Saturday 19 December 2020

Jupiter and Saturn Conjunction

Towards the end of the last century I made a study of astrology. I happened to be living in a place where I could get a good view of the night sky without too much light pollution and so I became interested in astronomy too, and the one fed into the other. Previously, I had a rough knowledge of astrological principles, enough to know there was certainly something in it, but never looked at the subject seriously. When I did and examined horoscopes of people I knew well, I discovered that a person's birth chart was an extremely accurate portrayal of that person's character. When you took all the different aspects of the chart into account, the signs the planets were in, the angular relationships between the planets and so on, you could build up a good description of that person although, as this was as much an art as a science, the symbolism in the chart still needed to be interpreted in context. Which is as it should be since human beings are not machines. It means that materialistic science will always have a problem with astrology (the sun sign nonsense in magazines doesn't help either), but it nicely illustrates the tension between freedom and destiny that marks human nature.

December 21st will see a very close conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn when the two large planets will appear to form a single 'star'. Astrologically, this conjunction, not infrequent in itself but rarely this close, is a curiosity because the principles behind these planets are exact opposites. Jupiter is the principle of expansion, of generosity and benevolence but potentially of excess as well. Saturn is the principle of contraction, old age, caution and fear, but also discipline and structure. Their coming together could be seen as each balancing the other and could be creative or not depending on how things work out plus, as always, other factors in the overall picture. Interestingly, this conjunction takes place right as the very beginning of Aquarius, Saturn being already there and Jupiter just about to move into that sign.

Here are some events that took place on previous occasions when this so-called 'Great Conjunction' occurred. This comes from the Daily Telegraph.

7BC: Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, also a period estimated to have seen Christ's birth. It was at this time that Augustus' second census recorded a total of 4,233,000 Roman citizens across the empire.

March 4, 1226: The last time a ‘Great Conjunction’ occurred that was as easy to see as this year’s. That year the English town of Nuneaton was granted chartered market status by King Henry III and King Sancho II of Portugal launched a large offensive against the Muslims, taking the city of Elvas.

July 16, 1623: The last time Jupiter and Saturn were as close as they will be on Monday. In the same year the "First Folio" edition of William Shakespeare's Comedies, Histories, & Tragedies is published and the English settlers at the Plymouth Plantation in Massachusetts celebrate their second Thanksgiving.

As listed, nothing of particular earth-shattering importance happened. Nuneaton granted market status? Excellent for local traders, I'm sure, but, on the scale of important world events, hardly significant. 

However, there is something about those dates which is interesting. The first of course is around the time of Christ's birth and the fact that the conjunction this year is on the day of the winter solstice, which is possibly one reason for Christmas being when it is, is intriguing. But the second could be seen as the beginning of the High Middle Ages when the world of Christendom really began to mature and express itself in a myriad different ways. And 1623 is as good a date as any for the start of the modern era. The colonisation of America, the rise of science, these are what makes our world today what it is. Obviously, such enormous changes cannot be pinned down to a date but it is, at the least, interesting that previous Great Conjunctions have occurred at times of significant change.

This means, if it means anything, that nothing dramatic should be expected immediately but the Great Conjunction may signal the beginning of a new stage in human existence. It is one sign among many that point to the current times being out of the ordinary.


Bruce Charlton said...

It does seem as if this particular winter solstice is a time of 'crucial' importance, i.e. a cross-roads - and that would be confirmed by what you say; as if it will be the time of balance, or an axis that could turn either way.

It may well be that something will be made to happen on that day - whether aimed at good or for evil, or both simultaneously - in order to try and push events one way or the other.

But surely we do stand on the brink of the triumph of evil, and the acceleration of the program for value inversion across the world, becoming de facto irrevocable.

The fact that (so far) Trump has not conceded to a fraudulent election, as is so widely supported by ordinary Americans, shows that there is still significant resistance although without a positive (and explicitly Christian) alternative program, I can't see where this resistance could go. Nonetheless it heartens me to see courage and tenacity in a good cause - even if the good is 'merely' a double-negative of opposition to systematic cheating and gross lies.

In a sense it already is irrevocable, because the damage cannot be undone; but if all resistance goes, or the strength of evil is so overwhelming, then presumably bad things could happen with a rapidity and seveity to dwarf even 2020.

