Friday, 17 September 2021

Domestic Terrorism

I don't write much about current events because they don't interest me in themselves, only in how they reflect spiritual gain or, more likely and almost always these days, spiritual loss. But I should say a word about what is going on now because it is so extreme. Briefly, almost every government in every country of the world is engaged in practising psychological terrorism on its peoples. And not only the governments but the whole establishment, the media, academia, the whole lot of them.

We are lied to every day. We are bullied and threatened until most of us are completely cowed. I don't doubt this has been going on a long time but it has really grown wings and flown recently. What was occasional has become habitual. Politicians don't even know any longer how to speak the truth. They don't even try to communicate honestly. They just aim to manipulate, and the media is the same. Don't think its representatives are any better.

We fuss so much about religious terrorism (only one religion if truth be told) and that is the reason for so much wringing of hands over Afghanistan, a country that would be best left alone as history clearly tells us. And then we fuss over domestic terrorism, the result of importing so many young men who either won't or can't adapt to our admittedly rotten culture. But the real domestic terrorism of the last 18 months has been from our own governments and establishment. Most of them certainly won't see it like that but those for whom they ultimately work know it for what it is and we too should recognise what it is, where it comes from and where it wants to take us.

Here's the thing. These people can't win unless you accept their authority over you. And they have no authority over you. The only one who has authority over you is God and he lets you make your own choices. You have to accept the consequences of those choices but you are given chance after chance to get it right. So, make the right choice. Reject the world and turn to God in whom is all goodness and truth. By the way, the division of the ways is becoming ever more clear and that is the positive aspect of the times in which we live.

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