Sunday 17 May 2020

Decline and Fall

In the world of print media, newspapers, magazines and the like, circulation has been steadily falling for around 20 years, more or less since the turn of the millennium in fact. The reason is obvious. Computers and the internet. Whenever figures come out they are always down from the previous year. Year on year - x%, year after year. It's a case of managed decline.

There is a parallel with the world. If some authority were able to produce figures on the spiritual state of humanity this too would show a steady decline. And if you compared, say, 40 years ago with today the difference would be marked as many older people would be sure to tell you. This is even taking into account the human tendency always to see deterioration from the good old days when they were younger, life was new, the mind was fresh, hope was buoyant and they had fewer aches, pains and emotional scars.

Of course, many others, probably many more, at least before the coronavirus scare, would tell you that things were getting better but what is their yardstick? To the spiritual eye, it is totally materialistic. We have more and better technology but that separates us from our natural selves. We have greater physical comfort and wealth but remember what Jesus said about the rich. We have a fairer society but what if fair in this sense just meant a quantitative levelling out at the expense of quality? The real point is our disconnect from God is greater than at any time ever. And as we lose connection to God so we lose connection to our real selves and identify with false aspects of our being, seeing the lower, which has its place in the totality of what we are, as either higher or all there is. We are contracting and shutting out the light.

This is what happens at the end of an age. Matter becomes more dense so that the spiritual world is increasingly obscured. Can you not feel that the quality of consciousness is becoming more self-enclosed? If you could weigh it, it would be heavier. If you could see it, it would be darker. How should we react to this?  By accepting it as real and going along with life as it now appears to be? Or by holding fast to the truth within, to our inner knowledge of the reality of God which may be obscured but is not obliterated by this thickening of the psychic atmosphere?

Clearly, the latter. This is the test of the present time. Who succumbs to the darkness and who resists it. The world is once again killing God as it did 2,000 years ago but he will rise again in the human heart though only in those hearts who have left a space for him. The virus is part of the test. We can give in to the fear that it engenders and which most of the media are doing their best to spread or we can adopt a more mature attitude towards it, taking precautions where necessary but not allowing it to dominate our minds or overwhelm our faith in God. It is part of living in a fallen world but we have always lived in such a world. Sin and death are always there, try as we might to deny them, and the remedy to them is the same as it always has been. Turn to God with a humble heart.

The spiritual darkness will increase. That is an inevitable part of the process of an age coming to its natural end. The quality of human civilisations will continue to decline. Evil, spiritual evil, will spread. But, unpleasant as this is to live through, it should not alarm us unduly. We are privileged to be living at a time when God is giving those who hear his voice a great opportunity to make strides forward in their spiritual growth. All we really have to do is see through the lies of the world and lift our minds above its darkness to the clear vision of the holy heights.


Unknown said...

It's the Kali Yuga. Everything is winding down. It's a totally expected and normal thing - you can't have a universe of great beauty and wonder without having it all go bad at some point.

The good thing is that it will all be restarted again in all its full splendor and beauty, so there is nothing to fear.

As I never tire of saying, everything that goes up must come down - you can't gave a universe of just ups.

By that sane token, you can't have a universe of just downs - so we Wil have spiritual beauty again.

I believe according to the myth of the Kali Yuga, light from the new age of splendor that will dawn when the world gets renewed begins to seep through already toward the close of the Kali Yuga.

So we should start looking for those rays of light...

William Wildblood said...

Yes, it is the Kali Yuga, now in full flow. The irony is that the spiritual degradation is perceived by many people as improvement but that's all part of the test/opportunity of the phenomenon.

I suppose some rays of light would be the wide availability of all the spiritual teachings of the past and the fact that there are also many spiritual seekers now even if they are not obvious. But these are not yet foreshadowings of the next Golden age in the way you describe. I don't think I see any of those just yet but they will probably occur first of all in people's minds.