what makes a devil, basically a being that rejects its Maker and the deepest pattern of its own soul.

We started a long time ago as little different from the animals, fully embedded in nature with no intellectual capacity to speak of and no real sense of an individual self. The forces of evolution worked on us over vast periods of time. The challenges and experiences of the earthly situation moulded us and drove us in a certain direction. Different groups of human beings experienced different challenges but the general direction was similar; to bring out intelligence, creativity and the sense of self. Early man had none of this. He reacted instinctively with unselfconscious awareness, and he was largely one with his environment. But the story of civilisation is the story of becoming more conscious. That is to say, of consciousness contracting and becoming centred on itself so in one way shrinking but in another becoming clearer and sharper. Losing the early spiritual contact with life, using the word spiritual in the loosest of senses, and becoming more focussed on the physical world. Of course, an animal is completely focussed in its physical being and early humans were the same but they retained a connection to the world soul which is a unified field of consciousness encircling the planet and can be regarded as the inner side of Nature. It is, as it were, the outer garment of Spirit, where the forces of Spirit begin to touch matter. It is not Spirit itself.

When the mind is more directed towards the physical world it starts to separate itself from other minds. This leads to the development of individual intelligence. You become a real self and you need a real mind in order to function as a self. We are well into that stage but that is esoterically regarded as the nadir of an arc that stretches from above (the heavens) to below (the earth) and from the esoteric point of view, esoteric here meaning unacknowledged by everyday thought, the process has stalled. Instead of moving on from this stage, back up towards spirit, we are digging ourselves deeper into it. We are solidifying ourselves in matter. 

This material entrenchment has been encouraged by anti-spiritual forces, the recognition of which is probably the most important thing we could do right now to get back on track. For if we fail to see these forces, that they exist and what they seek to do which is trap our consciousness eternally in matter, we face spiritual disaster. This is something that has to be done on an individual level as everything must be at this stage in the evolutionary journey. The school applies to each and every soul and though not all have the same lessons at the same time, all need to recognise the reality of spirit to avoid flunking the course.

Five years ago, I wrote a post which has a bearing on this subject  and I would like to quote from it here.

"The evolution of consciousness is the process that transforms an Adam into a Christ. That is to say, the evolutionary process turns a newly formed spiritual being into a fully functioning son of God. The journey is one from innocence to experience and then back to innocence again but this time as a fully self-conscious state with all the fruits of experience, will, intellect, creativity and so on, added.

The early adamic state is when the newly created individual is not yet conscious of his individuality. He is one with nature and his environment.  He is one with spirit as it is manifested in nature but totally ignorant of his Creator, the transcendent God.  So he has to leave the paradise of union with the Mother principle in order to know the Father.  This means he has to experience the sense of separation and become conscious of duality, and that introduces the possibility of pain and suffering.  So, he has to discover himself as a person and a true individual. Alone but also free. Early man lived in what we now call a participation consciousness. It was a state of unity but natural not spiritual meaning that the union was an unconscious one with the anima mundi not a fully conscious union of love with the Creator. Adam fell in order to know himself. Now, whether this fall was intended or not is an interesting point.  Tradition affirms that it was not intended, not in the way that it happened anyway. Adam was meant to evolve in a more harmonious fashion, one in which death and suffering would not have played so great a part. However, the process was disrupted in the way mythologically presented in the book of Genesis, and sin entered into the equation.
 God had to remake his plans for the evolutionary path but he has to do this constantly in response to the exercising of human free will anyway. He may have a plan but it is not fixed. It is an organic thing, always growing and changing according to how human beings react to it and what they instigate. There is destiny and there is free will and the two necessarily interact at every moment as life unfolds. This is true both on a collective and an individual level. Consequently, God's plan alters second by second, according to events, but its direction remains constant."

Each lifetime represents an opportunity for the incarnate soul to learn through experience, expression and experiment. Learning can be intellectual, moral, creative and so on, all of which are good, but the most important area of learning is spiritual and the most important aspect of spiritual growth is acknowledgment of God. Today there are many people who seek spiritual growth without reference to God, but this reflects the crime of our first parents. The school exists to teach you to become a god but you can only do so when you understand that being a god means allowing God to work through you. "The Son can do nothing of Himself, but what He sees the Father do." Here is the whole teaching of the school.

Earth is a School can be pre-ordered here.


islanti said...

Every sentence here packed a punch. Really looking forward to checking the book out.

William Wildblood said...

Thanks islanti.

Lady Mermaid said...

Making gods or "little Christs" is the only way that our life on this earth can make any sense. A recent post by Bruce Charlton was discussing why modern Christianity fails to appeal to many people. While salvation from sin is foundational, there must be a further point to this life w/ so much suffering and pain.

The issue of suffering leads to your point about the fall of Adam. I would not say that the fall was not necessarily "intended", but I think it is part of the process of learning. For example, a child learning to walk or ride a bicycle will stumble and fall. No parent ever wants their child to make mistakes or hurt themselves in any way. However, this is an inevitable process of growing up.

