Tuesday 1 December 2020

Albion Awakening

 As this book doesn't appear in the sidebar on the right (not enough room) I thought I might bring it to the attention of any new readers of this blog. It is a compilation of writings by John Fitzgerald and myself, with an introduction by Bruce Charlton, from the Albion Awakening blog which ran from 2016 to 2019 and was very loosely connected to the Brexit debate of the time, though looked at from a spiritual rather than political perspective.

The back cover blurb reads as follows:

"Now that Britain has left the EU it's a good time to ask ourselves where we should be going from here. Albion Awakening is the fruit of several years’ speculation on the spiritual future of the British Isles. It includes articles on the history, mythology and current state of the country together with fictional meditations and suggestions of a new path we could take that would bring us closer to our destined goal. 

The book can be regarded as a ‘crash course’ in those people and events that make Albion - the phenomena that raise mere Britain to the mythic significance of Albion. It is intended to encourage all lovers of Albion in sustaining and growing the reality of our national myth. 

Albion still sleeps but the potential is there for awakening, even in our troubled times, if enough people can throw off their spiritual sloth and rediscover the light that shines deep in the heart of the country."

The book was written before the current coronavirus excitement which has unfortunately demonstrated the degree to which Albion is asleep and also shows the attempt to keep it "locked down" in that state. However, we should never forget  that while Albion may still sleep in the country as a whole its spirit can nevertheless be awakened in the heart of anyone who makes the spiritual effort to attune him or herself to its particular voice and essential quality. I see Albion as the national angel, the great spirit of the country, and all those who love that spirit can call it to life in their own souls, this whether they be inhabitants of these isles or not. Love is, as it always is, the key.

The paperback version can be found here.

for the UK market 

and here for the American market.

Kindle versions are here

and here


cae said...

Hi William,
I thought I would add my recommendation here for any readers interested...I'm not a great writer, so apologies if I 'ramble' a bit in attempting to make my point. ;^)

Even though I have frequently gone back and re-read all the entries on the Albion blog - I decided to buy the book, so that I would have a hard copy of the writings, which is indicative of how much I appreciate them!

The book itself is well designed, and as a bibliophile...well...I don't know how to explain it, there's just something about reading from an actual book (especially with 'spiritual' topics) that deepens the experience - also, I just plain, like having it as part of my 'library'.

The blog entries that make up the "Albion Awakening" book could definitely fall under the definition 'essays', and as a book of primarily 'inspirational' essays, this one lends itself well to use as material for spiritual contemplation.

I'll close by saying - As an American who always wished she could be British, the combination of spirituality, history, and mythopoeticism (is that a word?) in the "Albion Awakening" writings make the book well worth owning -

- and I cannot recommend it highly enough!

William Wildblood said...

That's very kind of you, Carol, and much appreciated. I agree with you that there is something special about an actual physical object that makes what is written sink in more.