So I will certainly be 'watching and praying' on the 21 December.

edwin faust said...

As everyone acknowledges environmental influences on human personality, there appears to be no reason to set a spatial limit on those influences and thus reject astrology in toto. And if the body is in the soul and not vice versa, as the Platonists believed, and what we see is not matter but form to the extent that matter can receive it, then the planets and stars, as well as our bodies, emanate from souls and help to shape our experience. Astrology is often dismissed as silly and shallow, but it may be that it is actually too profound and complex to be understood in anything like a comprehensive way. How much time one should devote to it and how useful it may be are matters of individual predilection and prudence.

Bruce Charlton said...

I see that the Google Doodle today is a cartoon of this conjunction. This confirms that the Establishment have given this astronomoical occurence as very high degree of prominence - considering how unspectacular it actually appears.

I have seen the approaching conjunction twice, including yesterday - and Saturn is so much dimmer than Jupiter at present, that it will add very little to the brightness of the two combined. Far from being 'the brightest object' in the night sky (as I have seen it predicted to be) this conjuction is *much* less bright than Venus has been for the past weeks.

At any rate The Establishment certainly do not seem to fear the astrological implications - which I am sure they know about.

David Icke says that The Global Establishment use astrology a great deal, including keeping some famous/ skilled astrologers (who Icke knows) on retainer, on the payroll - to provide astrological guidance for when it is propitious to do certain things.

This may be a proximate explanation for the timing of the global coup earlier this year - when there were those doom laden conjunctions you described.

A self-reinforcing loop - It was a propitious time for this kind of evil, and therefore the evil was done at that time. And indeed it worked so well, that the evil was hardly noticed (and was generally regarded as motivated by good).

William Wildblood said...

I saw it last night and visually it wasn't much. Partly because it is near the sun so the twilight dims it somewhat.

Gary Bleasdale said...

Saturn also rules Reaping - indeed, the sign for Saturn is a Sickle!.

This dimension of the Saturnian realm is it´s bottom line... Hard Work, Discipline, Restrictions, Order, Time, Schedules, Structure and so on, are the necessary Facts of Life which we must master in order to be able to, with time, Reap (good fruits).

This is also why the Saturn is associated with Agriculture and Civilization.

Jupiter signifies the drive to Expansion, Lust (for power, honours, reproduction), Growth, Ambition, as well as Greed, Waste and Fatuousnes, when it is in Dis-obedience to higher law.

Indeed, the Book of Ecclesiastes illustrates very clearly the lamentations of a Jove-ial King coming to terms with the Harvest-time of his Life.

Personally (And this is very personal), I think this conjunction is of very high significance, but it will "cut both ways". It´s not, as I´ve been reading in many places, some Indiscriminate Mass Awakening: precisely because Saturn is involved, it will only benefit those who have been preparing... it speaks of the time to harvest large bounties (Jupiter) for those who have been patient, diligent, and hardworking. For the rest, who haven´t, it probably means they will be Overwhelmed and cast aside by forces much larger than themselves (Negative expression of Jupiter), perhaps turning into "fodder" (Saturn) to a Large Cause (Jupiter).

These large bounties are likely not of a material nature primarly, due to the sign (Aquarius), which is a Fixed Air Sign, and thus rules the Intellect, the creation of utopias, the overcoming of old structures and the ushering in of the new and "unusual".

That TPTB are very interested in this Conjunction is no surprise, because as we know, the current War is primarily NOT a war for material resources but for minds and souls (or, more precisely, for the righteousness and eternal glory of individual men and women). They are willing to Crash their economic system, or at least **severely** hamper it, if it helps to destroy as many souls as possible (clearly the one is more important than the other).

Therefore, *spiritually concientious* people starting to reap big spiritual boons is a big problem for them, if those "spiritual boons" are not of the sort they look to with approval.

William Wildblood said...

Good comment. Thanks Gary. The disciplinary significance of Saturn should not be overlooked. New Age types who see this as heralding a brave new age of love and enlightenment according to progressive ideals need to remember what Saturn demands of you.

Faculty X said...

The Bible has a lot to say about prophecy and astrology.

I wonder if the Biblical path is too austere, or just untested.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

“When Jupiter and Saturn meet, what a crop of mummy wheat!” — that is, of seeds that will finally germinate thousands of years in the future.