That is why the Scriptures refer to Jesus being crucified before "the foundation of the world". It's not that God intended us to fall, but rather He knew the consequences of learning to become a son or daughter would involve failure at some point. Adam and Eve may have resisted temptation for a longer period of time or they might have accepted responsibility and asked God for forgiveness rather than passing the blame when they failed. However, God knew that they would eventually fail even though He did not desire it. This reminds of me Dame Julian of Norwich stating "sin is behovely". Don't misunderstand, I'm not saying to go out and intentionally sin. We are good enough at it already. Rather, failing is a painful yet necessary process of learning even though we should never deliberately seek it.

William Wildblood said...

I understand the reasoning behind saying that the Fall was if not intended at least not unintended and have been drawn that way myself sometimes, but I am always left with the nagging feeling that this would make Satan and therefore evil part of God's plan and I don't think they were. I see it as more God making good come out of evil which he can do because he's God. But evil was not part of his plan and things need not have gone the way they did with sin and death such a large part of our lives. In the end I am inclined to go with tradition on this. Adam and Eve's fall was called a felix culpa because it eventually brought Christ to the world but that doesn't make it a good and right thing in itself.

a_probst said...

I wonder: Had they not eaten the fruit, how would things have played out in the long run? That tree might still be there just waiting for someone to be duped into sampling its fruit.

In Perelandra C.S. Lewis put in an insurance clause: If someone killed the serpent-equivalent, the danger was past and the Adam and Eve of that world would understand good and evil without being adversely affected by the latter.

As for the Tree, maybe when Tubalcain invented the ax...

William Wildblood said...

Or maybe there might have come a time when it would have been legitimate to eat the fruit but with God's permission rather than because of disobedience. Who knows?

a_probst said...

Or if Eve had been more of a tattle-tale. "Lord, this snake says You're afraid that if I eat this fruit I'll be more like you, knowing good and evil. Is he right?"

One charred snake.

Or if Adam had said, "It tastes good, huh? I don't know. I want to run this by the Big Guy first."

Countless souls want to ring Adam's neck.

William Wildblood said...

We can't blame A & E for our own faults.I would say that in some mysterious way we ate that apple with them. Don't ask me to explain though.

Lady Mermaid said...

William, this post has continued to be food for thought. I wasn't stating that God intended us to fall, but the Fall was a part exercising free will in the wrong way. I don't believe it was intended by God, but the price of learning to become a god is the opportunity to make poor decisions. I'm sorry for not being clearer.

Apparently, some early church fathers speculated your same point that the fruit may have been more permissible at a later point once Adam and Eve were at a more mature level spiritually. The serpent was clever enough to tell a half truth: knowing good and evil would make man like God. Perhaps the real tragedy of the Fall was taking on knowledge before we were ready for it. To use the school analogy, I remember being foolish enough to take a higher level statistics course in college w/o taking the prerequisite first. I survived the class, but it was much harder than it had to be. Maybe our struggle to make sense of the reality of evil and suffering is that we skipped some basic courses and decided to go straight to advanced levels without being fully prepared.

That last point about all us partaking of the fruit in a spiritual sense rings true to me. Some of the more conventional explanations seem to have God punishing everybody b/c of what a distant ancestor did. The notion that each of us partook in Adam's fall has a strong symmetry of the partaking of Christ's crucifixion and resurrection.

William Wildblood said...

I agree with all you say there, Lady Mermaid. Thanks for bringing those points out and elucidating them. After all, God created that tree and that fruit so they can't have been bad in themselves. And the Genesis story is a myth, of course, so Adam and Eve could well stand for all of us on a primeval spiritual level.

Isbe said...

@ Lady Mermaid: “Apparently, some early church fathers speculated your same point that the fruit may have been more permissible at a later point once Adam and Eve were at a more mature level spiritually……Perhaps the real tragedy of the Fall was taking on knowledge before we were ready for it.”

Thank you, Lady Mermaid for that observation - it’s so simple and so obvious. The Traditionalists want to return to what they perceive as the purity of the faith of the past, while the Globalist Papacy wants to move us towards a NWO Luciferian religion. Perhaps now we are ready to taste the fruit of the tree, but we must also keep to the humility taught by Jesus.

Anonymous said...

Apologies, off topic but important

Tolken Cimmerian said...

Lucifer was known as the light of God. It is magnificent to think that such a being erred and quite possibly lost all recognition of itself, more important than whatever the light of God is, to speak weakly or paradoxically. Our own sin as human beings is in false recognition, and Satan embodies that now. Lucifer may have been omnipotence? If God's light turned on itself to hold God in a moment, it would be a serious event, likened to a crime or immorality.

If I may end on a puzzle for my language is weak, humans have inverted their true being. To set evil right, one must stand in humility bearing themselves naked and alone, or apart from the belief in humanity, to God.