Monday, 21 June 2021

Pestilence, Propaganda, Panic and Pecks

Francis Berger has written many excellent posts about the spiritual collapse of the last 15 months. (A collapse, it must be said, from an already very low level.) In his latest he makes the point that "serious Christians should have been able to or should be able to discern the evil intuitively - from the heart - without the need for copious hard facts and research." This is exactly my feeling too. From the beginning, I smelt a rat and, though I wasn't equipped to confirm this immediately, a few hard facts and a little research have supported that initial feeling. If it smells bad, it usually is bad. 

Of course, we should not jump to conclusions based merely on a feeling but, at the same time, we should take our intuitions seriously. The more we do, the stronger they will become. This is not an excuse for indulging in wild fantasising or succumbing to wishful thinking. We should stand our intuitions up against reality. But still they are sent to us to guide us. My teachers told me to trust my intuition but make sure it was genuine intuition and not wishful thinking. I have learnt there is a clear difference between the two and that the former comes from a much deeper, more insistent place.

So, from the start my intuition has told me that this was not what it seemed or how it was presented and the true underlying agenda was the destruction of liberty and spiritual enslavement. The illness was real enough but not as serious as depicted and the precautions taken to contain it were wildly disproportionate. The scientists and the politicians and the media all had an agenda. The shameless one-sideness of the reporting proved that beyond doubt. They may not know what the agenda really is because ultimately they work at the behest of their demonic overlords, much as most of them would scoff at that accusation. But because their hearts are so spiritually arid they are easily manipulated as, unfortunately, are most of the populace for the same reason. We have been so softened up over the last few decades that we are easy prey to fear. We have nothing beyond ourselves to fall back on or sustain us because we have abandoned God and our culture has supported us in that. But we cannot blame the culture because we have been all too complicit.

When the instructions to cover one's face came in it was once again clear that this was part of the process of control. The human face is the very expression of our humanity. To cover it is to become anonymous and spiritually inhibited, almost an automaton. I am speaking symbolically obviously, but symbols are very powerful things and the external representation of a state can actually help bring about that state internally. The masking of our faces, if we went along with it, showed  that we were submitting ourselves to bureaucratic control. Besides, there was never any evidence that masks did any good. In fact, what evidence there was showed they were fairly useless. Look it up.

And then we come to what one of my blogging associates wittily dubbed the peck. These things, completely new and not properly tested, were originally meant, so we were told, for the most vulnerable. Then they were for everyone over the age of 60 or whatever it was. Then a younger group and a still younger and now they are talking about pecking children, people who are at absolutely no risk from the illness but potentially at grave risk from what is supposed to prevent the illness. This is such an obvious evil that one is amazed that people are not protesting but they are not. Even now they are not.

Throughout this farce (except there is nothing funny about it) one thing has led to another and as each new threshold has been crossed another one has been erected a little further down the road and then another and so on. This is exactly what has happened with the sexual revolution and so many other incursions of the demonic agenda over the last century or so. The end goal is always Z but the journey from G to H and then H to I never seems like a big deal at the time except to those who recognise the pattern and the purpose behind it all.

When offered the peck I declined it not so much out of of concern over its side effects (though such a concern is quite legitimate with thousands killed across the world even by official figures) as because accepting it would be accepting the veracity of the official narrative about the pestilence and participating in the panic. It would be accepting that the government and the medical authorities have the right to dictate what goes into your body. That is authoritarianism which I have no desire to enable. I realise that those who believe the hype would call this crazy but I don't believe it and I don't because I don't see any real evidence for it. I do see a lot of bad people (bad to the spiritual eye) pushing a false agenda. On a personal level, I had the bug last year and in my case it was no worse than regular flu. That was my experience. I know it can be a lot worse for some people but usually only if they have already existing fairly serious health problems. That is no reason to close the whole of society down which, it is increasingly recognised, has fatal effects for many people too. But my main point is that this whole affair has been manipulated to advance an underlying programme of control. This is a battle in the ongoing spiritual war. 


Francis Berger said...

Thanks for the mention, William. And I agree with you - the largely un-protested pecking of children marks a new low point. I'm having a hard time imagining anything lower at the moment.

Contemporary people appear incapable of intuitive thinking. I guess it is one of the resources they forfeited when they allowed themselves to become completely despiritualized. Having said that, the insanity of pecking children does not require intuition to figure out.

Mere common sense, some short-to-mid term memory, or a little sifting through readily available statistics would be enough to inform even the most spiritually-obtuse modern mind that pecking kids is risky and immoral. But contemporary people appear to be incapable of these simple modes of "information processing" as well.

William Wildblood said...

Not only have we become impervious to intuition but even our natural instincts which should have been enough to alert us to the lies and the evils have become atrophied.

Bruce Charlton said...

I think the hormonal poisoning and surgical mutilation of young children, against parental will, on the basis of subjecting leading questions by professional sexual groomers (ie. the systemic child abuse excused by the trans agenda) was when we hit this low point.

That was evidence of a very extreme level of civilizational incoherence, corruption and cowardice; from which point almost anything was possible - and is now happening.

William Wildblood said...

I agree. It really does beggar belief what we regard as acceptable nowadays. Any civilisation which sacrifices its young in this way has crossed a threshold from which it's hard to see a return.